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Re: A Little Afterglow Banter

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:27 pm
by Silverdust
Id was somewhat startled again; his eyes flicked up to meet the mare's and he could see the fear in her plain as day. He really hadn't expected to be the one that she would turn to, what with his relative silence through the trip, but then again - maybe she was just that desperate.

"Yes," he answered, keeping his tone calm to offset the tremble in her voice. "Sanguine is Sive's younger sister. Middle child."

"So very lucky, we are," Brittle laughed, also catching on to the edge of fear about Trace and trying to lighten the mood. "She's a devil and an angel in one."

Avalir simply smiled, eyes trained to the group. A single form broke away, cantering over to meet them. A lovely cyan colore mare, with curling violet tresses and a warm smile. "Well, well, it's been some time since I've seen you handsome strangers. We all thought you might've dropped off the face of the world."

Brittle grinned. "I would've fought my way back for that smile, lorelei-love."

She fluttered her lashes at him and laughed. Avalir turned to Trace, his voice taking on a soothing tone. He figured it might be easier if she met the group a little at a time, to adjust herself. "Trace, this is Eve of Summer Storm."

"Trinity Aligned, Avalir," the mare corrected, with a nudge half tender and half playful. She smiled at Trace, welcoming. "It's almost like he forgets we're a Circle. It's a pleasure to meet you Trace - that's such a pretty name."

She glanced between Brittle and Id and tilted her head almost coyly. "Where did you two find such a lovely girl? Surprise you didn't scare her halfway across the continent."

She winked at the winged maiden, while Brittle rolled his eyes. "I can't for the life of me imagine where you get such a horrible idea of us, lorelei."

Re: A Little Afterglow Banter

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:37 pm
by Rainer
"A devil... And an Angel? Sounds like... SaphireSpin..." She softly laughed to herself, not quite expecting them to know who she was. It was her own little joke to try to relax a bit.

The nervous jitters slowly eased as the stranger was introduced, but she still lingered back. A sidestep was taken toward Id in further attempts at comforting herself. She found solace in his silence, whether he offered it or not.

"Thank... You," She found her words flowing less now, as the shyness creeped back into her self conscious. In the process of forcing herself to relax, a small smile was given to Eve, "Earlier... They almost... Did,"

In wouldn't have been hard to tell that the mare had been scared to death of the two warriors, the same ones she had willingly traveled with hardly 20 minutes later. As these thoughts were mulled over in her mind, she gradually began wondering if she was crazy. Running off with strangers? That wasn't something normal Trace would do.

Then again, they made her comfortable.

"Eve..." The smile became a tad warmer, liking the feel of the name on her tongue, "Pleasure... As well."

Re: A Little Afterglow Banter

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:24 pm
by Silverdust
Eve grinned, almost as if she could sense the pleasantness with which the girl said her name. She took her place at Avalir's side, tossing her forelock out of her eyes. "She's a sweetheart, I can tell. Wherever did you steal her from?"

"We did nothing of the sort," Brittle smiled at Trace, glad that her tremors were somewhat subsiding. "Though she admits we did give her a bit of a scare. But she was gracious enough to keep us company, and so we brought her along to this festive event as an apology."

Id's eyes flicked over to Trace as she drew closer - funny that, many tended to stay away, something in them innately attuned to the sickness under his skin. Either she was trusting indeed, or something in this land kept his aura at bay. Eve glanced over, picking up on the subtle movement, and her eyes softened.

"You've changed since I've seen you last," she said, softly. "Mirage will be pleased. Come, lets get acquainted with the others."

She took the lead from Avalir, as graceful as a lady extending her arm. "There are only two tonight, I think. Mist and Cedar - well, they have their own world now it seems."

She looked sideways at Avalir, somewhat pained but hiding well behind her smile. "You will see them before you leave though, I assume?"

The stallion nodded vaguely, taking in the startled look from Brittle and the sharp glance from Id. Obviously this departure was news to them. "I will try."

Deftly he turned the conversation away from himself and back to their new guest. It was not the time for such things, not tonight. "It's a shame, though, I think you might've liked to meet them, Trace."