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(Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:26 pm
by Talia
(OOC: So, I finally decided, after much internal debating, that there needed to be another par-tay of some sorts in the fields:P As an aside, please PLEASE do not place unrealistic expectations on people, posting wise. Considering the last bunch of parties we had, it may be possible to pull off another 30 pager, and in that case, I’m sure lots of people will be posting at random, given the time and RL circumstances surrounding their situation, etc, myself included. :D That being said, if enough people get involved, try to be courteous and wait your turn, sort to speak, in the general hubbub but do not get upset if someone can no longer participate, or keep up. Find ways around it. In other words, common sense, people-ees. Lol. I just missed you all, RP wise (especially after re-reading the old Post Festival Celebration Thread!) and thought it would be good to get everyone together again. Everyone is welcome, new and old Serians and RPers alike! I am insane, but I’m getting ALL of my Serians involved, for as long as I can keep up with it. They’re all clamouring for attention :P Sorry in advance for the super long intro post!)

--Bridle, SilverRain, Vision and Ovela--

It was belated, but Talia figured that now was as good a time as ever to throw a St Patrick’s Day get-together at the cottage. Talia fidgeted and fussed over decorations, experiencing an intense feeling of déjà vu. This had not been the first party hosted at the cottage, but it was so strikingly familiar to her last post-festival celebration that she had to laugh. Fondly, she glanced over her shoulder at her ever-growing “family”, noting how much many of them had changed and grown as individuals.

The usually insouciant Vision was now a father on multiple fronts, overly agitated by daddy-issues and paternal concerns. SilverRain, ever the inexorable imp and overgrown foal, was now seriously considering a family with his long-suffering and sweet mate, Tinsel. Bridle, being the eldest and first-bonded, had grown increasingly more bold, belligerent and bossy towards his other bonded companions, ever the patriarch of the group and her constant protector. Tatter still had his sharp edges, but they were becoming increasingly dulled and more tolerable by others as a result of the constant presence of his newly re-homed mate, Mango, who most had attributed with his mellowing. Galaxy was now more aware of his Rogue heritage since the arrival of her newest bond, Shimmer, who was altogether too aware of what it meant, and who continued to be one of the most perplexing individuals of the group. Gem had gone from a skittish and relatively introverted mare, to an extroverted and inseparable companion of Silver’s, to a slightly embittered yet still overtly friendly maternal mare. Nymph was still a little wraith of a thing, painfully shy, yet she stuck to the mare Karma like glue, despite her Narcissus-like complex in regards to her vanity, her playful opposing nature and painful naiveté. Nip, another new bond, had become thick-as-thieves with Silver, much to Gem’s chagrin, and occasionally was able to pull out glimpses of Silver’s old personality in their more lively moments. And lastly, little Ovela kept them all on their toes (or hooves!) with her mischief-making ability and saucy personality.

Talia snapped out of her reverie as Bridle nudged her, gently.

“You went off somewhere again,” he said chidingly in his deep familiar baritone. Talia smiled at him and mussed his mane, a familiar gesture that never ceased to make him grumble.

“I was remembering old times,” she said simply, as she patted his great mahogany neck in an attempt to soothe his ruffled pride. A laughing voice interrupted their conversation.

“Ol’ Gramps would remember them better than any of us,” Silver said with a grin as he continued to agitate and offend his father further by nipping playfully at his forelock. Bridle tossed him a ferocious glare and buffeted his son with his wings.

"I think I liked Battleaxe better," Bridle said quietly. “I am no one’s Grandpa yet boy,” he added sharply, muttering darkly. “Just because you believe that you’re a suitable candidate for fatherhood does not mean that your mate does you big lummox...” Bridle paused, glancing about sharply. “Speaking of foals, where is your charge? I do believe that Vision put her in your hands!”

SilverRain snorted and looked about. “Why, she’s right... here... oh...” he said, his voice trailing off into an ashamed mumble.

All at once, Talia’s relative silence was overrun by a cacophony of Serian shouts, and one mini-objector.

“SILVER!” Bridle roared, entirely too cross that his son could be such an oaf as to lose one adolescent filly.

“SILVERRAIN!” shouted another, equally irate voice in the distance, which was punctuated by a high feminine voice, protesting hotly in defence.

“I... Well I...she... well...” said Silver feebly, looking utterly abashed, and completely cornered. He sat on his hindquarters, his expression resembling that of a cornered animal counting down the moments until its demise.

Talia did her best to suppress a giggle as Vision came trotting into the cottage, his dissenting adoptive daughter in tow. The little filly was doing her best to dodge her “father’s” angry nudges as she flicked her wings and fiery tail in time with her complaints. Bridle all but smirked, certain that Vision, in his newly discovered father-figure role, would present Silver with a scathing report of his daughter’s going-ons while in his absence. Satisfied that his son would receive a tongue lashing that he decidedly deserved, he left the cottage to fuss over the shiny shamrock decorations affixed to the eaves of the cottage.

Ovela stood stonily next to her father, who was oblivious of his daughter’s heated gaze.

“Do you know what she was up to!?” demanded Vision of a decidedly dejected looking Silver, who then proceeded to shake his head before realizing that Vision would not be able to see the obvious gesture.

“Noo...” he whispered softly, afraid to incur the stallion’s wrath.

“Well, let me tell you,” began Vision hotly, his usually absent temper flaring, “There is a decidedly large vat of green beer positioned outside, for Human guests. A. Large. Vat. Of. Beer.”

Silver, seeing where the conversation was headed, cut to the chase.

“Sorry?” he ventured, his voice sheepish, feeling like quite the foal himself. Shamefaced, he ventured a peek at Vision, but he was unable to discern the stallion’s expression due to the ever-present mask, with the exception of the stallion’s obviously down-turned mouth. The little filly squirmed restlessly and tried to grin reassuringly at the stallion being berated.

“It’s ok Silver, it tasted yucky anyway,” Ovela stated, rather matter-of-factly as she swayed ever-so-slightly. She giggled, which was then followed by what seemed like an overly loud hiccup in the overwhelming silence of the house. Vision sighed aloud, shaking his amethyst mane in exasperation.

“Can I at least count on you to watch my now semi-intoxicated young daughter, or should I ask another, more reliable Serian perhaps?” he said quietly, allowing the other stallion a possible method of redeeming himself.

“Yes sir,” responded SilverRain promptly as he quickly ushered the little filly (who was now giggling and hiccupping in turn) out of the cottage before Vision changed his mind. “It won’t happen again, I promise!” he added, calling over his shoulder.

--Outside the cottage (Tatter, Mango, Galaxy, Shimmer, Karma, Nip, Nymph and Gem)--

Nip watched Silver usher his charge quickly from the cottage with barely concealed amusement. She flicked her vivid lime green mane out of her face before approaching the stallion, a smirk planted firmly on her face.

“My guess is that you just got thoroughly thumped Big Guy,” she said laughingly.

Silver scowled at her, his eyes narrowing suspiciously. “Did you know that was going to happen?”

The mare chuckled and tossed the stallion a wink. “Seriously Silv, everyone saw that coming. Did you forget that the little mite had some semblance of free will, especially that one? She saw her opening, and she took it!”

“I have phree wheeell!” piped up the little filly, as she collapsed against Silver’s leg in a fit of giggles and hiccups.

Silver rolled his eyes at both of the females in his presence. “Women,” he said simply.


Nearby, Tatter, Mango, Galaxy and Shimmer grazed in a small field adjacent to the cottage, the first two quite a few paces away from the latter two. Although Tatter was now a bit more openly social, he usually did not engage unless prompted by Mango. The two lay in relative silence, cheek to cheek so as to avoid the other’s more spiky regions. Mango’s lengthy and luxurious lavender tail had been braided by Talia (upon request by the mare), and interwoven with clover in an attempt to mimic the shamrocks that decorated the nearby cottage.

Not far off, Shimmer was rolling about in the fields, enjoying the feeling of the grass against her beautiful golden star-spangled coat. Silver eyes watched her curiously from a distance as Galaxy paused occasionally to survey the darkening sky, searching for the first few stars of the night. In the little bit of time that he had become acquainted with Shimmer, he had become a bit wiser, and he thought he had found a certain amount of inner peace and confidence that he didn’t know he had. She had that effect on people. She was friendly, but rarely said much unless it was of some consequence, a rather Rogue-like trait. She had a respect for life, and harboured this inner well of joy that would spontaneously make her act like a filly. She, like most abandons (and himself) had little to no memory of her previous bond, but she did not dwell on it. The past was just that- the past, and he admired her for it. She was, however, curiously disconnected from her surroundings sometimes, an ethereal presence in their little family grouping. Yet her overwhelming confidence instantly made her attractive to the others, although she seemed to take little interest in joining a circle, finding a mate, and all other forms of attachment, in much the same manner as him. She did, however, seem to take it upon herself to educate him in all things Rogue, as if he were some unusual specimen of such. He knew that he had been influenced by his bond-mates, and had matured with a rather odd perception of things, which was different from most Rogues apparently, or so he had been told.

He tossed his head, sending his long streaked mane flying into the wind. He had begun to take notice of his own physical strength in a way in which he never had before; the way his muscles shifted and recoiled during a gallop, or the way he could easily body-check Silver in a tussle. Shimmer had pointed it out to him- she was a diminutive mare, but he knew that she easily had the ability to pinion even the largest stallion in their group, not that she would. It was apparently part of the Rogue strength. She had also started to tutor him in certain magical abilities, which, again, he had been previously unaware of. He continued to regard her with interest. How she knew all this information was beyond him; it was clear, at least, that she was very in tune with her nature.

Shimmer, instinctively feeling the gaze of someone at her back, flipped over to regard Galaxy. Without hesitating, she trotted over to his side to stand and watch the horizon as well, her golden eyes unmoving as she spoke.

“You are thinking of her,” she stated simply.

Galaxy shifted slightly, betraying his slight unease with the mare’s uncanny ability to know where his thoughts were straying. Problem was, she was right... in some respects.

“Perhaps,” he said mildly, attempting to appear nonchalant, something that Shimmer found immensely amusing.

The two did not continue to discuss the issue, but instead enjoyed the creeping comfort of the night and the relative solitude that it provided before guests arrived.


Gem, Nymph and Karma were arrayed nearest to the cottage, positioned as the self-appointed welcoming crew. Brightly jewelled eyes regarded the other two mares with obvious exasperation. Karma had insisted on “dressing up” in much the same manner as Mango, however the Lady had taken an immense amount of time braiding the mare’s mane and intertwining it with numerous tiny shamrock shaped decorations rather than imitation clover. The mare was immensely proud of her appearance, and pranced about happily, pausing every now and again to gaze at herself in any reflective surface. Gem, who was not very particular about preening, found her behaviour childish and a tad annoying. Not to mention the fact that she had other things on her mind... namely the absence of her mate for quite a few years now.

Nymph did her best to quell the other mare’s incessant preening, even though she knew it was relatively harmless and that Karma was merely excited. Gem had been particularly irritable as of late, and she had no desire to incite her wrath. She fidgeted, her fluttering wings betraying her nervousness as she continually complimented the mare, hoping that the overwhelming amount of attention might get her to calm down a bit.

Gem herself had a single shamrock decoration tucked behind her ear, which stood out shockingly against her turquoise mane and yellow hide. To make her bad mood worse, the clover slipped off, leaving Gem with no means of placing it back in its original position. Scowling, she stared at the other mares, which caused Nymph to involuntarily snort in alarm. Inwardly, she scolded herself. None of this was Nymph or Karma’s doing, so she smiled softly at Nymph, trying to reassure her. Really, she wasn’t irritated with her. The little mare was trying her best to alleviate her stress, and she knew that the mare was intuitive enough to discern why she had been upset.

Nymph looked away from a now prattling Karma and smiled softly back.

“Will the guests be coming soon?” she asked quietly. Her voice was so soft that even Karma stopped in her excited babbling and experimental tail-swishing to listen. Truth be told, she wasn’t fond of being on guest-duty. The thought of all those people had her stomach tied into knots and ready to bolt for the forest.

“Soon enough love,” replied Gem briefly before lipping idly at the grass. She knew that the mare was painfully shy at best, but thought that this experience would be good for her. She needed to meet some new friends.

Talia stepped up beside the mare and placed a hand on her back. She knew that Gem had been beside herself for months, absolutely devastated about Surf’s disappearance. He had been absent for approximately five years, and Gem was despairing. She hoped that meeting some new people and seeing old friends would help to cheer her up. With a small smile, she picked up the shamrock and wound it tightly into the mare’s mane, just behind her ear where it used to be, securing it from further mishap.

Now they just had to wait for the guests...

Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:34 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Sooo, Tribe is with Sign waiting for Keidas, Crest and West, Sparkle is {as far as is known to me} still mucking about with Amber, Hybrid is off playing lightning games while Flint gets his head on straight with Oak and Talon for company, and then me an' Sign are Both also in Sage's thread... Although that doesn't seem to be all that active at the moment, which would be why Sign is somewhere else as well. With most o my beauties tied up, and with Sparkle, Path and Sign waiting for a chance to call a circle meeting after Tribe gets a good look at Crest, there be na much that can be contributed from my realm. :bubbles:

BIC| Path nickered in contentment as Darroch dashed through her legs, bucking and chasing the various creatures that scurried into the bushes. He was growing steadily, the top of his back already brushing her stomach, though for all the world you'd think he simply didn't notice.

They were headed to a party, a fact that had the colt excited, but that didn't explain his romping behavior. At the moment they were traveling, walking towards this cottage they were to meet at - so he enjoyed the moment, the scenery, the strange new area. Finding the realm had been easy with their bonded tagging along, shifting all of them between realms and worlds to the appropriate land. Now they simply had to find the cottage itself.

Breeze snorted quietly beside her, his gaze wandering curiously over the way the plants and skies blended together as they traveled the well-worn path. There was a warm, gentle wind whispering through the trees, making his mouth twitch up into a small grin.

Darroch pulled back quite suddenly as he bucked his way around a fern, very nearly colliding into the dappled unisus that lead their group. Gealach shifted with a snort as he barely missed jamming her translucent wing into her side, a chuckle escaping her as the air shimmered and revealed an iridescent emerald hummingbird. He meant no harm in his play and he hadn't -quite-managed to sprain her wing, after all. All the same, Path gave him a sharp nip for it, making him snort and twitch his wings.

"My bad," Darroch murmured, his voice ringing as deep as an endless chasm. He let his ears droop a moment as he glanced at the quickly flitting hummingbird, relaxing only when she came over to rest on one of his beautiful blue wings.

"'Tis just as well," Séad murmured, a gentle hum piercing her voice as she looked between his ears. "It hath taken some time to be so comfortable around even my own clan, to show thee such a form as was seen. 'Tis na yet time to reveal it to others."

"I have no idea what you're so afraid of," Breeze commented, a tender grin hidden in his words. "It's a challenge, is all - a question on rather you can do it or not, can show them you're like us in a way, at least in one form, without being judged for it."

Path shook her head and trotted up to nip at Breeze's wings, silencing him. He was still learning - their bonded tended to hide, even when she was out being sociable, which she had done a great deal lately thanks to her mate.

"You're certain that thy mate and brother can handle your little girl, Shiny?"

"Yeah, she's more of a handful than I am, even. Not that I'm all that bad!"

That made everyone laugh, a sound that carried well through the trees. Darroch flexed his wings as the giggles tapered off, prancing excitedly when he noticed the cottage finally appearing ahead of them in the distance.

"That dragon's spark may be a marvel in herself, yet there be no doubt that yon two warriors can handle the babe. Besides - 'twas my own mate that insisted he see me going out more."

"We all know how easy it would be for thee to hide in our realm with thy cub, Shiny. It does you good to visit old friends, as ye are always telling us."

"What of ye, my darlings? Are ye sure that such a venture is well and just?"

"Fine by me," Darroch nickered, grinning up at everyone. The others nodded their agreement, each of them feeling as if it was the perfect time to be out and about, exploring if nothing else. Chuckling to herself, Séad took to the air and flew ahead to greet those that stood outside the cottage area, chirruping happily.

"Greetings from Songhue, my friends, and may the day's light find thee blessed!"

With a grin she settled on a near by bush, turning her head as the other three trotted up and began to introduce themselves. This would be an interesting party.

OOC| Piccehs!


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Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:25 pm
by Tigress
((I love these threads, I'll try to keep up much as I can! And sorry to anyone waiting on Sage's roleplay, I've been trying to make up for it with all the other events I'm running while I wait for her muse to pick up again ^^;;))

Satomi ran through a rainbow curtain, marveling at the colors and how she got lost in a web of light. LunarPrism's eyes were half-lidded in concentration, absorbing the light into her hair and creating an illusion like being locked inside a diamond prison of rainbows and light. Satomi had an eye for things bright and colorful, not at all unlike most girls her age, and was particularly fond of Luna's illusions when they had to do with amplifying colors like this.

Frostbite followed along next to the pair, watching her daughter and adoptive daughter with warm eyes, unusually warm for the icy mare who had known so many hardships. She was being fairly consumed by the addicting sensation of harmony after so much turmoil. This one scene in front of her represented everything right in her life. Tigs playfully flicked a lock of ivory mane and brushed her fingers under the mare's chin, she loved her Serians equally but she and Frost had been through a lot together and practically shared a piece of mental space with how they read each other's thoughts.

"Enjoy it pretty lady, you deserve it." The tigress commented lightly, brightening instantly when she saw who waited at the front of the familiar looking cottage. And was that... green... beer? Oh geeze, she should have known better than to leave the planning to that crazy girl! Running forward, she allowed the trio to follow behind as they would. "TAL!" A tackle-glomp was more than appropriate, before she greeted the Serians standing next to her friend.

"Go on and find your mate, don't worry about me." Luna gave a soft smile as the rainbow version of northern lights calmed in her mane and it returned to normal, a dazed Satomi looking happily up at her. "See you later!" She purred softly, following her mother as they walked towards the cottage. "Be well, and don't think too much Luna." Frost offered gently, brushing foreheads with the younger mare before continuing in Tigs' footsteps.

Vapor came up behind the three just as Lunar turned towards the hills that surrounded the comfy property. "I don't suppose you've seen that son of mine yet, have you? I don't hear screams so I guess someone has him under supervision." She chuckled and ignored the vicious blush that lit up a much smaller mare's face. Tinsel had been hiding somewhat shyly behind her 'mother', happy that they'd been getting along well although she hadn't been saying much. She knew her mate was a lot more outgoing than she, and he often got into a lot of trouble, but that had been one of the things that made her watch him for so long, just wanting to get to know him and to bathe in his exciting nature.

Smiling half-heartedly, she shook her tousled mane. "No, I think he may be inside as well? I'm unsure, we just arrived." Luna honestly didn't want to be there for the whole meet-and-greet ceremony. She came because it was good for her, but seeing the families reunite just made a part of her feel like she'd swallowed acid. Her heart hurt, and she didn't need to agitate it further by watching these spectacles. Vapor seemed to be understanding, because she tilted her head towards the hills. "I saw some strays out there, I suppose they're easing into the party. You should greet them on our behalf so we don't seem rude." A small wink was given before the warrioress departed, Tinsel in tow and giving a small nod and smile of greeting to LunarPrism.

Bickering could be heard by the side of the house, Chaos being most likely up to no good, and Zephyr either advising him on how to be better at it, or trying to talk him out of it. Either could be equally as likely with the secretive prankster. Her old companion, SilverFox, hadn't been seen in years, and so she'd gravitated towards the only other troublemakers she knew- Beta and Chaos. "It's been a while so it needs to be good, I want him to squeal like a mare and make Tinsel wonder if he's been keeping something from her." Chaos snickered under his breath as he cautiously angled around the cottage, looking for any sign of the big winged com-padre of his, and trying to listen for the sounds of him getting into trouble already.

"SILVER!" Ah, just as expected!

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Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:40 pm
by Talia
((OOC: Colors are not going to be used for any of my threads because I have 12 Serians running around, and it gets far too complicated for me. >.< I’m going to post anyway, and I’m sure more will join later. :) Don’t worry Song about not having that many Serians in on this. Tis ok. Sometimes there can be too many… like 12. XD And no worries if people have a hard time keeping up. I’m sure we’ll manage one way or another! I’m going to assume, Song, that your Serians will introduce themselves in the next post, just so I don’t skip ahead and powerplay, or make Tal assume that she knows who is who XD Just makes it easier too, with everything that’s going to be going on!))

--Nymph, Gem and Karma--

Talia toyed idly with Gem’s hair, and the mare lay her head in her bonded’s lap, enjoying the attention and comfort. Even this mere bit of closeness helped Gem to forget, for a moment, that her heart was breaking. Nymph and Karma stood on either side of Talia, quiet for once, simply understanding that this was Gem’s moment. Nymph fretted over her friend, and scanned the horizon yet again for friendly faces, in the hopes that other Serians would shake Gem from her black mood.

Suddenly the mare began to dance, quiet prancing indicative of her excitement. She whinnied softly, making even that exclamation sound delicate and controlled.

“People are coming!” Nymph said, her slight pawing now the only evidence of her nervousness as a result of the new visitors. Karma flicked her canine-like tail briefly in response, prattling on to the subdued mare in her own excitement.

“Oh Nymph! I wonder if they’ll like me! Does my mane look alright?”

Gem sighed aloud and shook her head. The mare was impossible! Talia grinned, albeit ruefully, and patted the exuberant mare with her free hand. Gem rose from her seated position and shook her brilliant mane out, now carefully combed by Talia’s gentle fingers.

“We'd best great them then, don’t you think?” she asked the others with a small, forced smile.

As the small hummingbird took flight, Talia stood amongst her mares, waving in greeting.

“Greetings from Talia,” she replied happily, and somewhat formally, in kind, “may you all be well. Enjoy the hospitality of my home and hearth.”

The three mares dipped their knees in what could only be described as a curtsy, and nodded at the approaching Serians. Talia took this opportunity to introduce the others to her new guests. She was familiar with Songhue, and she had heard that Galaxy had recently met Path and Darroch, but she had yet to meet the Serians herself. She assumed that the young foal and the yellow mare were those that Galaxy had played with in the snow, but the new stallion was unfamiliar to her.

“Let me introduce a few of my Serians for you, Gem, Karma and Nymph,” she said, pointing to each one in turn.

Before she could hear the introductions from Songhue’s group, she was interrupted by a familiar voice shouting her name from across the way. Grinning hugely, she all but attacked her friend in a giant hug before introducing the new Serians to Tigs.

“Everyone, meet Tigs. Tigs, this is Songhue and her… gathering, that I have yet to meet,” she said with a chuckle. “Tigs, I could have used your planning abilities! So far, I have one drunk filly, and a gathering of over-excited and decoration-laden Serians.”

Talia's mares all nodded to Tigs in kind. Most had met her before, with the exception of little Karma.

--Bridle, Vision--

Bridle and Vision walked side by side as Vision fretted over leaving his adoptive daughter with Bridle’s son.

“My son might be a big oaf, but he means well,” said Bridle gruffly as the golden-clad stallion pawed a hoof at the ground discontentedly. “He was exactly as mischievous as Ovela at his age.”

Vision realized, belatedly that he had been unintentionally straining to catch Ovela’s voice in case… well, in case she had been dunked in a vat of green beer and drowned, or in case she was strung up by a shamrock… or… well…

Bridle stopped suddenly to regard his old friend skeptically. Here was a stallion who, years ago, had so many mare problems that Bridle had never thought he’d see a Circle, let alone a mate and filly, or fillies in Vision’s case.

“Vision, she will be alright,” he reassured. “Getting into trouble is all a part of childhood. She wasn’t hurt. It’s fine.”

Vision nodded and made as if to reply, but was cut off by a loud shout that was most definitely recognizable. His ears twitched forward as a grin spread across his face.

“I believe guests are here,” he said with a broad smile. “Let’s go see if we can catch sight... or... err... sound, of whomever Tigs brought with her.”

--SilverRain, Nip, Ovela--

As Chaos inched around the cottage, a tiny form tore around the corner, running pell-mell, yet, curiously enough, the filly’s little legs wobbled in much the same manner as a newborn foal, her movements ungainly and seemingly unbalanced.

With a giggle-hiccup, the filly march-wobbled straight over to Chaos before collapsing against his leg, her flame red mane draped haphazardly over one of Chaos’ hooves.

“He can’t find mee!” the little mare said in a singsong voice, punctuated occasionally by the odd hiccup.


Silver could not believe that he had lost her… again. Vision would have his hide! With a grimace, he galloped around the area on the opposite side of the cottage, Nip close at his hooves, laughing all the while.

“How you succeeded to lose a drunken filly is beyond me,” the mare said, almost convulsing with laughter. “I mean, she wobbles! And hiccups every few seconds! How could you not have noticed her leaving?”

Silver paused to shoot Nip a glare before sighing loudly in response.

“I know! I know ok? I was just talking to you one moment, and the next moment she was gone! I have no idea how I could have missed her leaving! You know how she is!”

He stomped the earth, kicking up clods of dirt in the process and rustled his dappled wings irately.

“Well, Oh Intelligent One, did you think to check around the opposite side of the cottage?” asked the mare. She tossed him a wink and laughed aloud, shaking her head at her friend’s ridiculousness. “Honestly babe, there are days where I think you have more brawn than brains!”

“Thanks for the insult,” replied Silver, dryly, “much appreciated, really.”

Silver’s ears flicked forward abruptly as he caught the faint sound of Tigs’ voice. As much as he might wish to see which Serians accompanied Tigs this time, he knew that he had to find the wayward filly first, or else Vision would surely never forgive him…

"Well, let's start there then," he said with a weary sigh. "Lead on!"

-- Galaxy and Shimmer--

((OOC: Since Mango and Tatter are pretty much unaware of the hubbub as of right now, I’m not going to bother bringing them in closer to the group. They’re a bit antisocial by nature anyway XD))

Galaxy whickered softly as he heard Tigs’ greeting. That voice was very familiar to him- Talia and Tigs had been close friends for many years. He was familiar with Songhue’s Serians as well, however, short of the loud shout from Tigs, he was unable to hear any of the other conversations going on closer to the cottage, or else he may have felt compelled to investigate.

Shimmer glanced sidelong at her companion as he stared in the direction of the cottage. It wasn’t that she minded in the slightest that he was completely fascinated with this mare. Shimmer wasn’t the jealous type, nor did she have any claim over the stallion anyway. She felt fairly confident that nothing would result from the stallion’s curiosity, however, there was a tiny part of her that was unsure. Galaxy wasn’t like most Rogues, after all. Her paramount concern was ensuring that others did not get hurt in the process. Families and circles and mates didn’t exist for Serians like them.

“She may very well be here,” she said to him, her voice a warm, mellifluous hum.

The stallion chose not to acknowledge the comment, opting instead for silence. Let her form her own opinions. He’d keep his own confidences for now.

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Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:07 pm
by Songhue
Path snorted at her son as he sniffed curiously at Karmas tail, all four of them grinning as Tigs and Tal tackled each other in greeting. Just like home.

"I am Path, and this little-" she paused to nip at her son's flank "colt is Darroch."

"Pleased to meetcha," Darroch said brightly, twitching his tail with a small grin as he turned and pounced into the hug pile with the two bondeds. Path rolled her eyes, though she couldn't surpress a grin. Only her boy.

"And I'm Breeze," was murmured at about the same time a resounding thud came from Darroch's direction, making him shake his head and glance about. "It's great to meet everyone. Now, did I hear something about getting drunk?"

With that, and a wink towards Nymph, he found himself wandering towards the large green vat just visible beyond them.

"Oh dear," Path murmured, chuckling as Darroch's head shot up at the mention of beverages. "No. Absolutely not."


"You know my answer never changes. No. Period."

Darroch snorted and sulked a moment before climbing to his feet and giving his most brilliant and winning smile to his bonded, making the little hummingbird literally fall out of the bush in giggles. Path snorted out a chuckle herself before nodding to the others, a spark lighting her eye.

"Would any of you fine ladies care to show us about? I know Darroch is curious, and I'd love to see the decorations myself." She paused a breath before looking at those that had accompanied Tigs, offering a polite and graceful curtsy. "It'd be marvelous if there'd be anyone interested in looking around with us."

Songhue shook herself of and fluttered back up to the bush, chuckling in amusement as she shimmered back into her fae form and waved the three of her bondeds farewell.

"It hath been a while, Tal. Hopefully you fare well? Have you been remembering to take an hour each day to relax? And how are thou... Tigs, was it?" She smiled and leaned against a tree, letting her eyes roam over the others curiously. She could - just vaguely - remember seeing Tigs once before, in another celebration. The beautiful tigress was honestly rather hard to forget.

As far that went, however, she was a little socially awkward and wasn't entirely sure how to continue from that point. She and Tal visited now and again, and Tal always seemed to halfway adopt the way Songhue herself spoke, but it was different when it was simply clan sitting around and relaxing together. This was... Socializing.

Re: (Belated) St. Patty's Day Festivities! All Welcome!

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:34 pm
by Tigress
Frostbite came up alongside the gathering with an open smile, so many familiar faces. She shied a little and her expression became colder when she noticed the newcomers. It wasn't that she disliked meeting new people, only that she was wary by nature. She did smile as warmly as she could, even if the look was ten times less certain than the bright smile on Satomi's face. She knew some of Songhue's crew at least, from a little snowplay in the winter.

Satomi walked up to Darroch and Frostbite tugged on her tail forcibly. "If he or anyone else brings you near anything green and liquid, you are not to touch it, Satomi." Her steely tone was offset by a tender smile as she let go. "But go have fun, love, don't wander far or your father will surely start interrogating us all." By everything light and beautiful, she did love that stallion, and she found it completely endearing that he was so possessive of the girl. However it did make her feel like she was too lenient sometimes. "Of course mom, I'll be okay." Her whisper-soft voice had gained a deeper tone, and her smile held a small note of mischief that hadn't been present only short weeks ago.

"Greetings to all new faces, I am Frostbite, and this is my growing daughter Satomi." She was a fair bit taller than last time they were there, but still fairly reserved and docile in nature. Curious, but hesitant, always restraining herself without needing Frostbite or Vision to reel her in. It was comforting, and she felt blessed with such an easy to manage little ball of life. "I'd be open to exploring, hopefully we'll encounter Vision." She said with only a slight flush. This far into their family and she still sometimes felt like a filly exposing her crush in front of the world when she mentioned him. She was a bit like Tinsel sometimes.

Speaking of, Tinsel was still following the lead of the natural leader-like mare, Vapor. She surveyed the area quickly and efficiently, and when her mate wasn't present, decided to walk closer to the group for inspection. "I'm afraid I don't know many of you, I am Vapor... mate of Bridle." She did a small bow and smiled confidently at those she did remember, genuinely pleased to see them again. Tinsel meekly bowed her head and laughed lightly, the sound gentle and easy to miss. "I'm Tinsel, hello." Short and to the point, she faded easily into the background of the introductions, being distracted by a glowing ball of colour around the other side of the house. Was that another foal? Oh how cute... it made her a little envious, but she was still happy to see it.

Tigs waved one hand merrily, the pink striping on white making her seem much less intimidating than her feline attributes normally would. "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you Songhue, and all of your Serians!" She grinned when she saw Breeze heading straight for the beer and started laughing without meaning to. "No no, I think you did juuuuust fine." She comments with a small snort. "Nice to see you all again as well." She said, smiling at the Serians by the door each in turn. Watching the fae curiously, Tigs was intrigued by her form and the way she spoke, she was certainly unique! Tal always met the most interesting people. She herself had been cooped up and over-worked with her massive herd so she hadn't had as much socializing time. "I'm well, definitely enjoying seeing so much excitement. Looks like everyone will have fun today. How are you, Songhue?" She couldn't recall having met her in person, but the form was certainly familiar. The bondeds always were quite a sight, or so she felt.

Luna listened to the small voices and laughter trailing along the breeze, and speaking of breeze, the strange stallion (though she wasn't aware of who he was yet) who seemed to be heading straight for a vat of booze. Well now, there was an idea on how to spend the evening. But drinking away her thoughts wouldn't make Avalir very proud of her. Sighing at the thought, she turned towards the mid-day sun and walked in the direction of where it would set in a few short hours. She'd like to see the sun set today, and the air felt warm and fresh here. As soon as she could see the outlines of Serians to either side, she settled on her secluded between and walked up to a tree, letting her breath out in a small gust. The air seemed to turn to solidness and color on the tree, and Avalir's still and unmoving face stared back at her. She touched noses with the illusion and laid down under the tree. She felt so tired lately, and needed to rest often. Frostbite had said she'd lost some of her glow.

Around the corner of the house, Chaos was wigging out quietly. "What the? Who are... what are? You smell like beer." His boggled expression was completed by ears pressed flat along his skull, Zephyr biting on her own lip to keep from exploding in laughter and giving them away. Chaos narrowed his eyes and smirked when she spoke, thinking of something. "Who is he? I don't suppose he is a big funny looking lug with wings?" He was going to add something about a bowl of frosted flakes, but that seemed like a good enough description!