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The After Party

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:20 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Party thread seems officially dead, sooo... Startin this up.

BIC| Frolic found herself watching Darroch with a familiar numb ache, her ears tilted curiously as he played with his latest discovery. The foal was quite the prodigy when it came to elemental workings, that much was for sure.

Darroch himself had abosolutely no interest in the mare that stood near him, so he paid her no attention. As ever, he was short-sighted and focused directly on his present moment. While it gave him a more or less worry free life, the half grown colt could also come across as slightly uncaring because of it as well. He didn't worry what others might do or think, never fretted over what someone had said or done, and had no concerns for the future at all. His mother often looked at him and said that one day, he would find someone that would make him think beyond his own present, and it would be the biggest shock of his life. It made no sense to him when she said it, and in any case he didn't dwell over it. She could say what she wanted, it didn't really matter at the moment.

Nor did it matter that he had been overjoyed when Satomi had joined him after all, or that he had been intrigued by the strange filly with the mis-matched hoof. His mother would give it thought and explore these new reactions, as would most others, but he was only concerned with his current experiment. Not how his running off due to this new interest would have effected the others.

Hybrid found himself intrigued as well, standing a fair bit closer than Frolic was as he watched the earth churn under the colt's hooves. It had taken a little understanding, but it made sense to him now, what the little one was doing. Well, not quite so little any more, but still...

Darroch had been mucking with the grass once again, exploring his level of control and reveling in the sensation of having millions of bodies. He never thought of his talent outside of when he was using it, and this last time had given him a revelation as the grass he tried to manipulate wound up limited because of rough, dry soil. His whole face changed as he considered the problem, only to realize that his talent was nature. It wasn't plants or trees or bushes, but nature itself. And the ground was part of nature, wasn't it?

So he stood and shifted the earth without using the grass roots to do so for the first time, watching it roll around under his hooves and lift him in the air a bit, giggling at the sensation of the motion tickling the roots. What else was nature? An encouraging nicker from Hybrid made him look around and spot a nearby creek. Perfect! Small enough to start with, at least.

Frolic snorted as he trotted passed her, too intrigued to wonder why she hadn't left for her rain forest once again, even if she knew the answer easily enough. She was scared, in all honesty, and didn't want to be left alone for the moment. It was a terrible sensation, feeling yourself go insane, facing the confused anguish alone. Most of the time she couldn't stand the thought of others near her - just leave her to suffer in peace, as if that made any sense at all - but after the quick appearance at the party, she just wanted some sort of distraction.

Darroch provided that by rearranging the landscape and twisting the creek into a rather skritchy looking name, with exaggerated loops - Satomi. Then it shifted about, going through all the names he knew, from his mother to the best friend of his bonded, Vineda, to his father.

Hybrid snorted under his breath as Pixie's name shifted over the landscape. It was just as well that Darroch focused only on living, as the moment and moods came. He wouldn't know what to do if the youngling had started asking why he had yet to see his father.

He hadn't come out of his own home for time out of mind, in all honesty. Many in his realm came and left on a near regular basis, but Hybrid had put himself through a sort of boot camp until he felt he was back to his usual self. Stronger, surer in his actions, he looked the opposite of Frolic in every way. She held her head low, watching out of the corner of her eye, and he stood firm and strong. His body was still frailer than many others, but it was healthy and sound once again. He wouldn't be able to win in any kind of physical battle, but he would at least be able to keep up with the best of them now.

Well, perhaps not Breeze...

He shook his head, sending sparks flying from his ears as he flexed his bare neck, nudging Darroch's shoulder once the creek had returned to its normal shape.

"You're sweating, youngling. Get in that thing and cool off before you try more."

Darroch frowned, and he knew what was coming. The colt could be painfully entranced, once something caught his attention.

"I'm still figuring this out all the way, but thanks."

Hybrid nipped his hide, hard, making him squeal in surprise and causing Frolic to jump near by. Darroch snorted as he spun around, automatically weaving grass up to wind around his hooves for a more solid stance as the earth shifted to turn him, pulling him away from Hybrid. A threatening clash sounded in he air and lightning sparked over the stallion's neck - he could find a charge almost anywhere - only for the ground to shift again and throw him backwards, flipping him onto his side.

No sooner did he land than dormant vines shot out to wind around him, coated thickly with earth that merely burnt and hardened as the stallion tried to brush them aside with surges of lightning. It took a few minutes for the layer of dirt to be blasted away enough for the lightning to break the thick vines, and when he looked up he saw why there wasn't more being piled on as it was blasted away - Darroch was back to focusing on what interested him at the moment. Currently it was getting trees to bend over and dance.

Frolic stood with her mouth agape as Hybrid climbed to his feet and glared, obviously simmering. He knew when he was bested, though he did not like it in the slightest. She took a step backwards, thinking of running back home - only to feel a shift in her mind, a moment's panic sinking in before she blinked and her face went blank. In the next instant she was trotting forward, a small smile tugging her muzzle as she eyed the colt and thought of how he reminded her of Stice.

"What are we watching?"

Hybrid grunted.




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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:51 pm
by Vineda
Fancy skipped ahead a bit, leaving Coal's side in order to lighten the mood. These guys were just so gloomy all the time! Peace and quiet was all well and good, but these two were just too serious! Sham had suggested an outing might do them well, and at this point even she of the shadows was willing to nudge them forward.

The two stallions traded a glance and simply shook their heads. Mares! Avalanche knew he should probably be grateful at how hard she was trying to help them through things; she even stood her ground next to him. Most others moved away pretty quickly as the coolness rolled off of him; others usually exuded heat, but he exuded a chill that would come of sitting on or in the snow for long periods. She bore that chill remarkably well, though. Perhaps it had something to do with her affiliation with the shadows, he mused...

Coal was simmering lightly underneath the surface. This whole outing was silliness. He'd much rather find something to occupy his mind, give him a challenge. Something to focus on. This... leisurely stroll was just ridiculous. He sighed, then snorted. Just as he was on the brink of turning around, they came across a stream.

Avalanche looked at him with his usual frosty gaze. "You should at least get a drink before-" All three of them ducked as lightning flashed and the very ground shook, trees bending every which way. The white stallion and purple mare were ready to flee, but Coal looked on. He tried his best to assess the situation, and finally understood that it came down to a fight between a young colt and a scaled stallion. The colt moved on after subduing the stallion, as though completely unaware of what had just happened...

Coal gazed with powerful eyes at the scene, while the other two just stared. Fancy recovered first, remembering the sight of this colt and thinking this was the perfect distraction. She was moving forward to introduce herself, and drag them into it most likely, before either stallion could stop her. "Hi there!" She approached the adults, and Avalanche muttered what they were both thinking. "At least she had the sense to approach those two first..."

"Pure luck."

Another traded glance, another two pairs of eyes rolling, and they followed reluctantly.




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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:06 pm
by Talia
((OOC: I am definitely going to take up Vinny on her offer to join! :)))

Gem found herself entirely at a loss as her young charge all but pranced ahead with her new favorite companion. Ovela had taken to Rein as quickly as Rein had taken to his new family, although it took little to attract the adolescent mare’s attention as of late. None the less, Gem felt decidedly excluded, a sentiment that she neither resented nor appreciated. She had been in emotional limbo for weeks, bordering on months; a singular state of numbness. And although she wasn’t entirely sure what she felt most days, she could still identify with what some would consider to be normal thought processes.

She grazed at a distance, unenthusiastically plucking at stray strands of grass as Ovela leaped at Rein, the stallion’s bells tinkling merrily in the clear air. Ovela’s laugh mimicked the sound, her voice a sweet chime with a resounding uplift at the very end- decisively feminine, yet with enough of a devious undertone that it made you second guess her very nature with every breath she took. Her eyes twinkled with some sort of hidden delight, something that only she was privy to. Since her birth, the filly’s legs had elongated, giving her a leggy appearance. And yet, despite the awkward juvenile stage that she had entered into, she made her new frame look elegant, and purposeful. She was comfortable in her own skin, and everyone had been made aware of it.

Rein laughed as she chased him, the sound clearly indicative of his youth and genial nature. The elemental paused in front of the filly and grinned at her as he briefly made the tiny bells on his harness twinkle like Christmas lights, causing the young mare to utter a peal of laughter. She was endlessly amused by his elemental abilities- the two Rogues in their family rarely relied on their magical talents, but Rein wholeheartedly embraced his, consistently using them to the benefit of others. He was a sweetheart that way- he lived for others’ smiles, and all but exuded happiness, which was, for the most part, quite contagious.

His happiness made Gem a tad bitter, despite the fact that she was usually utterly devoid of emotion of any kind. She knew the reason behind it, although she tried desperately not to dwell on it. Regardless, the mare was developing a bit of a soft spot for the beautiful palomino, and welcomed his company over others as of late.

Rein paused in his antics as Ovela trotted off for a moment to lip up some water. He hated seeing Gem in such a state, but he hadn’t known the mare long enough to comment on it. None the less, he figured that he’d intrude on her solitude for a moment while the filly was conveniently distracted.

Hello Bella,he said brightly, using his new pet name for the mare. She tried not to cringe- he meant it in the best of terms, and she knew that she usually would have found it endearing. With a grin, Rein lipped her turquoise forelock out of her eyes, beaming all the wider as she dared a tentative smile in return. She’s quite the bit of entertainment, isn’t she? he added with a nod in the general direction of the filly.

Gem mustered up the ability to converse, and managed an apathetic response.

She’s grown, she replied with what could best be described as a Serian-like shrug. She has always been a handful, full of energy.

Rein nodded in agreement, understanding that she was not entirely in the mood for friendly bantering. Slight concern colored his ruby optics- Gem had been like this for months, and according to the others it was quite uncharacteristic of her. He had heard rumor that her mate had all but disappeared, and she had completely given up on ever trusting another. She had lost her spark, and that worried him.

His thoughts were interrupted as Ovela trotted back into view, her head quirked in a questioning expression. Although she usually had little interest in all this adult emotional nonsense, Gem and Vision were the closest things that she had to adoptive parents, and it did bother her to see Gem so morose. She figured she was the least knowledgeable with such things though, so she decided to leave them be. Surely Rein would be able to dispel Gem’s gloomy mood- he was good at that. She was no fun when she was like this, and Ovela missed her old playmate.

As the adults were decidedly occupied, Ovela scanned the horizon, searching for something interesting to grab her attention. She didn’t have to search for long. Her eyes spied some trailing lightning flashes, lightning that was most definitely out of place in the afternoon’s sunny skies. She pawed at the earth underneath her hooves, excited and eager to investigate.

Rein! Gem! Come quick! I see lightning!

Rein nudged Gem encouragingly, silently supporting her and willing her to join them. The two cantered up to Ovela’s side and joined her as they watched a peculiar scene unfold below. It seemed that two elementals were having a battle of wills... at least, one would suppose it was two elementals, as the earth underneath the younger looking one seemed to have a mind of its own, and the mysterious lightning was emanating from an odd looking stallion.

Ovela glanced up at Rein and Gem and batted her eyes sweetly. No doubt her two “protectors” would be unwilling to let her investigate if the two Serians below were tussling, but this was too interesting for her to pass up...

Geeemmm.... she wheedled with false innocence. Can we please go and meet them? I’m sure they’re quite... friendly...

Rein frowned a bit at Gem, unsure. The stallion looked fierce, that was for sure, but it was clear that both of the elementals had a good grasp on their magical abilities. The accompanying mare looked more passive however, and seemed to shy away from the action for a bit. And look! There was another approaching group! He visibly brightened, cheered at the thought of meeting some new Serians.

Gem sighed and shrugged again, indifferently. Rein no longer seemed concerned, and she had yet to really meet a Serian that was dangerous. Far be it from her to stop the filly from introducing herself.

Go nuts kiddo, she said with a fleeting smile, trying to summon some gusto into her voice. Ovela grinned at her and raced down the hill, her fiery windblown mane streaming out behind her like a beacon. Rein turned towards her, a question in his eyes.

And you Bella? Will you join us? Rein asked. He was determined to get her to go. He would persuade her if he had to, but he was hoping that she would come on her own accord...

Gem sighed and indicated that she would come along with a shake of her head.

Here, there, what’s the difference? she muttered darkly.

With that, the two followed the young filly, overtaking her in mere moments.







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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 11:05 pm
by Songhue
Right as Hybrid was getting over his small defeat - after all, if he had actually struck at the colt with lightning there was little chance he would have had the reflexes to block it at this stage in his learning - he heard someone call out to them, making him glance around curiously. He wasn't going to bother wasting his breath to answer Frolic. She would forget anything he said before too long, after all.

"Well hello," he said, nodding to the others that were following the rather stunning mare. It was rare he took note of appearance - after all, there were many beautiful mares - but this one had a singularity about her that was surprising.

He caught himself eying her shimmering wings and couldn't help but think that Breeze would approve of her. That stallion had been quite the strange addition to their family, one he found himself growing fond of rather quickly.

"I'm Frolic, nice to meet you," came the friendly nicker over his shoulder, making him look back to see Frolic swinging her head across his back. That wasn't the smartest things to do - sparks often flew from him for no apparent reason, something she was quickly reminded of as a bright flash flickered between her chin and his scaled hide.

She pulled away with a snort, blinked a few times, and then laughed. Well that was living with an elemental for you.

"Darroch is over there - I think we're spying on him - and this is Hybrid. What brings y'all out? I don't think I've seen any of you before."

Darroch was paying them no mind at all. He was in the middle of making the ground turn pink as the massive oak near by sprouted blue leaves, only for his concentration to be broken in the middle of it. Stampeding hooves shot through his senses as he tied himself into nature, jarring him and making him jerk his head up with a snort. The result was a spot of pastel purple grass and dingy grey leaves, making him wrinkle his nose in distaste. If he altered the plants just right he could alter the colorations... But it was still hard.

Glancing around showed him the 'assailant' of his senses - a lithe filly with unique web markings and a flaming mane. He couldn't remember seeing her before, but he had been in the middle of making a new landscape.

And just beyond her he saw others - a vibrant yellow mare he vaguely recognized and tried in no way to place, and another stranger. Movement caught the corner of his eye and he looked sideways, frowning as he saw still others approaching. He had been willing to find company when they had first set out, but that was utterly forgotten at the moment. He mostly wanted to play with this new discovery until something else distracted him or he tired of it for the moment - this broader sense of his abilities. He had yet to tire of it, but something else had certainly come along... And he was sweating quite a bit from the energy it took.

Well, fine.

Rolling his eyes, he snorted a greeting to the approaching mare and turned away, plunging into the creek to rinse off and take a long, deep drink. When he looked up he had fixed the discoloration near by and was regarding the new filly a lot closer. She had interesting wings and he was rather fond of the web designs she held.

"I'm Darroch," he nickered, letting his eyes wander to the others that were approaching as well. He felt a moment of uncertainty flutter in his chest - this was, normally, the part where his mother stepped in and handled pleasantries. He wasn't concerned with them, but he did realize that a part of him had just expected her to be there and take care of it.

Shrugging it off, he rolled his gentle blue wings over his shoulders and grinned as the earth rolled under him in response. That was more like it.

"What's your name, then? You look quite interesting." He let his gaze wander over all of them as he said this, though his eyes lingered on the filly's web designs. Something his bonded hummed from time to time flashed through his mind and he caught himself smirking rather openly.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Well if she was trouble she looked like the fun kind. And the stallion beyond her certainly seemed bright and chipper enough for everyone present, and then some. The mare reminded him of Frolic, when she was in one of her darker mindsets, but he didn't quite dismiss her entirely. Things were rarely as simple as they seemed.

Frolic herself was prancing around Hybrid as Darroch introduced himself beyond them, and Hybrid himself was turning away to look in the colt's direction. Frolic was trying to meet the vibrant mare that had begun to approach them, but stopped when the green stallion turned away.

"What are you looking at?"

Hybrid didn't answer, at least not to her. He did, however, look to their new company and nod slightly, eying the stallions that were trailing behind the fancy female. "Not to be rude, of course, I just have to check on the colt now and again. We promised to keep an eye on him."

"We did?"

"The company is of course welcomed."

He offered a parody of a smile - he really didn't smile that often at all - and let his gaze linger over the mare's hide once again, not really caring if she noted the attention or not. She was something else entirely, almost surely mated even if he was looking, which he wasn't, not openly any way, and would be sure to tell him (or have another do so for her) when he needed to just leave her be. Until then he could look over her detailed pattern.

Frolic looked at him confusedly and then back to the company, smiling at the ones who were heading towards Darroch for a moment. This was an odd moment. She couldn't even remember arriving at this place, but here they were, and suddenly with so much company.

And Hybrid was ignoring her. She knew he didn't speak too often, normally, but this was different.

"What's new?"

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PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 4:33 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Ugh. Once again, sorry it's so rushed. I'm quickly getting tired of not being able to reply!

BIC| Fancy nickered and pricked her ears forward, indeed noting the attentions paid her - basking them in perhaps more than a little. She slowed as she got closer, in her element, and noted with surprise that there were others approaching as well. Scoffing at the subtle groans she heard behind her, she threw a look back at the party-pooper stallions.

Avalanche and Coal hadn't anticipated another large gathering, though Coal studied the yellow beauty in the distance with some attention of his own. She certainly was eye catching! Though her body language spoke of little interest in light-heartedness, to say the least... Avalanche caught himself looking at a pretty girl as well, admiring Frolic's markings as well as the contact she kept so easily with this other stallion. Must be nice to not have to worry about making others cold all the time, lucky devil.

Coal watched Fancy preen with barely concealed amusement. She certainly was lively now that she was in the height of her rebound, that was for sure. He'd never have tagged her as one from the Shadows if he'd been partial to this behavior when he'd first met her.

The boys pulled even with Fancy as she came to a stop in front of Hybrid, and Avalanche stepped forward to do introductions. Perhaps if he did his part now, no one would bother him to participate later...

"Hi there. I'm Avalanche, and this is Fancy and Coal. So that fearsome little mite is yours?" He nodded to the incorrigible colt and mentally shook his head at Fancy, who was obviously intrigued at the little lightning flickers chasing over the scaled stallion's hide. Coal's ears twitched at the tinkling of bells coming from an antlered stallion accompanying the yellow mare and purple filly, and he put on his game face and prepared to be sociable. The lines around his muzzle crinkled in the hint of a smile; wait til Fancy got sight of this guy!

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PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 11:23 pm
by Talia
((OOC: Awh, don’t apologize! You’ve been massively busy. We understand. ^^ Do what you can chick! PS, I’m loving all this Serian attention! Hybrid’s interest in Fancy, Coal’s eying up Gem, and Avalanche’s ogling Frolic. Wow.:P))

Ovela trotted ahead of her companions and was overtly pleased to note that neither of them took up a protective stance or attempted to take over the lead. She was old enough now, old enough not to be suffocated by her numerous guardians. She was no mere filly anymore, a child to be escorted around the fields. She tossed her mane haughtily as she approached the others, but her slightly fluttering wings betrayed her excitement. These Serians seemed... interesting, to say the least. She lived around quite the assorted group herself, but never before had she seen elementals such as this...and the others! The other mare that seemed to be a part of another, newly arriving group was breathtaking, and the two other stallions were equally stunning. The mare that was with the elementals reminded her a bit of Gem- they both seemed sad, in spirit, Gem more noticeably so, but there was something else about the other mare... She eyed Fancy’s markings again, slightly envious. She was not a vain filly by any stretch of the imagination, but idly she hoped that her own markings would prove to be equally as striking once she was fully grown.

As they drew to a stop in front of Hybrid and Frolic, her curiosity was piqued mostly by the young foal- the one that was, presumably, responsible for the odd-colored foliage nearby. Her eyes lit up in amusement as she watched the dingy pastels of the earth transform into vibrant hues.

Darroch’s observations did not go entirely unnoticed. She watched him covertly through half-lidded eyes, standing slightly before her elders, confident yet intensely curious. She had always held a certain fascination for elementals. She had been told that one of her birth parents had been an elemental, and naturally her interest ran towards similar individuals. And she had never seen an elemental like this at work before...

Hmm. This could prove to be interesting...

All audacity and fire, she cantered a little further away from her “entourage” and flicked her tail with just the slightest bit of attitude. She tossed a smile towards the foal and grinned all the wider as she watched the earth crawl beneath him. What she wouldn’t give for that talent! She fixed her attention on him, certain that Rein and Gem would adequately introduce her to the others. Sure, it might seem... well, rude, but they would cover for her, and she would make amends later.

I’m Ovela, she responded in kind, flexing her own wings in response. Too bad the earth didn’t move when she did it.

She eyed the nearby oak tree pointedly and winked at the foal impishly.

What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Rein watched Ovela with ill-concealed mirth. She was so impetuous that he couldn’t help but smile. He supposed he should be a bit more concerned. Her spontaneous nature had led to her making some rather impulsive decisions in the past, even as a filly, yet she had caused little trouble, considering she was so young. Now that she was older, perhaps he should be a bit more watchful, but then again he wasn’t the type to be ever-vigilant. He believed that everyone learned through mistakes, and she had enough individuals watching her every move. She hardly needed another caretaker-what she needed was a friend. He admired her spunk and sass, and silently hoped that she always kept that vivacity that was so much a part of who she was.

Seeing that Ovela wasn’t about to introduce herself to the remaining Serians, he decided to take the initiative himself. He knew that Gem would remain silent unless prodded, and although he was trying to keep her from isolating herself, the last thing he wanted to do was to force her to be social instantaneously. She’d come around on her own time- he just hoped she wouldn’t wallow for the entire visit.

I’m Rein, and this is Gem. And the little imp over thataway is Ovela. Pleased to meet you all, he said, with a sincere smile. He carefully noted the flicker of recognition in Gem’s eyes- so she had met a few of these Serians before at least?

Gem offered a slight smile in response. No need to be entirely rude, after all. She had seen the foal at the St Patty’s party, and knew the rest to be bonded to Songhue. The others she had never met, but she gathered that they seemed nice enough, at first glance.

Pleased to meet you Frolic, Hybrid. Is that Darroch I see over there? I remember him from the recent party, she offered, in an attempt to make conversation. She had caught the tail ends of the introductions, and had at least managed to glean the names of Songhue’s bondeds, although this other group was unfamiliar to her.

Gem noted, while watching with downcast golden eyes, that one particular stallion had been paying keen attention to her. For a moment her heart jarred painfully in her chest as she was reminded of another stallion...

Enough of that!

He was definitely handsome, that much was for certain. He had a certain confidence to him that appealed to her. She approached the other Serians, somewhat hesitantly.

I don’t believe we’ve met, she began, startling Rein with her forwardness. And I didn’t catch your names, unfortunately.

Rein watched her carefully, slightly uncertain. She still seemed guarded, timid, but at least she was trying. Mentally, he decided to stay where he was for now and let her have some time to herself. No need to fuss over her, after all.