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Re: Picnic Promises

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2009 9:46 am
by Kyra
"I will catch you, my mate! Sorry for the disappointment, but the water diamonds have not slowed my speed, only are sparkling on my coat for the ride!" she said in her playing tone. She laughed when Sparkle popped his head out of the falls to look back at her, "My dear Sparkle, you I hope know that by looking back at me, you slow your speed even more." Amber gave him a playful smile and kicked it up a notch, she has saved some with being so close. She was now maybe only another horse length behind him. The mare knew soon she get him and they could be once again snuggling against one another. How she loved the feeling of his coat against hers.

Peace nodded, "Thanks, " she tried forcing it a little louder, well aloud enough for the two near her to hear. Her face had turned blue again and now only her cheeks were rosey red from the compliant. Peace also heard the sun mare, but was way to nervous to react.

Crash nodded, "Sounds good to me." He smiled at Peace and then looked to Sign, "Where do you suggest? You bond family was here first, so where do you think we may be save from being run over by your bond-brother and my black bond-sister?" He laughed a bit though the last sentence. Like, his black and green bond-brother, Crash had to also had to give a look and was surprised to see it was Path's booming voice her heard.

Skid again nodded and followed the sun mare into the cave more and came to lay down and face Path, "Thank you. Also, I apologize that my black bond-sister may not come to this glorious feast, her attention is being occupied," he chuckled a little at that. He had been looking at the mare and was surprised by the brief change in facial expression, though he was not too sure what to make of it.

Kyra caught the motion and knowing smile on her friend, "May I be so kind as to ask why you have that smile dear Songhue?" She wasn't sure, but had an idea, to what it may mean.

SIlverflash nodded, "Congrats to them as well, I hope I may meet West and Pixie sometime soon." The mare also caught the roguish grin from Shamrock and gave a small smile in return.

Re: Picnic Promises

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:43 pm
by Vineda
Vineda answered Songhue's knowing smile with a mischevious smirk of her own. "It seems you also have reason to be smiling frequently, I daresay." She waited to see if the secretive fae would respond, telling of her own lack of news. "This summer has been a peaceful, leisurely season. Shamrock and I have become close and he is beginning to get out more, meeting other serians. We're both learning more of ourselves. I fear that behind this quiet summer brews a busy autumn."

Shamrock's ears pricked at Silverflash's smile. He winked and walked a short distance away, flopped down in a very silly manner onto the lush grass, and began to roll. He snorted and grunted between rolls as Vineda laughed at him and shook her head.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:41 pm
by Songhue
"The reason for this smile? Ah, some changes seem to have shown themselves after our last visit with each other, he and I.. It is not often that we are graced by the others' presence, yet this last time we did.. Mm, I may expect changes myself, before too much longer."

He voice trailed off for a moment there, eyes glowing happily at the memories as she absently rubbed her stomach. Changes indeed.. Time would show what the Fates told, yet she had an idea of what lay ahead all the same.

"In any case there does indeed await a busy autumn for us all."

Glancing at the silent red and white stallion - Dart, was his name? she lifted her voice just a hair, letting the friendly tone ring for a moment.

"What matters, however, is now. May it be we talk and relax in the company of friends and enjoy what is here already. Such as," she added, looking at Shamrock with laughing eyes, "A soothing roll in the tender grasses."

"No apologies needed, of course. I know all too well what it is to be so infatuated with another that the rest of the world vanishes. Would you like some berries, or even a few fern leaves? Think not of this mare; why, I have enough hunger for two and can help myself."

"This way then, down stream? I know my bond-mate, he'll want to stay in the deeper parts where the light dances the most upon the waters. Come, both of you, I know a quiet way around the edge."

"Perhaps then I wish to be caught!" Sparkle challenged, bucking merrily as he shook some water out of his main. "So swift of hoof and yet still I lead. You are out of practice! We must run much more frequently, that we stay neck and neck once again."

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 10:01 am
by Kyra
Amber laughed, "That idea did cross my mind." After his next teasing comment she found a new gear and now was right off his flank, but having the water falling right on her back was slowing her down and making it a bit difficult to keep her pace. "We will see, Maybe I am a bit out of practice, but I am sure I can catch you." With that she pushed further and reached over and lightly bumped Sparkle's flank.

Peace and Crash nodded and followed sign. Crash agreed the the pair loved their water games, which deeper water is better for.

Skid chuckled at her last statement, and helped himself to some berries. "Wow, they are very sweet."

Kyra listened, looks like time would tell what changes would appear or happen. She smiled, "I agree lets enjoy the company of our family and friends." She looked over at the lime green stallion and giggled.

Silverflash nickered in agreement and then she too looked over at the stallion.

Dart was listening but made no action to say he was, though he did look over at the other stallion and did not know what to make of it.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:33 am
by Vineda
Vineda smiled hugely and reached out to give the fae a hug. "I am most glad for you, my friend! A busy autumn indeed!"

Shamrock looked up at the laughing Songhue with a snort. "Most refreshing," he agreed with a nod. The lime stallion rolled onto his feet and stood up, prancing and twitching his skin happily - clearly quite proud of himself. He looked at Silverflash and Dart, then at the bondeds. "Would any of you like to get some food or perhaps play a game?"

Vineda looked shyly at the purple-haired girl. "What have you been up to lately, Kyra?"

Re: Picnic Promises

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:35 am
by Songhue
The hug caught her by surprise, but was still welcomed. It would be hard to miss how her stomach had started to round out with a hug like that.

Blushing slightly, Songhue returned the hug, even tucked the her filigree wings along her friend's side before they pulled away.

"Food would be nice, aye. Come, come, there's plenty for all."

"Ha! There you are!"

With a grin and a backward glance, the stallion turned on the spot and dove towards his mate, hoping to tackle her and send the both of them tumbling through the water.

"The best berries to be found, tended in our home. Everything here was grown from my home."

"Here we go," Sign murmured, smiling slightly as the others turned towards the feast waiting in the cave. "A good spot for enjoying the feel of sun filtered through water."