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Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:00 am
by Rainer
Spin smiled at the motion, and reached around gently touch her neck. The fact that their interaction seemed to become automatic as they continued... It gave him a little hope. Maybe things could go back to normal.

If normal ever existed in the first place.

Stice, being closer to the three, was the first to notice that their mother actually looked healthy, sane even. He closed the distance between them in a few strides, grinning as he nudged Bellatrix toward the small home on the hill. The small filly nipped at her uncles mane as she obliged, trotting toward her parents. Stice turned to quirk a brown at his mother and father, looking all cozy together.

"Our family seems to get bigger all the time... Doesn't it?" He chuckled, referring to the two darker toned Serians. It was at this point that Ether and SaphireSpin made their way down the small hill, filly glued to her side. Bella was like a small inverted version of her mother, with the aqua and violet. It was her father who seemed to be the slight oddball of the group, his smoked colors only reflected in his daughter's hair... And her eyes. They had the same murky depths for eyes.

Ether dipped his head politely, a hint of a smirk curving his lips. "Greeting m'lady, pleasure to have finally meet you." His words had a sickly sweet tone to them, but Saphire shot him no look. He was behaving himself. Saphire seemed genuinely happy to see her mother looking well, especially with her father. She reached out to gently tug on Frolic's mane, "I think the last time we were all together... We were foals. Right Stice?"

The pretty stud nodded, pink mane bobbing with his head, "So many years ago it seems."

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:26 pm
by Songhue
And you, Frolic said with a polite nod to Ether. He was rather strange; she could recognize the power that coated him as a Rogue, yet in him she saw little to no indication of the night. She did sense something of the predatory aspect the shadows held though; the strange way his mane and tail left echoing imprints clued her in to that much.

She wasn't quite sure what to make of him. That he and Saphire had come down the hill together said that, however he'd used her for a foal, her daughter did hold him in some regard. It wasn't who she would have chosen for her girl, but then that wasn't really her due.

Stice was a welcome sight and was quickly given a fond nuzzle, one which was quickly shared with Saphire a moment later. Ah, but she'd missed these two!

And she was still glued to Spin's side, shifting her weight slightly so that her shoulder brushed against his. Things were starting to feel more... Natural. How had she ever doubted? It might be different, but this was where she belonged.

Far too long, I think. So much has happened, she sighed, lipping at Belly's forelock so as to not leave the filly out of her round of affections, with all of us. But it's done now. And if I remember correctly, I did promise a certain filly a few tales of her mother when she was her age.

She grinned here and gave a wink to Stice, sure that her son would be more than capable of adding to whatever she had to say. One thing she was sure wouldn't have changed would be the playful rivalry between the pair; her foals had always kept things lively.

Without thinking, she shifted her weight again and leaned over to tug at Spin's mane; for no reason at all other than to touch him and keep his attention. Mine, she thought, You're mine again, if ever you weren't.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:38 pm
by Rainer
Stice pranced in place at the idea of rambling off their childhood stories, while Saphire winced at the thought. Growing up had not been an easy time, she hadn't liked who she had become.. In come Ether. The Rogue tilted an ear in her direction, listening to the slight shift in her breathing indicating stress. No other visible signs shown, motherhood had made her stronger.

Bella plopped her behind down where she had stood, grinning up at the storyteller and waiting intently. Her mother had always seemed like a superhero with her effortless stability and fierce determination. To hear of her mother and uncle at her age... Made them seem more human.

Spin chuckled at the anxiousness that suddenly roused in the group, Other then Ether of course, who remained still with a warm smile; occasionally reaching down to ruffle Bella's forelock with his muzzle. He effortlessly played the part of the doting Father. Something that took Spin a little longer to achieve..

He rested his shoulder against hers, relishing in the warmth that shared between them. It had been so long since he felt this complete.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:34 am
by Songhue
Glancing around, Frolic raised an eyebrow in mild surprise. She'd assumed that there'd be no shortage of story telling participants; yet it looked like it was up to her to keep her promise and spin a tale.

Once upon a time, she began, her tone slightly mocking as she poked fun at how old they must all seem to the little filly, a long, long time ago, your mother was just as small as you are today. Now, the little filly that would someday be your mama knew that she was very loved back then, but she and her brother decided that they could run away together. And that began a grand adventure!

You see, little Belly
, she said conspiratorially, while they were the very best of friends they were also very different; and your mama was beginning to develop a temper she'd eventually be very famous for. Grinning, she added, But that has to do with other adventures that happen much later. In this adventure, it simply led to a little argument - although it didn't seem little to them! So Saphire runs off, declaring your uncle Stice to be a fool, and finds this neat old cave. When she sees him after poking around that cave she's still mad, so she dashes off again - and gets herself lost!

Well, fight or no fight, Stice goes to find her and just like that nobody's mad anymore. He'd met a new friend while they'd been mad at each other and together they decide they'll stay out there and live in that cave, all on their own. When they go back together they all start poking around and this time, the cave doesn't seem quite so neat. After a little exploring your uncle finds something really creepy - pictures of monsters chasing us!

With a wink, Frolic lowered her head a murmured They came back home pretty soon after that.

Between the story Stice had told her and Saphy had told Spin, and with a minimal of poking around herself, she'd managed to piece together the gist of what had actually occured that night the pair had been out far beyond curfew. It hadn't been hard; and a mother always knew, in the end.

It was a story of when everything had still been bright; before the fights and rages, before the broken hearts, before abandonment and shattered ties. It wouldn't ever be that way again, but maybe... Maybe they could still have something beautiful. This had felt right; today was the first time since it'd all gone wrong that anything had felt right.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:11 pm
by Rainer
Stice and Saphire laughed almost in unison at the end of the story, where Frolic painted the perfect picture of the two running home with tails between their legs. It had been so long, Saphire almost forgot. Another memory started playing in the back of her mind; one of two warriors at a community gathering. A fight had broken out, long horns jabbed a pair of ribs and a familiar face smeared with dirt and confusion at the little aqua filly who jumped to his aid.

The mare suddenly became very quiet and solemn, she ducked her head down and nudged Bella to her feet with a small yawn.

"Alright my babe, it's almost bed time. You can see Grandma and Grandpa again in the morning, say good night." The mare left quickly after giving her mother a quick lip of her mane and a "I missed you,". Ether dipped his head, understanding, and followed her up the hill.

Stice popped his bottom lip out and pouted for a moment, as their family seemed to disperse as fast as it came together. He reached over and nuzzled his parents quickly before muttering his goodbyes and shooting his niece a grin and trotting off.

Bella hung around a few minutes more, bathing in the glow of her new family member.

"Where were you?" She asked after a minute, the thought that she was just meeting Frolic now suddenly becoming odd as the filly gained a clue. Spin hesitated, glancing to Frolic to ensure she was capable of answering such a large question.

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Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:33 pm
by Songhue
She watched everyone leave with a bittersweet note lingering in her heart; it'd been so nice to see everyone together again, yet she feared it would be the last. As nice - as right as this had felt, she still feared it wasn't real. That it'd never be real again. The moment passed, the spell shattered, and she looked at Spin with uncertainty lingering in her eyes as Bella spoke up.

I was lost, she said, tilting her head as she considered the beautiful little filly, and once I was found I still felt lost. Being abandoned made me sick and I had to get better before I wasn't lost any more. Looking at Spin she added quietly I'm still getting better.

She'd liked this. She wanted this. But she'd been hurt by this before and, in all honesty, she was scared. Would he be there for her? Sighing, she reached down and ruffled Bella's mane, attempting to tickle her withers as she said Go on now, bed time. But I'll tell you another story later - maybe the one on how I was found, if you want, she grinned.

She missed that, as well. It was nice to have young'uns around again. She'd missed out on Darroch's growing, but she wouldn't miss out on Bella. Or on the new one back home; the vibrant filly was pulling her out of her shell when it came to foals, something she fully intended to use with getting to know her grandfilly. It was something else to hope for; something else to help clear her muddled heart.

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