Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

For Serian couples and more intimate RPing.
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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

Gypsy could feel the tension roll off of her body, holding herself coiled tight. He worried she would implode if she kept up. That worry stayed with him even as his toes curled in his very hooves. Skin tingled and burned, and his own body wrapped right around hers reflexively.

Flirtations had been well enough earlier, when he held his hopes and imaginations hostage. That was easier to do when there was that threat to the day ending with parting. Now that there was a possibility it wouldn’t end thus...

His heart pumped out a drumbeat, skin tingled, emotions ran wild. Those words nearly knocked him over with their weight, and the vulerability there made Gypsy stand taller, lean closer. He understood clearly that her heart was now his to guard. No warrior was he, but he knew without a thought that he would protect it with his life.

There was so much yet to learn about one another, so many little details. That would make this all the more fun.

He returned her attentions with small brushes of his own. Goosebumps spread across his hide and gravity seemed to shift. I shall not leave your side until you send me away. Ruby chin brushed over decorated shoulder, back up over a perfect crest, and back down across her lovely cheek. He chuckled in a tiny whicker of sheer pleasure at sharing physical contact with a kindred spirit. The difference in the airs around them tugged at his attention, the warm air between them heated by their own mingling body warmth starkly contrasting the sea breeze. They had their very own bubble.

Perhaps he ought to move them along, make brilliant suggestions for their next step of travel. It was just too nice here in the closeness. He could not break away just yet. Twining impossibly closer, teasing a strand of hair behind her ear, tracing the curve of her neck, giving her chin a gently playful nudge... Enjoying.
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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

And as simply as that, she was undone. Tribe plastered herself to his side, her whole body shivering in spite of herself, her face pressed to his neck with her nose tucked just under his jawline.

It weighed heavy enough that she didn't allow herself to consider it; not normally, not while she traveled. She couldn't run from it at night and it had begun to prove harder to shake off with the coming of light, yet now that she had honestly admitted the truth to herself and the confrontation done with she found she felt better for it. The lancing of a wound, the release of pressure - that is what shook her, the sheer relief that rode the tail of the admitted pain.

And oh, such a relief as he had granted her. To have hope again. No grand promises, it wasn't time for that yet, but this was a place to start, a new beginning. It was hope returning to her heart.

For some it may be too soon to know if this would even be a good stallion to have by her side for these journeys they would share. It could simply be jumping at the first opportunity given to her, could be that the companion didn't matter as much as the companionship they represented.

Such things never once flickered in her heart.

He laughed with her, as she'd always known she would need. And oh, such a laugh as he had. He wasn't finicky, wasn't demanding about how they went about things, happy just to be going somewhere. And he would go, that was the most important thing, they would both go together. He knew how to live. How to go out from the security of their routine and properly live life, to experience what was waiting, ebbing and flowing in their travels back to their homes as the ocean's tides did the golden shores.

It was Gypsy, himself. The basics of a creature can be discovered fairly quickly, although secret shadows usually remained hidden for a time. Dangerous tempers, fatal affiliations, dependencies on things that only ushered death - small secrets found in various societies, vital things buried under the heart of it all. And yet the discoveries could change the tone of the heart of it, as well, once revealed; and within a short time of becoming familiar, rather than a stranger, the differences would peek through, reveal the hidden truths.

She always found the hidden things, in the end.

Already, they were much more than strangers to each other. She seemed to crawl inside of him, so one might certainly hope they weren't practically strangers any more. They knew of one another previously, from their tales, and yet neither had been prepared for the truth behind the story.

She longed to hear him sing to her - for her, especially. Even just once, before he wandered from her.

Another shiver, this one fainter and yet running all the deeper than the previous; the idea he might go, might tire of her. She had all but become convinced that there was something wrong with her; it was her own fault she couldn't find anyone to match her long strides. She wasn't good enough to set down roots with.

Would he ever risk having little ones, with the way they wandered? Would he even wish to be tied to a circle, to be captured by bonds that could thrive with the right care, with the tenderness of the hearts that held them?

Perhaps not. Perhaps he couldn't appreciate the paradox as she could; to explore, trade, discover, live, and yet to be so very grounded, so undeniably tied. She knew a bondmate who still held ties to his old circle with no memory of any who resided within the network of bonds. Every single one of them had retreated deep into their homes, never to be heard from again; tied, and yet so very alone. It was no wonder that Thorn was the Hermit, in such a case; she couldn't risk the same, to be so very bound to others that would desert her. Her days might be long, may take her far, but that didn't mean she would ever simply be gone. She needed ties that would thrive, someone who would cherish their closest bonds as much as she would.

He liked to wander, he knew of loneliness; would he know the need to find your true people? She had thought, once, that she may have - within the Circle of Cherished Dreams. She had tried to pursue the laughing trail walker, Crest; to no avail. They spoke, and he disappeared. Words of encouragement from both, but nothing deeper. Nothing that could touch this.

And there, again, the paradox. Such potential for things to seize up, for all the understanding they had found in one another to collapse, and yet nothing else could touch what had already past. He came and swept her away, spoke beautiful words of fondness and comfort, held her, showed concern for her; she had wanted, in her secret heart of hearts, nothing more than to be wooed, to be granted the option to be desired rather than the desperate seeker. He had initiated - she had lost hope.

She'd found it again. Would she risk letting it die for the sake of unanswered questions?

Poppycock. They were perhaps questions for later; enough had been laid upon his broad back for the moment. But later would come, and until then she would continue to enjoy whatever she could of him, this most dear companion she had no longer thought to find.

I'll ask no grand promises, my sugar-sweet Magpie, she breathed, and felt moisture touch between her cheek and his neck as emotion flowed freely past the restraint of manners, But tonight, if - if you could - please -

She faltered, her throat burning as her mind spun uselessly, trying to make some kind of headway above the wave that had crashed inside of her. Tribe, the wordsmith, the storyteller who had managed to talk her way out of half the trouble she got herself into, the wanderer of the long tales, found herself fumbling for the words for what boiled inside of her.

Finally, she could say only Please, Gypsy, don't leave me alone tonight.

They could take tomorrow as it came, and each day after that for all she cared; hopefully the day might come where she would no longer await the night he did leave her to face the darkness by herself. But that was a distant hope, in some whispering corner of her hidden desires.

Tonight, she needed the solid presence of him; she craved it as the seas craved the shores that shape them.

Please, just for tonight, let it stop hurting for a little while.
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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

OOC| Sorry, so unbelievably rusty after such a break. Please forgive me as I let Gypsy find my footing again >.<

He was nearly overwhelmed by the emotions streaming from her. What a great vision his aura-seeing brother might see if he were here in Gypsy’s stead. The desperation staggered him, made him feel as though everything were crumbling. She made it plain for him to understand where she were coming from, he could sense and relate to the depair of always winding up alone, always wishing there were another to trade the understanding glance with. To be able to confide in, to vent to, to puzzle with when there were mysteries to figure. To not feel humored at the end of the day, when others simply wished to put the tales back into a neat box and leave them behind for their day to day ‘realities’. That lack of connection that stretched across, that he so longed for... in which one never knew where the mental left off and the physical began and vice versa. A figment of his imagination, he’d come to believe. This mare, however, rekindled hope at such things.

The silence stretched as Gypsy unwittingly related, ran through his own experience, sympathized in the plight of the through and through wanderer. In her he could not suppress this gleaming thread of hope for the possibility of roots that moved. Never before had he encountered another adventurer that made him feel such connection. Perhaps he was projecting. But she truly did seem to have that same call, that reach for one who might keep up. One who would know the importance of cherishing and protecting, yet embrace the freedom of adventure in such lovely combination... It made many things he’d previously deemed impossible seem within reach.

Apologetically Gypsy met the water mare’s eyes, sorry he had lingered so long on thoughts of himself, of her. Of them. I get so lost in these musings sometimes. Vague wonderings drifted in the shadows of his mind, cautioning that perhaps in the dawn she might be full from a night of company and no longer wish for companionship. Wiser Serians might guard their hearts better... his was already caught up in the intrigue, the chance.

He curled closer, knowing there were no words that could truly assuage those fears and doubts deep inside that plagued her so. He could recognize the shadows that shifted across her features and darkened her violet eyes. I am not going anywhere tonight, love. Tonight, I am wholly and truly yours. We shall share a beach fire, you and I, and we shall dance. Gypsy beamed at the sad one before him, determined to give her as much of the world as he could.

Voice lowered to a whisper of what it had been. And on the morrow he lipped a strand of aqua mane we shall see and ran his muzzle along the softness of her neck just where our adventures finally stopping at her muzzle take us. Sunset Magpie planted an oh so gentle, oh so steady kiss on her lips to seal his promise and began to hum. He simply had to hope that when she tired of him, she would be gentle.

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