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New Memories.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:56 pm
by Foxyfireswings
Sunspot had crossed through to his homeland, emerging from the circle light he met the bright afternoon sun, his emerald eyes sparkled with excitement. His bonded had told him to run across the boundless fields and see if he could meet someone. It had been a long time since he last saw another serian, his memories of the land had dimmed almost to the point of nonexistence, so he would have to make new memories.

The sun shown brightly overhead, its early spring warmth flowed down from the heavens, around him sharp smelling ceder trees towered up to the sky, walking through the trees his sharp emerald tri hooves making no sound against the soft earth, just a short distance from him an opening in the trees stood waiting for him to approach. Sunspot tilted his ears forward, curious of what lay ahead.

Prancing to the edge of the ceder forest he stared out across the field, sweet smelling flowers of every size, shape and color speckled as far as he could see. As he peered out across the field he couldn't help but feel the urge to run, the wildness in his heart took over and instantly he shot out across the field.


His powerful muscles bunched as he drew his legs forward and back effortlessly, his crimson coat shinned in the afternoon sun, the stars ridding down his strong neck shimmered with newly forming sweat. Throwing his head down he bucked, drawing his hind-legs high in the air, whinnying as he did.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:30 pm
by Songhue
OOC| It's honestly a surprise to me that Maelstrom hasn't jumped in yet - but he may as of yet, when he has a chance to. :)

BIC| Frolic tossed her head in agitation, trotting with no real destination in mind. She had wanted to settle into her new home and instantly begin the search for her family, but her bonded insisted that she wait. They had fought at first - but she realized the strangeling was right, no matter how it irritated her.

'Twould be unwise to rush to rescue, else ye lose yourself in the journey

The words clanged around her head, a truth she couldn't deny, no matter how she tried. It was far too easy to see herself as lost once peace was regained - herself forgotten and unsure now that she had helped her beloveds.

Help thyself first, my dear, that ye may better aid them

She was right - how could she offer them peace if she didn't know it herself? She hated it, all the same. She was tired of things being how they were, and a mother's instinct is to help her foals when they need it. But she had to wait - she had to fix herself, first.

Well, fuming over facts won't change them. And this is a lovely field of flowers...

Shaking the thoughts out of her head she pranced out to the middle of the field, flopping down to roll in the brilliant blossoms. They smelled nice and she wasn't objectionable to the petals the stuck to her mane and tail as she stood, either.

If she was to build herself anew and create memories, this was as good a way to start as any. Some in her bond-family had gone to a party, but she wasn't yet ready to socialize on such a large scale. No, this.. An open field of flowers with tender petals, was all she was ready for.

Ah, but who was that coming towards her? A bright red coat with flashes of yellow was all she could see for the moment, though it didn't bring up any memories. A small, playful smile lit up her face as she considered the concept of company, vaguely wondering what the first impression would be of a mare with deadly spikes and flowers in her hair. She simply had to see the look on the serian's face that saw her now!

"Ho! Hail to thee, as a friend would say, and how do you do? I am Frolic, but who might you be?"

Mmm, and so the first steps to my future have been taken.


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PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:10 pm
by Foxyfireswings
*Maybe so ^^*

Sunspot felt strong and happy running through the fields, it wasn't long before he caught the scent of another in the field, curiosity stayed his gallop and he looked over to see another Serian standing in the middle of an array of flowers. Hearing he warm welcome reach his ears, he smiled politely closing the distance between them till he could see the flowers that rested in her mane and tail.

Bowing his head politely he said in a pleasant voice, "A pleasure to meet you Frolic, please call me Sunspot." Lifting his head, his eyes filled with curiosity, she was quite beautiful. Her coat reminded him of fresh spring grass, and her spikes that rested along her back legs glittered threateningly in the sunlight.

Lifting a hoof and scrapping the ground lightly he said in a curious voice his heart feeling light and happy as that of a colt, "Wonderful day for a run, were you enjoying the sunlight and flowers as well?"

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:03 pm
by Songhue
"Well the flowers, yes," Frolic admitted, grinning at the antics of this Sunspot. "I normally prefer far more overcast skies, but I can still appreciate the beauty in a sunny day."

Even if it wasn't her comfort zone.

She tilted her ears curiously as he pawed at the ground, her own itch to move beginning to surface. She did like to move - small things, usually, a flick of her tail as she relaxed in the drizzling trickle from a tree or jumping around the trunk to catch the droplets. Still, a run might do her good - though it would be harder, under the hot sun. She missed the gentle caress of a cooling storm already.

A quiet wind kicked up with the thought, plucking stray petals into the air and making her nicker in amusement, jumping up and trying to catch one on her nose. It didn't work, of course, but it gave her the excuse she needed.

"Fine day for a run indeed! Race you, Sunspot!"

And with that, she broke into a bucking canter and chased after the flower petals, trying hard not to picture her foals doing the same next to her. It had to be possible to enjoy herself, at least for one day, without being haunted by them...

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:01 pm
by waterlily
Mael had been grazing near the forest edge when another comes speeding by. He often finds berry bushes near the forests edge. This other was red with a fiery yellow mane and tail. Mael decides that he would follow this other speedy one to see if a friend can be found. Mael has just returned to this land and remembers not anyone. His bonded is also new to this land. Both looking for ones to play with.

Mael follows the other red one, but stays to the edges of the field as to not be seen just yet. His bonded always told him to be cautious at first of those you do not know. Should they present themselves friendly...good...otherwise you will be ready for foes. Mael and his bonded are of similar age. Both children at heart.

Mael finally caught up to the speedy red one only to find yet another. This one green with white hair. His bonded tells him that the red one is male and the other female. His bonded has many gifts that still intrigue him.

*I do not know how to act in front of others, let alone a mare.*

*Things of that nature must be explored Mael. One cannot coach that which you have yet to experience.*

Mael kept to the treeline to remain hidden, but overheard the green Serian speak of wanting overcast and a cool rain.

*Can you do this for me. Just a tiny storm and a cool mist of rain, please.*

*One does not really see the practicality in doing this, but if you insist, I will bestow that gift onto you for awhile. Be aware the fairer ex are sometimes not impressed by things like that.*

Mael could feel the power and enery given to him by his bonded.

*My new Serian has much to learn bout courting.*

Mael calls forth a small storm. Just enough to be overcast and a light sprinkling of rain. He stands proud of himself as he steps out into the field where the other are running.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:14 am
by Foxyfireswings
Sunspot watched Frolic take off, shaking his head back and forth he darted after her a smirk sliding across his face as he trailed just behind her, she was very fast. The warm spring air suddenly cooled a cloud comes across the sun overcasting the ground, he could fell the magic in the air and almost taste the strong scent of rain. The wind picked up lashing his mane against him, the nickered to Frolic, "Looks like you got your wish."

He picked up the scent of a another stallion, flaring his nostrils he skid to a halt rearing up, his hindquarters tensing. Slamming back down, he ached his neck, brushing his tail back and forth. Looking for the source the scent, rain starts to fall, cooling the sweat the rested on his back. Steam rose up around his coat, nickering he turned his head looking down the field to see the stallion standing just out of the wood.

Dipping his head up he whinnied a welcome to the stranger, remembering his bonded had told him to be nice to everyone.