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Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:00 pm
by Keira
Pixie was practically bouncing as he waited for his love to come. He had been teaching his friends child how to focus and center and now as she was off on a vision quest of sorts to try to find inner peace he had at least 3 days that he would not be missed and he felt there was no better way to spend it then with the love of his life.

He had almost ruined things once, and by the gods, he would never permit that to happen again. He had been stupid and selfish and for the past few months he had been trying to fix things. They're stolen time together had been magical, but he was ready for them to be alone again. Just them. No other bondeds, no curious eyes.

He sat down for a moment before bouncing up again and focusing some of his energy in to making a bed of beautiful flowers and ivy, with the ivy branching out and climbing up the near by trees.

He hoped Path got there soon before he transformed this part of the Vale. He could think of much better ways to be spending his energy for the next few days.

"Path, love, hurry to me" He called softly in to the breeze.

Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:04 pm
by Songhue
Path stood nibbling at her sweet golden grasses at home, her side still shining from the efforts of her latest dance. She'd cleared the debris from her stream as the sky was still pale, then danced the suns into the sky. Taking time to break her fast, she allowed her mind to wander.

Her son was everything she could have hoped for, both as a youth and now, at the cusp of stallionhood. He had the best of both his parents; her manners and sense of self-possession, and his father's kindness and all encompassing love with the world. He'd been a surprise when he came; not that she was surprised to be pregnant, but surprised that he was green. It was fascinating, the way a passive tone in a parent could compile the main ones of the foal.

Her mate, the source of that rich green coat, was once again in her favor. After he'd returned she'd found herself slowly warming to him once again; he was ever the same, as considerate and kind as when they'd first met. It was that kindness that had first swept her off her hooves, plunging her into a reckless mating upon their very first encounter. He was attentive; he tried to please her. And, what's more, he was clever. He paid attention well enough to know what she would appreciate, and how could a maiden fair hope to resist the advances of the fair, traveling mage? She hadn't a chance.

The memory warmed her eyes and her overall bearing softened, her steps barely denting the earth beneath her; dancer steps. He'd come for visits, getting into all kinds of mischief with their son and staging a myriad of experiments. Whenever he was free to, he'd doted upon her, even socialized with those bondmates of hers who came to visit. She'd gone to visit him a few times herself, and inevitably Darroch had tagged along, wanting to explore the strange lands of his elemental sire.

What would you say to a proper date with him, whispered the voice of her bonded. There lies an interesting notion, she thought back with no small amount of warmth. I think we've had nary one of such outings since... Well, since we first made acquaintance. To my mind, his aid in conquering my water terror doth not account as such; it was mere proof of his ability to be there for me.

Listen to what I heard on the winds, her bonded returned with amusement, and the small golden spitting spider she'd spied sitting on a long blade of grass wrapped a breeze around the mare's ears, letting her hear the whisper of her mate from a land across reality.

Thou need not ask twice, my love, she thought, and as she stepped forward and shimmered between realities, a true smile touched her face.

Between one step and the next the fabric of her realm shifted around her, collecting her into a being that was pure essence and energy. In a blink, she'd traveled passed entire conglomerations of planets and stars, nothing more or less than a simple thought in a thread of comic breezes.

And in another blink she was being gathered back into a solid entity, shimmering back into solid reality as the cosmos settled around her.

There he was; the stallion that had driven her to the end of her wits more than once, and the only one she could think to trust with all she was. Oh, she could have wished him to choke on an apple when he'd disappeared! Only to turn around and feel her heart wither and crack without his attentions. For a mare that was very accustomed to being in control of herself, he tended to prove the exception and drive her beyond most limits.

Pixie, she sighed, breathing his name with more emotion than should have been possible.

Then she was, in all Serian essence, falling into his arms and planting a big ol' whopping kiss on him, their chests pressing together as she leaned into him and kissed for all she was worth before resting against his shoulder and burying her face in his withers.

Finally alone again, my love, she murmured, and for a moment seemed as if she'd never release him.

Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:36 pm
by Keira
Just as the vines made their way to the tops of the trees and he wasn't sure if there was any room for more flower blossoms his beloved Path appeared in front of him. She never ceased to take his breath away. Giving the blossoms one last push as he rushed forward her met her in her embrace.

He would never get tired of the feel of her lips pressed against his, the way she moved against him, and the way it made his heart dance inside his chest. As she sunk down in to his withers he lay his head on her neck and snuggled her tenderly. "Love, I am so glad you got my message and came to me. I have nothing to be done for several days and was hoping we could slip away and not be missed."

He drew back and pressed a tender kiss upon her lips, putting all the emotion he'd been feeling lately in to his kiss and letting his passion for her bleed through. He'd been waiting so long for a moment alone with her he hadn't realized just how desperately he'd needed it. He'd thought himself strong and disciplined. HA! Not when it came to his woman... His mate.

"How have you been since our last meeting, my love?" He took a deep breath, savoring the scent of her and pulled back slightly so that she may but some distance between them press their bodies back together, which ever she chose.

Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:17 pm
by Songhue
Busy, she admitted, and offered him a tired smile as he pulled back a little to look at her. She wasn't the sort to merely sit around, so when she wasn't out playing she was working.

Our son hath found no small amount of discoveries to share, which doth cause me to spend quite some time ensuring he doth not come to harm. Know ye that he doth experiment with flight? My home doth lay in upheaval, as well, as that which was separate doth merge into what hath been established. Much debris hath fallen from such shifting, and it is found all across the lands; the base energy and nature of mine homeland is under such changes as ripple through a pond from the addition of stone.

She sighed and rested her cheek against his, taking a moment to be comforted by the simple touch. Such a rest - to away with my mate and love, to pass the light without maintenance and spend the dark in soft comforts - oh, it doth appeal greatly. Come, love of mine, away with me, that I have my turn to rest, as others hath had their own. Let it be that ye show me what it means to be a filly once more.

With that, she nuzzled his shoulder and side-stepped over towards the fresh blossoms with a grace that few could match, deftly plucking one of the bright flowers and twisting the stem around his horn. She giggled at the sight, the heavy blossom nodding almost sleepily at the tip of his horn, and gently pecked his nose with another kiss. Her eyes were lit up, and her tail was an ever-drifting ribbon behind her, the sky-colored swatch of silken hair at the tip fluttering lightly as her tail ring glimmered in the light; subtle signs of her amusement, ones that most would miss.

As her giggles faded away she gave him a faint grin laced with mischief and added, Yet be warned, oh love-of-my-heart, that should ye grant thy soft touch too frequently, that mayhaps more than kisses should pass between us.

With that she half turned away and gave her tail a jaunty flip, looking over her shoulder as she said And yet the concept of a relaxing massage under a canopy of thy blossoms doth greatly appeal to me...

Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:18 pm
by Keira
Pixies heart filled with love and his eyes shown brightly. As she pecked another kiss on him his heart started racing. It had been far too long since they had been able to be alone together. He watched her move with a grace he'd never thought possible for someone to achieve. He was a lucky stallion and he knew it.

As she turned away from him glancing over her shoulder, he stepped forward. "Come my love, I know the perfect place where we may hide from the world for a while and focus our attentions on each other. I will help you relax from your work and make you forget your stress and aches." With that he moved passed her and started at a gentle lope towards the north west. The place he knew of would be perfect, with enough trees for shade and a small clearing of soft grasses that he could encourage to grow into a bed of long grasses and flowers to gently scent the air. It had bushes of berries and not too far away he knew where he could find some honey. But more importantly, on the edge of the clearing sported a playful brook where it was just deep enough that they could splash and have fun and in some parts bathe a little.

He kept his pace the same even though his heart was quickening. He wanted nothing more than to run at full speed to reach their destination but he kept his gentle lope. If he were to run all the way there, while it wasn't exactly far, he would have much less energy to encourage the land and tend to his lovers body.

And this day, would be all for her.

Re: Frolicing (Pixie X Path)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:02 am
by Songhue
OOC| Considering what we just said on FaceBook, forgive any choppiness here.

BIC| She followed behind, letting her eyes travel over her handsome stallion as they moved at a comfortable pace. Path really did enjoy this easy camaraderie they had; and fully appreciated his attentions. It was so wonderful to simply feel wanted; it was even better that she felt wanted all the time. He didn't seem to be capable of taking her for granted.

Still, that didn't mean she was vain; she made every effort to let her wandering mage know he was adored, slathering him with just as much affection. Even if some of it was slightly... suggestive.

What of thyself? she asked in earnest interest, resting her chin upon his haunch and letting her lips graze over random parts of his anatomy while they traveled. Ye know quite well that it is my wish to hear all ye may tell me, beloved. Why hath thou said nary a word on thy own happenings? Might it be that ye have need of my own attentions; a sign of my interest?

Grinning with a heart-stopping display of coyness, she dipped her nose down to brush a lingering kiss on his flank, that tender bit of flesh where his leg connected to his body, and practically purred Trust me in that ye doth hold my interest, and she planted another kiss, a little closer to his barrel as she let her teeth gently scrape against the shift of his movements. Oh, indeed, I am very... Interested.

She looked ahead there, as the scenery shifted just slightly to her perception, the trees opening up to a small field that was just the right size to still allow a canopy of shade.

Oh, thou art brilliant, my love, she murmured, and quickly paced the small circle in mild wonder. How thy selection doth resemble the sheltered grove of willows, whence first we met! And look, there lies enough sweet snacks for each of us. Have ye need of any, sweet love? While none can be said to rival the sweetness of thy affections, surely even a pale comparison would prove refreshing upon this beautiful day.

Turning back towards him she offered him a full, open smile, her eyes glittering as her tail ring caught and flashed even the smallest amount of light through the shade, her tail swaying gently around her legs. For one rare instant, she wore her pleasure frankly on her face.

And then, with a rich, rumbling baritone laugh, that same joy was given life in a sporadic dance. She flowed from sun-patch to sun-patch, moving as weightlessly as the light itself as her golden form flashed in the shaded lighting with fluid grace. Simple movements - rearing, bucking, spinning - were transformed into something new, something that floated over the land. Often times all four hooves would leave the earth, only for her to land on but a single one, her sleek muscles visibly flexing as she twisted on the spot and flipped around to spin in the air and land on another hoof; often flipping from back hoof to front. Once, she bucked her backs legs in the air and let them keep moving, flipping her forward to land on the same front hoof that had been the last to leave the ground.

Finally, her pleasure fully expressed, she landed once again. Her hide shimmered slightly with a light sheen of sweat, and while her breathing was a little deeper than normal she didn't appear winded or to have even greatly exerted herself. Instead, she merely looked at him with those shining eyes and tucked herself back under his chin.

Ah, dearest love, she whispered, already ye've brought such joy. Tell me how such kindness might be returned; what need have ye? How hath thou fared, whilst home and traveling abroad? Tell me of my mate, my heart which wanders outside my chest. Take with me this moment to put aside all that which is outside our glen and simply share in one another.