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Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:24 am
by Vineda
Gentle rain muffles the footsteps of a stallion carrying his bonded, painting lime coat and bronze hair in dark shades. Both breathed deeply and the girl sighed, glad to be out playing in the rain and enjoying its freshness.

Each was absorbed in their own thoughts but the connection shared was strong, and no words were needed. Tiny shifts of weight, a sigh, a touch, and cadences of mood or step were plenty. It was an awareness both were finally getting used to.

Vineda broke the silence. "I think it's nice."

"I know you do. It will make the clovers and grasses nice and sweet."
No need to argue, he shrugged.

"But you don't like it."

"Well enough, lass. Well enough."

She reasoned with him patiently. "We're in the forest. At least I didn't have an itch to go to the beach today. You can blend in with all the green and be all sneaky quiet and aim to take me under all the dripping leaves..."
She trailed off a moment as he did just that, rolling her eyes and scheming possible revenge tactics as she ducked. "That should make you happy," she finished, with a tinge of sarcasm to answer his gloating at slowly drenching her.

"Oh aye. It does at that. But see, you've not heard me complainin' now have ya? Ages it's been since I've had a stroll in the rain. I might very well be soakin it all up like a happy little sponge an' jus' keepin' it well enough to meself now, mightn't I?"

With another sigh she gave up. She'd just have to find a nice puddle to splash him with soon... stir him up a little bit. "Yes, you just might..." Her tone suggested she believed otherwise. "Ya great monster." She goaded him, picking up on his slight lilt with a big grin.

Shamrock's response was a massive, whole body shake that made her concentrate on not losing her balance. At the same time it gave him the pleasure of spraying water in all directions... plenty of it pelting Vineda as she shook her head and he smirked wickedly.

As the light drizzle carried steadily on, the pair wove through the trees bordering an open meadow. It wasn't weather you'd usually find company in so Vineda was prepared for a quiet walk. She didn't know many others who shared her enthusiasm for rain. But she was too full of energy to sit at home and watch from inside. Who knew what surprises the day might hold for those brave (or silly?) enough to come out anyway...

Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:51 am
by Songhue

BIC| There had been some activity lately, some hope for a busy life once again; yet, alas, it did not last. Things had been quiet for a while now, outside of a game of riddles she played in a different forest.

Yet the fae was a talented one. She could slip away, flicker, shift across the planes in the blink of an eye. She could take time here to gather herself while the others thought.. Or she could simply stay here, hiding.

But why hide from them? Vineda she adored, ShadowFlame she respected.. There were others she was still learning about, yet those two she would gladly choose to spend her time with. Nearly as much as she would her mate or bonded, for that matter.

Speaking of Bonded, she had no idea what Sparkle had been up to the passed few days. Working on something, she was sure of that... But what? Sudden inspiration and he was gone. Such a strange stallion. Path was, as ever, hoping to catch site of her mate. Sign normally kept to the waters.

"You'll catch cold!"

When she wasn't trying to mother her bonded, that is.

"Greetings, Sign."

"Honestly now, come on back to our realm. You know your mate wouldn't like this."

"My sweet mare such as he would tackle me to the mud and proceed to tickle me until we cuddled. Has thou memory faded so quickly of the dark angel?"

She snorted here, trotting over and resting her head on the fae's shoulder. "I only worry because I care. You know that."

"So I do," the fae murmured, turning to cup the mare's head in her hands. "Yet this vow I make unto you, my darling; thou shall never lose me. Ever has this creature survived and ever shall she still. Upon this I give my word."

Sign paused, her deep, violet eyes staring directly into the blue-gray orbs she knew so well by now. How the fae dove straight to the heart of things she still didn't understand. It seemed nothing could shatter that knowing calm.

Sign found this comforting.

"Then let us walk."

Smiling, the fae placed her hand on the mare's neck and set a course, listening to the sounds of the forest in the light drizzle as water soaked her gown and caused the mare's mane to stick to her flesh. All was quiet, save the gentle clop-squelsh of Sign's hooves - Songhue made not a sound, her feet barely touching the earth.

Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:30 pm
by Vineda
Finally (after a long drawn out ten minutes or so) Vineda lost patience with her energy. It seemed about to overflow, so she simply gave a small "hmph" and lay her back against the stallion's in exasperation. She was leaving herself open to plenty of tricks, but she knew he'd sense her mood and not stoop too low. She hoped. Now she watched the leaves passing overhead or closed her eyes and felt a few drops of rain splash on her.

Shamrock leaned his head a little to the side, looking back at the goofy position of his bonded, and shook his head. Could she really be comfortable? A small grin lit his face as he considered the possibilities this presented, but he mostly tried very hard not to disturb her balance.

Emerald hooves barely whispered over the ground, weaving through the trees in the setting he loved so well. Ears began to flicker and nostrils widened as he felt the steps of another not too far off, in front of them somewhere. At last he had his answer, and another grin appeared on his features. Ears pricked forward now as he schemed. Pace quickened, though not subtly enough.

Vineda felt the change and sat up, finally hearing the squelshing of the sea mare's hooves, and gasped. Loudly. Nice. He rolled his eyes disappointedly. She wasn't the sneakiest, that was for sure. He knew the fae would probably be instantly alerted, if she wasn't already aware of them.

She wasn't aiming for sneaky, however. She let her voice ring out,
"Now let the song begin! Let us sing together
Of sun, stars, moon and mist, rain and cloudy weather,
Light on the budding leaf, dew on the feather,
Breeze on the open hill, bells on the heather,
Reeds by the shady pool, lilies sitting nether:
Water mare and wind-daughter, join my blether!"

She'd run out of rhyme and made up nonsense, only to burst out laughing at the end. Shamrock sorted and pranced at another change of mood, glad to hear laughter and eager to join the others.

Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 1:24 am
by Songhue
Company! Here? And a familiar face, as well. Or, moreover, voice.

"Blather say ye,
Joy say we
That all such songs may come to be
In this day where plants do drink so free
And the sun winks behind cloud filigree.
Glad we are to sing with trees
And glad we are to sing with ye
With such sweet joy in sing-song laughter
Always ringing ever after.

Sign chuckled slightly here, surprised at her bonded. Her eyes truly shown with joy upon seeing the pair that they were headed to meet.

"Most would find gloom
With sprinkling droplets from shadowy doom
Yet life all around does so swoon
As thirst is quenched and games do bloom."

She paused here, eying the bright stallion with his twisted Irish grin before adding one last line.

"Tricky games under a vibrant moon."

Somehow she thought that this stallion would match West in regards to getting her to relax. There was one large difference between her mate and this one she knew so little of, however - West made her feel safe, loved and secure, whenever he was actually around. Shamrock brought out the flame of the sea that lay in her heart, a playful spark that urged her to toss him through the waves.

Somehow, it was almost as if he was as much a brother as Sparkle already, just from the little time they spent together. Only Shamrock was younger instead of older.

My but this will be interesting.

Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:13 pm
by Vineda
Vineda chuckled quietly at the look on her stallion's face before it changed into one of mixed curiosity and defiance. She left him to it and turned to her fae friend with joy, walking next to her and making a bit more noise. "How fares the this day, dear heart? Out to play in the puddles? I hope it is alright if we join you for a ways." Her face was split in a huge smile, as it always was when she happened upon this face. She raised her eyebrow in a silent joke at their bondeds, hoping Sham wouldn't turn obstinate.

Shamrock stared for a tiny second at the unexpected flame in the sea mare's eyes. He read both respect and acceptance, as well as something else... a confidence, like she knew something he didn't. It put him on his guard and made his eyes glint with unruliness. He felt he ought to respond with an equally clever rhyme but was a but flabbergasted. Fine, he thought with a tinge of annoyance. I'll get her with one later.

He nodded his head deeply, always polite. "Sign." This mare made him feel peculiar, and it had him distracted. She was strangely wise and comforting in a familiar way, but the also sensed a wild tide beneath the surface that betrayed all hope of prediction.

He jigged quietly, as was becoming his custom, and matched the others' paces. "How are you? And the foal?" He bumped her shoulder lightly, testing the waters and sending her a sly look. He knew little of this mare and it was about time he began learning! Strange how contrary he was and yet he still deferred to her, looking to her to set the tone.

Re: Raindrops a Fallin' On My Head...

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:34 pm
by Songhue
The air practically hummed with Songhue's joy as they picked their way through the dripping leaves and deceptive puddles. It was always nice to find another haunting these old parts.

"Many find comfort in taking shelter from the Mother and her weeping storms; I find it more a comfort to walk the lands when nature so decides to sprinkle the kiss of life upon the earth and plants."

"I'm just a tag along," sign teased, though the spark remained. She feelt good today, better than she had in a long while. And her foal seemed to feel the same.

"Dost thou not realize, my dear friends, that such company as ye may give is always a welcome blessing? Ask not such things, for the answers are as plain as the smiles ye bring unto us."

"I fair playful, oh vibrant gem of rolling green hills. Tell me, sir Shamrock, how is it that your face whispers things only to be silenced, yet your words speak another?" Sign laughed here in good nature, smiling in a gentle, motherly way before adding "You have a very expressive muzzle, my lord. It takes an observant eye, yet it can been seen what is stilled on your tongue before your lips quite part."

"Uarán," the fae murmured, winking to Vineda as the droplets from various leavs suddenly sped together in a sphere that hung just behind Sign's crown. "Meá!" she cried, letting out a tinkling laugh as the gathered dew came crashing upon the already soaked mare, a squeaking squeal escaping her as Sign instantly shook off and soaked her in turn.

"How observant yon eye, great mare," Songhue laughed.

"Ach, is a day for such antics and songs! Why Shamrock, you asked after my foal.. I shall answer, then, with this; the youngling takes after the father already, itching to be free and explore, that the hooves may wander strange lands. Energy! Such energy we have in this, the sweet luliby of a drizzling forest. It is nearly blasphemous, or so it seems."