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Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:43 pm
by Keira
Pixie kept his head held high, his back straight and firm. He would not show his son any sign of weakness no matter how his heart was breaking. He knew he had put this off far to long, while in the begining it could not be helped, as the land he loved was being poisoned and was threatening to spread and seep into the food sources that fed his family, thus poisoning them as well. It took so much of his very esscence to keep it at bay and slowly fight it back that he had been far to weak to even send word of what was happening. On more than one occasion he had almost lost the fight, and his life. The last several months though, while the land had been healed and he was regaining strength he knew he should have sent word but was just to scared of the reprecusions and had wanted to explain himself face to face.

Perhaps one day Darroch would find out what had kept him and maybe one day would have something happen that required himself to give up relationships to save lives and then he would understand and some of that bitterness could ease inside him, but for now he would respect the young stallions wishes and offer no excuses, just solid proof that he was here now. And if by chance something poisoned the land again they, as father and son, could work together to heal the land.

As for now Darroch had asked for teaching, but Pixie was still weakend by all that had transpired and while he was more than happy to teach him all that he knew, and undoubtadly learn a few things from Darroch as well, it would have to wait just a while. His son was right though, things must me made right with Path as well. He hoped his fun loving, energetic mate was still open to him and he could explain things, but one step at a time for now.

"As you wish, when or if the time comes when you would like an explanation I would be more than happy to oblige. As for the training I look forward to it but right now I'm not strong enough to do little more than walk a good pace and try and build my family back together. Will you join me in finding your mother?"

OOC: I'm sorry that it took me a freaking week to get this out but as I personally suffer the emotional side of what I've been telling you about my ability to really imerse myself in this world suffers. I may be slow going and sporatic/forgetfull but Pixie is ever ready and trying, I just hope I'm doing him justice.

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Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:42 pm
by Songhue
OOC| You'll be fine. <3 I know the hardest part is going to be this waiting; the anxiety is killer, you'll be pretty panicked later on but it won't eat you as bad as this anxiety is. You'll be too busy focusing on the task at hand. And you should just feel the way having Pixie try this way lightens the weight in' Darroch's heart. I swear I think as long as he doesn't have to poof in the middle of this meet up things should be fine.

BIC| What's taken your strength? I may know of something...

He had to ask; he had to offer. It wasn't a 'why did you leave us, why did you leave me' question, yet he knew at least some of the unkown past would come to the surface with it. He didn't mind either way; the point was in finding the problem to find a cure.

His mother had raised him well. He was angry, had given the stallion a rather thorough tongue lashing even, but he would not hear of such an ailment without offering aid. Moreover, angry as he had been, this other was still an elder at the least. Pixie would have to gain the respect that came with being a father, but if nothing else he had shown himself to be an honest stallion thus far and a proper elder Serian.

Whatever ails you, a remedy can most likely be found back home. That was where I last saw mother, as well. Tell me your affliction and we shall go to her while we gather whatever is needed.

With that he turned and motioned over the bridge with his head, indicating for Pixie to go with him. They did not use portals, his bond-herd, but he would wait a few steps before bending reality and skipping through cosmic threads of energy to re-solidify back home. First he had to know where to go, and that would depend upon Pixie's answer; and second, to merely take someone's essence and transform it into a completely different matter without warning was simply rude.

To be honest it must be found back in my realm regardless. These lands have been acting strangely, something I always picked up on but could never explain properly. It was as if it wanted to become ill and yet could not, save for a few instances where I felt a flair of blight strike upon the earth. Each time a strange magic would trickle up to counter it, and the odd balance would resume; ill and yet not. Mother has forbidden me from taking more than a mouthful or two while here. She does not know what it is I feel exactly, yet she wishes no chances. I only gather from home, though I fix any wrongs I find in the lands here when the chance arises. It doesn't aid in the illness but it does right what it has wronged... Only now, it seems the illness is either gone or passing. Whichever, it would be safest to continue to rely upon my bonded's realm for the time being. I would not have you found only to lose you again for some oddity in the birthlands. Home is safe. There the realm is a part of my bonded and of each of us as well; we sustain it, and it us. There will be something to help you. And the plants will tell me where it may be found, if I only begin looking in the right area.

It was, perhaps, too much of an explanation, but Darroch was slightly impressed with how proud his father still seemed, in spite of weakness and being faced with the facts of his absence. After the cold reception it seemed only right to balance it with a slightly heavy dose of respect; if Pixie had to answer for his actions, so Darroch had to answer to Pixie in all else, for he was as of yet a younger stallion and even the colt of his sire.

As he turned to shift them between realms, he added Mother will be pleased to see you've returned, such as I've never yet seen.

With that, he gave enough of a pause to listen to his father's reply before moving them through space and time. It never felt as if his hooves left the ground, and when the world steadied again they were back in his home; a massive field with over-tall grass and a scattering of trees and brush throughout. There was too much space for it to be a forest and too many trees for it to be an honest field, but his unique touch could be seen all over. Not a single plant had been left unaltered in the patterns of growth, each of them creating the most marvelous of designs, and the grass itself seemed to lean inward towards him and ripple unlikely shades as it moved in the whisper of a breeze.

The most interesting aspect was the trees. They were young and thin, and yet taller than was natural with their branches winding in artistic patterns, many of them laden with curtains of lace made from vines and moss. One such curtain even beheld the image of his mother, and another of Hybrid, with still a third holding naught but a pair of eyes; the eyes of his bonded, the only thing to remain the same between her many forms.

When you looked, it was possible to see faces woven into the design of each tree's lace curtains, every one shaded in a new and unique manner. Flint, Caustic, Thorn, Sparkle, Sign, Frolic, Tribe, Nova, Shiro, Breeze, BlackIce, Caelum, Thyme, they were all there. Each face was unique, in angle, in expression, in the way they held themselves.

His family. The only family he had known.

Yet he paid them little mind as the world materialized and the gentle wind sprang up for a moment to welcome him home. His attention was on the earth itself and the many various herbs that sprinkled the grasses, the varying hues lending an oddly surreal quality to the ground they walked on as the spectrum rippled and swayed.

Once more... he muttered, clearly half immersed in the life around his hooves, Which is it that ails you? I did not quite hear while switching realms... Mother is just around the corner, and coming this way, so quickly that I might search whence she greets you.

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Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:30 pm
by Keira
Pixie smiled at how things had shifted and the fact that with Darroch's one simple question he would be finding an explanation in the the answer that he said he hadn't wanted. As he started to explain what had happend the world shifted around him as Darroch started taking them both to his realm, a realm Pixie had only briefly visited. As they traveld he felt more of his strength going out of him. Apparently the combanation of his emotional turmoil and transversing realms was to much for his body to take.

When the reached there destination and was about to repeat himself, the news of his mate was like a weight being lifted from him and crushing him at the same time. He knew he would finally be safe but at the same time the anticipation of how he would react to him was to much to bear.

Light headedness to almost the point of oblivion claimed him and Pixie sank to the ground, no longer even able to support his own weight.

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Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:58 pm
by Songhue
Well, that was a load of help. Not.

Okay, maybe it was. He didn't appear to be falling merely due to his legs giving out, not with the way he had swayed first. A little woozy and unsteady, and obviously over-strained by whatever it was which ailed him so.

Taking a half dozen or so steps, Darroch quickly snatched at several different herbs. He didn't even have to think for the plants to merely break off into his mouth, clipped shorter and harvested but not ruined in the slightest. The dirt itself remained undisturbed, and yet when he turned back to his father it was to deposit a rather large pile before the stallion.

These will help with the symptoms and lend you a burst of quick strength as well, if eaten all together. I can't do anything more until I know the source, however, and unfortunately I was unable to hear you earlier.

Flicking his thick golden tail, Darroch took a half a step back to give him room to breathe and to wait for the answer - again, unfortunately. He he paused frequently while speaking before taking him to his home, had even given a clear indication beforehand in an effort not to rudely startle his sire, yet for some reason he had not been able to hear the words with enough clarity for there to be any sense behind them. He blamed himself; there were times where he honestly seemed to lose the ability to hear, merely because he was that far outside himself. Reaching outward to shift himself and his father through dimensions and realms had apparently been one of such instances.

But he thought Pixie would regain his ability to talk at any moment, with the aid of those herbs, and hopefully at least enough of counter-measuring energy to produce a good solid buck without tiring.

Methinks I doth hear mine Green Horn speaking among his plants again. Or shall it be that ye are known as Oak Heart, for ye hath grown too mightily to be hailed upon as a sapling any longer. Or so I have heard the Soldier refer to ye as, young one.

Path's voice preceded her appearance, her vibrant golden form glimmering between the scattered trees before she came into full view; and with this landscape, she was still a fair distance away even then. After hearing Darroch's, her deep baritone tenor sounded almost feminine, remaining a good two or so notes higher than her son's.

The gentle, welcoming smile that had graced her face completely vanished as she caught sight of him, and of his company. It honestly took a moment for her to recognize him, such was her surprise; a moment that hung for an eternity.


She took a breath. Then she took another. And with that, Path began to cry.

OOC| Thanks, dearheart. This helps, so much. <3 You've no idea.

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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:56 am
by Keira
OOC: I hope so. Its hard for me to connect but at the same time much needed.

BIC: Well that went well, Pixie thought with an edge of sarcasm. He had been hoping to be strong and able when he came to make amends, apparently he had under-estemated the toll it had taken on his body. He could understand though, since shortly after Darroch had been born he had been preforming constant healing on the earth with little, and most of the time, no food to eat. The herbs Darroch had brought him would certainly help now but as for a permanent cure, only time, rest, and good food and water would work.

“Thank you my boy, these will certainly help but as for…” He trailed off unable to continue at the sound of Path coming towards them, he didn’t want her to see him so weak but it appeared that she was going to whether he was prepared or not. As she came into view and Pixie was able to see his mate for the first time, in what seemed like an eternity of hell, his heart swelled with love for her and brought tears to his eyes and he found that his condition was of little consequence. For now all that mattered was that he was getting to see her again, even if he couldn’t run to her and embrace her like he would love to.

“Path my love, I’ve missed you so.” He attempted to rise but it was futile and he had to be content to lay there and gaze upon her as he finished the last bite of herbs.

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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:34 pm
by Songhue
OOC| I have to be calm enough to be receptive. It helps force me to center.

BIC| It would take a moment for the remedy to begin working, but overall Darroch thought it would be okay. Eating nothing else a stallion could go for days without needing water or rest, for the energy and juices that combined into a rather potent mixture.

They should fix his symptoms when they hit, but rather or not it would relieve him fully was still uncertain. Was he sick? Was there some other medicine he needed? Curing the symptoms did not mean that the proper aid was given to honestly recover, it merely alleviated the suffering while his body continued to battle that which ailed him.

Not that he could ask now, not with his mother standing mere feet away with tears leaking down her face. To his mind, she had been frankly incapable of crying; it was not something she was made for. Now, it was obvious how wrong he was. She was a strong mare, and fierce, but she was still indeed a mare.

Away with thee, o spectre of hope, if ye are but a flitting glimpse to tease a broken heart whence ye away again

She barely whispered it, but Darroch knew the words regardless. He thought of it as plea to the Gods, the Fates and all the great cosmic spirits. He had heard it often, by way of warning usually. It was wiser to guard your heart with caution when it wished to grow so light as to fly away.

But would Pixie know this? They had history, him and Path, but they had not spent a great amount of time together. Darroch often wondered how well the honestly knew one another. They had nothing beyond the courtship.

And for the longest time, nothing was all their relationship consisted of.

Path was torn on how to proceed. He had begun to rise, only to fall again, a clear indication of something being wrong. Yet he was eating plants of his son's lands, and she knew all too well how marvelous they were when they came from this ground. And even still, while a part of her wished to rush to his side and ask after what had happened, there was a part of her yet that actively detested the concept of touching him.

She was guarded against him, even still, for she had shielded her heart for so long that it was difficult to allow him re-entry.

Hath thou made acquaintance with thy son? she asked, settling for a compromise as she stepped closer and held her head low enough to retain eye contact. The tears were gone now, but there was still a great sadness to her smile and a distance within her eyes.

He would have to win her back. And this time, it would be much harder.

I brought him once his identity was known. He came willingly; he was thus when found, Momma.

Mayhaps thou shouldst return to yon guardian Hybrid, she murmured, keeping her eyes on Pixie's face. The air was blanket-heavy and she had a strong feeling that this was merely the moment of calm before the storm. Whatever was to come, her son should be spared.

Nay, Mother. Ask me not to abandon thee in this hour. Might it be that we proceed as a family, for the first time.

... Very well. Whence did thou return, Pixie? And what affliction roots thee to thy spot? Explain thyself, for thy mate hath rightfully asked after thy absence.

She paused, just a moment, and shifted her gaze from his face to his eyes. It was impossible to escape all the hurt that had amassed over time. At that moment it was not even certain that she would believe him, whatever he chose to say. So much time, Pixie... All this time. Your son hath grown.

She blinked, the slightest of movements, and one last tear slipped over her dark lashes to fall on a single blade of grass, glittering as a lone drop of dew.