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Re: On Fire (Open to all!)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:25 pm
by Vineda
OOC| I'd love to! And I think Sham'd hold a protest if I tried not to xD

BIC| She was so hard to read sometimes! She seemed to sure of herself, seemed to read him so well... The coyness was slightly infuriating, and yet oh so provoking. Shamrock noted her hesitation, her weariness. Of course he wondered at it, ears pricked forward and barely noticing the waves sliding past him towards the shore. For some reason things had just gotten so serious all of a sudden.

"You have a brother?" He tried to imagine what a brother of hers would be like and failed utterly. "I've not heard of your bonded..." He thought he did a pretty good job of hiding his disappointment at not being able to relate to any of her "people". If he knew more of her perhaps he'd have more to talk of, or perhaps have a better understanding.

His ears locked onto those words, knowing they were important. But he was afraid to pursue them, as though afraid to touch a flower for fear of scaring the butterfly perched there away. It was no use however. He was a curious being, and he cared for others. At times it would seem he cared too much.

Her sudden approach was slightly startling, and he felt her watching his reactions. Which was fine with him. He thought. He studied the water fiercely for a moment, seeing the patterns in the waves and trying to see the sandy bottom. His gaze traveled up to meet hers as he answered. "Is that what you're searching for, milady? Bliss?"

He sighed as he considered further, an open book before her. "I find bliss in my family, my friends. Being as strongly tied to the earth as I am, I find bliss in nature and green things growing. Seeing others happy makes me happy."

He longed to ask her what could possibly be chasing her, to bother her so much. "Problems? There is little that bothers me, honestly. Call it ignorance if you will, but I have my peace in the here and now. 'What will be, will be', as my bonded says. If something is the matter, we can only do so much. But I am glad for what I have, for those I love." He grinned at her suddenly. "For a friendly face found in the middle of nowhere. If you only had today to live, what would you do with it? What makes you smile?"

Re: On Fire (Open to all!)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:48 pm
by Rainer
Saphire avoided eye contact like the plague at this point. She had been told once a long time ago, that they were like open doors to her soul.
And she didn't know if she wanted him seeing that just yet.

Strands of purple hair fell over her face as she dipped her head down to skim her nose across the glassy surface, momentarily becoming mesmerized by how a bunch of her forelock seemed to melt into the water, swirling along with the tide...

"Yes... My brother.. Is Summer Solstice. We're the children of Spin and Frolic... Althought I doubt the names mean anything to you."

She frowned a moment, but didn't answer his next question. Even she didn't know what she was looking for.

Instead, she took the time to study him again, soaking in his words just as much as the sun's warmth caressed her face. Her crimson eyes drooped only slightly, enjoying the combined heat of the giant ball above and him next to her.

He truely was pure, not so much innocent as she had thought before, but like he's been there and done that, and had learned. Possibly something she had been lacking. The ability to learn from past mistakes.

She suddenly snorted and rolled her eyes, for a moment reverting back to the fiery mare from before.

"Honestly? I would either break down.. Or run. Gripping pathetically to dreams and promises that never meant anything, that will never come true." She suddenly reached over, lipping softly at his stubby mane before shrugging and turning away again, "As for smiling? People do. Interacting, playing with them, fighting... A rogue taught me to read others, and to try and provoke reactions. Possibly for entertainment. It didn't really work on your though..." She laughed softly, a sad smile curving the end of her muzzle.

"As for you? Is it just friends and family that makes you smile? Or do you have a hobby?"

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:28 pm
by Vineda
He hadn't realized he'd been searching her eyes until she refused to meet his own, and then he too looked away. He looked out at the sky and the waterline, wondering. It truly did seem he had it lucky... His life was simple, with little drama, and he liked it that way. He had little time for mental shenanigans; the straightforward approach was almost always for the better.

He listened more politely now, making his eyes behave themselves and leave the poor girl some privacy. "I've heard the names, but know no faces to put with them."

Her next words, however, made him break that resolve. He looked down to meet her gaze with surprise, not liking the vibe that she'd given up, been broken to submission. That was the feeling her tone gave him, and it left a sour taste in his mouth. "Dreams and promises always mean something, lady. Even if they don't get to come true. For new dreams and promises come with hope."

Shaking his mane back into its usual ruffled place in a distracted way, he snorted and leaned his own nose down to the water. He let his forelock dangle there, soaking in drops of water. Rapidly he tossed his head back, flinging his forehead and the forelock with it so that a nice cascade of water flew straight at the side of Saphire's neck. He nickered in satisfaction at his slick move, hoping to lighten her mood a bit, but secretly hoping she'd not go back to the full mask she'd worn before.

"That's empty amusement, though, isn't it? Do you not predict their reactions even before they happen? No wonder you're bored and jaded." He said this last jokingly even though he felt there was some truth to it.

"Far from it, actually. I find myself smiling all day long. I play games, joke with others... I do what I can to make their day, make them happy. I smile to meet an old friend that has been missed or to be a lazy bum laying in a meadow all day. I like to explore and adventure, see new places, learn new things. I know others who'd get bored doing such things every day, but when i get bored..." he shrugged loosely, "I'll find something else to do."

He found it perplexing to be examining his life in such way, and wished he were explaining it better. "What is it you occupy your time with then?" He continued, making it a rhetorical question. He merely wanted to spark her thoughts, making sure that no answer was necessary if she did not wish to give it. "Do you find yourself wanting to run from everything all the time?" He very much wanted to understand, and he feared that at any moment this door she'd opened would slam shut and she'd run from him as well. This alone made him turn his head every time his earnest gaze tried to search her own.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:50 am
by Rainer

The word flawlessly rolled off her tongue, slowly meeting his almost desperate gaze, and quirking a brow. She examined his movements and absorbed his words in silence, before offering him what she could.

A warm smile slid gracefully across her lips before reaching over to rest her head across his back, a deep sigh expanding her rib cage before releasing. A gesture of comfort. Relax, my friend, I'm not going anywhere.

"I fight." Muscles rippled beneath battered and bruised skin, "and I dig my dear brother from the hole he's fallen into. While I help myself, I help him." She shrugged a moment, before going on "I'll let you in on something."

Saphire removed herself from his touch at his point, and stared out at the horizon. She took a steadying breath, and continued.

"In a way, I tried to fix myself. I tried to conform. I changed myself dramatically to make the ones I loved happy. But it did the opposite. And when I was finally...back to normal... I found my eyes had been opened. Like I was breathing and seeing for the first time. I am who I am, and I found that I couldn't fight the direction that my heart was pulling me. Even if it lead to more heartbreak. So I fight, and I run. In hopes that maybe I'll run into what I'm looking for, and can fight for my heart back."

Crimson eyes searched his own emeralds, momentarily admiring the beauty held there, before waiting for his reaction once more. She trusted he'd understand her slightly criptic speech, and maybe eventually, she'd trust him with more details. Maybe.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:57 pm
by Vineda
He sighed, glad he hadn't offended. Her gesture was comforting... she was comforting him rather than his preferred other way around. Mares, he muttered mentally. He never knew how to behave, what boundaries to keep.

He took on the role of listener gladly. Her sadness was a bit astounding, but he was understanding a little better. She seemed resigned, yet not... resigned to fight, yet determined to keep fighting. It was a strange mixture, especially to this normally low-drama kid. But he admired it all nonetheless.

Cryptic. He thought over her words a bit, not thinking the silence was awkward. He was beginning to appreciate their encounter for what it was; if she disappeared the next moment he'd simply be glad for having met her at all. Even so he was expecting a sudden disappearance less, worrying less. Honestly, he scolded himself, don't be such a ninny.

After a short stretch he gave the only answer he had. "I hope you do find whatever you're searching for, and that you can fight for your heart back. I have no doubt you'll win." He nipped at a bit of her mane that was floating in the water, still thoughtful. "Matters of the heart... always sound so complex, painful even. Life tells me such things are worth the risk, even if one loses in the end. Yet I can't help thinking otherwise." A reflection left out in the open, that it might be answered of ignored at leisure.

He was interested to hear what he had to say on the matter, she sounded like she had the experience to know one way or the other. But she'd not find him prying or keeping things constantly serious. He shook his mane again, thinking that if he stood in this water any more he'd turn into mush. "Care to walk, lady?"

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:42 pm
by Rainer
She snorted at her own thoughts before speaking them outloud,
"Love has to hurt.. Otherwise life would be too easy."

Althought she graciously stepped from the confines of the liquid swirling around her legs at his suggestion, the water's chill just starting to creep into her bones. A subtle shiver trembled through her skin, a soft "bbrrr" briefly escaping her lips.

A small smile was cast his direction, her eyes searching his once again. When she seemed satisfied, a shug was given, "I'm glad one of us has confidence.."

Then something clicked, something so obvious yet she hadn't realized. She looked up to him again, quirking a brow in curiousity, "Have you never had to risk it..? It sounds like you lack experience in this department. Althought I do as well, but have you even had a taste.. of what it could be like..?"