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Sea Shells At Dawn

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:50 am
by Songhue
"You don't like mid-day, do you?"

"Not particularly, no. Why do you inquire?"

Sign merely shook her head, chuckling slightly over a yawn. It had been a few days since their wandering in the Foothills, yet she was still recovering slightly. Certainly it was too soon to be up at dawn.

Songhue was walking the shoreline with Path and Sign, picking up a shell now and then to braid it into the seamare's main. Path was careful to keep her hooves dry, though admittedly she did enjoy the sands.

They had no destination in mind, no goal. There was no real reason for them to be out at all, really, yet they were and they were glad for it.

Path had to admit that while none were as close to her as her bonded and her mate, she kept even them within a safe distance. She was comfortable with them, yes, but there were still barriers.

She also had to admit that she did not regret this.

Songhue was accepting of her nature, at times seemed to even support it. How many times had she scolded Sparkle for his persistent habit of bothering her?

That was, in her view, the best part of this little walk. No Sparkle. He was off on some self-exploration kick, hoping to see Amber along the way no doubt.

Sign was merely glad that her bonded was out of the realm once again. Whoever this strange male was, he was certainly doing the little fae some good.

She was enjoying having the bright shells tied into her main, a small smile tugging her lips whenever she felt the gentle fingers brushing through her silken green hair, and adored the sensation of the waves upon her hooves. Her fetlocks billowed in the shallow waves like so much seaweed, the tip of her tail trailing into the liquid from time to time as they walked at a leisurely pace, each lost in their own sweet thoughts.



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Re: Sea Shells At Dawn

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:33 pm
by Keira
Pixie and Lothorien strolled side by side in a tense silence. It was no secret that these two had never gotten along, that they never saw eye to eye. Thor thought that Pixie was way to immiture and flighty. Pixie thought Thor to be too callous, mean, and egotistical.

The only reason the two of them were even near each other now was because Keira had asked that they take some time to really get to know each other and learn to get along, or "play nice". Both were understandibly hesitant to try and get to know each other, but for Keira they would give it a shot. So they walked tense, neither one of them knowing what to say to one another.

Pixie decided to make an effort one last time and break the silence. "Soooo, how have things been going?" he asked quietly after clearing his throat. Thor just gave him a strange look and shrugged. Well that went swimmingly, he thought, but he was determined to make an effort. If his effort went unnoticed or unwanted this time that would be the end of him trying. He would appologize to Keira, but at least he would try. There was only so much he himself could do without Thor's help.

Pixie whirled in front of him and stopped cold. "Listen Thor, I know you dont like me and its no secret that I'm not exactly fond of you but we promised Keira we were going to try and get along. Now why am I the only one trying? You owe it to her too, not just me. So what do you say you buck up and actually give it an honest shot. Huh?"

It took Thor a minute for that one to sink in, Pixie had never once spoken to him like that. The only times he had spoken directly to him, it had been in a low, meek voice that had bugged the crap right out of him. Pixie had the potential to be tough and rugged, he deffinatly had the looks. So why was he such a woos? He just couldnt understand it. But this new show of confidence suited him. It looked like haveing a mate gave him the backbone he needed.

A slow smile spread across Thor's face and he shook his head. "Well look who finally grew a back bone." He said and he couldnt help but chuckle. "Look sport. Its not that I dislike you. Its just that it really bugged me that you were such a coward. But listen I dont let others in easily. Heck it took a while to even let Flit, my mate, in. I know i'm not perfect and that i'm onery piece of crap sometimes but i will try to let you in and be friends. How does that sound?"

Pixie's jaw hung in suprise, that wasnt at all what he had expected. It worked, but deffinatly was unexpected. "W-well alright."

Thor looked over Pixie's shoulder and noticed for the first time that their were others in the distance. "Who are they?" he asked a little suprised. Pixie looked behind him and saw his beautiful mate with the newest of Songhue's bondeds." He let out a whoop of excitement and took off towards his love, leaving Thor staring curiously behind him.


Lothorien (Thor)

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Re: Sea Shells At Dawn

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 3:25 pm
by Songhue
Songhue started humming after a while, something that was no surprise to either mare as they knew perfectly well how fond she was of music. Path's mind snapped back into focus at the sound, yet Sign's had already been lingering on the strange little fae.

"What do you sing," Path asked, her deep, rumbling voice carrying a gently curious tone. There was no animosity between her and her bonded, no lost love as they said, but there would ever be the distance. It was simply how things were.

"An old song, one I was recently reminded of. Does it bother you?"

"No, no, would that I could hear more."

She smiled, her hand gently brushing over Sign's shoulder as she scooped down for another glimmering shell to place in Sign's main. Path was a dancer, born and bred, so it was quite an honor for her to show any real interest in her voice or her music.

"Will you dance for me," Sign asked, ears perked hopefully as she tossed a timid glance towards the strong sun mare. "If she sings, can I see how you dance? Songhue says it's the most beautiful sight and we're alone here, on the beach."

Surprisingly, Path smiled. Pixie was teaching her to relax, to trust, and rather he had meant to or not it was doing her good. She could smile easily now, her face softening and warming in such a way that it added beauty to the day.

"I shall, Sign, for you."

Sign flicked her tail in surprise at that, her own smile warming her face as she moved deeper into the shallows, careful to give enough room. This random outing was such a sweet thing, the three females wandering easily.

"You can do the math a thousand ways
But you can't erase the facts.
That others come and others go
But you always come back

I'm a winter flower underground
Always thirsty for summer rain
And just like the change in seasons
I know you'll be back again

I'm not dead just floating
Underneath the ink of my tattoo
I've tried to hide my scars from you
I'm not scared just changing

I'm not dead just floating
I'm not scared just changing
You're my crack of sunlight, oh"

The words flowed easily through the air, seemed to ebb and flow with the song of the seas as they whispered from the fae's mouth. Hardly the first word was free before Path was moving with the shifting sands, her hooves skimming next to the water with such ease that not a single grain lifted into the air.

She twisted, her whole body swinging around to tumble through the air, and closed her eyes, letting her dance sway with the sand and sea, her body shifting with such fluid grace that for a moment it seemed she was made of pure, weightless light. This was how she connected, how her barriers came down. This was how she reached the life around her and expressed things that, otherwise, would have never been freed.

Path stilled as the words faded into the breezes, blinking in surprise as Sign appeared in an instant to nuzzle into her short, silken blue main. Songhue kept her distance, smiling wisely, yet Path saw the gentle glow in those blue-gray eyes all the same.

"You have quite the gift," the fae noted softly as the seamare snuggled close in wordless adoration. It brought forth a blush from the bright mare, yet a pleased grin twitched over her muzzle all the same.

"Ah, company approaches. How amusing that it be Pixie... Perhaps your dance summoned him, my dear."

Re: Sea Shells At Dawn

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:50 pm
by Keira
Pixie knew that his call to Path had not been heard and he stopped suddenly, Thor bumping into him at the sudden stop. "What?" Thor asked, a little grumpily and a little amused. "Man you do change attitude a lot, first your all up and excited to see her, now your not even moving towards her. What gives?"

Pixie looked back at Thor with a look of pure love and addoration. "She's dancing. Its so beautiful." He started walking again, slowly this time, as he watched his beloved dance and her bonded sing. Thor followed behind him, also entranced. As they neared them Songhue ended her song and annouced the visitors.

Re: Sea Shells At Dawn

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:25 pm
by Kyra
Farther down beach Kyra and two of her bondeds were off playing in the surf. They had just come down to the sea's shimmering edge from the cove lead way. The silver mare was out to water up to her neck, her starlight mane blew in the ocean's breeze while her tail was played with by the waves. Her powder blue eye's were a glow with joy, she nickered and shook her silver crown sending water droplets in every direction. They looked like diamond shards as the sun rays glittered of them, before being lost to the ice clear water.

Kyra sat upon the black and green stallions back, they were close to the silver mare. The girl was laughing as she watched the mare, was enjoying being with her two newest bonded's and being in sea. Her long sky magenta hair blew lightly in the breeze for it was free of her ribbon. Her birthmark showed clearly, it's light blue color, same with her water horse, but for once were not glowing. She was in her mer form, her purple tail lay to her side, as she sat on her friends back. She stroked his ebony neck that shown brightly where the water lay in his coat and the sunlight bounced off it. Kyra then leaned forward and rested her her head and upper body of his neck. She loved being like this, feeling his warm body beneath her and talking in his smell.

He stood still, enjoying being with one of his bond family and his bonded. His green eyes were fully of joy, he much enjoyed this, spending time with the ones he cared about. His beige mane rippled freely in the sea air, his tail and ribbon flowed with the water current. His meadow forest green markings stood out nicely against the rest of his night coat, and his bonded's fuchsia coloring. He looked back at her when he felt her body on his neck and blew lightly into her face. He loved the touch of her against his own body. He then turned back to the silver mare and nipped at the star mane, that was tickling his muscle, playfully.

"Hey, What was that for?" she said in a playing tone. She moved back out of his reach, let her legs bend and submerged her self in the water. A second later she rocketed up to the surface, creating a good size wave to wards the black serian and her bonded. She giggled watching him do his best not to get knocked over, or cause Kyra to fall off.

The black stallion snorted and put all his weight on his front end as the powerful wave hit him. He managed to stand still and not to cause his girl to fall from his back. He shook his head, to rid himself of annoying water drops that slid down his night colored face. "Thanks," he said teasing her back.


Re: Sea Shells At Dawn

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:41 pm
by Songhue
Sign and Songhue quietly faded into the background as the sunmare turned to greet her mate. Her ears were tilted forward happily, eyes glowing softly, as she trotted towards him. She didn't realize that her dance had been seen; she knew, only, that her love was here and so she was glad.

"You must miss him," Songhue murmured to Sign as they watched the bright mare nuzzle into the stallion.

"Every day," she answered. There was no pain in her voice, however; only tenderness.

A small hand on her shoulder told her so much as Path nipped at Pixie's main, embracing him happily. The fae understood, a fact that made Sign's face soften noticeably.

There is a kind of love that can be known where your own needs and desires, your own longing for that one touch, that tender kiss, are ever quailed under sweet adoration. No matter how she missed him, she could never know true sorrow, for if he needed time away then she was glad that he should have it. She did miss him, yes, yet she knew that she would gladly wait the rest of her days for his return, if need be.

Path's love was just as sweet, though not as pure. She needed this stallion and so loathed it while they were apart. If he had need to partake on a journey she could understand, yet he had best make it quick, else her longing overwhelm her.

"I missed you already, dearest," Path snorted, gently burrowing her nose into his main. Smiling, she stepped back again and nodded to the stranger, though she was ever in contact with her mate.

"Greetings to you, and pleased that you would come to such a place on this day. How fares thee?"

She paused here, blinking in surprise, and burst out laughing, the deep sound mixing with the ocean to make one think of tumbling through beams of light in an undersea haven. Rare and wonderful was her laugh.

"Beg your pardon, for it seems the tongue of my bonded has begun to rub off on me this day. Might I ask after your name, though, that we no longer be strangers?"

Sign snorted softly in the background, tossing her head to settle her main. Songhue smiled and placed another gleaming shell within it's tender green folds, balancing the weight and earning a soft nuzzle as they stood back, watching as three others appeared down the beach a way, and waited.