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Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2012 10:35 pm
by Songhue
It would seem sudden, to most, the way she had flitted about since she had gotten him back again. But it wasn't, not honestly, although if there was anything she could be called rash in it was matters of the heart.

It had taken days to build up the preparation to either lose him entirely or lose herself to him, whatever he decreed. She had expected one or the other; it was only fitting, for a maiden to hold such a place. It was how her mind worked. He would either leave her entirely, or else declare her a fool and so command her to stop being so melodramatic.

Yet neither had happened. She was still processing that, expecting him to go upon his next adventure at any time, to leave her behind to mind the homes and see to their boy; if their boy did not leave with him, this time. The mares would stay where it was safe and see that the logs which fell in the rains did not trouble their food, or otherwise tend to cleaning the streams and maintaining the home.

He claimed to wish to stay, and to remain directly by her side until she bid otherwise; yet while she took him at his word, her heart was slower to risk dashed hopes. The more she trusted in his vow to stay now that he had returned the more it would hurt if he left her behind again.

Thus is was that the moment was sweet; yet she could not fully submerge herself within it, for she was wondering how long this joy would last. Better for her not to be taken aback when it was cut short.

Better to enjoy it and still be ready for the end.

His answer simply told her that he didn't know when it might come to such a close. So there was nothing to do but to be ready for his departure at any moment; she would wait until she had been properly abandoned again to allow the hurt to settle in, if the chance came that she were granted a farewell.

This weakness of mine, this trouble with water, it doth bother me to no end. I hath kept our boy away from any such water all the while he grew, for should any such trouble have found him as it once did me I hold not the certainty that I would be of use to aid him. At the least, not without panicking and worsening the situation. He hath no such need of protection now and yet... It eats at me, my love. Please, I beg of you, might we stay until such a demon as thus hath been banished from my mind?

At least to the point that Sparkle had managed. He was still uncomfortable with sheer black, yet he could now sleep through the nights.

Path was strong, and she was used to being strong. This crippling disability, it tormented her. Blasted dolphins! A curse to them, the wretched beasts, to have ever thought such a dangerous maneuver could be done in play.

She did not want to drown.

As much as it hurt to live she did not want to die.

I... Know not what to do, she whispered, looking at him for guidance and making it perfectly clear she couldn't leave this place and still retain her pride while she had yet to master this malady, To handle discomfort is nothing new, but to cease being so afraid as to become frozen; how does one accomplish this? Hath thee any great terror? I know not... Nor many other things of you, yet thou art my sweetest love. So little is beyond me, still.

Perhaps it would be best to give in to this urge of curling in a corner somewhere.

Coupled with her wounds from being so long without her sweetheart, baring this fear of hers left Path feeling weaker than she ever had.

Was she truly as strong as she had always believed? Although a dancer at heart, for the moment she felt only the need to crumble.

A mare of the sun was having difficulty finding the light within her own life.

Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 12:31 am
by Keira
OOC: Sorry, this may be kinda short and disjointed.

BIC: Pixie could tell she was at war with herself and hoped he could put her at ease.

"I will stay with you until you want your space, love. Just take it slowly and know that you dont have to prove anything today, take all the time you need to make this adjustment and dont try to rush it. The more you rush the more likely it is to not stick."

He was almost dont leveling the floor of the pond. "I have almost finished, if you feel ready you could try just dabbing at the water with your hooves, just getting used to the temperature and feel of it. I will be right here with you."

Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 11:43 pm
by Songhue
She had no idea what he was doing exactly; all he had told her was that he was 'working with the earth.' Regardless, his advice seemed sound enough. She could at the least place her hooves in, surely.

She could feel him, his presence beside her. His weight shifted the earth, caused it to dip towards him as he lay in the grass. It was oddly soothing.

Taking a breath, she got back to her feet and pawed at the edge of the water, snorting nervously as she placed a single hoof solidly within the wet substance. If she were merely standing there, at the very edge, to get a drink she would not be nearly so panicked. But she knew, of course. The very concept of moving deeper had her breath catching and shuddering, and yet she managed to take another step and then one more, until she stood with the water swirling about her fetlock joints.

Her eyes were closed tight; she couldn't face all that water in front of her, all the water which stretched out to either side. Panicking and yet refusing to back down, she stood perfectly stiff as a single tear slipped down her muzzle from stress alone.

Where was he? He said he'd be right beside her, but she couldn't feel him at all; not a single touch.

This was why she had not tried before. Path needed that support.

Something made a shallow splash and she twitched, picturing a dolphin in her mind. It would be there, where it was deeper, waiting to terrorize her. And he wasn't there, she couldn't feel his touch at all; he had left again, he must have.

Somewhere from deep, deep within her she heard the whispering thought of her bonded as she mused - Panic does odd things to the mind...

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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 12:40 am
by Keira
Pixie gently followed behind her, careful not to disturb or make sudden movements. He had just finished leveling out the ground so the bottom was no deeper than fetlock. If she stayed on her feet she sould be able to walk around the entire area without hitting a hole or dip. He'd had to take a few munches of grass and a long drink before stepping in behind her as it was the first time he had manipulated earth since he'd awoken and wanted to make sure he didn't become weak again.

Coming up beside her he made sure to keep distance between their bodies and not nudge her, as he was afraid she might feel like she was being pushed. He could feel the tension in her body and tried to soothe her with his voice.

Shhhhh my love, be at ease. I'm hear with you. If you need anything at all you have but to ask...

Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 8:56 am
by Songhue
He was there! Her heart nearly burst in relief; surely her chest had actually expanded from it but a moment ago.

Put your chin on my back...

Her voice was small and frail and would have greatly bothered her if she wasn't so occupied trying not to faint.

She needed that touch; his presence. Once she had it, when she felt his head resting on the small of her back she took a deep, shaky breath and stepped forward, keeping her eyes shut tight and depending on his touch to ground her. Her hooves were getting more used to the temperature and sensation again; slowly, it was beginning to feel as if her head wasn't about to fall off in a faint.

So she stepped forward, trying to find her absolute limit. Just while he was here to catch her.

Don't leave, Path thought as she took one trembling step after another, I need you here.

She needed his comfort.

OOC| Just assuming he would step forward and rest his head on her, hope that's alright? >_<

Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:29 pm
by Keira
Pixie stayed close being careful to move slowly and gently, calming the water and pulling the light through the water to warm it, make it more inviting. Resting his chin on her back he closed his eyes and reached out with his senses, making the flowers at the edge bloom and release their calming fragrance over them.

OOC: Again sorry about the length.