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Coming together [Avalir!]

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 3:03 pm
by Tigress

This was the first time that she had had the courage to venture outside her new bonded's borders. Many painful memories waited for her, but there was hope now inside of her. A promise had been made and she knew he would keep it. Soon her father would come to her, as she'd fulfilled her end of the deal that had been made. Until then, she wanted to know what it was like, to be brave and independent, the way he was, the way he would want her to be. Her time spent in her new home had been healing, but she was ready for the next step now.

Carefully she chose a path, not too out in the open, one that she'd walked with an escort many times before. It lead out to the fields in which she'd started her journey, and it seemed suiting for such an important event to take place near that point. Truth be told, she didn't even know if she'd meet anyone this day, but she'd been told this was a likely spot to encounter someone. With words of encouragement fresh in her mind, she pushed the protective arms of a small tree aside and poked her head through, taking a moment to untangle the multi-coloured web of hair which had been snagged on the branches.

The sunlight was so bright and hit her straight on, blinding her momentarily. She stumbled out into the clearing, shaking her head and opening her eyes slowly, the jewels of colour beside them reflecting the light and casting designs on her burgundy coat. Instantly she felt uncomfortable but tried to remember that this was for the good, it was something to be used to. This was how they lived, bonded Serians. They were social from what she'd seen, in a way which she hadn't been for a long time. Clinging to the border of trees, she couldn't quite bring herself to fully emerge from the shadows into the clearing. Small steps, for now.

Re: Coming together [Avalir!]

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:20 am
by Silverdust

Sunlight felt odd after so much time in the shade. He couldn't remember the last time he had come out to the Fields; he was solitary by nature, after all, as were most of Sive's bonded. Solitary, but not unkind. He did not mind company, but sometimes the Fields would be so...alive. All the emotions, the energy of various serians-it was almost cloying. He would rather not entangle himself in their world.

But on days like this, when it was quiet and still, then he didn't mind. The impressions of the passing serians lingered in the air, and he felt comforted to linger in their echo. It was safer that way, to dance on the edge. Sometimes emotions could wear one so thin after all, the same way it was doing to his siblings. Hellion, Hinote - he could feel the aches in their chests, their hollow hearts, as clear as if they were his own wounds. But still, he could not go to them. Too many things had passed between them, bridges burned that were slow in mending.

So he wandered - bad habit he supposed but there was really nothing he could do about it. It was how he grew up, haunted, running, searching. He wondered vaguely if he was supposed to find something here, in this Field that he'd forgotten for so long, since Sive, since Prophet...since Luna.

There was a snapping of branches somewhere to his left. He turned his head to see the young mare stumble out, dazzling in the sun. Well, speak of the devil...he felt a smile tug at the corners of his mouth. It must have been a long time for her to have grown so - would she remember him as he did her?

"Hello, LunarPrism."

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:48 am
by Tigress
A bird blocked the sun just long enough for her to watch it fly past, her vibrant and ever-changing orbs shimmering in the light with a sense of bewilderment. Since when had everything become so... beautiful? Maybe this was what it felt like to be strong, the way she'd always wanted to be, like the icy mare who had helped shape her into the Serian she was today. Just as her eyes had seemed to adjust, a voice fell on her ears which made her jump in surprise, turning towards the sound. Who out here would know her name? Her hopes didn't rise so easily, after all the time she knew her father's voice well in her head and instantly knew it wasn't him. But then, who?

A figure she had seen before stood just over to her right, how she had missed him she wasn't sure. Normally she was much more aware of her surroundings, especially her immediate surroundings. Flicking an ear in her discomfort, something she'd done ever since she was a foal, she tried to ignore her embarassment. It had been so very long, but he still looked just the same. There was still a shadow to his eyes that she recognized, one similar to that which he'd spotted in her. The smile told her her company was still welcome, just as he'd promised all those years ago.

"Avalir. I've missed you." She smiled fondly, knowing all too well that the memories would come crashing back upon seeing him again. Another healing force in her life, there had been nights she'd spent up memorizing his words, telling them to herself so she would be strong. It had been a tearing decision she'd made, but his imprint on her heart had never worn down. It was a strange sensation now that she felt, wondering if these feelings of childlike affection were misplaced. He was not here to guide her, to save her anymore. He was just... here. But just as with her Sha-kyn, her father, everyone and anything she'd ever cared for, she knew her bonds with him would not fade because of time or change. Her loyalty was perhaps her most painful gift.

Shrugging off her discomfort, she set her jaw stubbornly and walked forward towards the stallion, the sun catching in her hair and making the colours shift like a living rainbow wave. It was something she'd always liked, it was something special she and Prophet shared. Her shyness as a foal showed when she couldn't bring herself to give him the greeting she had moments ago been considering. Touch seemed... different now that she was older, less invited. She'd been watching the others that lived near her very carefully, there were certain things that became almost taboo with age. It was dissapointing.

"How have you been?"

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:15 pm
by Silverdust
She did remember him after all, but then again, he had never really doubted she would forget. The time they had spent together had been something precious, however brief, and he knew that even as a child she would know how to value such an experience. After all, it was one of the crossroads or her life, and set her down the path she had chosen, towards her Bonded.

He would be lying if he said that her choice had not saddened him a little, but it was a fleeting feeling in the peace that came with knowing that her decision was her own and the best. He knew, and Sive as well, that Frostbite would have given Luna something that was lacking in them both, something that the filly had sensed as integral to her own soul. Better that she be whole and happy with someone else than chained to them, and look at her now, in the light of the love she had found. He wasn't quite sure what the emotion in him was at the moment, the pride and the touch of pain...something fatherly, or...

She still had her way of enchanting him, he supposed. He shook away the thoughts as she approached him, grace in her movements and the play of light in her hair and eyes. But there still seemed a trace of nervousness about her, a bit of the little filly he remembered. No matter, she would overcome it. "And I you. It has been a long time."

He sensed her hesitation as she drew closer, the arrested greeting of touch. That he understood as well; now that she was a girl no longer there were boundaries that could not be crossed. It would be a trial for him as well as her, for now he wasn't sure exactly where he stood. A childhood friend perhaps, but a mentor more than a playmate. The age difference between them was an awkward thing, but he was not going to let it define their bond. She was still Luna, no matter their situtation.

"Well enough," he answered, with a light laugh. His eyes flickered in the light from her rainbow. "I see you've grown up, beautifully."

It wasn't an attempt at flirtation, simply the truth. She was, as she had been when he had seen her on the riverbank as a filly and now as she stood before him as a young mare. The note of affection in his voice was warm, and with nothing of hidden intentions. He would not put her in that kind of discomfort.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:24 pm
by Tigress
He seemed to understand all too well what was going on in her head, the look in his eyes told her that just because it was taking her so long to figure herself out, that didn't mean he was having as much trouble. Had she really not changed so much for him to be able to connect with her mind so easily? Maybe he understood what it was like to relearn how to be like everyone else, though she wouldn't wish the stress of it upon even her worst enemy. It made her mourn her lost youth suddenly, to know what now she wasn't allowed to just... do things that had before been both acceptable and encouraged.

Touch had been a big first step in her time with her Bonded. She had gotten used to it, and now she had to get used to not having it again. It was a neverending cycle that made her want to stomp the ground in frustration. However, she had been taught to be a lady, and such outbursts were unbecomming.

"You don't look any different." She admitted with a laugh, a blush barely tinting the natural burgundy of her face. What made her beautiful? Did he ever think her personality was beautiful? How did one come to know these things without asking? She knew enough of manners to know that asking certain things pushed boundaries too, sometimes more than touch ever could. She'd known that as a child though, too, but not in the same way. Seeing and experiencing were turning out to be two very different things.

Moving forward and closing the distance, she laid her head on his shoulder in a somewhat chaste hug that left her glowing with happiness. Sometimes LunarPrism found she didn't like accepting things as they were, and often tested these unwritten 'rules' that she'd been warned of. This was a prime example. Besides, Avalir was an exception, time apart or not she still owed him a great deal for everything he'd done for her sanity. Whether he knew it or not, maybe he never would, but she knew and that was what mattered.

"I like to think I'm very different inside, now, too. I always wanted to thank you, but it took me many years to be able to really face the world again like this, on my own. I didn't know if I'd find you or not." She admitted, a hint of sorrow momentarily making her voice waver, her eyes softening in response. It was gone in an instant, replaced by the knowledge that fate had finally been kind enough to grant her the chance meeting. It would be foolish to say 'thank you' though, somehow she thought just maybe it wouldn't be necessary. If his memory was as good as hers, anyway.

Re: Coming together [Avalir!]

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:25 pm
by Silverdust
He laughed lightly at her words. "No, I have not changed much at all."

It was the price of growing up too fast, at least for him. Whereas she was frustrated with the learning and the relearning, the rules that changed much too fast, he had simply...known. He had been old before his time, and in that, frozen really. Hellion and Hinote were growing, their emotions breaking out of them, forcing them through a process of rediscovery and definition that he had never gone through. He had always been as he was.

It was a little sad, the stagnation, but he had spent a lifetime getting used to it. He smiled as she closed the distance, allowing her the contact she desired. He nudged her head, gently, the way he had never been able to do with Hellion. "I am glad then, that you found me again. I had been planning on leaving for awhile."

It was a chance meeting, at just the right time. Maybe it had been as Sive said, in the days after their first meeting. 'People that share such an intimate space in time, well, there's a destiny between them.' It was why Luna's decision had been easy for them to accept, because it was not a final goodbye. They had known that, but it was a wisdom that came with age, and he could understand the sadness in her voice. Losing someone was a frightening thought indeed.

"There's nothing to thank me for Luna," he said, drawing away to take her in again. "You have changed but it is not of my doing. The strength you have has always been a part of you."

He chuckled softly. "But I admit, Frostbite has passed on her elegance. You have the grace of a lady."