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Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:47 am
by Songhue
Okay, this officially didn't suck. The flowers filled her nose above the scent of the pool she was in, and the steady feel of her mate's chin on her back steadied her above all else.

It also wasn't getting any deeper.

Opening her eyes, Path looked around and glanced from the warm, sparkling water to the stallion just behind her. He was showing her he could be there, he could support her. It wasn't at all about the water, not really, although her heart still tripped over itself in pure nerves. It was all about his ability to stay beside her through it, illogical and irritating as it may be to do so. But he had done better - he did more than remain by her side. He helped make it easier, until she could do more. Part of her pride was a little wounded, to have had him make the event as non-threatening as possible, yet for the most part she was grateful for the gesture. She knew it for what it was - his attempt at helping her in any way he could.

Trembling slightly, she had a very quiet inner voice tell her it was honestly time. With a deep breath, she craned her neck around to address him and pried the difficult words out of the depths of her heart.

May it be that I lay upon these shallow waters now, dear Pixie, and hold my head upon thy shoulder; for if thy woudst humor me and allow such trust, t'would be utmost aid to close mine eyes as the waters do grow deep once again, 'til it comes to such a time as your back alone doth hold my head upon the fresh kiss of air. Woudst thou agree to be so trusted - to be mine anchor while it comes that thy bring me to swim again? Or would it be that I would sink by the touch of thee? Allow my trust in this, and regain my trust elsewhere, as thy hath stood through this struggle and so shown thyself willing to stand by still others.

Wordy, perhaps, yet she had to make sure he understood her plea. It was unorthodox - to rest her head on his shoulder and place all faith in not drowning upon his holding her up. But she knew, even with the ache that still throbbed deep in her heart, if she could trust in any it was in this stallion.

He knew how to soothe her. He understood her. And together, they would weave new memories.

They would.

Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:32 am
by Keira
OOC: Trust me I have not forgotten about either of our threads and Pixie is about ready to burst at the seams trying to get back in it but theres only so much this sleep deprived mama can do in a day. Hope Path understands and I will try to get caught up soon!

Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:12 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Oh I know, sweet sugarmama, I'm mostly concerned with how you're doing now! Path is antsy, but she knows how very draining a new babe can be. :heart:

Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:32 pm
by Keira
Pixie inhaled deeply and love for his mate filled his chest. He was so blessed to have found her, as she filled him with the best possible sense of himself he was sure he could ever find. She had been hurt beyond word and yet here she was still standing before him, placing all her trust in him. His hear soared.

He eased towards her and placed a gentle kiss on her mouth. As he pulled back slightly he whispered "It would be an honor love. I will be anything you wish of me." And turned so that she may rest her head on him and waited for her to become comfortable in her new position before he would start to lower the ground in the spot they stood.

As he waited he brought lily pads blooming to the surface, vines and moss gathered along the shore and the beeze turned warm in the sun. He couldn't imagine a time when he'd been happier.

Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:02 pm
by Songhue
Well, his kiss certainly still had an effect. It had relaxed her more than anything else so far - she even felt her heart begin to slow back to a normal rhythm.

She closed her eyes as he shifted around and let her rest her head on him, focusing with her whole being on the feel of his fur under her chin, the scent of the blossoms that mingled with his own natural odor, the sound of her breath escaping her lungs. And slowly, almost agonizingly slowly, she felt the water start to rise. It didn't feel as if the ground were lowering, not to her - it felt perfectly steady beneath her hooves. But the water was certainly going up.

Do not panic, she cautioned herself, absolutely sure that he wouldn't push her if she started to wig out, do not panic, do not panic! Focus... The aroma of his coat, the flowers, there art new flowers in... In the water. Yes, in the water, and the water hath a swishing sound around them, making little rippling vibrations. Soothing sounds! They are soothing, blast it! Pixie! Think of Pixie. He is still here. Still here.

The water was getting higher - up to her neck now, and silently she willed him to keep it coming, silently she pleaded. She could do this - she could. He had to keep going, to push her just a little bit. She could do it, even if only because he was here to help steady her.

And higher still. Either she was masking her panic better than she thought or he believed in her more than she had hoped for.

Her hooves were lifting now, the water having grown too deep for her to touch bottom, and she was beginning to feel the cool touch of it at the base of her skull, trying to tickle her ears. Oh, her heart was hammering!

In that moment, in that instant of pure fear, her every hurt and reservation was completely forgotten. In that moment, she trusted him again - and trusted him fully. For as she felt a whimpering whicker slip out, she kept her head resting lightly on his back. He wouldn't let her drown. He wouldn't. She knew that, even as the memories crashed together in her head.

The water exploded in front of her, making her jerk her head back hard, ears flat against her skull as she backtracked, using the slick deck to her advantage when and where she could. But she was slipping, slipping, and the water was getting closer...

Automatically she gulped in a huge breath of air, her entire body shivering in terror. At the time she had appeared collected, had refused to let down appearances. The fragments of the ship she had perched upon had been rocking violently on the water and it was impossible to tell which way was up or forward any more, and in her mind she actually had fallen in that churning water with whatever had attempted to force her under.

She didn't look composed now, not in the least. She didn't want to be dunked. She didn't want to go under!

Thou shall not drown, nor be let down, nor shalt any suffering occur within the presence of thy mate, she told herself, but her own inner voice was growing fainter, weaker, fading into a trembling whimper.

Pixie, she pleaded, and instantly stopped herself, absolutely hating how small her voice had come out. It sounded as if she should be curled in some corner! No, that would not do. She would not be a trembling little mass of fear. Not even in this. Trying again, she put as much strength as she could in her voice and actually had it come out slightly normal, if somewhat shaky. Pixie, she began in her rich baritone, Talk to me, my love, keep thy voice flowing as doth the water. Swim in circles, and keep my head upon thy flank.

She didn't have to say please. It was there, in her voice. No matter how much she tried to stiffen her resolve, it was there. And these words hung heavy in her mind, rather he could read them in the air or not - I need you.

She was relying on him, trusting him. And most importantly, showing that even after everything he was the one that she believed in. He was the reason she was able to float in the water and trust that her head wouldn't slip under, even as it rested lightly on his back.

He was her reason for everything.

Re: Torn Hearts and Sewing Lessons {PathXPixie}

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:42 pm
by Keira
Pixie wasn't exactly sure what to say, not sure of anything but his feelings for her and how right it felt to be with her again after so long. With no idea how to put it in to words he took a leap of faith and plunged in.

"The thought of you is what kept me going.... Knowing if I could just heal enough and pull though, that I could be with you again. I could feel whole again" He was talking more softly than he ever had, hoping she could still hear him. This was very painful for him, he tried to stay strong for her but knew that she was the one person he could share his heart with. "I would lay there in the moments of recovery trying to get my strength back and dream about being with you again. Touching you and breathing in your scent. Of what are son would grow to be." He stopped speaking and a tear slid down his cheek as his knees began to tremble. Maybe he had tried to be strong for to long but he couldnt break down now. His mate needed him and he would find the strength to pull her through before asking her to help him through.