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Winter Wonderland

PostPosted: Sat Dec 12, 2009 5:58 pm
by Talia
(OOC: This thread's open to anyone. :) I just wanted to get my two boys out for a run ^^ Galaxy and Vision's images can be found here: )

The warm sunlight trickled in across the plain, tentatively at first, and then with increasing confidence. Galaxy blinked, shocked by the reflective glare of the scintillating layer of new fallen snow. He half-glared at Vision in an uncharacteristically peevish moment (which was a direct result of his current snow-blind state) and regretted it almost instantly, despite the fact that he knew that there was no way in which Vision could have seen his expression. At least he can’t see the stuff, he huffed, to himself. Galaxy wasn’t quite sure what he thought of this... snow. It hadn’t snowed in the valley for years, as far as Galaxy could remember, and although Talia had told him that it happened from time to time, he had not been prepared for it.

Warily, he arched his neck downward to snuffle at the snow, and jerked up with a quick snort of surprise as the icy bitterness grazed and melted upon his nose. He was a summer creature at heart, apparently...

He was dragged out of his own reverie as Vision stirred at his side. For reasons unknown to Galaxy, Vision had insisted on being out at dawn to see the first snowfall. Vision’s own calm, serene demeanour sapped the remaining grouchiness away from Galaxy as he watched his “brother” experience the newly changed atmosphere.


The icy breeze caressed his coat, its slight sting making him instantly alert. He loved the feeling of the breeze, and today’s wind had a new personality. It was crisp, clean and fresh, and everything smelled new. Carefully, he pawed at the earth beneath him, marvelling at the feeling of the melting snow on his legs. He could hear the slightly disgruntled Galaxy beside him, and chuckled inwardly at the stallion’s behaviour.

With a slight smile, Vision trotted forward a few paces. The snow flew from his hooves in tiny sprays of diamond dust, the powder so light, so fluffy, that it was easily displaced by his prancing. With a whinny of delight, he reared and did a quick gallop in a large loop around his semi-startled companion before dropping to the ground to roll in the snow with utter delight and foal-like abandon.


Galaxy’s nostrils flared with indignation as some displaced snow flew in his general direction to land squarely on his nose, where it promptly began to melt. He pranced in place, feeling more than slightly uncomfortable. He stared longingly over his shoulder, wondering when would be an appropriate time to breach the topic of going home to the fire when he was brought back to reality by Vision abruptly body checking him into a nearby snowdrift.

Vision knew he had achieved his objective when he heard a loud wet crunching sound... but he never would have imagined his good fortune! Wherever Galaxy had landed, it had to have been a large enough pile of snow to create such a sound. Vision’s peals of laughter could be heard as the other stallion squealed in shock and righteous anger. Vision had not known that the snowdrift existed, but he couldn’t have planned his “attack” better! Vision’s mirth continued and was joined by Galaxy’s when the stallion finally managed to right himself. Somehow, he had managed to procure his own miniature snowdrift... right atop his own head! Although Vision was unaware of the reason behind the stallion’s own laughter, he thought that it was good to hear his friend laugh again. Galaxy had been exceedingly morose with the increasing absence of Blizzard. He doubted that his brother well and truly had any feelings for the mare that went past friendship, but constantly being around mated brothers and sisters was taking its toll. Although Vision knew that Galaxy wasn’t looking for a mate, he sensed that he needed some friendly companionship that went beyond his bonded brothers and sisters.

Galaxy grinned impishly as he shook the fine spray of snow from his mane. Although the stuff was bitterly cold, it wasn’t half bad once you got used to it! He smiled at his brother. Vision was wise beyond his years, and always seemed to know how and when to cheer him up. He touched noses with the other stallion in a brotherly gesture of thanks and whinnied loudly.

Come on... I’ll race you! He said, knowing full well the haphazard flight that would ensue. Vision accepted the challenge with a whinny of his own and the two took off across the open expanse of white, flank to flank.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:15 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Heh, Darroch's been nagging me but I didn't want to jump the gun, so to speak. XD He wins now. <333 (P.S., got your offliners and I'sa got a perty good feel o da colony, they be paged soon as Mi'dea has her mate, yesh yesh.)

Oh, and my beauties - Path Darroch

BIC| Darroch sniffed at the white fluff around his hooves in a vaguely curious manner. Seeds lay beneath it, waiting for the warm sun to return. That much he could plainly feel, yet this freezing soft whiteness was new to him - and rather over bright in the light.

It was his first time away from the nursery Uncle Sparkle has built for him, much less out of his own realm. His mother, Path, had come along with him, watching passively as he experimented with various ways to make the snow fly around his hooves. Once she was sure her son was engrossed in his current explorations she lowered her head to search for grass under the snow, scooping up a few mouthfuls whenever she felt thirsty.

A loud whump nearby made her ear twitch, her muzzle lifting a few inches above the snow to see the colt shaking off next to a large patch of ice. An amused snort escaped her, ears perking as Darroch smirked at himself and dove right back onto the ice patch, letting out a squaling whinny as he slid into another snow drift.

He sure could make noise when he wanted to, that was for certain. Flicking her tail, Path left him to his game, careful that he remain within hearing.

His first snow on his first visit. How could things get any better for him?

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 11:22 pm
by Kyra
OCCl Galaxy and Vison post was so funny!^^ I loved it!^^ Ya. go Darroch for bugging to come and meet everyone lol. Phantom is coming in, he has met his Skid and Silverflash so far, but still uneasy around everyone easy around anyone but Kyra.

Here by guys and gal: Skid, Phantom and Silverflash

BIC| The mare stirred, she and Skid were in Phantom's cave at the farthest edge of their realm. This part of valley only came into existence recently. It was only after her newest bond brother allowed himself to stop using his powers to cut himself off from everyone. His part of the valley still had the miasma, but it was not so thick nor would it cause for someone to feel ill if they tried to walk through it.

Here eyes fluttered open and she realized that the ground looked way more purple than it had the day before. She let her eyes adjust and she stared at the purple covered ground. Silverflash new this was snow, since the grass looked a black purple and this looked like a nice purple, which could only be made over a white things.

She got to her feet as silently as she could and walked onto the snow covered landscape. She was glad Phantom had agreed with Kyra that he should start meeting others slowly otherwise she knew she would be blinded right now, if she was back in her meadow, the sun's glare would be deadly this early. Turning she looked back into the cave, Skid was still sleeping and so was Phantom.

Her knew bond brother was defiantly different. He seemed always on guard, on high alert and seemed to bracing for what ever might happen. At least now, as she gazed at him, he looked relaxed and peaceful in his sleep. She turned her attention back to the beautiful landscape before her. She was not sure of Phantom's past, but Kyra said that he would tell when he was ready, it was not somehting for her to share with others, unless she was given permission.

She walked until she was a good 20 meters or so away. The mare did not want to wake the others as she enjoyed the first snow fall. The light breeze carried sparkling snow off the small trees and it swirled around her, or settled on her coat, causing her to shiver with more excitement than from the cold.

Phantom's electric blue eyes opened slowly, as he took in a long breath of cold crisp air. He knew even before his eyes registered the outside world, that it had snowed. A slight shiver ran down his spine and image threatened to start the loop of his past. He shook his head and instead focused on his "bond sister". He would have to get used to the feeling and using words like that. He liked Skid and Silverflash, they seemed nice enough, but he knew looks and demeanor could be all an illusion that the actor or actress could be playing onto to end the show with a villain showing their true colors.

He closed his eyes and rammed all those negative thoughts into all places no where in his mind. Opening his eyes he watched his sister enjoying the purple colored snow and purple sparkles of snow dust. It now made sense to why he had awoken, his body was on high alert with the slightest movement.

The mare closed her pastel blue eyes and took a deep breath of fresh cold air. She so enjoyed this. She just felt so alive and energetic today. Ok, it was because of the weather, but she also just met her new brother. She sighed, she should wake the others, so they could enjoy this and maybe go exploring for a bit. A plan had formed in her head and she smiled, her little Trixie streak showing it's colors.

She turned around and jumped five feet sideways and gave a startled whinny. She landed in a high snow drift that was up to her belly, do to the fact the high rock formation cove inlet allowed snow to pile up. Her eyes were wide with surprise as Phantom stood directly in front of where she had been previously standing a few seconds ago.

"Silverflash, it's me. Sorry.... Sis..." Phantom looked at his socked sister, great nice way to start the day off their. He rolled his eyes in his mind put did not let any emotion show on his face.

"It's ok Phantom. I am the one who didn't hear you come up behind me." She looked down and blinked a few times, wow I jumped high to end in this snow drift. She started to walk out of the snow drift and stopped in front of the purple stallion.

"I guess...I..." he looked the mare over and was glad to seem other than she was covered in snow dust, she was fine. He then turned and head back to their bond brother.

Silverflash followed, she wanted to know what Phantom was going to say, but did not want to be rude. "I am fine really. Don't worry about it." She had to make this right, it was her fault for being a daydreamer. What to do? An idea hit and she ran with it before stopping herself, since it would make her act like such a filly.

She picked up a canter and caught up to Phantom. Then she slowed so that she was keeping with his gate but she was more walking on a diagonal. She leaned over and nuzzle the stallion's neck and then bolted towards the cave. Silverflash smiled as her Trixie streak took hold again, she skidded to stop and watched a wave of snow flew into the cave and onto the sleeping back and green stallion. Once that was done she stayed a second to hear his startled snort and then took off like a arrow away from the cave and through one of the realms passage ways to Sionayra.

Skid through up his head and snorted in surprise. He shook his head and opened his forest green eyes to watch a silver blur take off and to see his new bond brother standing their watching, whom he figured had to be Silverflash disappearing through the passage way.

He looked down at himself, he was covered in snow. So it had snowed in the night, at little morning dove got up as soon as light. Only to over joyed to see the snow. With a sigh he got to his feet, it was in this was that the silver mare and his bonded were alike. They each had a trixie streak in them, though only family and close friends ever saw it.

"Morning Phantom. Shall we go and teach our little sister to not wake others with cold snow." He said it more as a fact than a question, but his voice held playfulness too it. He walked on of the cave and walked the path of hoof prints left behind my the mare.

Phantom froze at the touch of Silverflash's muzzle on his neck. Then he watched the events unfold. He was left there utterly confused and even shocked. He nodded to his brother for his greeting, but that was only a reaction his mind was wrapped around his sister's actions. His feet moved to follow Skid, but his mind was swirling around in his head. He had heard the mare come up beside him, but never could he have guessed her actions from there.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:40 am
by Talia
(OOC: Whoop whoop for the colony! Glad you got my offliners. Darroch's a doll. ^_^ Hehe. And thanks Kyra! ^_^ Glad you liked! Phantom's gorgeous by the way. I've always loved his outline! PS, I'm going to assume that Vision and Galaxy can't see them quite yet. ^^)

Galaxy stopped his headlong gallop full-stop when he spied what looked to be a young foal of some sorts and another grown Serian. Vision, who of course had not spied the two, was slow to stop and skidded across a sheet of ice to land squarely on his rump. He grinned, ruefully, at his companion as he slowly picked himself up, shaking his mane to loosen some clinging snow.

The two of them stood atop a hill, looking down on the scene, their ears twitching every now and again, straining to pick up any semblance of sound. Vision smiled pleasantly at his brother, and made as if to go down and greet the new individuals. Galaxy snorted uncomforably as his brother stepped away from his side, and Vision stopped, mid-hoof, to turn back and address his brother's suddenly-apprehensive mood.

What's got you so grey all of a sudden Galaxy? the stallion asked. He was concerned about his brother's anti-social behaviour as of late, although he knew that Galaxy's first venture out with individuals had been more than overwhelming...

Just... he started, floundering for words, We don't know them Vis... what if...

Galaxy pawed his hoof nervously into the snow-clad turf, fidgeting somewhat while he tried to figure out how to rationalize his fear. Vision frowned slightly, but came back to his brother, nudging him gently in the general direction of the foal.

Galaxy, it's a foal, he said, reprimanding his brother slightly. You have nothing to worry about.

Galaxy nodded slightly, and began the trot down the hill, slightly apprehensive still.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:55 pm
by Tigress
Frostbite and Satomi were standing back a few paces, the little female foal's eyes wide and striking against the snow which threatened to consume her tiny form. An almost mirror of what lie behind her father's mask, she didn't know how much joy it brought Frostbite to look into those eyes. She'd spent forever being motherly towards others, and while she loved LunarPrism like a daughter... this was a little different. Satomi held a few very evident pieces of something very important to her.

Coming up behind the stallion the moment he'd come to a stop, Frostbite smirked impishly. "Speaking of foals..." She rested her head on Vision's shoulder and watched the scene in front of them. "Aren't you going to say hello to yours?" The mare stood back a moment, nodding at Galaxy with a warm smile. "Galaxy, how are you? You don't seem to like this climate." Her eyes danced with amusement, the frosty femme entirely too at home in the cold snow. She was like one walking icicle, only the chill blue of her coat standing out against the snow ever so slightly. And of course, the almost eerie contrast of her red, red eyes.

Satomi bumped into Vision's leg lightly, affectionately brushing her deep turquoise mane on his coat and making a soft noise of contentment in her throat. A bit more low energy than perhaps was normal for a foal her age, Frostbite just said it made her seem more graceful. Her gaze was as wary as Galaxy's, there was a lot of... noise. And... strangers.

Like an iridescent phantom, LunarPrism suddenly appeared behind her half-sister and let her long rainbow mane rest on the little one."Don't be afraid of them, life is about experiences." She offered with an enigmatic half-smile, turning her head to catch Frostbite's startled expression. "I followed you. I've never seen snow with anyone before." The last was confessed a little bashfully, the mare happy that this year she had a family to spend the winter-time with.

"Glad to have you here, Luna." She knew she didn't speak for anyone else, but Vision had never protested about her adopted daughter before, so she assumed the mare was as welcome as she.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:34 pm
by Songhue
Path watched out of one eye as a group of serians gathered not too far off, strangers she had yet to meet. She wasn't wary of them, but she didn't care to approach, either. She was only here for her son.

Darroch glanced up as one of the large stallions landed on his rump, trumpeting out a laugh and prancing in amusement. After the one with the cloth on his face turned back, however, he turned away as well. He was a little curious, but not enough to end his play.

"Mother," he nickered, quickly trotting over to Path to take a long drink from her, "how often does this cold snow come?"

"For a few moons with every year. Why?"

Darroch's only answer was a mild shrug before he returned to sniffing around the freezing ground. He wasn't quite able to put the thought into words and doing so wasn't what he was concerned with at the moment. Path got the feeling, however, that while the snow as a fun new thing he didn't want it to be around all that much as it covered his plants.

Fun new things should remain that way, after all, instead of sticking around all the time.

Lipping up a drink of snow, the colt flopped down and rolled, coating himself in a cool blanket. He'd gotten a bit hot after all that running about on ice and the sensation was highly welcomed.

There was a new sight when he shook off that had been absent when he'd flopped down, though it took him a moment to place what it was. More serians... And another foal.

Darroch couldn't help but wonder what they were like. He knew his mother, Uncle Sparkle, and Aunt Sign, so he wasn't exactly itching to meet another of his kind. A filly was just another serian to his mind. They seemed to know each other, though, and he began to wonder how they would be different from his bond family.

Tossing his bright blue mane, he lay down to watch them, considering. His mother had a gloriously baritone voice and his own was surprisingly deep for his age, reaching a resounding level that had originally surprised Aunt Sign. His aunt's voice, however, was a soft rumbling tone and exceedingly feminine, his uncle's bright and friendly.

A drop of half frozen water dripped down his side as he thought of this, ears flicking while the water tickled his blue markings. They grew boring to watch after a moment and his musings failed to hold his mind - rather they would want to play or talk didn't matter unless he planned on approaching.

Which he didn't.

Shaking off, he trotted back through a snow drift and flopped sideways, thoroughly coating his mother's face. Snorting in amusement, she flicked her tail through the same drift and sent a large pile onto his back, making him squall and buck at the sudden weight.

Darroch had decided that, like his bonded had done when they had first met, if they wanted to play or talk they would come and do just that. Otherwise he wouldn't bother them - he was busy playing around in the snow.