(Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Take your Serians here to chat or just roam their homeland.
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Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Post by Silverdust »

"...and you said we'd make terrible parents, dark-heart."

Web snorted softly but wasted little time nipping Brittle on the ear, hard. Astarte, walking calmly between the two, tilted her head up inquisitively. Web caught her eye and smiled. "It's more that our charge is a good girl, isn't it?"

The little mare laughed softly. "Dayi and khala are silly."

"Silly indeed," Brittle bent his head to the foal's ear, whispering in mock conspiracy. "See how much abuse your dayi suffers? This is true love, little star, learn it well."

Astarte giggled again as Web swatted the warrior, again with more force than play. She pressed close to the dark mare, who looked down with something almost like shock at the tender motion. When she spoke, her voice and eyes were as clear as a morning sky. "Khala is lucky."

With that she trotted ahead to join Lock and Hellion - the odd older sisters in her world. Web watched her go, her garnet eyes soft and furrowed. "She is...something else. With only a few words she can shake me like no enemy has before. It's a wonder a child like that came from Hinote."

"I was surprised as well," Brittle mused, the joking edge gone from his voice. "She calls us titles in ancient languages, but it's not...it's not like Avalir. It's just natural to her. It fits her. If she didn't have the kid's coat, I'd have doubts she was his at all. She's her mother's girl."

He glanced sideways, devilish again. "Does that mean she speaks the truth about what lies behind my lady's cold countenance...?"

Hellion looked back at the sharp sound of a flesh meeting earth - Brittle in the dust and Web trotting serenely on, head held high. There had been a time when she might have scowled, snapped something childish and petty. The older mare's effortless, subtle beauty, her pride and her strength - she had been jealous of all that once. Perhaps she still was, but...she was older now, and the anger didn't come sharp as it once did. Besides, Astarte was here, and that girl, Lock. She had...responsibilities now...

"Brittle, fail," Lock observed acutely, deftly. Hellion couldn't help the smirk that spread across her features at the mare's deadpan, succinct assessment. Sometimes Lock's lack of florid expression was the most accurate and amusing thing she was privileged to hear.

"It's her only way of showing affection," she said, lightly. "She might've been better off in your bonded's keep than mine."

Lock shrugged. "If that affection...all my bonded...lovers."

Hellion snorted and Astarte laughed again. Lock had apparently mastered the art of the intentional joke - Sanguine would be pleased to hear that. It might come in handy soon; Hellion could make out the sounds of the party in the distance. Astarte's ears perked and she trotted forward faster. Simultaneously her escorts moved to match - the little foal had truly become the heart of their group, eliciting all the tenderness that most of the elder serians, in the bitterness of their lives, had thought they had lost.

"Hey, easy," Hellion reached out hesitantly, giving a warning tap. "I know you're excited about meeting the new people, but we are going to be in strange company. You...have to be careful."

The words felt weird coming from her, as if another mare, older, mature, had crept into her skin. Astarte looked back and nodded, slowing as they neared the group. The amount of serians was overwhelming, all relatively new faces. Hellion felt her heart drop a bit - but it wouldn't do to run scared. Web came up beside her, and for once she felt comforted by the familiar aura.

"We're here so Astarte can get out a bit," the dark mare said, her eyes scanning the crowd. "But you and Lock deserve it as much as she. Go, show her around a bit."

Hellion nodded, meeting Lock's eyes. Astarte seemed to sense that she was the one who was in charge of the itinerary and headed toward the decorated cottage, eager to look at all the shiny green. The two mares followed her, far enough away that she wasn't strangled, but close enough that they wouldn't lose her in the crowd. Web watched them go with something like pride.

"You're losing your touch - it's the first time I've grounded you so easily koibito," she said, as Brittle came up beside her. "We're getting old."

The stallion gave a mock gasp. "My angel, self-conscious?"

She gave him a flat stare. He shook his head, touching his nose briefly to hers. "You are as beautiful as ever, but it is not my place to say that. Perhaps there is a certain fire that need be rekindled...but should you need me, I shall be in the company of that lovely green ambrosia over yonder."

With a smile he cantered off. She shook her head, smiling almost wistfully. Brittle never ceased to surprise her, even after all these years. Moons ago he would have never said that - moons ago she would've trounced him for the suggestions. She wondered if they had changed that much, but nonetheless the truth remained. How long had it been since she had seen Chaos? She wondered if he even still thought of her in passing...well, only one way to find out. She slipped into the crowd.

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Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Post by Talia »

((OOC: It’s never too late to jump in Silverdust! Glad you joined us! XD I’m letting Vision and Bridle sit this one out until the gals lead Tigs’ Serians to them ^^ Tatter and Mango aren’t needed either, at the moment))

--Gem, Karma, Nymph--

Karma giggled as Darroch investigated her tail, and flicked him neatly on the nose with a laugh. Gem gratified Karma’s giggles with a sigh and a shake of her head. She knew that if the foal were older, Karma would not be able to resist. She was a shameless flirt, and many a stallion had been drawn in by her coquettish behavior. Luckily for Darroch, age was a very large determinant of the suitability of Karma’s suitors. Nymph, hiding behind Gem as best as she could (now that visitors had arrived), shyly poked her head out from behind Gem’s vivid hide.

“Pleased to meet you Path, Darroch and Breeze,” she said, her voice tremulous at best.

Gem nodded encouragingly at Nymph’s brief attempt at being social, and touched noses briefly with her bond-sister, as reassurance.

Tal laughed aloud as the rambunctious foal jumped into the mix, and affectionately grinned at Darroch before replying in kind.

“We’re pleased to meet you all,” she said with a laugh as she watched Breeze saunter off in the general direction of the vat of green beer. “Stallions,” she added knowingly, with a wink.

Nymph colored visibly as Breeze winked at her on his way by. Talia chuckled and patted the mare as she “danced”- those small swift hoof movements that were indicative of her anxiety. She was slowly getting better, although she was hopelessly shy around the stallions. None-the-less, Talia was quite proud of her progress. For a long time, the mare would scarcely leave the surrounding woods. Now she was actually conversing with people!

Darroch’s charm brought a smile to Gem’s face. Perhaps this party won’t be so bad after all… she thought to herself. At the very least, everyone else will be a welcome distraction… She brightened a bit more, almost imperceptibly, as Tigs’ Serians appeared. It is nice to see some friendly faces again, she admitted to herself.

“It’s good to see you all again” she said, nodding towards Frost, Tinsel, Vapor and Satomi. “I’m glad I finally have the opportunity to meet Satomi in person. Your father talks about no one else,” she added, addressing the little mare directly. She paused as she gathered her thoughts. Once upon a time, she and Surf had been considering foals… Her bright crystalline eyes dimmed slightly as she reminisced, but she forced enthusiasm into her voice when she continued. “I’d be glad to show anyone the area. Talia has really dressed the place up, and there are many more Serians for you to all meet.”

As Nymph sidled up next to Gem, prepared to follow the mare on her tour, Karma continued to babble away at the other Serians that accompanied Songhue. Feeling slightly out of place and a mite bit uncomfortable next to Karma, Nymph left Gem’s side and trotted serenely up to Frostbite.

“He’s so very proud of her,” she said softly with a shy smile. “Satomi, Ovela and yourself are his life. I know where he is, if you would like me to take you to him.” She flushed again, suddenly embarrassed by her openness.

Gem grinned at Nymph’s initiative from afar, and motioned towards Vapor and Tinsel before calling out to them. “Bridle and Silver were nearest to the cottage, last time I checked. I generally just follow the shouts and loud noises. Silver’s usually soon to follow, and Bridle’s not that far behind, ready to nip that oaf into developing some common sense. Please Tinsel, for all that’s good, keep an eye on him! Last I heard Vision was chewing him out over some green beer incident involving Ovela… I can only speculate, but you know him…” She shrugged, and tossed the two a broad smile- the sincerest since the beginning of the party. She really did miss their company.

Talia watched her Serians with a small smile before turning back to nod at Songhue in response. “It hath been a while indeed Songhue, and I fare as well as can be expected. I hope these days find you in good health as well! It is indeed good to see you again!” She had really missed the company of her good friends. She saw them so infrequently nowadays that she was happy to have any excuse to throw a gathering just to get everyone together.

A few moments later, she noticed another grouping of Serians approaching. She should have arranged a larger welcome wagon!

--SilverRain, Nip, Ovela--

As the little filly managed to pick herself up off of her unsuspecting victim’s hoof, she hiccupped loudly before plopping unceremoniously on her rump with a grin.

“Yes, he has *hiccup* rather *hiccup* large wings. I wasn’t supposed to *hiccup* drink that st*hiccup*uff, but Silver wasn’t watching, and I was curious,” she stated simply and honestly, amidst the periodic hiccups. She tossed her scarlet mane and made an attempt at a sly grin before continuing in a conspiratorial whisper. “He’s looking for me now I bet, b*hiccup*ut I left and he didn’t notice. Again,” she added with an exaggerated roll of her eyes.

She finished the last with a smirk, pleased by her own game despite her deteriorated condition. Before she could continue to speak again, Silver came galloping around the corner, followed closely by Nip, hot on his hooves….

--Galaxy and Shimmer--

Galaxy silently watched the mare approach from the cottage, settling a distance away in relative solitude. Without a word he stood and shook his mane out before trotting closer to Luna, his movements now sinuous and tempered by the grace that Shimmer had lent him. It was evident that he had changed in a short period of time, perhaps not inwardly, but outwardly at least. He no longer shied away from company, but neither did he openly pursue it. His movement towards Luna was merely an invitation rather than an intrusion, as he settled a short ways off, away from Shimmer, Tatter and Mango, but not close enough to Luna so as to interrupt her privacy.

He stood in the open and grazed, his tail moving lazily in the slight breeze. His hooves ached to run, but the fields were so peaceful, so tranquil, that he resisted disturbing them. Quietly, he contemplated his life thus far. He had been rather sheltered, despite his being rebonded, and his life truly was uncomplicated. He yearned for adventure, or at least some event that would define him. He felt rather… lost. Not in the sense that he was confused, but just that he was without purpose.

He subtly observed Luna from his current location. When he had met her before, however briefly, she had been tolerant of his behavior. He had found her intriguing- the way she self-isolated, her relationship with Vision and Frost. Such complications were beyond him. He truly didn’t understand the intricacies of such things, but he knew that he found her interesting beyond comparison. She seemed noticeably distressed this time; lackluster, in comparison to her previous self, as if something had stolen her radiance. For all that he had surmised from her though, he decided that the best approach was to let her come to him, if she had need.

Shimmer scrutinized the situation with barely concealed curiosity. It took quite a bit to pique Galaxy’s interest as of late. He had been quite detached, however she found it increasingly difficult to identify with him. Whereas Galaxy had grown up and been influenced by a variety of individuals, Shimmer had no such influences, at least that she could remember. She was who her nature dictated she should be. None the less, she couldn’t help but watch the interplay of events, and wonder at Galaxy’s motives.

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Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Post by Songhue »

Breeze wasn't entirely sure who or what he passed on his way to the green vat. This was an interesting thing, this green beer, and he couldn't help but wonder just how high his limit was. But - how to get a drink without falling face first into the vat? He grinned coyishly as he considered, pausing for the first time to look around. Maybe he could find a 'drinking buddy' of some sort...

Darroch flicked is ears about as the others traded words while Breeze bondered his emerald treat. The colt let his gaze travel over everyone curiously, a playful spark lighting his eyes as he considered his present company. This was new to him and he was curious, but all the chatter was becoming a bit tiresome.

Ah, but what better to pique his interest than to see still more approaching? And oh, he didn't know any of these others. Some of them were rather odd looking, to him at least. But then Satomi looked a bit odd herself, with the things that came from her cheeks and her marvelous wings, and that only made him all the more curious.

He wondered, vaguely, why she was so silent all the time. Was she simply enjoying the moment, or just naturally quiet?

Shrugging away the thoughts, he turned and nipped at Path's tail, entertaining himself by chasing after the silken swatch of hair at the end. He grinned as she snorted out a laugh and nudged him away, making a couple bush branches reach out and tickle her in retaliation.

"You marvelous little imp!" she cried, jumping aside and nipping at his mane as he laughed. "Go on and explore then, you know you want to."

He didn't need to be offered twice. Flashing a dazzling smile at those around him, he flicked his tail and started off towards the newcomers. He didn't need a guide to help poke around and find trouble, after all... Although company was always welcome. He paused just a moment as he went to walk by Satomi, shifting his wings and letting a few blades of grass reach up as if to tickle her - if he was quick enough he might be able to get a giggle. Either way, he smirked just a bit and gave a slight motion of invitation before trotting out to meet the approaching group, tossing his head in excitement.

Path chuckled as he sauntered off, her tail ring glittering quietly with affection. "So much like his father," she murmured as if to herself, shaking her head with a small smile as she turned towards the others. She left greeting the new group to the party host, instead focusing on those that were already present.

"I recognize you, Frostbite, and it's lovely to meet you Vapor, Tinsel. And you as well, lady Tigs, Gem, Karma, Nymph! It is an impressive arrangement, Tal, and it would certainly be lovely to be taken to see all the effort that was put into this gathering. I'm sure we'll all see many faces just from wandering around."

Songhue found herself almost laughing with envy. Ah, but Path was in her element, that was for sure!

"My health is gaining, thank ye," she said with a gracious nod towards the others. "'Tis easier now that the babe hath arrived. She keeps her father quite busy, though!"

Right, like that was a detailed and inviting answer. The thought of Path being ashamed of her flicked across her mind before being banished as nonsense, though she resolved to try harder.

"Well enough, thank ye," she grinned in answer to Tigs, absently reaching up to trace her necklace. "Times are rarely perfect, yet there is hardly any such strife to be found at the moment. A day of such merriment and gaiety is always welcomed, in any case. How fairs thee? 'Tis always a pleasure to go out with thy bonded, is it not?"

There, that was a little better. She paused a moment in debate before raising her voice to the ones approaching, taking a stab and attempting to be a bit more friendly and inviting. It felt odd, but it was an effort.

"And a welcome to thee, new faces! May the day's light find thee blessed."

Meanwhile, Breeze's explorations had been rewarded. With a small, victorious exclamation he discovered a valve to free the booze with, as well as small, personal sized buckets lined up along one side. It seemed simple enough - put a bucket underneath and step on the valve. He tried it, figuring at worst he would break the thing off and spill the entire contents - in which case the challenge would be seeing if he could outrun an angry mob, more than likely. Thankfully, no mishap occurred and he was able to carry his prize off towards the cottage a ways, sniffing curiously as he set the bucket down.

"And here I thought that Hybrid smelled funny. Goodness."

Chortling to himself, Breeze flicked his tail and pawed the ground for a moment before dunking his head in the bucket and drinking deeply, the fur on his spine stiffening and his wings shooting up as the taste hit him for the first time. It was certainly strong! And yet... Strangely appealing. It didn't take long for him to empty the bucket, though as he jerked his head back up the world seemed to sway just the littlest bit. Encouraged, he quickly got himself a refill, drinking until his thirst was quenched and lifting his head with half a bucket remaining. There was certainly a little more tilt to the ground at this point. And... Oh my.

Was that a little green serian fairy he just saw wink and vanish?

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Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Post by Tigress »

Now with her parents distracted, Satomi watched Darroch play with a certain envy... He was so confident! But he seemed to be growing bored, and she wanted to go explore... but not by herself. Before any word of suggestion or timid invitation could be given, he'd started to wander away. She was just about to scuff the ground with a hoof in disappointment, when she thought she felt something. A tickle ran up her leg and made it twitch, definitely eliciting a giggle from the girl.

Taking that as an invitation, she turned and bounded after Darroch. "Hey wait!" When she was alongside him, she flushed red at how much effort she was putting into being more bold. "Can I come?" It was more polite to ask, as much as it might have seemed a bit timid.

Frostbite smiled gratefully at the mares who spoke to her. "And you Path, it's great to see you and your little one. He seems to bring my Satomi out of her shell... I wonder if we've anything to worry about there?" She teased, implying some kind of teenage romance. It would be shocking for Satomi to get up to anything, even if she did seem a lot more outgoing around the colt.

"Ah Gem, how are you? I'm glad Vision keeps his mind where it is most needed, the girl is turning out to be a daddy's girl, but I don't mind at all." Honestly, she was just happy to finally be happy. She'd spent years with a heart aching for the stallion, it was still taking her time to get used to nothing going wrong! As Gem went to lead the exploration party, Frostbite smiled openly to the new mare... Nymph, was it?

"I do know this, but it is wonderful to hear from others. Thank you, Nymph was it? It's a pleasure to meet you again. I think we've seen each other once before but I didn't get a chance to talk. And... I'd love to go see him now." She flushed as much as the other, touching her head to the other mare lightly as a sign of thanks. She appreciated her gentle demeanor, it reminded her a lot of Satomi actually.

Vapor merely smirked at the description given by Gem. "Yep, that sounds like my son. And my mate. I better go give that boy a beating before his father does, I consider it taking pity." The warrioress flicked her tail and grinned while Tinsel could only giggle. They were polar opposites, but she loved him even more when he was getting in trouble. Just so long as it was all in good fun! "He... the filly Ovela? Beer?!" She chirped, her voice breaking on the last word as it rose in pitch drastically. Her eyes were wide with disbelief, and Vapor burst out into laughter.

"Why am I not surprised?" She muttered, starting to head towards the front of the cottage with Tinsel in tow, still looking shocked and, though she tried to hide it, a little bit amused.

Chaos nudged the foal and looked a tad bit concerned. How did one sober up a kid? He had no idea. "Uh-huh, that sounds like him. Maybe we should get you some water and..." Silver came around that corner right then, and reacting instantly, Chaos lept out from his place and directly in front of the stallion, yelling widly. With any luck he'd get so startled that he'd lose his footing and fall into a big pile of frosted big-winged oaf. Keeping to his namesake, Chaos' face was too full of mischief as he executed his plan.

Zephyr stepped closer to the foal, thwacking Chaos on the way by as he had almost trampled her. That big pain in the- seriously... She looked down at the filly, not knowing her or whose she was. "Maybe we should get out of here before things get ugly. What was that about beer?" Alright, alright, it wasn't the most ladylike, but she was known for getting into trouble. Now if only Silver Fox was there, things would have been perfect. She really missed him these days.

Luna's eyes rose to the new arrivals, her entire body coming to direct attention when she scouted through the crowd. Hellion! Web, Brittle... no Avalir. If she had a canine tail, it would have tucked between her legs. Pitiful, but true. It was just as she was going to sit that she noticed Galaxy out on his own as well. Normally she'd mind her own business, but she knew he had a habit of keeping to himself in large groups just as she did. Maybe a kindred spirit would be good for her right now. She rose to her feet with effort and began to head towards the stallion, smiling openly as she did so. When she was within speaking distance, the jewels along her neck sparkled as if in greeting. "Galaxy... how are you? It's been a while."

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Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Post by Talia »

((OOC: Just going to give Silverdust a chance to respond before I post again ^^ No rush! Gives me a chance to get my muse back anyway, working with all my Serians at once. >.<))

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Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Post by Silverdust »

Astarte was aflame with curiosity. So many new faces - indeed it was the first time she had been outside Amma and Avi's lands, and without them as well. Still, she had her sahars with her, but it was not quite the same. To know that her parents trusted her with such freedom - it was more than a little exciting, and she felt a glow of pride flutter within her chest. Then again...they knew nothing of that one night. If they did then surely...

The glow dampened a bit and she bit her lip slightly. No, no, it had been a little mistake and she was more careful now than ever. It wouldn't be well to think of it here in any case - Lock and Hellion would know something was wrong, Lock especially, with her eyes. No, better just to live in this moment, to enjoy these new sensations and new faces. She tossed her head a little, shaking free of those cloudy memories. There were others approaching now - two more foals, her age. Her heart quickened in her chest. Perhaps...she could make friends?

She turned over her shoulder, looking toward Hellion. The young mare had a protective streak, although awkward, but for once the look in her eyes was almost soft. "Yeah, go ahead. Be careful, be...nice."

Astarte could hear her stumble a bit on the word - sahar had been raised so differently. She gave her a reassuring smile. Taking a calming breath, she pulled out ahead of her guardians and trotted to meet the other foals. They were more intriguing as she drew closer - an impressive colt with fascinating wings, and a filly, also-winged, the deep color of amethysts. She felt a little plain in their presence - it was the first time she had ever really noticed herself in comparison to others her age...but they seemed like they would be kind, wouldn't they? At least, she didn't sense anything malicious, anything her Avi had warned her of.

She nodded her head as she came up to them, a shy smile lighting her face. "Hello."

It was a simple greeting, but she all the interaction she had had of yet had been with the more laconic of serians. Great teachers in the realm of conversation indeed.

Hellion watched Astarte go with a strange mix of emotion. It was good for her, to be around others. To be normal. It was now, now that she was watching the girl grow up - wanted, cherished, loved - now she realized just how much of a mess she had made out of her own life. She would've given all the strength, all the gifts her Mistress had given, if only...

But she was being depressive now. She sighed, flicking her ear for the comforting chime of the ornament. Lock remained still and inquisitive by her side, saying nothing, as usual, and more interested in studying her surroundings. She was just as young as Astarte in that sense, indeed, there were times when the foal seemed older than her 'sister'. But that was the way with broken things...Hellion shook her head. They were the same in that respect.

She scanned the crowd, looking for something to do, someway to 'enjoy' herself. There were the mares gathered by the bonded...but then again what would she have to talk about? Worlds apart, and she had never been good with socializing. Why did she even come in the first place? Because Astarte needed guardians, and Hinote for some reason now found it in himself to trust her as a sister. Because she needed to get away from her Mistress's keep. Because Web had always pushed her to come out and she always took the challenge, regardless of how often she had failed. Because...because she had thought maybe Spindle...

Now that was just silly. She sighed lightly and gave a quizzical look toward the beer. That might be her only option at this point...

Lock nudged her shoulder. She turned toward the small mare. "What?"

"Fields," her lime-green eyes were unreadable, and she motioned towards the long expanse of grass at the edge of the party grounds, where a few loners were also making themselves comfortable. "Good...to watch. No need for words."

Apparently that unsettling ability to read others hadn't left her in the least. Hellion nodded, starting off. She was good at playing the wallflower, very good indeed. Lock followed, nipping at a few of the decorations as they went.

Web looked up as a wild shout came from around the cottage. Well, she'd know that voice anywhere, and with a cry like that there were two options. Either there was dire danger of attack, or that wildfire was up to his pranks again. Probably involving Silver. Ah, bromance at its finest. She was almost jealous.

She came around the other end, just in time to see Chaos leap wildly in front of the charging Silver. It could be quite a vicious impact; she almost winced at the thought. More of an interest, oddly enough, was that tipsy looking filly dangerously close to the hubbub. But there was another mare with her...Zephyr as she recalled. She smirked slightly - she remembered the little trick she had tried to play on Brittle, clever, but the stallion had managed to escape unscathed.

Still, she stepped a little closer to the pair, in case the two stallions came a little out of control. No use taking chances, especially with a foal involved. It was odd, she mused, vaguely. Astarte really did bring something out of her.

Brittle was discovering the beer much in the manner Breeze had, and had managed to get himself one of the handy buckets. The taste of alcohol was an old friend, but he had no intention of getting drunk. It was most unfitting, in front of so many lovely ladies after all.

Speaking of such, he wondered if he should join the cluster of mares. He remembered some from the last festival - Nymph, Frostbite, but others he could only vaguely recognize. There was Gem, whom Web had mentioned being close with at one point in time. Indeed, the one who brought her out of her shell, if he recalled correctly. Likely all mated though, if his match-up of foals and mothers was correct. Besides, he was not quite in the mood to butt in - there had been a time once, but for some reason that debonair charmer's game hadn't appealed much to him of late. He was still a gentleman, but less a lady's man.

Maybe he was getting old - he grinned vaguely at the thought, looking away from the crowd to the fields. There were Hellion and Lock. It was a pity that the two mares - who should have been in the social prime of their lives - were so intent on solitude. And there was the rogue, Galaxy. His eyes furrowed slightly. Something had changed about him, that much his Warrior sense could tell from here. But there was another mare, a stranger, from whom he could sense the same. Two rogues...interesting. He wondered if perhaps he might engage in a friendly spar, if the time was right.

A ripple of rainbow stole across his vision. LunarPrism. She was a beauty indeed, but even he could see the veil of sorrow that dimmed her. HIs eyes furrowed and he took a deep draught of the beer. Avalir...he wanted to say the stallion was a fool, if he hadn't borne witness to the aftermath of that final meeting. How torn, how fragile the other had been, for the first time in ages. Brittle snorted softly in remembrance. He seemed to be the only one Avalir ever came apart in front of. He wondered if he should tell Luna, tell her all the things Avalir could never bring himself to say, or at least maybe try to help her understand why...but no. That was a dangerous game to play, especially with Avalir concerned.

He shook his head. He hoped, by gods, he hoped that the other was doing well. A long time ago he'd told him that he would feel it if something were wrong. If he were needed. Brittle took another drink, his eyes still on the mare. If Avalir could see her, see what he was doing...but then again, he probably knew. It was killing him, but he knew. Would it comfort her to know that? He shut his eyes with a tired sigh. He was getting old indeed.

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