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Re: A Harvest Moon

PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 7:57 pm
by Indigo Moon
Harvest half-listened to Path's inquiries, smiling at the fact that Dart was going to have to face himself because of this mare. But still she watched the water as she ignored his initial comment.

"It's beautiful," came the voice next to her, and she nodded frantically, as if by agreeing she could make it stay forever.

A sudden thought struck her even as a cold wind tugged her short mane and feathery tail. Playfully she jumped around, turning to face her companions.

"Who's up for a swim?"

Re: A Harvest Moon

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:06 pm
by Kyra
He rolled his blood eyes again, as he watched the golden mare follow the brown one. He had turned to walk down the hill, the long way to the water but froze at the Sun's words. He jerked his neck around an glared cold at her. He pinned his ears back slightly, "What barriers Sunshine? Are you saying I have some! Or are you implying I have to go through yours first to see the 'dainty little buttercup prissy filly you are'?' He said his voice holding a cold grip to it.

He turned around fully and looked down at her. Dart was shocked by this, his whole body braced for impact.'Why tho? What the hell is she getting at?',he was mostly confused to here words as well as his body's reaction. Her last words hit home in a sense and hard. It broke his body out of a trance like thing. He tossed his ruby crown and then pawed at the sky with his daggers flying in all directions. His red harks disappeared in a full pin back and he bugled a battle threat. He went up to the air twice before coming down and shooting off towards Path. He came short of her by a few feet and went to the air again, this time allowing his wings to expand to the fullest. When he finally came down he said in a dark ice tone, "So you do accuse me of being afraid, uh? Well lets see what exactly you are made of? There is no silver brat to disturb us this time."He wasn't even thinking now his body just did what it knew best, be on the aggressive, defensive and fighting end. No one yet besides his bonded needed to know the reason behind who he was.

Re: A Harvest Moon

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:55 am
by Songhue
He reminded her of a foal throwing a tantrum, in all honesty. Tossing her mane lightly, Path turned away from him and smiled at Harvest. His fit didn't matter. Let him break society's rule of mannerisms; she, herself, would not.

"I would love to swim, M'Lady. Won't the waves chill you, though?"

Flicking her tail, she arched her neck and slowly stepped into the water, blowing lightly through her nose. She could handle the shallows, well enough, but knew she wouldn't be able to go more than chest deep.

The water seemed to glow for a moment as she stepped in, her tail-ring flashing warmly for no apparent reason for mere seconds. The trinket would always give her light and warmth where needed.

"Come join us, Dart, for the water is gentle this night. Or hide behind your anger. Whatever please you."

Snorting, the bright mare glanced back at Harvest and offered a smile as warm and soft as an autumn sunset. The mare had, so far, been impressive. "Coming?"

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:20 am
by Kyra
((sorry on the long wait, been busy again.><))

Dart tossed his head in annoyance and snorted at her reaction. She was ignoring him, not taking him as a serious threat! He did not know what else to do other than to fight her, it was how he found out about others, or settled a dispute. He arched his neck and tail and pawned the ground in frustration, "What Sunshine, to afraid to fight a Stallion?" he said in a mocking tone. He glared at her, but he was not as angry as he thought he should be, only frustrated and maybe even nervous.