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Re: A Little Afterglow Banter

PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:20 pm
by Silverdust
Something in Avalir's eyes flickered at her tentative steps towards them, picking up easily on the message in her gaze. With a smile he turned, the wind flicking the ornaments on his wings into a delicate song. "Come then."

He let the pace go easily, so that Trace could go as close or far to each of them as she liked. Brittle relaxed into the slow trot, innerly pleased with himself that Trace's stepping out was going so well. Id still trailed a bit behind; he was comfortable enough with Sive's bonded, but he preferred his distance.

"Eve and Mirage are waiting at the lake for us," Avalir continued, trying to give Trace an idea of how many people would be there, to see if she'd be comfortable. "Sive bonded again while you were gone as well. His name is Trite."

Brittle perked a bit at the mention. "Is he a Warrior?"

Avalir gave him a look, feigning exasperation, but his voice was teasing. "No, Brittle. Besides, it looks as if Id is far too much for you already."

He caught the quiet stallion's eye, and his tone changed to something a little more subdued. "Mirage is waiting to speak to you."

Id closed his eyes resignedly and nodded. "I know."

Brittle sensed the mood getting heavy. He turned to Trace, his voice light. "Lady Trace, it seems we might be gone awhile. Are you sure that you shall not be missed?"

Re: A Little Afterglow Banter

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:29 pm
by Rainer
The feminine mare had drifted off into her own sea of thoughts, but Brittle's directed words abruptly jolted her back to reality. She offered him a small smile and a nod.

"I doubt it, Bark wont mind too much... Maybe you will meet her one day?" She shrugged, that fleeting smile becoming a tad more hopeful, "I think you would get along well with her, Brittle."

She might be a little too... Outspoken for Id's taste. Trace glanced back to said stallion, then flicking up to Avalir. She would allow herself to trust him a little more, see how far his understanding lay. The small stride lengthened to allow herself to catch up a bit with the other two, closing the distance a fair bit before settling back into an even pace. The ribbons fluttered about her legs, as if drawing the eye to the way she seemed to float through each step. At least her movement was more graceful then her words.

Trace listened silently to the exchanged words of the three, letting the conversation sort of flow over her. It did not concern her, she assumed it family matters and left it at that. Eve and Mirage? They sounded friendly enough, hopefully their names did not deceive her.

An admiring gaze was examining the pretty decor on Avalir's wings, and allowed her smile to warmthen. Surely some of his friends were jealous of such ornaments, the cloths giving a certain elegance which added to his comfortable atmosphere. Her gaze wandered off, to further examine their surroundings.

"What sort of things will be... Happening tonight?"

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 9:06 pm
by Silverdust
Brittle perked at the mention of Trace's friend. Avalir laughed softly, flicking the stallion with his wing. "Down boy."

The horned warrior smirked. "Jealous?"

Avalir rolled his eyes, flashing a grin at the winged maiden. "You may wish to keep your lady friend apart, Trace - I assure you, by virtue of her being a mare, Brittle will more than try to get along with her."

Brittle raised an eyebrow. "You exaggerate Ava...I am simply an appreciator of beauty, as this little lady knows."

He winked at her. Id made a sound in the back of his throat that almost sounded like a laugh. Avalir's eyes flicked to him. It had been so long - but he could sense a change about the lone warrior, perhaps something a little for the better. Or it could just be wishful thinking...he turned his eyes back to their young companion. He noted the way her eyes strayed to his fanciful wings, but also the way her own adornments gave her her own ethereal grace. He wondered if she noticed it herself.

"Sive has just returned from traveling the Eastern Lands," he said; in the distance he could see the Tower rising to the sky. "Tonight she will test what she learned there - various magicks she's picked up. It should be an interesting display."

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 8:46 pm
by Rainer
"I'm afraid..." Trace gave a wide grin, predicting Bark's intentions if she happened to meet Brittle. That mare had a thing for muscles, "That she might behave the same way... On a lower scale, of course..."

Bark could be almost as flirtacious caught on a good day, but she spoke just about the same amount. Trace hardly reacted to the rest of the exchange between the three, brushing the wink off her shoulder. She was growing accustomed to his antics, slowly but surely.

The movement of stride was hardly what she would describe as elegant, if it were to be addressed. She would consider her movements to be just as broken as her english, never good enough.

It has been said time and time before, there is always room for improvement.
From her point of view, anyway. Honestly though, almost no girl has a decent self image, and the few who do are lucky for having it. Trace was your typical judgemental girl, but only of herself. Everyone else was perfect; The way Id could almost read minds, Brittle could bring anyone out of their shell, or how easily trusted this new Avalir fellow could be.

The grin faded to a smile as the night's events were announced, and she nodded.
"Exciting, almost like a light show?"

Her gaze wandered up to the appearing tower, momentarily captured in awe. This is where they lived? Trace glanced to Avalir and immediatly refered to his large home, "It's so pretty! ...Do you live with many?"

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:30 pm
by Silverdust
At further mention of this supposed ladyfriend, Brittle's smirk grew wider. Avalir nipped him, laughing softly. There was an odd rapport between the two, it was plain to see.

"Please Trace," Avalir said, gracefully maneuvering around Brittle's retaliating cuff. "He doesn't need anymore encouragement."

The older stallion snorted, but his voice was playful still. "We'll talk when we're alone little angel, and away from beauty queens."

That earned him a sharp kick on the shin, one that made him wince even for all his Warrior's pain tolerance. Avalir did not particularly like being reminded of that particular merit, even after all the time that had passed. Still, he was all smiles when speaking with Trace.

"Depending on exactly what she learned, it could indeed be a light show," he shrugged. "But that's the least we can expect."

He smiled lightly at her exclamation. The Tower was indeed somewhat imposing, but delicate as well; a single slender spire, made of white marble, rising from the island at the center of a vast lake. No bridges could be see leading from it to the shoreline, and indeed, in the distance it looked almost as if a strong wind could send it crashing down. "It is where Sive lives - all of those bonded with her have their own places about this land. But should we need her, she is usually there, save for her travels."

Now that they were drawing close, figures were becoming apparent. Three serians, their colors ranging from cyan to ember red. Avalir's face softened at the sight of them. "Sive does have the most bonded out of all the sisters...but there is seldom a time when we are all together. Many of us are wanderers - it seems to be way of our Bonded's soul."

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:29 am
by Rainer
Trace felt her heart jump into her throat upon the sight of others. Her pace noticably slowed as their little band approached.

Desperate to divert her attention, she turned to Id.

"Is your bonded a... sister as well?" Her voice was slightly jittery from her nerves, but other then that she appeared fairly calm. A glance was cast to the figures in the distance, trying to see the details of their appearance before the dreaded moment came when they would meet.

Soft pink wings shifted on her back as she lowered her head so her strawberry dipped forelock would slip over her eyes.