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PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:19 pm
by Songhue
OOC| It's wonderful! :heart:

"Nothing in particular, simply looking around. I'm Flint, by the way," Flint noted as he admired Oak's horns. Hybrid stretched his neck and sniffed at a near by tree, offering the others a bold smile as he explained a bit more.

"You see, we don't really remember anything. We were recently re-bonded and Flint here really has forgotten everything, a completely blank slate, though there are a few things that tickle my mind still. You two seem.. Familiar, and I some times say things that seem quite random to me."

Flint stomped a hoof absently, wondering why Hybrid felt the urge to explain everything to these strangers. They were strangers, he had no doubt about that. Except, to Hybrid.. They weren't. They were familiar, somehow.

"There's some sort of tickling about you two liking open spaces - Talon, something tells me you loved the open woods, watching the birds fly and using your feathering and some strange chirruping sounds to play with them, and Oak, you liked when there seemed enough room and light to really grow, though you aren't actually a talking tree. At least, I think so. It would still be cool to meet a talking tree."

Hybrid grinned here, tilting his head curiously as he regarded the pair before him. This was most curious. "And yet... If you hadn't told me your names, I wouldn't know, and if I hadn't seen your faces there'd be no image to put with the names. But it's things like that that have us exploring now, for me learning these lands again and seeing how much was forgotten - most of it, it seems. For Flint, simply learning everything again."

"I see no point in remembering," Flint murmured stiffly, his gaze hard as he looked at the trees in the distance. "What once was is no more. It's a new start, and so I'm starting anew."

"For the most part, yes. But if there are some things that could be salvaged - what if these two were known to us before?"

"Redundant, even still. We wouldn't have known to seek the two of you out, and we know you again now, so it's entirely pointless."

He was quite obviously done with the topic with that, snapping his gaze back towards these new strangers - Oak and Talon. "Regardless, it wouldn't be objectionable to wander together. Did you have a destination in mind, yourselves?"

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:04 pm
by Vineda
The majority of the exchange between the other two was listened to, Talon growing a bit nervous and Oak simply furrowing his brow. The grey stallion was put on his guard at how well Hybrid pinpointed both of them. He chirruped to himself and the plumage on his head wavered between upright and laid flat. Oak stood quiet at first, doing some quick debating.

"Familiar, yes. And I think the past has been a part of making you who you are, Flint. It is not something to be run from." He eyed the moody stallion, his voice calm yet strong. He offered no challenge in his remark, but somehow expected a rather unwilling reception. "No sense in dwelling, as you say." Which, there wasn't. Plants only grew onward on the foundation of previous growth. What did it matter what that previous growth was, as long as it was not corroding the entire plant?

"We've re-bonded as well." Talon looked to Oak, not sure exactly what he had in mind. The look he received told him nothing of those plans either. This just got more and more curious. "And we've no destination. Lead on, if you wish." He could see the looks this Flint shot at Oak's horns and at his own talons, and for some reason he found them rather pleasing.

Oak waited for Hybrid to determine the mood, for it was he who would most likely change the mood for the better or worse. And it was probably best to continue on with Flint's original path. They'd just have to see where it went. He gave a simple nod, wondering if the idea of being followed would bother the fancy-pants leader. "Lead on."

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:18 pm
by Songhue
OOC| *gigglesnorts* Fancypants leader. XD <333 Oak!

BIC| "Not run from," Flint snorted as he turned away to choose the direction of their wandering, "Merely destroyed."

Hybrid simply shook his head, automatically following his bond-mate and positioning himself on the other side of Talon. He was still curious, especially over how the charged, humid post-storm air and dense trees affected the pair. He knew well enough his own reaction, and could easily guess at Flint's, but how would these two react?

"Keep up, Sparky, and pay attention. Some light to see in this overcast day would help."

Hybrid snorted out a laugh, catching the grin on Flint's muzzle as the stallion glanced back. Sparky.. Oak had said that, just moments ago, and he had hardly noticed. It tickled him to no end.

"Sparky crackles and there you have it - your light!" He smirked a bit as the small, sizzle-twisting bolt of lightning sprang up just in front of Flint again, watching the way his bond-mate's hide twitched slightly. The drain on his energies was more notable this time, however, making him toss his head with a frown a moment later. His back legs were decently strong and could easily allow him to walk for a while yet, but the brisk pace Flint had set was hard on the rest of him. His chest was too weak and shallow to draw enough breath or allow his heart to keep up. The drain of playing with his element on top of a long, brisk walk was quickly proving too much; he started panting and he found himself staring up at the sky, as if wishing he could simply fade into the storms.

"This forest seems to be getting thicker as we continue north," Flint frowned, shifting his direction mid-stride. "Let's see what lays to the East."

"Ha!" Hybrid teased, tossing a wink at Oak as his step faltered slightly with the sudden shift. "At least he remembered his sense of direction."

"You chose to forget, the same as I did, Hybrid, so you really have no room to mock me."

"I forgot for different reasons, so I've every bit of room. But do you two remember, as you were recently re-bonded?"

He tossed his head absently, digging his claws in the ground as he walked beside their new friends. His panting was getting worse, though he was trying to conceal it to the best of his abilities. Flint, having chosen to completely forget, wouldn't know what had happened in the time between their previous bonded leaving them on their own and gaining their new one. Hybrid remembered that, though, and the way he had grown weaker and weaker from keeping to some dim patch of grass for survival until he had a chance to continue to strengthen his body and talent. But while waiting, he had grown weaker than ever.

His talent had had plenty of chance to grow since they had found their new home, but this was the first outing and so the first time anything had honestly been demanded of his slender frame. But he didn't want to disappoint Flint, or fall behind the others.

Too bad he couldn't simply surf the electric charge in the air.

Flint, meanwhile, was searching for an area that wouldn't crowd them so badly. "We should keep an eye out for a stream somewhere, as well. We need more than damp soil for our thirst, unlike these woods."

"I wonder if we'll happen across any others here, or if this forest is usually left alone."

Hybrid found himself hoping that if it was usually an area left untrodden, they wouldn't find out why. He also hoped Flint would ease his smart walk - they were nearly trotting, or so it seemed to Hybrid.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:23 am
by Vineda
"In choosing to 'destroy' as you call it, one could say it was a fighter's was of running from it. Just saying." Oak threw a sort of sidelong glance at the steely stallion ahead, watching for signs that this was going to far. He knew the other wanted to drop it, immediately.

The brown stallion shook his mane slightly, feeling strands clump together in the dampness. Weather of all sorts didn't really phase him much. He didn't even have to look at Talon to know the other stallion was not enjoying it at all. He just knew those tinged feathers would be positively twitching with the damp and the energy, trying to shake both off.

Both stallions were unable to hide their sorts at the tone Flint took as he repeated the 'Sparky' name. Talon made a noise somewhere between a whinny and a birdlike chirrup, and almost managed to avoid the cringe-like look that crossed his face as he realized he'd said that out loud.

"If you're looking for thinner forest, you'll rather bear Westward," Oak murmured, loud enough that he knew Flint would hear, yet softly enough that it was easily ignored if that was his wish. As he turned more to Hybrid, he got chattier. "It's true I feel more breathing room in open forests, but in the closer areas I feel very connected to the trees. Many feel slightly, ah.. claustrophobic in the tight space, but it merely amplifies the trees' whisperings. I can feel them in my very bones in such places."

His answer got short, however, as he answered Hybrid's direct questioning. He wanted no quarrels with Flint, and he didn't see reason to bring things back when they'd been forgotten by choice. "We remember."

Talon had a harder time with it all. "Oak remembers more." His remembering was fuzzier, patchier, less predictable. And darker. He really wasn't sure of himself with the memories anyhow. Tal took notice of Hybrid's difficulty about the same time Oak did, and he began fidgeting a bit. Should he simply lean over and offer his support unasked for, or should he wait...?

Oak sent the grey bird-stallion a look, reassuring him with his eyes as he left his side completely. He swung around instead close to Hybrid's other side in case support was needed. He kept his movements steady, expecting suspicion from Flint. "Can we help?" He asked softly, yet sturdily. He was not coddling the other in offering assistance, that much he made clear.

Oak couldn't recall which direction a stream would be in, though there was a river not too too far to the North should they need it. "I've not met many others in this wood, though the lands have been sleepy and are only waking up as of late." He tried to reassure this friendly green stallion as much as possible, for he was looking a little worse for the wear.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:44 am
by Songhue
OOC| Hope this is alright! :looks:

BIC| Flint had to bite his cheek at the note of a fighter's method of fleeing. Oak was right, and he knew it. Part of directing others was keeping enough humility to listen properly.

"In that... I concede that you may have a point."

Snorting, he paused as he was was given new direction, quickly looking around him. The trees looked like they had started to thin out, at least a little, as they had moved East, yet he had to acknowledge that the ground had begun to rise as well. An uphill climb wasn't exactly ideal, although part of him did long to continue on any way and be rid of the blasted trees that leaned so close.

As with any flame, Flint needed room enough to breathe.

"West it is, then. Though I hear something not too far ahead to the northeast that may be water. Does anyone have need for a drink?"

Hybrid, meanwhile had stubbornly latched on to the topic of feeling the trees and their whispers in his very bones, as Oak put it. "I wouldn't mind a drink, what about you guys? But that's a different way of thinking about things, to feel the forest in your bones. I can relate, though. When I play with the charge in the air it's as if the lightning runs through my very veins."

Hybrid glanced ahead at Flint as he continued forward, unable to hide the shame in his eyes. He had envious talent and felt the most at ease when these massive bolts of pure energy played along his form... Yet he could hardly even keep up with a brisk walk, and he had trouble admitting to this weakness that had grown within him. Once upon a time, he was sure, he would have been able to keep up without any trouble at all, even if he wouldn't stand a chance in physical combat.

He didn't really remember much of that, though. He had forgotten almost everything, hiding from those things that lead to such a downfall.

No matter how strong or proud his spirit, however, he knew he had little choice once Oak offered his and Talon's support. It was, thankfully, offered in such a way as to indicate the aid of an equal, sparing his stubborn pride.

With a slight nod he relaxed his body, giving himself a chance to catch his breath a little as the ground grew still steeper. Leaning against these others helped him a great deal; but he still couldn't keep the lightning in front of Flint from flickering now and then, going out completely in sporadic little jolts. Without it their area of vision was greatly decreased.

Finally, unable to ignore the tenuous bolt any longer, Flint stomped his hoof and turned sharply, making Hybrid scowl in anticipation of the look he was sure would be on the other stallion's face. Flint came across as stubbornly strong all the time, almost stiff, and he seemed to expect no less from those around him.

Tease though he would, Flint was actually just as capable of a tender tone when it was needed. Apparently, this didn't seem to be one of those times.

"What's wrong with your head, seriously? Do you think I don't notice the way you can't even hold a light right now? Are you seriously that reluctant to admit to the price of these marvelous skills, Hybrid? Sparky? You'd rather lean on new friends than damage that pride and tell me you need a rest?"

That was the price of hanging out with Flint. He spoke the truth flat, as he saw it, without pulling any blows. He knew he'd struck the issue exactly as Hybrid laid his ears flat in response.

"If you really see me as so weakened by my talent then you need to re-evaluate your observations, Flint."

With that, Hybrid pushed away from the others, offering each of them a small touch of thanks before stepping forward on his own. He would not be seen as weak by this stallion, not now. He had no idea how it was before, if he and Flint even knew each other before they came to their new home, but he did know that he wasn't going to allow the bold silver stallion to completely disregard him as a physical weakling.

He had limitations, he could admit to that. But he wasn't weak, and he would grow stronger as time passed. If it didn't kill him, first.

"So," he nickered, setting his jaw as he struggled to control his breathing after the brief rest, keeping his gaze locked on the lightning spark in front of him. The elemental play hardly made a dent in his energy, usually, but so much was going towards keeping his body going at the moment that any little drain was noticed - but this, he was determined, would not be noticed itself. "Where did the two of you end up, after re-bonding? My home is literally inside a storm now. Have you heard of our bonded? I think she said her given name here is... Singwho?"

"Songhue," Flint snorted as he passed the scaled stallion and started towards the stream one again. He shot Hybrid a knowing glare, a twinge of both sympathy and satisfaction shooting through him as his bond-mate frowned and failed to hold his gaze. If he didn't feel so responsible for those in this 'clan,' the ones that were all family to their bonded, he would gladly let Hybrid's pride be his undoing. As it was, once the water was in sight he dropped back and lowered his voice as he looked to Talon and Oak.

"Look, I'm not sure what his problem is, but I'm not about to let him beat himself up. Could one of you manage to step aside with me while he drinks?"

Quickening his step before any answer given was able to register with him, Flint stepped beside Hybrid and made sure he made it all the way up to the stream. Such a stubborn fool. Somewhere, deep under his self-imposed block, he got a tickling of needing to offer the stallion a shoulder and remind him that there was no shame in asking for help when it was needed.

Flint automatically slammed the sensation shut. Whatever had been before was lost, destroyed. He wouldn't linger on what once was. He refused.

Snorting as Hybrid drank deeply, he stepped away from the stream, squinting at the ripples caused by the scaled stallion's heavy breathing. Hopefully one of the others would join him soon.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:47 pm
by Vineda
OOC| It's wonderfy!! :heart:

Oak pricked his ears in surprise at the concession, merely nodding once to himself. It was true the trees were thinning, and that would hold until the stream. Beyond that they would get thicker again if he remembered correctly... he might be mistaken though... He snorted in slight irritation at not remembering more precisely.

Talon went slightly more rigid as Hybrid gave in and leaned between the two of them, but he pulled his share of the weight. He was just worried about the lightning flickering about. After a second or two he realized the scaly texture was rather interesting and not at all unpleasant. Oak simply wished he could do more.

As Flint turned and started on his rant, Talon backed abruptly away, gripping the ground hard with his claws and lowering his head. Oak could barely contain his anger at seeing Hybrid treated this way, and at Hybrid letting Flint get away with it. Those were blows. Just not the physical kind. He was thoroughly torn between "it's not my place" and "that's atrocious", but he knew Flint would never see reason on this. He also knew better than to start a fight with the abrasive stallion.

Talon answered, knowing Oak was still struggling and not really wanting anything to do with a fight or confrontation. " Our new bond-brother Shamrock has mentioned your Songhue more than once. We've bonded a young girl called Vineda, apparently she's a friend of your bonded. Her lands are vast now, and growing yet, with many different creatures living there. We can pretty much pick and choose our place in her home. Oak's chosen one of the woods, of course, and I... I'm not sure which is my favorite yet." He ducked his head after this, quite a long speech for him.

The two stallions looked to one another at Flint's request, neither really understanding what he meant other than the request to meet him privately at the stream. Just as well he did not wait for an answer, as he most likely would not have gotten one. Oak's brows stayed furrowed, ears obviously not enthused.

They both headed for the stream, Talon on the far side of Oak. Both joined the green one in drinking deeply, taking their time about it. Talon was having none of it, and Oak simply was refusing to do this monster any favors. Let the stubborn oaf stand off alone for all I care...