Post Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:01 am

In Search of the Unknown [a Scribbling RP]

Talia came meandering into the field, enjoying the daylight hours and the relative quiet. She often had cause to come here with her Serians, but today was a special moment, one that she believed she must take part in alone, despite the pleading and curiosity of many of her bonded.

She had recently met Scribble, an ingenious little mare, who had planted clues throughout the fields, clues that would lead the individuals who found them to abandoned Serians in need of a home. Talia had been determined to find one, and since then had been able to procure nothing more than a lump of grey pulp and a somewhat soggy note. Regardless, she knew that what remained of the item, and the note or clue itself, might still potentially be of some value to the Serian that it belonged to, so she had set out in search of one of the abandoned.

She had to admit, the clue had her a bit perplexed. The image portrayed pointed her in the direction of a stallion, one by the name of Rhyme of the Deep Shadows. The note, however, seemed to direct her towards someone else, another Serian entirely. She was convinced, however, that in order to return the item to its proper owner, she must find Rhyme first, for the note itself seemed to point her in the direction of one of Rhyme's offspring. This one still remained nameless, a Serian in search of a "new namesake" to replace... well... his past life, and his current unknown and unnamed status.

So she waited attentively, hoping to catch a glimpse of the father, Rhyme, or one of his elusive children.