Sea Shells At Dawn

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Re: Sea Shells At Dawn

The smallest of smiles touched her lips, a tender look on her round face. Ah, but it was always a joy to see the strange girl.

"I be well, and naught but glad to see such company on this seaside beach."

Sign pranced a little at the invitation to jump in the water that swirled about her hooves, though she hesitated, glancing at the tiny little fae as if asking permission.

Songhue merely smiled that quiet smile of hers, leaving the sea mare to her own choice. It was not the mare's job to look after her.

A moment more passed before the soft muzzle grazed her cheek, Sign's tail flicking droplets as she trotted over to where SilverFlash waited.

"The water is Always great!"

With that, and a soft nicker, she jumped into a rather large wave, her mane billowing around her, the shells woven throughout glittering in the sun.

Songhue shook her head slightly in a rather motherly fashion before nodding to the stallion that had stepped forward, eyes dancing merrily.

"hail and merry meet, sir stallion. Fare thee well?"

A faint cry and distinct sound of hooves in sand followed this, announcing the arrival of Thor. Sign was already soaked and positively beaming as she pranced about SilverFlash, her mane flashing brightly with the shells woven throughout as her tail billowed out behind her.

"And hello to you," she called, "For we've not met properly before!"

Her voice was light, merry even, but she shifted ever so slightly as she spoke, placing herself over and between the silver mare and this new stallion. She didn't fear harm from him, his body language held no hint of a threat. She simply wanted to show the timid creature she stood over so protectively that she was there for her, her friend.


Path nickered quietly, absently lipping at her mate's mane as he asked after her once again. And she was the one that needed to learn to relax.

"I am troubled, in truth, though I won't assume to bother you with such things. Come though, tell me of your travelings. You know how I love to hear of your tales."

That was all there was for the moment. A casual, tender touch, a polite inquiry. Ever proper, ever guarded behind her walls built of manners.
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Re: Sea Shells At Dawn

Kyra smiled, "That is good." With that she leaned forward and slid of Skid into the water. She she looked back over her should at him and winked. Then she swam to shore, she crawled up not the beach and used her right hand to create heat to try her tail. Her water horse marking glowed a brilliant pastel blue and then stopped when her tail transformed into a mist of bubble back into legs. She stood up now wearing her black tang top with sky magenta flames on the bottom that matched her skirt and black shorts underneath. Her sapphire dolphin gem changing back to that of a rearing unicorn. "So, how are all your bonded doing?"

Silverflash tossed her mane playfully, "I totally agree with you on that one," she said giggling. In the next moment she too, had jumped into the biggest wave coming in. Her mane and tail floated around her. She moved closer to Sign, then quickly reared playfully and sent a wave in the sea mare's direction. She could not help herself, she could be such a kid in the water.

Skid watched his girl go and wink back at him. He followed and came to stand beside her and in front of the fairy. "Nice to meet you. Yes, I fare well," he said in his strong but kind voice. He turned his ebony crown and looked out at the two mares, "Nice to meet you too," he said smiling at the two.

Kyra turned and shook her head when the black stallion came to stand by her. Her wink was for him to go meet the other serians, but her had chosen to follow her. Turning her attention back to her friend, she said, "Songhue, meet Skid, my newest bonded. Skid, meet Songhue, one of my best friends and the her bonded Sign, who is currently playing around in the surf."

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