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Picnic Promises

PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:01 am
by Songhue
Sparkle stood at the top of the falls, looking almost sombre as his eyes wandered over the land. This part of the fields reminded him of another, distant land his bonded traveled to. He and the others often wandered with her as she moved through the different lands and the place he was reminded of happened to be one of his favorites.

Here, he saw Serians, bonded and other creatures wandering far and wide. There he saw dragons - some embedded in the earth itself, some in the sea, some in the sky. Most of the time one could see hatchlings hurtling from the edge of the cliff, either diving into the falls or taking flight.

For now, however, the only ones he saw near were those few he called family. Or at least some of them - his circle was his family. One day, he and Amber would add to this family.

He usually felt calm while visiting the dragon homelands these falls reminded him of. At the moment he mostly registered a rather strange sensation of disquiet, though. He looked down at the spray from the falls, where Sign played in the mists, and a smile touched his face. His gaze wandered to where Path cropped the lush, green grasses and his ears perked happily. Not far from her was the large cave, half hidden by the water spray, where his bonded was laying out food on several comfortable blankets and the smile reached his eyes. His loved ones - his family. The rest of his circle was nowhere to be seen for the moment, though. It seemed that whenever he was without his mate he had this restless unease settle over him; nor did he approve of the absence of the rest of his circle mates.

When had he last seen or heard from them? Far too long, he knew that. He missed the rest of his family.

In the dragon lands, there were always so many to see and visit. So many couples, so many hatchlings, so much life and family and... Promise.

There were none soaring through the sky right now. There was no sound of little ones playing or sparring nearby, there was no contented rumbling from the caves or rippling shadows in the large lake fed by the elegant falls. There was none but his bonded, preparing her food, and a few others in his family relaxing in the sun and spray. This peaceful, quiet moment didn't settle well with him. He wanted others, wanted his entire family, wanted the bustle and noise and promise of life. He wanted his mate.

Sighing, he shook out his mane and started down the cliff-face, the bright sunlight dancing and glimmering off his markings as he moved. If he could not have the others, then he would at least enjoy those that were there. He saw no sign of any approaching while his deep, violet eyes wandered the lands. There was no reason to waste the time he had with the other three dreaming about company he didn't see coming.

Besides, the tiny white ferret had nearly finished preparing the food. She always had some treat for them whenever she remembered to feed herself, and often times whens she didn't. No sense in wasting such treats as the golden apples she was known to carry - not for brooding, any way.


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:05 pm
by Kyra
Occ| sorry it took so long. I wanted to post and then school dumped tests and projects on me. ><
Also, how did you put the links in for your serians?

The black mare stretched her neck up to the sky and took in a deep breath. Her bright yellow eyes glowed with happiness being back in the land of serians. She had been away from to long in her bonded family's valley with Kyra coming and going. She sighed, that girl would run herself into the ground with her school studies if possible, but she knew that Kyra wouldn't go that far. Amber knew it was important to her, but she missed her bonded and her mate so much. When was the last time she seen him... Far to long to even want to know the answer. One thing she was glad was her bonded finally knew what was wrong with her right leg, here in theses lands, the injury never bothered her, but where she went to school it did. Kyra seemed as if a use weight had been lifted from her with the news and she as well as her bonded were doing what they could to get to heal faster.

She looked around at the small stream they were presently near. The sun playing on the ripples and the trees full of bright green leaves. Kyra was astride Skid, the big green, black and beige stallion. Her big brother bonded had his neck craned around to face the pink haired girl. They seemed to be in some conversation and laughing about something that SilverFlash didn't seemed that amused. The silver mare was staring at the two with, a 'ha, ha, ha, very funny,' expression on her face. Amber was almost curious to find out what had been said, but the red movement caught her eye.

She rolled her eyes, "Peace, here comes Candy Cane for another attack," she said in a lazy board voice. That serian she could not figure out. Her other bonded brother big, red, white, blue and add to the trouble had wings, was hotheaded and could be such a jerk, except in the presence of Kyra. That was something Amber could not figure out. As to confused her more the red serian emerged from the forest and walked over to Peace, who was now well aware he was there and nuzzled her in the neck. The black mare would have laughed at her sister's magenta eyes nearly popping out of her head, but was to shocked to. Dart looked over and winked, "I say we keep following this stream, I think I saw two shines from a water fall, he said in his normal voice, but Amber did not buy it. Was this all a show for Kyra? Nuzzling his water bonded-sister and telling her about a waterfall that had two shines? She was sure any normal time and we would not tell her about a waterfall, knowing full well she liked them. Was this still Dart?

She tossed her black crown turned to look back at Kyra "That sounds like a good idea to me," she said, hiding the confusion from showing on her face. Kyra nodded and so did Skid, "Lead the way Amber,"SilverFlash said recovering from what ever they had teased her about.

Crash, the purple stallion was the closet to Amber and could easily tell where he thoughts were, he too was confused with his red bonded-brother. The other three had not seen the little acting as he put it since they were in a conversation about something or other. He walked back to travel beside the stream Peace was in, not trusting Dart who was on the other side of her not to do something stupid. The ice mare looked grateful to have her purple bonded-brother at her side.

With one more look over the group ,Amber burst into a gallop. Her electric blue mane and tail flying out behind her like banners. She headed up the stream not too sure what was up a head. 'A waterfall with two shines?', she had no clue what the meant but the bend was just coming into sight know. Another few minutes or so and she would find out, since the was where Dart had flown in from, he had flew high about the cliff tops and came in to their group from behind.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:43 pm
by Songhue
Just put the image URL and there you go.

BIC| Path greeted her bond-mate with a level of bright friendliness that surprised even her. She snuck any spare moment she could with her mate, the two of them often sneaking off for private time when they thought nobody was the wiser. She had to admit that it was changing her. He was bringing her out of her shell. Even Sparkle was allowed to see her inner light these days.

A friendly nicker rang above the falls as she nodded towards the stallion and trotted passed him towards Sign. The sea mare greeted her with a nicker of her own, absently flicking water off her tail as she stepped forward to meet her bond-mate.

"Sparkle's come back down, so it must be about time to eat."

"He's become so serious, hasn't he? A real leader."

"Oh, you should have seen him before. I had to thump him more than once."

"You? But you're so bright and open!"

"Hey, we're not the only ones who've changed, Miss Confident."

Sign could only laugh at that as Path turned back towards the cave, letting her tail ribbon through the air as her tail ring flashed playfully. Path grinned as she felt the younger mare nipping at her the skyblue swatch of hair at the tip, snorting quietly as they reached the others in the cave entrance.

They were quite the sight, the four of them, as they settled to the large feast spread across the blankets. The sweet and quiet sea mare placed herself near the ferret that was dashing through the many treats, her long, flowing mane and tail spreading around her like an elegant gown. The proud and strong sun mare settled at the opposite end of the blanket, nickering a quiet thanks as various treats were fetched before her. And the stallion that fit with forest shadow and brightest sunshine stood at the entrance, letting his golden tail sway in the breeze and spray of the falls as he handled those things too large for his bonded in her current form.

Another typical day, as far as they were concerned.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 7:57 am
by Vineda
Only very small rustles could be heard as a young girl and a lime stallion moved over the moss and dirt and old leaves. Both were good at avoiding the twigs and branches that would snap and crack, announcing their presences when both would rather go unnoticed. It was a game they sometimes played, seeing who could pass more quietly through the land. Vineda was always eager to play, although she almost never won. She imagined the smirk on her new bonded's features as she thought about this. Though they passed in silence, it was a companionable silence. Both watched the forest animals scamper, the play of the light and shadow through the trees, the changing of the forest floor - small things that often went unnoticed by others. If they were lucky there would be plenty of time for talking and making noise later on.

Shamrock wound his way through the trees and brambles of the forest, apparently at ease in his wonderful green surroundings and yet not quite himself. A small thread of worry began winding its way through him, making his stomach tickle a bit. On any normal day, he would not have stiffened at the feel the small hand that settled on his shoulder. No matter that he relaxed after the half-second it took him to realize it was simply his bonded trying to comfort him.

In answer to her raised brows, he shot a look at his bonded, stating clearly "I'm fine, really."

She shot a look right back at him saying simply, "Uh-huh." At the stubborn lift of his chin that followed, she laughed and chided aloud, "Sorry, I must've lost my balance. It's not far now, though. There is a waterfall ahead where we may rest a bit."

He grinned at the teasing, and grew serious once more as he noted that the forest was starting to thin slightly, the leaves glowing bright green where the sun gleamed through the thick cover. The green stallion's ears began flicking rapidly, catching small sounds and voices above the noise of the waterfall. Curiosity warred with nerves as he stated a question to his bonded, "It sounds as though there are already others there..." His voice trailed off softly as the pair peered out of the trees into bright sunlight. All they saw at first was the waterfall, and it took a minute for their eyes to adjust to the bright sparkles playing on the water's surface.


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PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:47 pm
by Songhue
"The falls are so beautiful here."

Songhue, commonly known as Luath in this form upon other realms and worlds, always known as New Shine by her bonded, couldn't help but smile as the gentle sea mare shook her mane out and glanced out the cave to the roaring falls. A respect for nature's grace and power ran deep in the both of them.

Sparkle caught the flash of a smile and flicked his tail, his deep eyes watching closely for anything the tiny ferret might need help with. The sound of the falls was muffled here in the caverns, allowing them to speak normally and keep the echos to a minimum. Still, the sound of her little claws scritching over the blanket was lost to the distant rumble, as was many other sounds.

It was something both of them took note of and something that they each knew the other was aware of.

He had to smile himself as his thoughts turned quietly, watching her rush about the blanket to be sure everyone had enough for their first helping. Oats, golden apples, fresh cut greenery, pears, even blocks of sweet and salty minerals littered the blankets, which were themselves woven out of dried and cured plants. There was even some rare substance she called 'sugar' to be seen.

How odd, the little creature he had found himself bound to. He had looked to her and to his mate when he found himself outgrowing his protective, childish state of mind. The sensation of suddenly being too big for his own skin was one he wouldn't soon forget - nor the process with which he had learned to accept this change. Most of who he was now was taken from the little ferret and his mate, Amber.

As he watched, the thought came that he knew Songhue better than any other, save perhaps her mate, one she called Bright Sun. He didn't bother remembering the various other names he had been given, unlike she. Only he could claim more knowledge of the creature.

"Enough," Sparkle nickered, his eyes softening as he noted his bonded beginning to limp. "I'll fetch anything else needed."

For once, she didn't argue. It seemed his pass time as of late was observing her, something she watched with an intrigued mind. She watched him just as closely, as she did all her bonded. Path had grown to learn to smile, Sign had grown confidence in her own character, Sparkle had learned to be serious. All were happily mated, some expecting families of their own soon.

The piles of food were topped off with Songhue chittering for Sign's attention to stray from the water that called for play. Path had to catch her to keep her from falling into a bowl of soup as she called for the sea mare's mind to return to them.

"Your quick reflexes are ever my own saving grace, dear heart," Songhue laughed, her eyes dancing as she was placed on the blanket again. Path merely smiled, though as was expected Sign found something to say. No longer quiet and meek, was she.

"You know if you would look after yourself as well as you do others you wouldn't faceplant in your food, little one."

"Ah, before long you, too, shall call me the Strangeling, sweet Sign. Ever have you found a new name for me."

"And ever do you keep the focus on we who are bonded to you, Songhue."

"What else would a bonded do, other than look after their families?"

"No finer a herd mother could I wish for, any way."

"Mm, we are clan, my dearest ones. We care for each other, as you all know. Pass the apples, please?"

"That reminds me, have you heard from your cousin in the effort to build your clan once again?"

"Path, pass the peaches?"

"One day, Sparkle, one day soon. I have to find him again, first."

"More alfalfa, please, Songhue?"

"Didn't you hear last that he was wandering these lands now as well?"

"Yar, though ye best not worry such a pretty head over such matters."

"Ever do you tease about such things! 'Tis no wonder where Path has learned such things as she knows in the art of banter. Pass the papaya, please."

"Oh but Amber did make such a fine catch when she chose the stallion of sunlight and shadow, dear Sparkle, this you can't deny."

"Bah, I made the catch, to grab hold of a living storm to love and play with."

"A true blessing it is, to have one to love and play with in times such as these. Pass the sugar, if you please."

And so it went, the four of them feasting and talking, oblivious of all that was beyond their cave and the falls in that single, peaceful moment.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 8:46 am
by Vineda
The sounds of gentle chattering coming from the cave both calmed and roused Vineda's nerves, and she left her hand on her bonded's solid shoulder. Gatherings were still ominous to her, and the warm connection was comforting. Her knack for knowing there would be a gathering did not extend to knowledge of who might be gathering or how many.

As the pair appraoched the cave Vineda caught a twilight glimmer, a sparkle from the cave, and relaxed with a grin. She knew that sparkle. Trust Songhue and her bonded to be here! Shamrock lifted his nose to feel the fine bit of mist wafting over from the waterfall. It smelled fresh and made his nose tickle, so that he snorted and shook his head. His long dark forelock flew about until he settled and walked forward for a drink. Vineda lifted her skrits and allowed her feet to dip into the cool water, dropping her hand from the serian's side to wade forward over the pebbled riverbed.

Behind her, a gleam sharpened in the emerald eyes of the stallion. Head still bent from the drink, he noticed his unruly forelock drifted in the streamwater. Judging carefully the distance to his mistress, he flung his head up, soaked forelock spraying a trail of water before him and right at Vineda.

The girl straightened with a sharp gasp as the cold water splashed her sun-warmed skin. As she spun around toward the direction of the attack, a loud whinny of amusement told her exactly who this 'attacker' was.

As Shamrock danced on the bank like a young colt, sure that she would never be able to splash water far enough to hit him with it, Vineda quickly thought of a bowl and called on a tiny bit of her magic. She scooped some water into her imaginary bowl and sent it around behind him as she laughed and called, "Hey, no fair!" Just let him think she had given up the idea of revenge...