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Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:30 pm
by Vineda
More open laughter met this raised brow and she called out, explaining herself. "If i shall bottle my target, I'd better have something to bottle it with!" She recalled all of the fairy myths and legends from her own birthhome, how young girls and boys would dream of seeing a fairy or a leprechaun... Well she remembered how the grownup men would tell tales of capturing one in a jar after they'd had too much to drink, their wives tsking softly in behind them at such ridiculous ideas.

She shook her head at her silly joke, clearing it of the memories. Sticking her tongue out impishly, she tossed the jar up in the air and it disappeared in a flicker. She abandoned her post then, swooping down to collect a few choice grasses here and there. Slowly she made her way over to Songhue, joining her in watching the two serians running so freely. She also pushed her senses out before them, scanning for any holes or large stones hidden under the green cover. "Shall I bottle you up now?" she asked

Shamrock threw in a buck just because he could, then tossed her a wink before edging over to Sign's side. "Do these green waves please you, milady? I know my sea doesn't quite compare to yours but it is one of my favorite places." He skimmed over the damp grasses, running fast but not straining. He wondered briefly where they would end up. "I've not been to the other side before... Not had a chance to explore that far yet. Always had to turn around and go back."

Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2009 3:48 pm
by Songhue
Let us explore, then! Never have I found such a smooth or soft land to run upon, with such delicious bedding for each step.

Ha ha! Bottle if you wish, yet already I find myself just as true as if already caught, my dear!

Circling back to gather a few blades herself, Songhue tickled Sign's withers with an impish giggle, making her buck and laugh.

Sign, however, being far more used to the sea, forgot to keep a steady beat to her hooves while bucking up. The sea was forgiving for such moments, but not land. One missed step and she stumbled, squealing as she struggled to get her legs back under her - only to find herself lifted back in the air by a breeze she could actually see, giving her time enough to find her hooves again.

Ha! Quick, before I lose my land legs once again! Let's see what lays beyond this wondrously vast sea of dancing grasses.

Merry though her tone, the stumble had been enough to bring her back to her senses, her ears alert and perked. Smooth as it seems, there is still need for caution for one such as me...

Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:39 pm
by Vineda
Shamrock checked himself very sharply as Sign stumbled, throwing his own balance all off kilter but not caring. He recovered himself quickly and closed the distance between himself and the mare, out of breath and snuffling - checking for hurts. He hadn't thought that Sign wouldn't handle the land as easily as he did, and he grimaced, sure he had pushed the pace too much or somehow caused the accident.

A quiet nicker asked gently if she was alright, and Vineda chuckled a bit. "She's fine then, Sham. Don't fuss yourself. The winds caught her and she stands before you unscathed, if a little warier than before." She circled back as well, joining the group and dropping a small pat on the mare's neck before yanking the stallion's forelock and alighting on his back.

"A slower pace then. We can cool as we walk if you like... Or we could rest a while" He felt much more helpless just standing there. He nosed at something on the ground for a moment before straightening up again and craning his neck to Vineda. She took the something from him for a moment, closed her eyes, then returned it to him. Once he had it back he reached over to meddle with Sign's mane a moment. Among her shells and strands he placed a purple and white violet.

Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:10 pm
by Songhue
Sign blinked as she saw the violet out of the corner of her eye, a smile breaking through her cautious expression. The blossom was quite beautiful and well appreciated.

I wouldn't object to a rest, she admitted, albeit a bit ashamedly. The seas were much more forgiving upon a body, her joints making sure to complain the rough jolts that comes with running on land.

As West has told you many a time, so must it be echoed upon my mind. Thou has strength in refusal to let thine fragile nature persevere.

One who is strong in spite of herself is still weak, Sign thought, more to herself than in response to her bonded's mental prodding.

If a rest is required then let our limbs rest, the fae grinned. Her feet had yet to touch ground since she dove off the cliff and she was careful that now be no exception to this. Luckily, Sign was too occupied with her mental prods to notice such details. This meant that when the winds picked up and circled around them in a rather unnatural manner her bonded gave no argument; merely allowed the breezes to lift her hooves and carry her along.

I do thank you both for this chance to run the green sea. Of the travels I've taken since bonding to this wanderer strangeling, none have been quite like this.

Banishing thoughts of being weaker on land, she floated closer to Sham and his bonded, Vineda, stretching her neck out in an offer to brush against them. As Songhue had just told her, weaker on land may be truth but stronger in the sea was also true.

So it was she looked to this green stallion and the bondeds to help her. There was no shame in that.

With a grin and a wink, Songhue faded down into a miniature sylph, looking to be no more than a floating blue light. It was hard not to lose track of her in the swirling grasses, the winds quickly covering and uncovering her.

Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:23 am
by Vineda
Shamrock huffed along, catching his breath after the run and keeping next to Sign. As she neared him he accepted her contact, brushing back against her to lend support. The violet woven in her locks kept its promise and did not wilt, and he made a mental note to thank his bonded later. He was unsure of himself again... There were things he wasn't sure how to say. He worried over the strain he'd unthinkingly put his friend in, watching her for signs of hurt and hoping the foal she carried wouldn't be harmed either. He kept to the gentle pace, but he snorted and jigged a little in frustration.

Vineda gently touched his neck. Soothe. Say how you feel. Relax. Sign wouldn't have run if she hadn't felt up to it, and she's stopped now that she no longer does. 'Tis the past already. Do not cry so over spilled milk.

He nodded, bobbing his head but keeping his chin set stubbornly. "Yes." Vineda let him be and addressed Sign herself.

"Dear Sign, our deepest apologies if, in our zeal to cover the land, we've led you to hurt. Even this softest of fields must be unyielding if it is to hold the weight of a grown serian, and 'twas perhaps foolish of us to want such a run when you're expecting."

A new rhythm to their step, the two finally settled and enjoyed the soft springiness of the lush grasses. It was cushioning now that they weren't traveling at such a fast pace. Shamrock's countenance eased and he whickered softly, checking on Sign and trying to spot the glimmer of the fae, easing his stride for his bonded passenger.