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Re: Endless [Songhue!]

Verdant watched Nova's face carefully as she more or less translated what was going on for Shiro. She had thought she was being very plain but it was also pretty bold to openly flirt with the two she'd only just met. To Verdant Sky, a little coy banter was far from a promise of anything. She wanted to make her interest known, but she wouldn't force anything past that. If a spark was there, it would be there.

"I'm not in any rush to decide anything, I'm merely... curious." She smiled disarmingly, hoping to communicate that decisions didn't need to be made rashly. Patience was one of her virtues, thankfully. Rather, she enjoyed buildup and unraveling layers. This was just the start.

The two exchanged a look and Verdant continued to smile gently at them both. It was cute how they described each other, it lended some authenticity to the words since they had no reason to lie for one another. She knew it would be awkward to share about herself following that, but they could judge for themselves if her descriptions were accurate, as they continued to get to know each other more.

"You sound like you compliment each other well, I understand now why you look so close." She uncrossed and crossed the opposite leg over the other. Her eyes lifted to the sky thoughtfully, and she made a small "hm" in contemplation. After some time, she lowered her eyes and looked from the mare to the stallion.

"I would say I'm very passionate, I also don't have time for games and nuances and tend to be very direct. Nothing tried, nothing gained, right?" She smirked at Nova then, knowing full well that the mare would likely agree with that assessment.

"I feel a little out of place around the rest of my herd, though we're close the closeness isn't entirely what I desire. Most have formed bonds already that keep me distant from them. I'm not willing to negotiate on my needs and ideals, but I do also feel very lonely at times." For the first time there was a glimpse of vulnerability, her demeanor softened and she seemed less vibrant.

In an instant, another smile washed her expression clear, and while it may have seemed like she was sliding a mask into place, Verdant was just an interesting mish-mash of different aspects of her personality. One moment flirty, the next contemplative, and then sarcastic after that. It could make heads spin at times, trying to gauge exactly who she was.

As the two introduced a new name, she tilted her head in intrigue. "You seem to have an interesting web of connections, and the way you have such flexible romances does seem to have possibilities." She tapped one hoof on the rock absent-mindedly, trying to picture this Flint and Breeze.

"Flint, Breeze, I'd like to meet them as well. Though there's no hurry on that, or anything really. Unless they're expecting you to return promptly? I've been keeping you." She startled then, realizing that it would be a poor first impression to accidentally kidnap their mates and cause them unnecessary worry.