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Blazing Storms

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:36 pm
by Songhue
Flint stomped a hoof impatiently, glaring out over the forested patch of Sionayra that he and his bond-mate had found themselves at. A large storm had just passed, leaving the air heavily charged and surprisingly humid; warm enough for him to suffer through the chill here, and with enough sparks to amuse the stallion that trailed behind him.

They had found a new home, recently, and as was natural had taken a little time towards these new lands, firmly establishing the pecking order, so to speak. There had been a mare in charge, the strongest or at least the boldest of the group, with an indigo stallion close behind her, nearly her equal. A blue sea mare had followed their lead, and coming up behind them all was a small foal that was... Disturbingly brave. Flint and the lizard-looking serian that was finally drawing next to him had needed to secure their place in this family; Now, Flint lead them, second only to the strange shifter that looked after all of them, and the bold golden mare followed his lead. There had been a close tie between the indigo stallion and the scaled green one, but in the end the green elemental had won the next position with the indigo following him. The blue water mare was last, still, though they all suspected that the bold colt would grow to be an even greater influence in their family than the older, scaled elemental.

Now that their places were secured, however, they found an urge to walk upon long untrodden lands, the lands they held in their birth-right. Flint was eager to explore; Hybrid, the scaled stallion that was diligently distracting himself with the charged post-storm air, was more interested in what was already around them.

"Hurry up, or get left behind."

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Do you remember anything about this place?"

"No, nothing."

They had chosen to forget; it was easier than carrying the burdens of their past.

Hybrid snorted at the strong-willed stallion that walked ahead of him, pausing long enough to consider his bond-mate. There had been question over rather he would accept this new bonded; she would have to be seen as strong enough to lead him before she could be accepted. He would allow no other to care for him. Hybrid didn't quite understand this, or why the stallion had such hot blood. But he did know one thing; he wouldn't have any other beside him for protection. His elemental talent was great, but his body... His body was simply fragile. Flint was no warrior, yet he was still sound of body and strong of mind.

Maybe this is why he demanded a proper leader for a bonded. He wanted someone that he knew would do their job well, as he took his role in the family seriously.

Either way, the humidity was increasing as they neared the trees, and with it the charge in the air. This was going to be a fun trip.


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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:05 am
by Vineda
Oak led the way through the forest, his bond brother close at his side. Close enough that the blue-tinged feathers that peppered the other stallion's grey hide were tickling his side. The large brown stallion sighed, resisting the urge to sidle away a bit.

"Sorry, I always forget..."

Instantly he regretted the sigh as Talon inched away.

"It's really fine, I don't mind in the least. Tell me again why did you wanted to do this..?"

"I want to explore. That's what Shamrock and Vineda are always going on about; such and such new amazing place they found, right? I know the layout of the land, but I know none of the actual land."


"I don't want them talking about me either, and what a hermit I am." He muttered this last part, as though ashamed to care what others thought.

Oak tossed his head. He was not really very well equipped to deal with this nonsense. But it was Talon, so he'd do whatever he had to do. "Tal, you're fine. I don't know why you worry so much. They're just giving you space, and wondering if they're doing right. Honestly you should talk to them more, visit. It wouldn't hurt."

It was Talon's turn to sigh at this, and afterwards both fell silent. Talon was back at Oak's side by now, though not as close as before. The trees were a bit overbearing for the grey stallion, there was no sky visible between them for now. And the forest was alive with life... bugs scampering over leaves, birds darting through the branches, ground-beasties rustling through the underbrush...



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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:17 am
by Songhue
The trees were so thick as they stepped into the forest that, on a day with such heavy cover, they could barely see. Hybrid solved that in short order, though, quickly bringing up a small fleck of twisting lightning to hover ahead of them. It was a very useful little trick, as well as extremely new; he was still getting the hang of it, to some extent.

It was because of this that the little bolt was never a consistent size; some moments it seemed in danger of growing over-large and getting out of control, only to turn around and be so small as to be in danger of disappearing entirely. Hybrid wasn't deterred, all the same; he focused himself on this electric charge and let Flint lead the way.

Flint himself had little to no thoughts or impressions about these lands, although Hybrid obviously thought there was no real reason to be concerned. Still, as something moved nearby - something large, as large as they themselves - he felt something stab through his instincts, causing him to jump forward and place himself between Hybrid and the noise.

Hybrid, not in the least bit perturbed by the noise or Flint's response, simply sent a long strand of lighting reaching through the trees, acting as a glowing thread to light the way so they could see. It took a good bit of focus at first to control how much it twisted, making sure that it didn't hit or ignite any of the closely knit trees, but within moments he had mastered the move so well few would believe he made it up on the spot. Looking up, he peered over Flint's shoulder at what seemed to be a moving tree and giant bird. Of all the strange things to find...

"Show yourselves!"

"I'm Hybrid," Hybrid drawled as Flint's spikes stiffened defensively, "And this is Flint. Can you see us?"

Flint was quite suddenly reminded why he liked the green stallion. Though weak of body, he was not at all one who was normally prone to fear; he trusted fully in his talent. Hyrbid, likewise, was reminded of some of Flint's finer attributes, including his fierce and burning loyalty. It was out of protection for Hybrid, nothing else, that he had so boldly confronted these large unknowns.

Hybrid felt a similar prickle through his own instincts, as he tried to get a better look at the strangers without accidentally burning them, or the forest down. It was wiser to be wary - but he also felt another sensation, one that said that the dangers did not lurk here, in these lands, but elsewhere. Sionayra was safe.

Flint wouldn't care to hear this; better safe than sorry. That was the way of the burning sands, after all.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:50 pm
by Vineda
Both stallions froze at the new lighting method, one more in terror and the other more in confusion. Oak's head shot upward, ears flicking this way and that at high speed. Talon gripped the earth with his front talons, shifting closer to his brother. Were it not for Oak he probably would've turned and split, but Oak was the most important thing to him...ever.

"We're here, plain as day, you ought to be able to see us well enough." There was a sternness in his voice that warned against nonsense. He knew how close Tal was to bolting. There were forms behind this lightning that seemed unfazed by it, and there was a familiar stink of Elemental energy about.

Oak nudged his bond-brother and nodded toward the voices. Talon rolled his eyes in answer, a mixture of nerves and lack of enthusiasm for the job of introductions. "We're Talon and Oak."

The brown stallion snorted, shook his head and mane and finished it off with a grim look. "We can't see a thing. We mean no harm, in any case. Might you remove the light that we might see you properly please?"

Talon stomped a rear hoof slightly, tsking at Oak in his head. Always the diplomat.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:50 pm
by Songhue
Tilting his head curiously, Hybrid allowed the bolt to dim and die at the request. He still hadn't gotten a very good look. A talking tree? Seriously?

Flint snorted under his breath, moving as if to step in front of Hybrid and shield him; Hybrid, however, cut him off before he could. He followed Flint's example, but only his bonded had true say over him, and even then one would hardly know it.

Flint glared silently as the bold green stallion dug his back claws in the earth and flexed his powerful neck, though he did allow his own spikes to relax slightly. His neck was still high and stiff, movement limited thanks to the weapons that connected to his spine. It was possible to move in as full a range as any other, but it looked rather stiff. Anyone who wasn't used to such things would have to take a moment to think before every move.

He had never regretted his spikes, and now as he allowed them to ease back on his neck he found he was yet again glad for them. No Serian was defenseless; some simply had better defenses than others. His, without question, were better than Hybrid's; so why the sudden show of bravado?

"You should be a bit more trusting, my friend. You heard the reply - others, like ourselves, surely. Unless it truly is a talking tree, in which case I simply must see this for myself."

Flint rolled his eyes but allowed Hybrid to lead the way, absently shaking head head as they drew close enough to get a good look at the strangers. Though he kept his guard up, eying the talons on the feathered one warily.

"You weren't seen as well as you'd thought, frankly. We mean no harm either, in any case, though it's good that you answered so readily."

"I'm Hybrid," was interjected at this point, making Flint roll his eyes once again as Hybrid sniffed curiously at the two males that seemed to be pressed rather close together. "You smell of earth and trees, but not of the ones here. Forest souls? These lands are strange to us, so the scent has been easily noticed. We're re-exploring for the first time."

Some times Flint wondered exactly what went on in that stallion's head. Always flitting here and there, striking whatever caught his fancy.

"Is there any particular reason you're here? Which of you is Talon and which Oak, by the way?"

Some times Hybrid wondered exactly what went on in that stallion's head. Always trying to take charge, burning any lose ends or open edges firmly closed.

They traded a glance, with Hybrid looking away as a small grin touched his muzzle. They weren't a typical match up for friends, but they found they complimented each other in different ways. Flint relaxed as his gaze slide away from the green stallion as well, his ears perking forward slightly. These others were complete strangers to him and, he had to admit, he was slightly curious. Part of exploring these lands once again was reacquainting himself with others that visited. Hybrid, though, felt a small tickle in the back of his mind; these two seemed familiar, in a way, although he couldn't pinpoint how.

"If it makes you feel better," he said to the feathered stallion, speaking without any real thought, "It won't bother me in the least if you play with an old log in your claws or chirp a little bit."

Now where had that come from?

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:56 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Mkay, just lemme know if this is weird or you think I should revise... i know remembering is strange with re-bonds; that's just the way it strikes me... :heart:

BIC| Talon couldn't help himself, when he heard the conversation between the other two. "A talking tree! Did you hear that?! They think you're a talking tree!" He busted out laughing, a sly grin pulling at the edges of his muzzle. Oak champed his jaw tightly, slightly affronted and yet partly trying not to laugh himself.

He was busy, however, with the looking over of the strangers. The grey one had a dangerous glint to him and the green one was so obviously dangerous he nearly scoffed at the words he heard. "And you, Sparkey, you also both smell of earth... though also of air." He could quite easily guess at the Elemental nature of the green one, and the nickname was tossed out lightly, not meant to offend in any way. "I know most of the forests hereabouts, though I have a home elsewhere. We are also on an exploring mission, more for leisure than anything else."

At a look from the brown stallion, Talon knew he'd have to pull some of the weight. Slightly huffily, he clarified. "I'm Talon. That's Oak." The two shared a look, both understanding the other pretty quickly. Oak had chosen not to forget, and Talon had chosen to forget but seemed to remember anyway. These two were very familiar indeed, even if it was hazy. Both remembered the connection, if little else was clear.

Both also understood pretty quickly that the other two didn't seem to hold such memory. It made things slightly awkward, but Oak -being the leader- simply took it for what it was. Good thing too, as Talon was quite taken aback by Hybrid's little comment... Oak shot him a pacifying look and received a curt nod in return

Talon thought that the randomness just fit this Hybrid so well that he simply couldn't be too offended. He felt like it was something that once would've caused great amusement to the whole lot of them. Curiosity was starting to gnaw at him a little, so it was less grudging when he asked both of the others, "Are you looking for anything specific? If you are, old Oaksey here'll know just where to look." Despite his smirk at this old nickname for his brother, he was super aware of the social awkwardness at hand as the groups came to a crossroads of either joining company or going their separate ways. And for once he wasn't exactly sure which way he preferred...