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Training Day

Posted: Fri May 15, 2009 10:03 pm
by Keira
Her gaze flitted across the field missing nothing. Not the way the grass was gently swaying in the late summer breeze. Not the way the leaves and just fallen from a near by tree. Not the way bushes suddenly moved, just inches from her.

She sprang from her hiding spot and rolled into the long grass, still crouching to remain hidden. Her Dark auburn hair flowing freely about her face and falling in loose waves halfway down her back. Moving closer to the earth she crept slowly back, careful not to giver her position away. This day was to precious. This would be the determining factor.

Fixing her Blue-Grey eyes ahead she searched until she saw what she was looking for. A single blade of grass twitched not more than a yard in front of her and several inches to the left. It was now or never. Taking a breath she lept and prayed that she had been acurate in her calculations.

She was.

"Gotcha." She called as she landed square on the stallions back. Giggling she rolled off and stood in front of him, reminding him with a smile and a laugh "Your getting good, but until you can master every blade of grass, every element surrouning you and your attackers. You have the capability of losing."

Pixie sat up and pouted "This coming from the 'Amazing Keira' who is good at everything." Keira laughed. "Hey I never claimed to be good at everything. And I dont want to be." She stuck her tounge out at him and just in time to hear giggling from behind them and watch Starlight and Thor come out of the trees laughing.

Re: Training Day

Posted: Sat May 16, 2009 12:34 am
by Songhue
OOC| *epic squeal of happygirl doom* I donno How you managed to post with everythin you got goin on, but dang am I glad to see you back!

BIC| Path perked her ears as a nicker sounded in the distance, lifting her head to study her surroundings. Her life had been busy as of late, so she had decided to take some time for herself. From a game of tag with new friends, to a picnic with old friends, her days had been full of laughter and kind faces. It was nice, but she needed some time to simply think, as well.

It was because of this that she slipped away from all the commotion, quiet and unnoticed, wandering until she found herself here. Where exactly 'here' was she had no clue, but she did have at least some vague idea how to get back home. And if all else failed she could call her bonded.

Because of this, however, she also had no idea who might be 'here' with her. The nicker had sounded friendly enough, however.. Perhaps a little exploring wouldn't hurt. If nothing else she could satisfy her curiosity before slipping away once again.

Ears twitching, she followed the faint sounds with no real sense of urgency, stopping now and then to crop at the lean grass. It was sweet, but sparse this time of year. Or it started that way. The closer she got to the source of the noise the thicker the grass grew. She shrugged it off as there being water nearby and continued on, trying her best to judge the distance with her keen ears.

Ah, there. Three Serians and a girl, it looked like, just over a low hill. Another shrug rolled over her shoulders as she spotted them. More bonded enjoying time in the fields. Lowering her head, she returned to the grass, blowing softly in contentment as she enjoyed the snack and let her thoughts turn over.

Re: Training Day

Posted: Sat May 16, 2009 11:12 am
by Keira
OOC: *giggle fits* I dont know, my life is pretty hectic but all my friends have pretty much left me (kk, the one with the pugs that got married right after I did. Her divorce was finalized on the 10th and now she's to busy with her new boyfriend) *rolls eyes* and thats just one example, all my friends are pretty much just ditching me and wont talking to me so I have no social life. I have been losing myself in books so much lately I decided it was time to write some... oh and both jobs wanted me full time so I ditched the second one (the photo place).

BIC: Keira couldnt help but laugh as her other two serians came into view, sides shaking with uncontrolled laughter of their own. "Geez Pix, it almost sounds like you worship her or something." Starlight threw at him with a playful smile coming to stand near the group. Pixie's ears flattend defensivly "Not worship. I just appreciate her talent." He straighted as he added that last part glancing at Thor for some back up. Finding none he made the grass grow longer around starlight till it was over her back. He looked up at her in a grin. Giving an unamused smile she shrugged and began chewing on the grass just below her face.

They all laughed until Thor finally spoke "Hey. Where did Keira go?" They all groaned. No one, not even Pixie, had heard her leave.

Re: Training Day

Posted: Sat May 16, 2009 12:32 pm
by Songhue
A small smile touched her lips as the laughter drifted over to her. It was nice, hearing others enjoying themselves. Somehow the noise in the background helped her to think better than if she had been on her own.

Pixie and I met while I was doing something similar to this. Hiding away to think, dance, and live, separate from all others. Now here I stand enjoying the laughter across the field.. Ah but so much has happened, so many things changed. Songhue said not long ago she had barely recognized her old friend Keira when last they met. And they were as close as sisters.

So many changes indeed. One thing seemed ever constant, though, the sound of his voice flitting through the back of her mind.

It was so clear today she could almost hear it in the wind.

Wait a minute..

Lifting her head, Path twitched her ear towards the group across the way. The small hume that reminded her of her fae bonded seemed to have gone, yet the others remained. And one of them sounded...

Shifting slightly, Path let out a ringing whinny and lifted on her back legs, twisting around in one of her dance steps out of sheer joy. So he was the reason for such delicious grass! Pixie!

Re: Training Day

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 9:50 pm
by Kyra
The silver mare nickered happily and bumped her purple bond-brother in the side. "Crash, likes a mare!" she said in mocking tone. Her pastel blue eyes glowed playfully. She could tease the stallion, but new all too well if, and when she ever found the right stallion, she would get it back. She loved playing around with Crash, he was so easy to talk and hang with, almost all her bond-siblings were, minus the Red Colt. "Fine, change in topic since this is going no where. So, what do you think Kyra is being so secretive about?" she asked nipping at his teal mane.

Crash rolled his dark dusk eyes and sighed. He was ignoring that topic, he wasn't good at talking about it yet and knew he was so bad at showing emotions of that type to her. He could picture the elegant sky blue mare, with her electric purple mane, tail and forelock. Her whole appearance and personality radiated like a shooting star which had captivated him. He had missed seeing her and hearing her angelic voice.

He shook his head, we would think about her all the time, but willing her here was not going to work. So, letting his emotions regain control and he turned his attention back to his silver bond-sister. He rolled his eyes and shook his mane when she nipped playfully. "Not sure there Silver. I know that there is a new smell around her sometimes, but it could be a horse from her world, a new one at the stable." He sighed, he knew his bonded would tell them when she was ready.

Silverflash sighed, "I bet your thinking that she will tell us when she is ready right," in a knowing tone. Her bond sea-brother could be easily read when it came to their bonded. Deciding that she had way too much energy for her own good. She bucked playfully and took off at a gallop. Her starlit mane and tail flowing out behind her like a banner. This felt good, running for the sure fun of it, no game, only pleasure.

Re: Training Day

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:15 pm
by Keira
OOC: Och, sorry about the wait again guys, I was planning on responding at work and right after I started this thread I quit the job with the computer and started working more at the job without a computer but from now on *puts hand on heart* I *looks back and forth* Keira promise to do better at replying or you can kick my butt :D

BIC: Keira wandered a ways from the group hoping to catch the attention of Path, who she had seen up a low hill. Standing just at the bottom of the hill she waited for Path to join her so they could chat.

The three serians giggled, starlight breaking free of the grass surrounding her, then going to sit in a shady spot to stubbornly await for their bonded to return and give them the no doubt impending lecuture about "being more observant and watching your surroundings".

OOC: Sorry its so short, I'm on my lunch break and have to get back to work but I will check back again either tonight after work or tomorrow (I only work from noon till 3 tomorrow)