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If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:36 am
by Rainer
Maybe she wouldn't be gone...

The early morning fog was just beginning to clear, the sun pulling the curtains open on the scene. The mist receded to the forest surrounding the clearing, a calm creek running through the middle. There was a quiet shuffling sound buried beneath the singing of the awakening birds, a silhouette with their head down sifting through the sandy shore.

It had been so long since he had last breathed air outside of his bonded's realm, so long since he had dared to leave the company of his bondmates who fussed over him. Shades of red and yellow cascaded down his body, twirling together effortlessly. His wild mane fell over his eyes to block out most of the world, except for his current task.

In the past months he had found a new meaning to life. His children had long since grown and started down their own paths, no longer needing their father for guidance. They had made that very clear. Yet when he first met the spitting image of his daughter, the tiny filly that carried on his family's legacy of color and those ruby eyes... She took his breath away. He immediately turned into a doting Grandfather. It was this small life force that made him venture so far from home on this day.

Spin had promised to spend a day with her making seashell necklaces. So here he was, preparing for the day he got his little Belly to himself and collecting shells in a woven basket on the shoreline. His mind, other then the task at hand was blank. He had no intention of meeting anyone, which is why he chose so early in the morning to make his trip. Surely no one would be around at this time.

Surely he wouldn't have to face his past.


Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:36 am
by Songhue
Frolic stretched her neck luxuriously, smiling to herself as she enjoyed an early morning trot. She was exploring again, something she had missed quite a bit without realizing it. It was good to move simply for the sake of moving again; Goddess knew she was guilty of that back home, chasing sugar gliders and rolling in tiger lilies.

She felt oddly reflective as she made her way from Fields to Vale, a touch of nostalgia curving her lips. She'd taken quite the journey of self growth, gone down a tough path of recovery. But that wasn't what she thought back on; no, it was the days she would wander and explore with others, those that had been closest to her.

She could barely remember them now, those Serians that once meant everything. Even remembering who exactly was in her Circle would require a lot of research; for while the bonds were still there they were old, faded and weak. Her bondmate Caustic meant more than any of those in her Circle did, including her past mate or grown foals. She had, in fact of matter, decided that if these old ties couldn't be rekindled then she would move on; find another stallion, take a new mate, welcome him to this decaying Circle.

She wouldn't find this stallion simply by sitting around, however her explorations of Sionayra were making her nostalgic for what had once been. It'd been nice, once; she remembered that. Before insanity struck, it had been good.

Well, perhaps she'd find something new, something that could be good in its own way. Perhaps she would find a new playmate; someone else to frolic around and spin her in circles.

Or, as it turned out, perhaps she would stumble right across a bit of this past she'd been pondering. She did manage to catch herself before she merely crashed right into the clearing. Hovering at the edge of the forest with the last of the mist chilling her fetlocks, Frolic took a moment to simply watch. It was Spin and a strange little foal; a filly with a winding mark over her, just as their Sapphy had inherited from him.

The family resemblance couldn't quite be ignored - and it made her smile. He'd moved on himself, it looked like. Had a new foal and was taking her out for seashells. Maybe it was with Satin; she did remember that particular mare from their Circle. Frolic had no idea how they'd manage one another's company now - she really did wish to get back in touch and find out.

Watching silently, she debated the merit of stepping into the clearing and sharing a few words. She did want to wish him well, if he was again whole enough to have started a new family, as she had sought to do. He had meant so much to her, once; she hoped a few kind words would be possible.

Yet nobody had been there for her when she needed them most, while she battled insanity. Nobody had come for her; her one meeting with her foals was jumbled and confused in her mind, leaving her with an impression of putting them off because of the strange, erratic leaps her mind would take.

He may not welcome even those kind words of being well; he may want to leave the past where it was, behind him.

Could be he had fully and properly rid himself of her. That rejection would hurt, if it were true. Yet that wasn't the source of her hesitation; she didn't want to cause him any discomfort. An awkward, unwelcome meeting would be rough on both of them, and if he'd truly begun to move on she had no wish to disrupt that.

Unless he would welcome a small exchange as much as she would.

There was really only one way to find out. Lifting her head, she stepped through the underbrush and onto the shifting sands, offering a smile to the pair before her. In a strange way there was no ache or longing in her heart; she would welcome foals again, but did not covet that Spin should have a filly himself. Nor did she long that it was her filly he had.

What had once been was fully broken, each of them leaving the others as they dealt in their own problems. There was nothing left of the past for her to long for; merely a future to build.

There's a very pretty purple one just to your left, she told the filly. Hello, Spin. It's been a while.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:15 pm
by Rainer
Spin thought he was dreaming for a moment.

When the stallion lifted his fine head, his mouth had dropped open in shock. He hadn't heard a word about Frolic since Stice had been dragged home, and simply thought her to have dropped off the planet... He should have had more hope.

The frail filly grinned at the mare, before plucking the purple shell from the sand and trotting over to drop it in the basket. Spin slowly pressed his lips together and looked away to follow the filly with his eyes, then moved slowly back to the mare he thought had been a ghost...

"Frolic... I..." He stammered for a moment, furrowing his brow to think of the words to say... Nothing was good enough.

Nothing except...

"Belly, come here child." He was firm, but smiled at the girl as she drew to his side, "Meet Frolic, this is your mother's mother... Your Grandmother."

"For real!?" The little filly burst, a string of giggles filling the air, "Opa... So she's my Oma?" The stallion nodded in response, looking up to Frolic, searching her eyes for her reaction.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:37 pm
by Songhue
Frolic blinked, surprised by the revelation. She was a granddam? Oh, but she could feel so old in light of that news.

Instead, as surprise filtered from her gaze she found herself smiling - practically glowing. Her grand-filly! Had her little Sapphy finally stabilized enough to find a true and proper mate?

You're a grandsire, Frolic laughed, and stepped closer to sniff at the young foal - who seemed to be growing quite well. My goodness, Spin, when did we get so old? And your name is Belly, is it? she asked the foal, reaching low to tickle the little thing's stomach. My Sapphy has a Belly!

Looking back to Spin she shook her head slightly, a faint sadness entering her gaze as she said Even our grandfoals bear a resemblance to you. Remember when her mother was this small? And fierce little Stice?

Smiling again at the pretty little foal she said in conspiratorial tones There are stories I have of your mother, little one... Oh, you would squeal! But ah, let's see what Opa says, hm? He is the one that has to deal with living with her, she winked. In the meantime, I have something else for you. Have you ever tried honey?

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:55 pm
by Rainer
"Bellatrix." The little lady stated firmly, looking almost serious for a moment before blowing into a contagious laughter at the contact. Spin couldn't help but chuckle, stepping back a moment to let the little one be inspected.

"She is a blessing in disguise, for sure." The stud muttered, "With a little bit of all of us... I see her father the most, though." He seemed disgruntled at this fact. He had never been a fan of the other stallion, but was civil on behalf of his little girls. He was nothing without all of them.

Including Frolic. Spin paused to look her over briefly. He hadn't laid eyes on her in what felt like forever, she looked healthy to him. Happy and healthy. What had happened all this time? Where had she been? So many questions, and he was in for his fair share of interrogation as well, he was sure.

"I remember when we were young... So young all those years ago. Just kind of thrown into life without a clue." A nuzzle was laid on Belly's shoulder, before the filly started bouncing around Frolic's hooves at the mention of some kind of treat.

"Honey? Is it yummy? What kind of stories about Mum?" Spin laughed softly, brushing her forelock from those infamous ruby eyes when she paused to speak.

Re: If I had loved her this much all along.. [Frolic&Spin]

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:03 pm
by Songhue
Bellatrix, Frolic smiled, and nodded in mock-serious approval. A good name. And yes, little one, honey is very yummy. And sticky and sweet and it makes you smack your mouth!

With that, she reached around, opened a mini-rift and snatched out a small leather pouch. Placing it on the ground she flipped open the top and pulled out a glob of semi-chilled honey, hardened just enough to hold, and let Bellatrix "Belly" see it rest on her tongue as it began to melt.

Mmmm she groaned, and closed her eyes in sweet appreciation. Help yourselves. I know where to get more.

Flicking an ear, she stepped to the side and hoped that the filly would be distracted by the treats long enough for her to get in a few words with Spin. The stories could come later, both of the Spitfire and of tough little Stice tackling life head first.

Is he a good stallion, her father? she asked quietly, concern flooding her eyes unguarded for a moment. Good to our Sapphy, a good sire to his foal?

Sighing, she shook her head slightly and said If you want to tell me, of course. I don't mean to pry, Spin; I'm sure you've all moved on.