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Re: A Little Afterglow Banter

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:00 am
by Silverdust
Id recieved the news with a nod; he noticed she held back for his sake and he appreciated it. There had been others who had pried deeper, trying to get him to open up, arguably for his own sake but inevitably doing more harm than good. It just wasn't in him to socialize, to give himself to others. Satin, and now this mare - they had all been random meetings, twists of fate.

Vaguely he wondered if Trace was trying to make him feel better. 'Enjoys your company' didn't seem like something Satin would admit to, especially not after their last meeting. He wasn't sure that he'd see her again after than, and perhaps it was for the better. If things were as rough as they were with Fleet, then - he wasn't one who knew how to deal with broken pieces.

It was Brittle who was his voice again; the other Warrior knew Id's silences and to an eerie extent, almost his thoughts. It should really bother him, he supposed, but - at least this way he didn't have to speak.

"Enjoys his company?" Brittle chuckled, somewhat teasing. "That's the first time I've heard a sentiment like that from a mare outside our shared bonded. You must excuse my jest, Lady Trace, but Id is not a social creature in the least - avoids it like the plague really."

He caught Id's eye, winked. "So, there's hope for you yet."

The trees were starting to thin a bit, as they drew closer to their destination. Brittle slowed a bit; Sive's lands didn't exactly have warding spells about them, but one had to know where they were going, seeing as paths got tricky and twisted. A failsafe and nothing more, really; Sive was a welcoming one.

"Sive is the sister of our Bond, and we're going to visit her lands and bonded. It's a nice place - most are friendly and you would not have to worry about much danger. There are a few there actually, who you'd might like to meet. Ones who were quite like you, the first time I met them."

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Re: A Little Afterglow Banter

PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:55 pm
by Rainer
"...Always... Hope," She smiled, bobbing her head in agreement. She listened to the words spoken to her carefully, and frowned for a moment.

"One needs not to speak... To be understood. Social is more a lifestyle... Then a trait," Another shrug was given, as she passivly defended Id's right not to chatter like the social butterfly that he clearly wasn't. Better to speak too little, then too much.

Trace glanced around excitedly, and seemed to almost bounce with each step as the anticipation grew. What would they look like? Would they be as nice as Id and Brittle? She paused a minute, glancing at the large stallion with a questioning flicker in her eyes, "Like me? How so?"

Maybe she wouldn't have a reason to shy away from these strangers, if they understood her, not so much reluctance, but hesitation to meet others.

"Sive..." The little mare smiled again, finding herself becoming more comfortable with the two the more they spoke, "That's a pretty name."

Re: A Little Afterglow Banter

PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 11:01 pm
by Silverdust
"Wise words indeed little lady," Brittle grinned. "It's a pity not too many can see things like you do."

The trees ended abruptly, giving way to a wide expanse of long, wild grass. Lights twinkled near the horizon, too far to know their exact source but inviting nonetheless. Inside, Brittle sighed with relief; good, he hadn't forgotten the way after all. He increased their pace slightly, taking in Trace's apparent excitement. Besides, there weren't many obstacles to trip over in an open field.

"A young mare, like yourself, her name is Mist," he smiled fondly in remembrance. "It has been awhile since I saw her last - but when I first met her, she was like you, maybe even a little worse off. She was frightened of everything, barely spoke a word..."

A tiny slip of a girl, shivering behind Hellion's flank, and he remembered thinking what a waste, that such loss lived in such gorgeous golden eyes. "But she's healed by now, I think. Cedar and Hellion, they pulled her through. Perhaps you'll see them tonight."

It wasn't exactly likely, what with Cedar giving Id a run for his money in the loner department, but Brittle couldn't exactly be sure what had changed in his absence. Hinote had mentioned in passing that the roles had reversed a little, but to what extent he couldn't be sure. This was as much an adventure in discovery for them as it was for her, in that respect.

"It is a pretty name," he mused, smiling to himself as he felt a familiar presence drawing closer. So, Sive had known they were coming after all. "Maybe you'll get a chance to tell her yourself."

He cantered out in front of the group, calling over his shoulder to Id. "Keep pace with our little angel awhile, I'll go ahead."

Id nodded, smirking to himself slightly as he watched the older stallion go to meet the winged silhouette in the distance. He looked at Trace, almost apologetic. "Brittle is - impatient at times. We can slow down if you want."

It was easier to speak to her when he knew she really required no more of him than his usual laconic tendencies.

Re: A Little Afterglow Banter

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 7:53 am
by Rainer
The little mare gladly slowed her pace, revealing her lack of physical activity with the slight flaring in her nostrils. She walked tentivly over the blades which mingled with her ribbons from time to time, and briefly wondered if anyone cared that she wasn't home yet.

The thoughts were dismissed when she smiled at Id, "Thank you... For your patience," The words were simple but warm, almost apologizing for her slow speech and even slower ability to trust.

Trace glanced around, curious gaze carefully examining their surroundings as she walked on. The lights opposite their location held her mesmerized before a last minute thought took her by surprise. She looked worriedly to Id again, the frown etched into her lips was quite apparent.

"Do you think Sive would mind... You bringing me?"

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 9:48 am
by Silverdust
Id shook his head at her thanks, his eyes still somewhat distant and guarded. "It is no problem."

He was the more observant of the two Warriors; he had noticed the little mare's slight exertion when Brittle hadn't. Much of the visit would lose its glamour if she were tired out before they even got there. Besides, there was plenty of time still; they were all adults here, no one needed a bedtime.

He smiled faintly at her question. "Brittle would not bring you if she did. Contrary to appearance, he is intelligent enough. Sive is the most - understanding of the sisters; she will not mind you in the least."

He motioned to the figures of Brittle and another serian in the distance. "She even sends an escort."

Brittle's grin was wider than ever, it seemed, as he rejoined them, a lovely new figure at his side. He nodded at Trace. "Lady Trace, this is Avalir - our guide in Sive's lands."

The stallion bowed his head in greeting but kept a comfortable distance; he was more empathic than either of the Warriors, and could sense her the mare's shyness easily. He assumed she would not wish for a new acquaintance to come so close, not until she was sure of them. So he stayed by Brittle and gave her a gentle smile, like an open hand.

"I am pleased Brittle brought you, Trace," his voice was quiet and light, lacking a deepness that was apparent in Brittle's and Id's, but warm nonetheless. "You've actually come at a perfect time. Sive is testing her new enchantments tonight."

His eyes took in Brittle and Id, inviting. "You are all welcome to stay and watch. Many of the bonded are there."

Brittle tilted his head at Trace. "Well, what say you angel?"

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 10:49 am
by Rainer
Trace was quickly reassured by Id's words, a small smile returning. Her gaze followed his to Brittle and his new companion, and found herself startled by his almost knowing smile. Clearly he was more perceptive then the other two, which made her smile and she found herself relaxing quickly in his presence. Maybe it was because he understood, or she was getting used to meeting new people. Who knew, but it was working.

"Avalir... 'Tis a pleasure," Her own slim face was dipped in return, but a hint of weariness still lingered in her form. Only time would heal, a phrase that had been repeated quite often this evening.

Her warm smile was Brittle's immediate answer, followed by a few quiet words that escaped from thin lips, "Sounds like good times lay in waiting."

She decided to break the careful atmosphere that had been created for her sake, taking a few steps toward Brittle and Avalir. She would have to grow out of it sooner or later, better now then when it's too late. Please don't baby me, those teal eyes said, I don't want to be scared the rest of my life.