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Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:32 pm
by Rainer
Bellatrix closed her eyes and relished in the sweet taste as it melted across her tongue before Spin gave her a nudge to keep looking for shells. She snatched up her little basket and trotted off down the shore a ways, before she began riffling through the sand again.

"Good to the baby. The filly was his goal, Saphire was just a way to achieve it. They're close, but not together in any sense of the word. Belly understands what love is, and she understands that her parents don't have it." He explained as simply as he could, "He's a Rogue..." Was added at the end, as if that changed anything.

Spin remained slightly hushed as he continued, Belly was innocent enough, but he didn't trust her not to repeat anything that was said. He hesitated before reaching out to brush her white mane along her neck, unsure if his touch was welcome.

"I didn't know if I would ever see you again. Stice came to us in rough shape... I could only imagine what would have happened to you, to let anyone do that to him..."

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:55 pm
by Songhue
She frowned at the news, clearly disapproving so long as little Belly couldn't see. However close, this stallion was using her daughter - or had used her. As a mother, she was rather offended. Her indignation only grew when she learned this stallion was a Rogue - the Rogue among her bondmates had more honor in her forelock than this stallion had so far shown towards her daughter.

Sadly, Sapphy was no longer a filly to be told of such things; her choices were her own to make now. However much she disapproved of them.

A slight shiver traced her spine as she accepted his touch. It'd been so long since any had touched her that way at all. The simple brush over her mane was enough to bring back so many ghosts, shadowy specters she'd long since struggled to put to rest.

When he spoke next, however, a small, angry, harshly bitter smile twisted her muzzle. For a mere instant there was an echo of the old madness in her eyes. I was broken, she said, her voice as low as his but harsh for the memory of the pain, shattered into a thousand pieces and left alone, swept into a pile and given a bonded who was to glue it all together.

Shaking herself off, Frolic closed her eyes and took a breath, stealing a moment to collect herself. Not here. Not in front of the foal. She was, as ever, a mother - a grandmother - first. It doesn't matter. We're here now.

Looking at the seashells little Belly was scrounging for, as it was easier than looking at him, she added I had thought to see you, in the beginning. When you never came... I'm glad to see you're well. That the family grows.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:50 pm
by Rainer
He watched her in silence, moving through her masks one by one. Taking a step back, he didn't touch her again. Merely shifted his gaze to the young one plopping shell after shell in her basket.

"We were all broken, everyone's been hurt. Everyone is still hurting. Atleast our children have learned to move past it." He shrugged lightly, as that was all he could really ask out of life. If Frolic had no interest in making their family whole, then all he could hope for was his children's lives to continue moving on. To continue growing.

"Stice has no one, at the moment. For a long time he was Momma's boy... When you were gone, he leaned on Saphire. Saphire is a little more complicated... Then the girl came and we all sort of bucked up for her sake." He paused a moment, chewing on his words, "Now we're trying to make lives out of the pieces."

"I would've looked for you. I wanted to." He didn't say more. This wasn't about him, it was about her and Belly. She had been without her family for so long...

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:07 pm
by Songhue
Sighing, she moved closer once he'd moved away, attempting to brush her shoulder against his. He was right, of course; and it was a lesson she had learned long ago.

I've missed him, she confessed, taking another piece of honey for herself, I've missed everyone. But Spin...

She shook her head and looked at him, reminding herself that it was through forced honesty she'd managed to heal. Well, forget leaving things unspoken then; she'd exploit the value of candor.

You were everything, once, she admitted, searching his face for a reaction to her declaration, We were all each other had. Once we broke apart we had nothing to fall back on, nothing left of ourselves. It isn't like that anymore, beloved. We couldn't rely on each other because none of us were well enough to care for anyone else. We had to find something else to hold us together.

She continued softly, almost under her breath, Part of me wishes it could be that way again; I suspect that part of me always will. But while what has passed must remain past, it doesn't have to determine the future. I want to know my grandfilly, to find my son and watch my daughter finally fall for a proper stallion. I want to get to know you again, my Spin of long ago that gave me everything.

Taking a breath and closing her eyes, as if bracing herself, she let out a gentle sigh and said But as we've all moved on, I can't simply expect that to happen. I'd given up hope, in all honesty. Now I just need to know; is it even possible?

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:11 pm
by Rainer
Spin listened to her in silence, his expression blank aside from the sad half smile that scrawled across his lips as her little speech came to a close.

"I'd like to think it is." He reached up to gently lip at the top of her ear, "The only things cement in life are family and hope, right?"

"If we don't have that... Then whats the point?" He thought back for a moment, when he believed he had neither. A gentle shake of his head reminded him that those were dark times, but also the past. He wasn't the man he was before; colder, a little more weary.. Saphire's misinterpreted idea of growing up, but he had no way of correcting her.

"Where do we go from here then, my dear?" He looked at her sideways, quirking a brow along with his question.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:54 am
by Songhue
It was possible, or so he said. She'd given it up a while ago, yet here it was; her old mate found, a forsaken dream given a chance, a choice before her.

Part of her, yes, wanted to give it a shot; she wanted to try again, to grow together with this stallion that had given her everything. It was why she even mentioned it. And yet... She had moved on. She had given up on rekindling the past, on getting in touch with her family again.

Honestly, could she really believe that any of them would actually be there this time? Or would a temporary reunion be the best she could hope for?

No, she said, almost adamantly, neither of them are. There is a saying I have heard, one which claims hope to be a black and deadly creature, luring one to such heights as to have the fall kill. Hope can be dashed, hope can fade. While it constantly renews into taunting you ever higher once again, it is not set to stone.

They were both so different now; this was just one example. She didn't think hope was a thing that truly proved to be constant, steady or even continuous. It was by no means set into stone. She'd had her hope dashed and teased back to rising again, remembered thinking it better to live in bitterness than to have such a crushing fall repeat itself. She was more cautious now; she didn't fly quite so high when she followed the black-winged demon that was hope.

Nor is family. The only true difficulty in turning from family lies in the heart, and that's subjective. A minion of hope, as often as not.

She wasn't even going to begin to go down the contemplative path of what the point of all of it was. That would turn into a whole other beast of a discussion.

But where we go from here is forward, she said, looking at the foal that tipped the balance towards finding a new future from the ashes of her past, wherever that may be. To start with, you can take me on a date; if we're to try again, we need to get to know each other as we are now. And even then it may not work.

But at least they will have tried.