the children return

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Re: the children return

It was Stice who took the next steps forward, concern written all over his face. He could sense the sudden uprise of emotion, especially the depression that was overwhelmed his twin.. Even he didn't know what had all happened to her. The 'tell me everything' had struck something from her past.

Saphire's eyes slowly glassed over and welled up with liquid. No one had called her Saphy since she was a filly.. And as for what had happened... She didn't know where to start. With Ether, how she had begged him to destroy her..? Or with Hinote, and her never ending battle for his heart.. How she always managed to destroy herself by chasing shattered dreams.. Stice was lucky. He didn't remember anything from before the pine tree incident. But Saphire remembered it all. She remembered her parent's reunion in the fields, how they had looked at each other, she remembered how her brother used to act the part of the protective older sibling, but the tables had turned, and everything had fallen apart.. She was shielding them now, her father and brother, from what she knew they wouldn't be able to handle.

The little aqua mare walked toward her mother, looking much like a soldier waving the white flag, and marching sadly across No Man's Land. She stopped only a few feet before Frolic, and bowed her head to the ground as the tears finally fell free, marking the earth with their presence.

"We've fallen apart. Stice and I have been looking for you ever since your bonded released you both... I managed to find him... But you... We couldn't find you... Spin isn't okay.. I think he thinks you're dead..."

With a soft hiccup, she glanced up to her mother. Stice moved slowly forward, daring to settle his gaze on Frolic. He inched his way slowly closer to the being he had been drawn to ever since he was born. His muzzle reached sadly out to her shoulder... To see if she was real..

Saphire raised her head up more, eyeing her mother warily. Both the children could see the inner turmoil behind her eyes, and it made them uneasy. They could only remember their mother as being the stong one, always looking after the two of them. Which was occasionally a challenge, even they could admit. They weren't the easiest foals to rear. But she had changed now, Stice quirked a brow. She looked almost fragile.

"What happened to you?" The dark stallion asked, pulling away a bit to watch her reaction to the events that were playing out.
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Re: the children return

She listened with a deep ache and concern welling within her, automatically leaning closer to rest her head on her daughter's shoulder in an embrace. Everything was wrong, it was all wrong. For all of them.

And then Stice touched her shoulder and it all shattered in her mind. There was no more struggling to cope and build herself beyond those she had always stood strong for, learning to stand for herself as well. There was no more confusion about what was going on as information hid within her own mind. It felt like the raining of glass in her mind and for a moment she thought she had heard the cracking tinkle of her thin mentality failing.

She was right, they were here. They were real. Her own issues and pains, none of it mattered any more, none of it seemed to even exist now that they were here and needed her. Her foals, her family, her everything.

Her head was killing her, like a thousand bees had suddenly become lodged between her ears and were attacking all at once, but that, too, easy enough to ignore. She stayed close to her daughter and for the first time she met someone's eyes directly - Summer Solstice's, as she answered as frankly as she would have them answer her. She had never believed in double standards.

"I was lost, is what happened to me, and came to find that beyond you I have nothing. I couldn't find either of you, or your father."

She didn't add that she could stand through the worst that could happen for them, to help keep her family together, but that coping with things on her own, for herself, was something she hadn't had to do in time out of mind. She didn't explain the way it was to have your very foundation ripped from under you, or to stumble around as you tried to figure out what to do now. It would have been so easy to just give in, to allow it to break and destroy her, but she had been too stubborn. Too strong to really allow that to happen. Even if the experience did leave her as a mare she could barely recognize in the reflecting waters.

She didn't say it, but it was plain on her face. The way it had eaten at her, having them lost to her, the way she had splintered from the strain and made herself keep going any way, as she flipped between the attempt to stay strong and the urge to give up. The expression was brief, rippling over her features as she felt herself breaking once again and reforming. And then she was back to focusing on them.

She was breaking again, reforming her confused and splintered mind around them, as it had been before, but it was different. A shard of her struggles so far remained with her, changing things. She'd help see them through this, but she would also find herself struggling to live beyond them.

Struggling with herself. It was hard to expand the root structure of something when it was already the only support. Any wrong move while messing with it could send the whole thing crashing in on itself.

But that would come later.

"He'll be alright once we're together again. We all need a family reunion and to figure things out. Let's start here. Your father can wait."

That Sapphire had called her father Spin hadn't escaped her, though she chose not to comment on it. It was her daughter who was being the strong one now, instead of her mate - if he was in any sort of state similar to the one she had been living in it was no wonder. The whole mess had left her dieing from the inside out. The will to keep going and find them was just as strong as the one that called for her to give in to the pain, and so she had split.

That was one mess that could certainly wait a little while. He wasn't here at the moment, after all.

And she would deal with her own splintered self later on, when she had a better chance to examine what was piecing itself together inside her.

She was scared, though. She'd been broken, insane, ripped apart, forgotten, and re-broken throughout the whole ordeal. It wasn't even over yet, and she had a feeling that something was settling inside her she would have to actively fight with, making things still harder for her.

"Let's start from the beginning. Both of you," she added with a pointed look to Stice. He was going to have to speak up as well.

The words 'what's the damage control this time' flicked over her tongue for a moment, a familiar phrase she had said often enough while looking after the pair of rambunctious foals. They were also too bold and managed to get into some sort of trouble. Now it looked like they'd gotten in over their heads.

"You have each other," she nickered instead, reaching down to brush her nose over Sapphy's shoulder, "And your father as well, but it's different now. What happened to the foals I used to know, the ones that were always willing to try and best me in a game or put someone larger than you in their place?"

Her head buzzed.

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