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PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:09 am
by Kyra
{{Exams went well and grad was last night! Thanks for waiting guys!}}

Dart was so busy trying to make sure that he did not disappoint Kyra that he nearly missed the lime green serian talking to him. He was brought back to reality quit quick and it defiantly would show in his eyes, his weak area. "I am Dart," he nodded his in respect, copying Skid on that one."Thanks, Sharmrock." Sure he was not saying much but re wasn't stupid as to miss people or serian names.

Kyra heard the soft hoof falls of her bonded approach her and reached her hand up to stoke the silver mare as she rested her head on her shoulder. She also heard her other red bonded approach her from the other side. Glad to see he had found his feet again. Her blue eyes widened in joy and surprise, "Wow, congrats Songhue. So, this means Path and Sign are due to have a foal. That is great. I know they will be amazing mothers. Wow, won't that be something to see their little ones. I am so happy for you and them." she smiled at her friend.

Silverflash pastel orbs grew wide as she listened to the two bonded. "Congrats Miss Songhue, but I have to say I am not as familiar as my bonded- brothers and sisters are. Who are the lucky fathers to these foals on the way?" She had met and knew both the blue water mare and the sun mare, but as to who their mates were, she didn't know.

Skid turned his head around quick and located the booming voice and was surprised that it came from Path. She seemed the more reserved and one not to shout. He smiled, "Sounds good to me Lady Path." he said as he now stopped a few feet away. He was waiting to see if anyone else would come and he did not want to by pass her, he would wait and follow after her. This was just him.

Amber rolled her sunbeam eyes playfully nickered back. "My pleasure," she said in her playful tone. She shook her head, sending water droplets dancing in a mist around her after she broke through his wave. The spray he left behind stuff to her ebony coat and glittered like diamond shards in the sunlight. She lowered and stretched her neck out, lengthening her stride and shot into a near speed gear. She was extremely close, but slowed to allow herself to be prepared for the power of the falls as she galloped through them. Once in she took off after him, but had some ground to catch up, his lead on her increased with her slight slow down into the falls. She nickered happily, she loved playing with her mate and the air racing past and over her whole body.

Crash looked at Sign, she always knew how to act towards his sly bond-sister. He returned his attention back to Peace, "You decide."

Peace smiled shyly back at Sign, "I don't know," she said her face going red with embarrassment. "ummm how about we chat for a bit in a place where Amber and Sparkle with likely not run us over, and then eat." she said her voice actually sounding like a voice and not a coo of a dove.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:05 pm
by Vineda
Vineda looked to Songhue in astonishment. "What merry news this is! I’d begun to wonder after the comment you made before out water fight… I’m also unfamiliar with the mares’ mates. And how is your own mate? I’ve heard little news of him since your mention one chilly eve a fair while ago." A flash caught her eye and she chuckled at the antics of the pair in the water.

Shamrock nodded slightly to Dart, guessing he was distracted. His gaze shifted to the silvery mare at Kyra’s side, and he threw her a roguish grin. He pranced in place a bit and wondered if he ought to catch up with Skid and visit Path and the food.

“Congratulations, Lady” he nickered heartily to Songhue, doubting he'd met either of the mares' mates. He’d be sure to give the mares his congratulations when he saw them. Keeping quiet, he picked up his usual game of switching his forelock from side to side and listened to the conversation between his bonded and her friends.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:13 pm
by Songhue
OOC| This may be sloppy, I've got extenuating circumstances right now. Congrats on the finals and graduating, Kyra. :)

BIC| "The talented Pixie of Keira has claimed my Path, so 'tis his foal she bares. I'm not sure rather he has been told this merry news as of yet.. Though I do know that yon golden beauty only ever gives her heart once and even then it is a tricky task indeed. My siren beauty Sign has given herself to West of Chidory, another who trusts herself to only a single stallion, so it be his babe she carries."

She paused a moment there, bowing her head at each of her friends with a small grin. She could relax here, with these others. It was nice.

"The well wishes are appreciated. It will be most interesting to see how things happen and who will go where, though I believe that Sign and her mate have agreed that her foal shall follow us home whence it is born here. As for my own mate, my dear Vineda, he fairs quite well. He has smiled quite frequently as of late, as a matter of fact."

And with that, the small fae placed a hand on her slightly rounded stomach, a whisper of a knowing smile playing across her lips.

"What news have ye, my friends? How have events passed, how are the lives of yon bonded beyond this realm? I would happily hear what tidings may fall from such sweet lips. Ah, and I forget myself! Would a seat be welcomed, or perhaps some of the food Path has taken upon herself to guard, or even a relaxing float down the stream? Come, come, let us be comfortable."

"Come, stranger, make yourself comfortable and see what treats are to be had. If I caught the name of such as yourself then it is forgotten, for which I beg your pardon if such is the case."

Path smiled slightly, her deep, baritone voice drifting from the mouth of the cave as she shifted her weight and helped herself to a delicious golden apple. She blinked mid-bite as she felt her stomach kick, a very faint smile lighting her face for a moment. It whispered of clouds full of cotton candy, butterfly kisses and a blanket of sunshine - all that was soft and tender and warm. In a blink her face was politely impassive once again, but not before she remembered how her mate had adored those fleeting smiles of hers.

"Come now, come eat, good sir. And again a welcome call to any who hunger! Come and enjoy the feast that was prepared, for all are friends here and friends are welcome to share what is to be had."

Sign nodded slightly towards her bond-mate, her eyes dancing happily. Path was in her element, now, as manners and entertaining ran deep in her blood. Sign, however, more cared to look after others and ensure they were well and happy.

"You have a beautiful voice, when you speak up, my dear. Your plan sounds wonderful to me, and certainly not unsure. You agree, sweet Crash, with relaxing in the shallows away from the commotion before finding what food is left?"

"Catch me, my beauty! Or have diamonds of water slowed your swift hooves?" Sparkle nickered, bucking his head out of the falls as he grinned back at his mate. He knew it was hard to run under the weight of the falls - his own speed was greatly slowed as he crashed through the tumbling waves. But for a laugh and a tackle he would play with words as well as speed.

In any case, she was quickly closing the distance between them and he was sure he would hear the music of her laughter and the feel of her skin before too much longer. The challenge, the chase, however, thrilled him beyond measure. To run, to play, to fly through the falls with his mate was such a great joy.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:20 pm
by Kyra
((I will reply as soon as I can. I have knee surgery Tues day. >< It was supposed to be in December but there was a cancellation, so I will be gone for a bit. I hope to post after I am coherent. lol Songhue, I also hope your circumstances work out for you. Wish me luck! I am terrified as hell knowing it is coming. lol))

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:54 am
by Vineda
Belated congrats from me too, on the examd and especially graduation!! And good luck with the surgery!! Don't worry, Kyra. I'm sure it'll go smoothly and you'll be glad you got it over with :P

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:04 pm
by Kyra
((Thanks! It went well, it's just hard to post. Meds need to ware off and need to get my role play brain working again lol.))