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Re: Finally meeting..

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:42 pm
by Keira
He wasnt sure which made him more excited, the fact that Darroch and just called him father, or the fact that he understood Pixie's passion for the land so well.

"That's exactly how it is!" Pixie responded with a wide grin, practically prancing from hoof to hoof. "It's like having so much freedom and endless opportunity, but at the same time so much responsibility that only you can understand. There's nothing like it. The closest I have felt to that, and in truth was a great deal like it, was when I found out that you were coming. There was such joy and I wanted to do so much but at the same time I realized what a great responsiblity it would be." Hmmm maybe that wasnt the greatest direction to. Plants, must stick with plants.... "But oh when your able to heal a dying tree or give life and coax vibrant flowers out of the ground to bloom, it brings such fullfilment and pride. It makes you feel powerful and humble all at once."

He paused for a short time to catch his breath "Like back where we met up, you were able to do so much, especially for not even full stallion yet, I dare say you'll have more ability than me by the time you reach full stallion" Pixies heart beamed with pride, his boy could do so much.

Re: Finally meeting..

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:56 pm
by Songhue
At that point, Darroch simply stopped thinking; he just talked, bonding with his dad for the first time in his life.

Power, that's my word for it, but Hybrid told me it does not mean what most think of it as. Power is a great and mighty force, something to respect, and he told me that if you try to use it instead of respect it then it will punish you. Nature is just that way, you have to speak to the trees and the plants and if you learn how to ask in the language of things that grow then you can see such beautiful personality reveal itself as they shiver and respond to whatever you are asking. Hybrid says you have to feel it go through you, like the light goes through water, and that you can never forget that you carry it but do not abuse that because a big head and small knowledge will lead to your own doom. Hybrid taught me to look closer, to see the smallest living particle of life, and that this was also nature, and he says for me to never stop looking because nothing is ever stagnant. If I don't see it one moment, maybe it shall move and the next I can, but I have to be looking. He taught me to use the smallest pieces around me to make the greatest changes, but he also taught me to learn direction through the form of something else and that is my favorite Poppa is using that sense of direction through something else because I can ask the plants to reach different ways and they maximize their surface areas and gain more light and health that way but they also look so beautiful when they reach that potential. Have you ever seen it, ever watched a forest decorated with nothing but its own self? I love to get the shapes to flow and dance! And every little leaf has a part, just like the difference between an Ash and an Oak are small but they all combine to make the two trees unique. It is freedom, but at the same time it is not because you are not truly free, you must stay within the boundaries of respect. Momma always taught me that was important, and Poppa-Hybrid says the same thing, that you have to respect it or else it will harm you.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:03 am
by Keira
"Oh exactly, and you can feel all of the different energies flowing through them and making up their life force. Its so incredible to understand that sort power and respect going hand in and how to help them work together and reach their potential. Or when you feel a certain way and your energy combines with theirs and helps them grow, and you know, without a doubt, on some level those plants are now contected to you, that they have your life force intermixed with theirs." Pixie knew he was rambling, but for the life of him he couldn't bring himself to care. He had strength enough to stand and carry on a conversation with his son. The land beneath him was hearty and well and he didnt have to worry about not finding food or water. Best of all he knew his mate was close and willing to give him a chance. Life was rich indeed.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:17 am
by Songhue
Oh it is all a part of me, I noticed that long ago. I think it has to do with this realm, but either way no matter where I go I can feel the health of the lands in that realm and if it is sound I receive a wonderful sensation of strength. If it is not, I find my limbs are heavy and my spirit dampened; when I wander to places where nature is forbidden and death reigns, I can not bring myself to stay long. I feel empty and haunted for a while yet upon my return from such places.

He shivered slightly, appalled by the memory. More than willing to share, he quickly continued.

I was told I needed variety, and that only knowing the nature as it was in my home would limit my growth. I've been through Mother's fields and learned to find so much more there than just a long mat of grass, and Sparkle's forests are wonderful and I almost lived within Hybrid's storms. There's even life to be found within Flint's deserts and Breeze's mountains, and the growth found in Nova's lands is completely alien and entirely too fascinating. But there are places where Tribe wanders, places she finds that are so dead, Daddy... She discovered what had been a lake once, and there should have been at least a hint of the life there had been within the cracked dirt, but there was nothing. Sun and heat or else a cold, cold wind with a white sky. I could find... Nothing. It was the first time I was ever without my connection, for that was not nature. That was dead land with an empty sky. I can not tell you how it is so different, only that it is; nothing survived there.

Re: Finally meeting..

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:32 am
by Keira
Pixie shook his head sadly, knowing the feeling that Darroch was describing well, as he had felt so much of it while healing the earth. When he spoke his voice was low and soft.

"I know how that feels, when came upon that poisoned land it was as if my insides were being torn apart, like the poison was seeping into my very soul. It was an abomination and was trying to drain everything good. In truth that was a good part of why I ran to get help, deep down I knew that no other besides another nature elemental would have been of use because of the root of the problem, but still I ran thinking I could bring another to help me keep my spirits up while I battled that... that... demon" He spat the word, hating the poison that he had fought and feeling it safe to assume it was of a sinister nature. "But when I saw how fast it was spreading I knew I had to act or lose the beloved land. And even the land may not have had such a pull on me if I had not realized that it wouldn't have been just the land that was affected but all those who were unaware of what was transpiring and still ate there, as they would be poisoned too."
It was a bitter memory, one that when he had first been rescued he had made him an entirely different serian as he became overwhelmed and lost in that bitterness that someone could dare do that to nature. Twas another reason he had stayed away while gaining strength, he needed time to deal with his feelings and accept he could not change others nor could he make them cherish the land as much as he did.

With a heavy heart he pushed those memories to the dark corner of his mind, hoping one day his mate could help ease them from him as she had with so many other things.

Re: Finally meeting..

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:51 am
by Songhue
Darroch nodded solemnly, his tail giving a quick, agitated flick. Well, on a brighter side...

At least, although dead to nature, such places would be good for some to visit. With the vast amounts of sun, Mother would enjoy dancing in such a land as I had seen, shifting her steps as the great empty sky turned and shifted the beat of her shadow. But typically there is always life. Even Caustic's area has life to it, though you would find it difficult to believe if I told you.

He lifted his head and gave a far-away look to the distant edge of the field they had appeared on, a small smile curving his lips. For the most part there was always something.

Not that you would know Caustic. Or Nova or many others, for that matter. My favorite thing to do, my favorite way of spending my days is to immerse myself and merely watch, and so I know them well, though I visit their homes but rarely. Hybrid taught me that, as well; to sit with him, while I was still young as of yet and rather restless from the buzz of life I always felt. I believe I was rather trying on Mother at times, and so he taught me to merely sit. And watch. And listen. We would appreciate the storm he lives in for its very nature, learning to know the way it shifts and breathes as well as we would a lover. And when I had learned to honestly see that which I looked at in this way, I began to do the same with nature herself. She is... Beautiful.

It was, of course, a long process on learning to sit and look in such a way. There were many, many days spent feeling bored, or else attempting to secretly bevel into the grasses on which they laid in an effort to find more pieces of life that had yet to be discovered. He was always poking around, always allowing his attention to flit from blade to blade as easily as a bee skipped along blossoms.

But Hybrid had taught him. Even a storm knew how to linger and breathe, tumultuous as it might seem.

His mother taught him how to be a good Serian; Hybrid showed him how to be a good stallion.

She is pure as well, he added, a flicker of worry entering his voice as he considered all that this other had done for him. She does not need, she does not hate or cry. She can not be lonely. But we can love, and give and accept. She can not suffer but we can celebrate. I have seen this, as I have watched, and I have wished I could do more to use this knowledge.

Perhaps he could find some way to have it bring peace to Hybrid. Now that he was grown, and now that his father was proven to be alive, Hybrid would again be alone. And he would be lonely.