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Re: Winter Wonderland

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:43 am
by Vineda
Shamrock was just about to take a running start and join the romp when Path came back. Ears flicked back and forth between the young foal and Galaxy, and he noticed the spectacle of flying snow with interest. He wondered about this Galaxy, who seemed to have fairly different tendencies than any other serian he'd ever met.

He was more than happy to stand companionably near Path, even bending down to take a mild interest in the green shoots found here and there under the white layer of fluff. "Never have I met with such a group! It's invigorating, though I only mingle with a few at a time. All at once would be slightly overwhelming, methinks."

He grinned as he watched the progress of the young'un. He really was a bright thing. "Aye, he's a good lad. And we do match very well!" He smiled fondly, though indeed he'd only known the colt a short time. "And motherhood seems to have done you well, milady, if I may say. I don't think I've ever seen you so relaxed."

He took a survey of the others, keeping an eye out to make sure everyone was having a good time. Within reasonable limits, anyhow. He was concerned about this Galaxy fellow, but he really had no idea what to do for the poor guy. He looked so uncomfortable! But he got the feeling his invading would simply make matters worse. "Galaxy, however, is definitely far from relaxed. Is there anything we might do for him, Lady? I know him not and am certainly no judge."

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:14 pm
by Tigress
Satomi should have been a little overwhelmed with all the attention she'd received in the last few minutes, but she took it all in with a patient but shy smile. When Vision came to her, she placed her face against his leg affectionately for a moment, not at all surprised when she felt her mother's silver hair cascade over her. It was practically routine now; an anticipated reaction. She'd feel one moments before the other would touch her, every time. But the familiarity was reassuring, it was dependable.

Nonetheless, she watched Galaxy and Darroch play with a slightly envious eye. It looked really fun, but they both seemed naturally good at it. She worried she'd be a bit clumsy with it. When Darroch came back, she smiled warmly until the question was asked, blushing in nervousness as she considered her answer.

" yes? I mean... I would like to play. Can you show me how?" She laughed softly at herself, trying to ease her embarrassment. It would be better for her to get instructed on how to do it properly than to be too stubborn and prideful and make a fool of herself. There was no shame in being inexperienced at something, right? "Will Galaxy play, too?" The foal was a little empathic and understood suddenly why Lunar had given them all distance. Either the mare was like him, and felt awkward in big crowds, or she'd tried to spread out the gathering for his comfort. If everyone started playing... would he still want to? She smiled sadly, kind of hoping to join in with just the celestial male and Darroch for a bit.

LunarPrism had jumped at the impact, visibly startled, jeweled eyes looking bright and wide in the light. She had created the illusion of ice around her, so that anyone approaching would likely fall before they could touch her. It was a reaction without much thought, an automatic protective measure. Normally she was better at hiding her abilities. When she noticed Galaxy and Darroch had been playing, the hard ground looked soft and fluffy with snow once more, and she calmed, shaking her head with a smile. "Boys."

She simply laughed softly at the apology and watched, right up until the play had stopped and Galaxy started to look around him as if in a daze. She was going to go talk to him when Vision managed to separate himself from the beautiful little Satomi and walked towards her. Her expression was welcoming and warm, though as he apologized she looked genuinely confused. "Vision... this is not a bad thing. I would worry if you didn't show concern over who is worthy of being guardian over your foal, even for a minute." Her smile widened then, looking at the girl who was talking softly to her mother, presumably getting permission to play with the young male in the snow.

"No harm was done, but I appreciate your kindness Vision." Her adoptive mother sure had done well for herself, building a family with someone like Vision. He was an interesting mix of hard and soft, surprisingly dominant for having such a difficult physical hindrance. But that in and of itself was impressive.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:53 pm
by Kyra
Skid watched the group with the two foals, blue stallion, white stallion and rainbow mare were all gathered. He sensed that what ever the white stallion with eye covering had been worried about, and decided he could enter and not cause any more confusion.

He headed over to Path and Shamrock. Once he was few feet away he stopped and bowed to both. "Nice to see you again Miss path, and Shamrock."

Silverflash watched Skid head towards Path and Shamrock, 'Looks like I will have to be on my toes when I am at home not to get the pay back Skid wants to give me,' she thought playfully. At the moment though she was so winning and liked the feeling of being the winner. She was playful, but only in her homelands and whenever her trixie streak demanded to be used.

She sighed, 'now what?' she thought. Her and Phantom where just inside the treeline so only unless someone was to walk up to the treeline and scan the forest would see them. She could smell and hear many serians and well now that Skid had left her and her bond brother here, she was at a lost what to do. She knew she had to be confident one here for her bond brother, but she too was not once for meeting so many new serians without her bond family present.

She looked out at the meadow at the two groups which she could see from her position, Skid with Path and another group full of new serians. Silverflash knew she could not stick around here all day, but she was nervous with if she moved out into the meadow all the eyes that would or could be on her. This made her feel like butterflies were in her stomach.

Phantom watched his bond brother and was curious to what Skid would do to get back at Silverflash. This whole game and pranks thing was confusing to him. He tensed and braced his whole body now knowing that soon the green and black stallion may either call him and their bond sister out or mention him. Which would lead him to meeting way more new faces than he liked, two at a time seemed to work well.

He thought of disappearing into the forest, which would be easily done, but he did not want to leave the silver mare by herself. She seemed to him at a loss as what she wanted to do, she watched Skid and seemed to relax looking at the group he was heading for, but then nervous at the other big group.

He decided against all his instincts to stick with her. Maybe with time his confidence would come to him, as he had strong feeling to protect Silverflash. It was hard for him to make friends, but once he did we would do what ever he could and anything he could to keep them happy and safe.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:43 pm
by Talia
Darroch’s blunt observation stunned the stallion into temporary muteness as he quizzically observed the little foal’s departure. His speech had hit on a sore spot that he had been nursing for many years, but, instead of being annoyed, Galaxy found the foal’s words admirable. Truth, no matter how raw, was far better than deceit. The truth was freeing, and the foal had many good qualities, instilled by his mother and father no doubt. His juvenile enthusiasm and honesty, unmasked by the flaws that age creates, made him smile, despite himself. Oh, how to be young again! He mused inwardly. Quietly and sedately, he followed Darroch at a distance as he approached little Satomi, pausing every now and again to graze as he observed the gathering Serians out of the corner of his eye. Inwardly, he was surprised at his own sense of calm, considering his nervousness moments ago. It wasn’t that he was a skittish stallion. He found the social intricacies of such gatherings to be beyond him, and the fact that they must be observed felt like bindings- obligations that he must observe with fake enthusiasm. It was why he found the company of some of the younger Serians so refreshing; foals and fillies natures were not yet engraved. They found it easy just to “be”, and the niceties of crowds and gatherings and such were not necessities anymore. Not that he found the company of adult Serians repugnant by any stretch of the imagination- rather, he felt that older Serians possessed an underlying nature that was not so evident to the naked eye, and Galaxy did not have the patience nor the temperament to decipher such things. He believed that natures could be adjusted, and that they were mitigated by circumstance; he was a beast of change, for the most part. The ability to adapt was part of being free, and he tried to stick to that specific theory as much as possible, however, social situations still had him at a loss.

He glanced up enquiringly at Satomi’s question, chuckling slightly as his ebony mane drifted to cover his eyes while he grazed. He paused to consider before answering, knowing now that there were certain things that were expected from him, even from the young ones. Although wise beyond their years, the little foal and filly still expected that he could detach himself from the others. Oddly enough, he viewed this as a challenge, another means of adaptation. He did want to play and Darroch was right; who cared about the others, unless they tried to partake?

He trotted forward towards the two young ones, and tossed his silken locks with a brief whinny.

I will play, little one, if you and Darroch still wish me to,” he said with a friendly grin as he lipped playfully at Satomi’s forelocks.


Vision kept a watchful ear tilted in the direction of Satomi’s lilting voice, ever listening for some sign of distress from his daughter. He nodded his agreement in what he assumed was Frost’s general direction, indicating that he had no qualms with his daughter playing with Darroch and Galaxy, now that he was assured of her safety and well-being. He turned his attention back to Lunar and smiled warmly at her reply. He had no desire to cause any rifts between himself and Frost’s adoptive daughter, and he was glad that she had been so accepting.

No, I appreciate your kindness Lunar,” he said genuinely. “I’m a newly made father- once to my own blood daughter, Satomi, and again to my adoptive daughter Ovela, who is also the daughter of my heart, and as close to me as my own little Satomi. I should have trusted in Frost’s ability to nurture her own adoptive daughter equally as well. I trust her, and thus I trust you as well.

He smiled softly as his thoughts strayed to his other, more rebellious daughter. He hoped that she wasn’t proving to be too much of a handful for dear Gem... the little mite had really taken to the mare. He missed her presence as much as he had missed Satomi’s- the two were night and day, and there were characteristics that he loved about each of them. It was unfortunate that he had not brought her along today. He was looking forward to introducing the two “sisters”. He smiled again, slightly, and sighed aloud.

I’m sorry Lunar, my thoughts run away with me,” he added, pensively.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 12:05 am
by Songhue
Darroch instantly perked his ears, beaming at the pair of playmates he had just acquired. Some new stallion seemed to have come along, but that wasn't any concern of his; Galaxy and Satomi were willing to romp, and so romp they would!

With a happy nicker, the little colt quite joivally jumped up to nip at Galaxy's ears as he lowered his head to talk, tossing Satomi a wink before he tore off across the field. Skidding to a stop, he spun around to get a bead on the other two, grinning quite excitedly as an idea struck him and he had the half-awake grass shoot up suddenly and fling snow in the air. It was mostly powder, creating a sparkling cloud to mask his location as he gathered some off the ground to chunk at someone's head.

This new white 'snow' was certainly a grand adventure! Oh, but he couldn't see the other two.. What were they doing?

Path had to smile as she watched his antics, a very gentle expression that would have melted her mate's knees if he had been around. Snorting absently, she lifted her head as Shamrock noticed how calm she was, her eyes soft as she regarded him in turn.

"Aye, and a sharp eye ye hath to so notice. He hath helped... Change my views, a little. He is what's truly important, this gem of a foal."

The snow cloud had begun to settle, giving Darroch just a little vision as his mother made this comment. The first thing he saw was a large spot of green against all the white, making him whinny out a laugh as his shockingly deep voice called "Uncle Sham, you look like a giant leaf right now! Hey! Duck!"

And with that, he copied Galaxy's example, scooping up a mouthful of snow and heaving it towards Sham's hide, snorting and prancing as his snowball took flight. This was marvelous! Oh and speaking of Galaxy... Darroch grinned and pranced in a circle, kicking up snow and flinging soft clumps of the stuff at what he thought to be Galaxy and Satomi, hoping to at least dust them before Galaxy's size or Satomi's wings proved to be his undoing. This was most certainly not a 'snow-bonded,' but he was too busy enjoying the moment to remember this puzzle that had previously captivated his mind.

Path snorted out a laugh as the tossed snow went flying by her, ducking and jumping sideways. His aim was a little off, considering the impaired vision, but if Sham didn't move in time it was at least aimed for a solid hit on his flank. At almost the same instant Skid appeared at the corner of her eye, making her straighten up and offer a small bow in greeting. Pleasantries, chores, the life of an olden-time maiden were still deeply rooted in her, no matter how much good her son had done her.

"Aye, and thee. Skid, was it not? 'Tis a pleasure to offer a warm welcome on such a chilled day."

She nodded here towards the others, mentally noting how gloriously bright the snow was as it reflected the light. It was nearly as bright as her homelands, with such a pale sky and the flashing snow under-hoof.

"These others are not known to me particularly well, nor is the place of one such as me to offer their names in greeting, yet I'm quite sure they would be pleased to see a new face as well."

She glanced over at Shamrock here, her eyes dancing merrily as she tried to see if her son's 'snow-bomb' had landed true.

'Tis indeed a fair day.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:39 am
by Vineda
Shamrock laughed aloud at the antics, jumping and crouching as though to take off. But there was NO way he was going to miss this! He felt the snow hid him squarely with a big fwump and he threw himself down on his side immediately after.

"Oh! The young lad hit me! In all my days, I never! Path, would you let Vineda know I was taken bravely in combat? Oh what a world!" He continued carrying on, throwing a quick wink and a grin to Path and the newly appeared Skid as he waited to see how the foal would react...