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Re: Mixed Up Matchings [Open]

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:14 pm
by Songhue
He thought he felt her tensing ever so slowly while she spoke of the red and white stallion that had joined her homelands. He worried a bit over how the stranger stressed her, yet at the same time the tension curling up her neck could very well be his imagination.

"I had forgotten that I had first met Sign while we made our circle, actually.. That was my first after she came home. She was so mortified I'd be angry that she avoided me for weeks afterward."

He almost laughed out loud at the thought. Almost, but not quite.

"Maybe he just needs something to hug at night... My bonded has been so much better since she found her mate and falls asleep every night nuzzled against his chest."

Re: Mixed Up Matchings [Open]

PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:42 pm
by Kyra
Amber couldn't help but laugh, to forget when you first met a bond family member, she understood why Sign acted like that. "Ya, maybe," she laughed again. She looked up at the sky and then back at Sparkle, "Who know what that stallions needs."