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Re: Inspiration in strange places

PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 8:29 pm
by Tigress
Somehow he was strangely relieved to know that he was a counterpart to a mare that Hellion had kept so close to her heart. He would have felt somehow less important if Mist had of been a stallion, and how strange a thought that was. Normally he'd never had such strangely protective and posessive thoughts, though he'd never known anyone worth feeling them for. If he lost his head this easily, maybe it was for the best he was so socially awkward. He was trying to concentrate on the blades of grass which danced in peril under the pressure of the wind, making an effort not to look back up to the mare less he forget himself again momentarily.

"Why do you not see her much anymore? Perhaps it is her I owe my good fortune to, so for that I am grateful." She had seemed... tolerant of his comments thus far, whatever testing of the water he'd been doing had been successful. He felt bold now, brave, and strangely confident. It caused a churning pit in his stomach of excitement. This was flirting, wasn't it? What else could feel so good and so bad at the same time? He wanted to sit here and share banter for hours, forever waiting for her to seal his fate in some way or another and either take things to the next level or cast him aside.

But this, this was more complicated than any ordinary encounter between a mare and a stallion. They were both... unusual, and came from circumstances that might make it near impossible to be in a relationship too complex. Or it might be that only they would ever understand each other enough to create a bond unmatched by any other. It was hard to tell. So he would be careful.

"Unkind? Never my lady. A true lady like yourself is anything but, hence the title. A lady is something of elegance, grace, beauty, confidence, kindness, and humility. A lady is Hellion, and I am humbled by this lady's attention." He had stood at some point and didn't remember doing so. His mind was running away with his mouth and leaving him shell-shocked, had he really just said all that? Everything that had been on his mind had come spilling out at once. Normally, these were words and thoughts he tried not to use, his speech and this thoughts tended to be a little eccentric.

Re: Inspiration in strange places

PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:11 pm
by Silverdust
"I don't see her because...she is growing up."

It hurt a bit to say it, that Mist was no longer the shy, scared young filly she'd rescued. To realize that she had turned into a kind, graceful young mare, recovering remnants of who she used to be before the curse had broken her. To understand that she didn't need her as badly as she used to, that she was shaping her own story now...with Cedar at its heart. They would not need her now.

That was what she understood about love, that it stole. First Web, now Mist, and she was turning into an old maid. Or thought she was, at least. The only thing she had ever done was join a circle, and that was completely upon a whim, and a slight stab at Web. Love, that was the last thing on her mind. It made one weak, slave to a heart she wasn't supposed to have. So she avoided males, avoided everyone really, and kept her rare feelings bottled up inside. Only with Lucid's coming did she realize just how dangerous of a thing that was.

She shuddered slightly, about the same time Spindle stood. She looked at him, slightly as shocked as he, listening to the string of words running from his mouth. Is this...what he truly thought about her? This nonsense? The laughter she had been fighting spilled out, honest in its amusement, but in the back of her mind she wondered when she had given him that impression. Never in her life had she been any of those things, or any good at pretending them. For an instant she wished she were, though, because telling him the truth would most likely drive him away, and she...didn't want that. But wasn't going to lie to him, either. Not the was her mistress did.

"You're making me sound like my brother, Spindle," she caught her breath, caught his eye. She didn't want to hurt him, but if she had a saving grace in her, she was honest with the ones who showed her honesty in return. "Hellion is not the name of a lady, and I am neither humble, nor am I kind. I hurt others when my Mistress whims it, I steal and I lie and I...hate. I am flawed."

She sighed slightly, shrugged, looked out to sea. "I would wish it were different for your sake, but it seems you sought a fantasy."

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:32 pm
by Tigress
Nodding his head, he gave a soft and somewhat tragic smile. Ah, growing up, it didn't seem to be worth all the hype in his opinion. It was... strange, and with it came so many more things one was expected to understand. Emotions took place of the importance of knowledge, and as he'd spent his life dedicated to the latter, the former was very much a difficulty for him to truly understand yet. Love was something entirely beyond the grasp of his inexperienced mind, and he accepted this. But how did one come to learn about these things, these emotions? He played with it in his head before realizing he'd zoned out a touch.

"We all must grow up eventually. It is... difficult, and strange, I find." Whereas Hellion could observe her circle-mates and such to get some grasp over these new adult emotions, Spindle was very much on his own. It was by choice, but still, it was so late now that he feared he wouldn't know how to include himself into their world. His was private, but Hellion had snuck in from time to time. Or maybe he was invading her world? His mind certainly was running a mile an hour all of a sudden.

He flinched at her laughter, not offended, but sad for her. The laughter had that bitter tone to it, and before she spoke, he knew what she would say. Hanging his head and sighing, he looked up at her, honesty like a painting across his features. He knew there was little to say to get her to believe him, but that was the way it went. Maybe someday she'd see that past was past and she could be anything she wanted.

"Maybe it runs in the blood." He offered, smiling sincerely. "And a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, Hellion. You are humble to admit your flaws and you have shown me kindness, we have all made mistakes, but it doesn't mean that is who we are." When she looked out to sea, he followed her gaze, as if trying to see what she saw, feel what she felt. But there was only a sense of calmness inside of him, that careful place he went to contemplate.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:54 am
by Silverdust
Difficult and strange. She could agree with him there. Though she thought she had grown up already; being abandoned as a foal, what else was there to do? But it seemed there were parts of her she'd neglected. Now she was the youngest all over again; Avalir had always been an adult, and Hinote had come back...a different person, awkward in his new skin. She was left behind, forcing herself through her growing pains in the unkind world of her Mistress's keep.

It wasn't fair. She needed understanding, she needed...gods be damned, she needed some tenderness. But those things were not allowed to her, not allowed to the mask she had spent so long hiding behind. And that realization left her torn, confused, and angry. She didn't know where she was going, what she was doing...only the here, the now, which at the moment, didn't seem like a bad place to be. The storm was rising, but she didn't mind, tracing the black roil of of the clouds as she listened to Spindle's pretty reassurances.

She wished she knew what she had done to make the stallion have such unrelenting faith in the nonexistant lady under her skin. When had she borrowed Avalir's grace? She had always scorned her older brother, somewhat, seeing in him all the weaknesses she despised, afraid they were hiding in her, waiting to cripple, to destroy. Or perhaps...perhaps she had only been jealous. She sighed, flicking her ear and sending the earring pendants, her only vanity, singing in the wind.

"If it does then it has been severely thinned in my case," she stated, a resignation about her voice. "I suppose I should be glad you see saving grace in me, though I cannot for the life of me figure out why..."

She gave a him a vague, sideways smiles. "Perhaps that is one of your attractive qualities."

She could flirt too, after all. Web hadn't left her with nothing but spite.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:33 pm
by Tigress
He let her enjoy her silence, sensing a kindred spirit in the way she seemed to escape into her own mind. It was one of his worse qualities, admittedly, and if it were up to him he'd have the beautiful mare say every single thing that crossed her mind. But life didn't allow for such freedoms, this much he'd learned. Conversation was an art, a dance, and some steps were best omitted for the sake of both performers. It lead to too many questions afterwards, things that could corner you, misunderstandings.

"You can talk down about yourself as much as you like, but you can't fool me, you know." He teased, sending a charming grin in her direction. Unusual was this playful nature, it certainly hadn't surfaced with... well... anyone else, ever. It made him feel peaceful inside, he didn't have to watch his words or reflect upon how she might choose to take them. They were just there, and she accepted them, and him. How she tolerated his presence, he still had yet to figure out.

But when she spoke all of this confidence fell like a great crumbling stone wall, and he was left mouth agape, a furious blush lighting up his eyes and making them feel teary. Attractive qualities?! Since when had he ever had any of those?! Oh gods, was she flirting with him? Suddenly he found himself more concerned than ever with not wanting to look like a complete fool in front of her. Which ultimately of course made him more awkward with his normally silver tongue.

"Oh? Well, I mean there aren't very many, so I'm sure they're easy to spot?" The pause inbetween some of the words had made him confused as he tried to find a way to lighten the compliment. He didn't think exceedingly well of himself, that much was obvious. So when he felt like he was on the spot, his solution was always to highlight others.

"Now you on the other hand, I shouldn't get started, we might be here all night." A small smile was given as he seemed to be coming down from the almost-heart attack.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:23 pm
by Silverdust
Playful, charming...cute. Who would have ever thought she would be here, exchanging words with a stallion who embodied all the traits she had been taught to scorn. Yet she felt a peace that she hadn't for a very long while. Here she could just talk, just be, without the masks and the hidden intentions. Now wonder Web strayed so far from her mistress's grasp when she could, no wonder Geo was a ghost in their halls.

She smirked at his words, something coming closer and closer to a genuine smile the more she used it. "You just don't give up, do you?"

But it seemed she wasn't very adept at the art of flirting, or he wasn't used to being on the receiving end. She bit back the urge to chuckle at his reaction; she knew well how stallion's valued their pride, and she didn't want to drive him away. Still...he was pretty when he was flustered. She allowed him the time to recollect himself, wondering in the back of her mind how one of a silver-tongue and gentleman's air could be derailed so with a simple flirtation. Did he really think of himself so low, that her few words could knock him off balance?

"And here you are, throwing stones in a glass house," her voice was slightly teasing, her eyes a little softer in the light. "You can't fool me."

It was hard to give up, this flirtation; a little intoxicating to know that she could do so much with a few well placed words. Web had never warned her of this, of the games the other mare played with such ease. But his next words grounded her, brought her back to time and place. She knew they were mostly to calm himself, to turn away her onslaught, but they still...made her feel unsure. What did she have that kept him here, when had this connection between them happened?

"You...are really hopeless," she answered, a little ruefully. "A regular Romeo."