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New Friends & Familiar Faces [Reunion!]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:08 am
by Rainer
Sunset was just falling beneath the horizon when an unusual girl finally sat down on one of the many picnic tables that had been set up. They were scattered across the field, among them being the four Serians that Rainer had brought with her.

They all approached her in unison, feeling the gentle tug of their minds as their bonded drew them to her. She smiled at their equine faces, and sighed.

"All there is to do now is wait, my lovies," She stated happily, announcing something that they had already known.

Her corrupt doll took his place at her side, carefully resting his head on her shoulder. Two pairs of eyes followed SaphireSpin as she made her way over to Ether's other side, glancing down at their bonded he was being affectionate toward. She had never seen him actually act serene toward another person, other then when he had realized how badly he had broken her and tried to undo the damage he had caused, hardly helping in the least. The younger mare leaned against her friend, having made him one after coming to terms. Her father hadn't done the same.

Spin scowled to himself and turned away, boring holes into the ground before his feet. His daughter was still so immature, but she had grown at least a bit. The whole situation had taught her something, which he had never been able to achieve. His winged friend gave him a sympathetic smile before casting his gaze across the plains.

Arch seemed to be the only one on look-out, remaining alert for any approaching scents. They had announced the reunion and invited anyone able to come. It had been so long since he had chatted with anyone outside his realm.

"Anyone?" Was inquired by their bonded, a question to which Arch shook his head.

"Not yet."


Re: New Friends & Familiar Faces [Reunion!]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:08 pm
by Indigo Moon
Picnic tables? The faerie shook her head, violet wings trembling in silent laughter. Only Rainer.

They were standing a top a hill, her bonded and she, looking at the little group below. She was sitting on that green and red stallion, hands fisted softly in his long gray mane. He nickered below her and pranced, clearly wanting to be off to visit old friends and meet newer ones.

But she had to gather herself, because it had been years.

Stice was to the left, looking proud despite his very pink mane, his nose raised in the wind. His black fur was ruffled unsurely, and Indi felt a pang when she realized how he had grown up so very unsocialized.

To her right stood Frolic, stock still and her eyes fixed on the beautiful red stallion below. Her green body was rigid in stark contrast to her billowing gray mane and tail.

With a final deep breathe, Indi leaned down and spoke in Fleet's ear. "Go."

He needed no further urging as he raced down the slope, Frolic and Stice on his heels.



Summer Solstice:

Re: New Friends & Familiar Faces [Reunion!]

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:35 pm
by Silverdust
"Oi, give her a little room, will you?"

Lock cocked her head at the red stallion. Hinote's eyes narrowed. "Don't play cutesy ignorant with me, you understand."

The little mare shrugged and moved an imperceptible bit farther from the sunset-colored serian she had been flanking Hinote grit his teeth but Mirage silenced him with her smile. "It's fine, Hinote. She's curious, that's all."

The stallion gave a small 'ch' and looked away. Sanguine clasped her hands behind her back and grinned wickedly at him. "You're this angsty now, I can't imagine what will happen when you're actually a dad."

Brittle rolled his eyes beside her. "Gods help us."

Mirage laughed softly, shaking her raven tresses over her eyes. Even with foal she moved with grace, folding her effervescent wings so they hid the slight bulge of her stomach. Hinote still needed some time to deal with the reality of their situation, and she helped him in what little ways she could. She caught Brittle's gaze.

"It would make you somewhat of a grandfather, does it not?" she teased. The horned stallion drew himself up in mock indignation.

"Desert rose, jest not! I would not be a grandsire so young - a charming uncle perhaps -"

"Like hell," HInote spoke up. "Mirage, you have no idea how he treated me as a kid. I don't want-"

"Hinote, please."

Mirage didn't raise her voice; she never had to. Lock slipped easily away from her side, allowing her to cross to Hinote and push her muzzle under his chin, a motion that was both affectionate and reproving in one. "I want this child to know a family, a family that includes our bonded. I want Brittle to be a part of that, Sanguine, Lock, and Id as well."

Her eyes flicked to the ashen stallion that had been trailing relatively silently at Brittle's side, lost in his head. He glanced up for a brief moment, then away. It could've meant anything, but Mirage smiled. "Everyone."

Hinote sighed harshly, but his eyes were more lost than angry. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"


Sanguine watched the pair with a mix of pleasure and trepidation. At news of the foal, it had been Sive's suggestion that there be more contact between them, so that the divisions between the bondeds' would not have ill-effect on the child. Still, vaguely, Sanguine wondered if there would be any way around it. When she looked at the tangled relations between their serians-

"Others," Lock said, abruptly. The young girl stopped with a start, looking toward Id and Brittle with something like irritation. Brittle shrugged and Id said nothing.

"We thought you wouldn't exactly care," the older Warrior replied, looking sidelong at Hinote and Mirage. "It's a family outing, after all."

Sanguine peered down the hillside at the picnic table and the gathering serians. Two Bonded, like herself, seven serians. There was a Rogue too - she could sense it even from here. Lock trotted to her side, and she was surprised to see her grin.

"Ether," she chimed, in a voice that sounded almost pleased. Id's eyes flicked to her.

"...the one in the garden?" he said, softly. She nodded. Sanguine looked between them, confusion slowly turning to a mild anger.

"What happened now?"

"...Saphire's there too," Hinote muttered. Mirage didn't move from his side, but followed the path of his gaze to the pretty young mare.

"You should go see her then. You and she are close, are you not?"

Her smile was unreadable but warm. Hinote - he just never knew what to think around her, and he doubted he ever would. He turned to Sanguine, still trying to get details of the encounter in the statue garden from the two least vocal members of them all. "Well?"

The young girl paused in her interrogation, but her gaze told Lock and Id that they would talk about this whole 'keeping secrets' thing later. "...well, I guess the easiest way is to go through. Going around...the uphill and downhill can't be good for the kid."

"Well then, it's settled," Brittle smirked, starting easily down the hillside. Sanguine sighed and stayed close to his isde; hopefully some of his sociability would help make this alot less awkward for her.


Re: New Friends & Familiar Faces [Reunion!]

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:15 pm
by Rainer
She could feel her heart jump into her throat when she saw them.
A small smile was cast toward Saphire's approaching family, before ducking her head behind Ether and clamping her eyes shut. The Rogue stallion actually felt pity for the girl at his side. She had spilled her heart to him, and knew much of what had been exchanged between the two.

Blank eyes picked up the vivid colours and he smirked, having not expected her to appear in a situation that could become quite crowded. Then again, he could have said the same for himself.

The light blue mare remained at Ether's side, even as he approached the direction of Lock and her companions. They were close, which became apparent in the way she rested her head against his shoulder so he could guide her. No affection was given in the touch. Just trust.

He wouldn't let her see something she wasn't ready for.
She hoped.

It took a few moments before it clicked in Spin's brain. Only after Rainer had jumped from her seat and took off in Indi's direction did he leap off after her. The two came upon the group in no time, and Rainer happily bounced in place beside her red stallion.

"'Bout time! Gosh!" Arch heard her shout, even from his position at the picnic table. The calmer stallion smiled as old ties were reconnected, and wandered over to the pit that had previously been dug out for that evening's fire.

His gaze wandered to the horizon, watching the sun slip beneath the tree tops. It wouldn't be long before the field was a roar of activity. At least that was the plan.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:02 pm
by Silverdust
Sanguine laid her hand on Brittle's shoulder as the Rogue approached them, not necessarily a motion of fear but rather precaution. The horned warrior chuckled lightly. "There's no need to worry, Sanguine. You know I'm beyond charging anything that moves, regardless of how long it's been since my last fight."

He looked sideways at Lock's graceful, prancing gait. "Besides, it seems our little Pandora is acquainted with him."

Sanguine frowned lightly. "I stll don't know how that happened - her garden's supposed to be seperate from this place."

"Rogues are strange types. It would take one to find the Statue Garden."

He let Lock brush past him and Sanguine, mostly out of curiosity to see what she would do. He caught Id's eye and the other stallion nodded, quickening his pace to match that of the mare's. Considering the nature of their meeting, it was odd that Id be the one that Lock tolerated the best, but for the moment it seemed like a good thing.

"Ether," Lock called, sounding pleased that she remembered the name, the sound of it on her tongue. She looked quizically at the mare fastened to his side, then over at Id, then back to the Rogue. "...child?"

It was an awkward question indeed, but she had only just been explained the relationships between people in light of Hinote and Mirage's situation. Id sighed softly and shook his head.

"No, Lock, honestly," Hinote had come up behind her, Mirage at his side. He noted the way Saphire had buried herself in the Rogue's shoulder; so she was still a bit fragile, even after their lakeside talk. Something pulled in his chest.

"Hey there, firebrand," he greeted, simply, echoing their lost past. "Who's your...friend?"

There was an air of question about it; seeing how close the two were, he couldn't help but entertain the idea they might be a little more. Lock caught the tone of inquisition, turning it slowly in her mind. She glanced between Hinote and Mirage, then at Ether and Saphire.

"Lovers?" she hazarded then, tilting her head. Hinote started.

"Gods, Lock!"

Mirage nudged him, quieting his tirade. Her crystal blue eyes sparked with laughter, but her voice was composed. "I am sorry for her, she's learning herself."

Her gaze met Ether's briefly, as if to say 'But you already knew that, didn't you?'. She could already sense the ties between them; it was her gift.

Re: New Friends & Familiar Faces [Reunion!]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:02 pm
by Rainer
Ether's quick smile was flashed to the approaching mare, returning her call with a dip of his head. "Lock," He stated, which earned him a sideways glance from the girl at his side. He knew her?

It didn't take long for Saphire to swallow the lump in her throat and examine the group with a curious gaze. She eyed Mirage, and it didn't take long for her to recognize her from when she had tried to join their circle. She was the one Hinote was so fond of.

Speaking of which.

Her gaze was almost cold when she looked upon him, but it softened a little when she began to speak. "Hello... Hinote," His name rolled off her tongue, and she felt a little uneasy saying it. Another glance was given to Mirage before she went on.

"This is Ether, he's been... helping me out recently."
Getting over you.
It was Ether who gave Mirage a polite smile, a gentle "It's quite alright," given in responce. He then turned back to Lock, recalling their previous meeting. "How are the words coming, little death doll?"

The slim mare glanced to Id and Brittle, smiling at the familiar comfort she found in their presence. She didn't personally know them, but Trace had spoken quite fondly of the pair. "Brittle and Id, am I right?" Memories floated back to her gradually. The last get together she had still been quite small but with a large amount of determination. These days, it was a bit of the opposite.

As the situation became more comfortable, she raised her head proudly and turned to smile at the couple before her. Anyone could sense the coming arrival, and a pang struck her in the chest. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt. Just keep smiling...