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Re: Mixed Up Matchings [Open]

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 8:13 am
by Songhue
He gave a small, tender smile as she spoke. He loved how she sounded and the way her eyes lit up. The cute flip of her tail whenever she talked about someone that irritated her was too adorable for words.

He wanted nothing more than to curl up with her and spend all of eternity that way.

"That would be quite a sight, I imagine. Perhaps he'll do this in a public area, in front of others... As he dared try with you."

Sparkle hoped he managed to keep the tension out of his voice with that last statement, though he wasn't entirely sure as to how well he succeeded. This was welcome, at least. This was something he could deal with, something he could properly focus on, this protective anger for his mate.

"Would you mind if I asked about your bonded?"

He has paused for a moment and given the question a bit of thought before actually speaking. It could be a rather personal issue for some, but he felt she wouldn't mind. She anchored him.. And somehow he got the feeling that he helped to steady her, as well.

Having her around, having a real point without having any point at all in their conversation, was so soothing. He still felt odd, still felt as if he was struggling between two parts of himself, but now he also felt a balance settling in. Polite but friendly, perhaps.. Relaxed, if fumbling.

Finally, after so very long, he could start to relax.

Ah, my dearest love, how lost I would be without you.

Re: Mixed Up Matchings [Open]

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 8:25 am
by Kyra
"I think he just might, not 100% sure, but he just may do it in public. In any case it will be interesting." She did note the little tension, but she found it comforting in a way, to know that he cared about her so much. That he would protector, she would be a flicking shadow without her Sparkle around to keep her steady. "Not at all. Skid acts like an older brother. He teases and plays with Crash, tries his best to keep Dart out of trouble, if he can. As for me and my bond sisters he teases us and is there when anyone needs him. Especially Peace and Silverflash with getting over their shyness. It is nice to have someone else who can help handle Dart." She noted that he was finally relaxing and let a small sigh ripple out of her body, she was so concerned and still was, but this was a good sign.

Re: Mixed Up Matchings [Open]

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 8:42 am
by Songhue
He was glad there was finally someone to give her some real help with her own herd, her bond family. Lead mare of the circle, of her family, of so many things.. It had to be hard for her at times.

He felt he'd like to meet this fellow, if for no other reason than to thank him properly for helping his beloved. It would be brushed aside as something normal, as they were bond-siblings, but for Sparkle it was more. This stallion was helping his mate with her responsibilities to her family, helping to ease her worry and stress.

She truly was strong, he knew that. And she most likely had no honest need of him. But he needed her, his playmate, his best friend, his wife. He knew very clearly just how he needed her.

"It sounds like it's always busy, with so many about."

His voice was soft, wistful even. To have so many in a family, be it bond or blood, sounded wonderful.

"My bonded claims to be from a large clan herself," he nickered, absently resting his chin across her neck. "She says she hasn't much memory of it, as it's from the time before, but that she hopes for a large family again some day, with us."

Snorting, he lifted his head, tensing again as he realized he wasn't sure what came next. Pleasantries, however comfortable and familiar, seemed to be coming to an end. What came next? What would she expect? A sharp sensation shot through his chest at the thought of disappointing her, like a dagger being twisted.

Now I'm being ridiculous. If anything she's most likely to help ease me into the next step of things.

Still, his heart twisted. Quite suddenly he had an overwhelming desire to be exactly who - and what - she wanted of him. He hoped to start his own family when she was ready, after all, and would need to know just what was expected of him.

Re: Mixed Up Matchings [Open]

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 3:27 pm
by Kyra
"Yes, it is, but that is the fun part. You never know what's coming up. It is great for Kyra too, in her world friends in huge groups are thing she does not seem to do well in, loves them but never, as she says seems to fit in. So she loves all the actions, also the fact of the two dolphins coming at going, well let just say those two equal trouble in a fun way," she laughed a little on the last sentence.

"That sounds nice and I do not doubt that will come true." She felt so loved by him, when he rested his chin on her neck. Him just bring there was all she need, she melted a the sight, sound and touch of her mate. All doubt and trouble vanished and she was left with only feeling so content.

His sudden snort, lifting his head and tensing worried her. She turned her neck to look at him. She wasn't sure exactly what to do. Then a huge urge came over her and she felt the need to compel to it. She turned her whole body to face him, her star orbs shining brightly with love for him, her electric blue mane fell over her right eye. She stepped as close she could without touch him, then stretched her neck out so her muzzle touched his.

Re: Mixed Up Matchings [Open]

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 6:30 pm
by Songhue
Surprised, he perked his ears, eyes growing round. He didn't pull away, however; he would never pull away from her.

Once he got over the initial shock his eyes softened, ears tilted back slightly as he stepped forward to kiss off those lovely markings over her hide. His muzzle pressed back against hers, lips brushing together before parting, his whole body relaxed in a state of bliss as their tastes mingled.

He couldn't help but remember that night together in the tall grasses, that first time they had done more than simply nuzzle one another.

A soft, tender nicker escaped him when they finally surfaced for breath, his eyes flashing gently as he swung his neck over hers in a tight embrace. What had be been worried about? No matter what else changed, they would always love each other, always have the safety of the other's embrace.

"What would I do without you.."

A faint whisper, a quiet thought that slipped free of him. One he didn't want answered, as he thought he had an idea. He'd be nothing without her, forever lost without his anchor in life.

Nuzzling her mane he backed away again, his eyes glowing with that old joy. Now they held an underlying note of strength as well. He was still Sparkle, still fun and friendly. Only now he was responsible as well. He was capable of being a true stallion, at last.

"Come on," he murmured, absently brushing his muzzle over her shoulder, "Let's go find SilverFlash. I'll be alright now. You can tell me some of the adventures of these dolphins on the way."

Re: Mixed Up Matchings [Open]

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 12:08 am
by Kyra
Her how body seemed glow at the touch of his lips on her. She felt... there were no words to describe this, she consumed in him, his love for her and her love for him. This as one of those moments that everyone wishes would never end. She was so happy, relaxed and felt like the luckiest mare in the whole word to have a stallion like Sparkle at her side.

She too remembered the their fist real kiss and more than just a nuzzle here and there. Those moments and this one where ones that she wished would never end, but when they did, she would always treasure them.

She nickered quietly back to him and leaned into his neck embrace. She could feel that her mate was back to being normal, sure there was something different, she was sure, but it was something good. Amber was overjoyed to feel the tension leave his body and was glad that he was no longer being troubled. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his strong and warm neck around hers.

She would have answered but she was sure he knew the answer already, "Same here my dear Sparkle. You are the light in my night full of shadows," she said in a whisper back. She opened her eyes and looked at him standing before her. She never would ever figure out how such a stallion has chosen her as his mate. He was so full of life, strength and so much more that words would never do justice too.

"Ok." she said nickering happy at his touch again, "I am so glad." she said in a soft voice. She in returned nuzzled into his mane and neck. "What story would you like? The soaking of Kyra and Silverflash, The startling and dunking of Crash. Skid's first encounter or the a group encounter involving so of your bond mates. Those are just a few." she said in a happy quiet voice.