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Crystal Caves Lonely Hearts

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:26 am
by Chidory
A cold wind blew through the valley. Tall pines, strong and fierce, swayed in the breeze as they shed ominous shadows; a warning that soon, too soon, darkness would envelope all the eye could see. In this world of silence, a place seemingly void of life, a single soul roamed.

Crimson eyes, ones that once burned brightly, now glanced out of the forest. Having finally reached the edge, the young stallion exhaled deeply, releasing puffs of hot air into the cold night. It was with some relief when he stepped away from the treeline. In the deep forest he was unable to see or feel anything. His soul, it seemed, was drained. No more was there a playful flick of his tail, a wry grin or a simple dance when he felt happy or cheerful. All he felt now, in the cold, dark night, was hollow. Inside him was a deep longing for more.

Before he entered that forest of solitude, he lived his life to please others. If he made them happy, if he made them smile, he too would be happy. But now, having left a place where his only company were his thoughts, he realized that maybe, just maybe, something was missing.

The wind blew colder and stronger than in the forest. It tossed his orange mane in the wind as he shivered. Though he has an affinity for the arctic winds, the stallion was cold, too cold. Everything felt sad and wrong in this world without light. Frantically he searched, for something, anything, that would raise his spirits.

In this gloomy place, he found a beacon of light. The bright glow raised his spirits as he ventured increasingly faster towards what appeared to be a cave, a very, very, bright cave. Ignoring his confusion, and instead, focusing on this one beacon of hope he ventured further uphill. By the time he reached his sanctuary, snow began to fall heavily from the sky. With a sigh of relief, he laid down by the warm, glowing stones…warm glowing stone?

He couldn’t understand this place, and at the moment he didn’t care. Instead, his thoughts drifted to his life without a life. Who am I? Where do I belong? What is my purpose? He became restless as he thought. Why couldn’t I be like West? He knows his place. He found his heart and his soul! Everything he is, everything he will ever be, belongs to Sign. She is the keeper of his being. His guiding light!

With a sigh of utter depression, he sank his silver and sunny head down to the warm stone. This place of light and warmth wasn’t enough to calm his troubled and sad heart.

Sadness twists a sunny heart
Laughter fading far from thought
In this gloomy world we see
What does it mean to be free?
Dread, fear, pain and sorrow
What does it mean to see tomorrow?
Will the light soon shine bright?
Or will I forever be in shadow?

Those sad, hollow, crimson eyes gazed out at the worsening storm.


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Re: Crystal Caves Lonely Hearts

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:08 pm
by Songhue
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BIC| She was unusually melancholy tonight, the wandering gypsy mare Tribe. Although she tried to keep things from dampening her mood too much, she found herself... Remorseful.

The snow was falling thick and light, dusting a light blanket over her back. Lifting her head, eyeing the sky, she let out a quiet sigh that sent a billowing bit of fog streaming in her wake. It was the perfect night to have someone to snuggle with, someone to know was beside you. She'd been searching, waiting, for a long time now; hoping for the one thing she truly longed for. A Circle, a tribe of her own, a mate she could rely on to wander with her always.

At the last, she'd thrown herself into her wanderings, traveling far and wide and avoiding any contact with other Serians; even her bondmates. She was restless tonight, unable to tolerate sitting at home to muse that which she lacked.

In all honesty, there was a layer of bitterness wrapped inside her contemplative sorrow. She knew what she searched for; she knew what she craved. Worse, she knew who she wished for.

A bondmate, Sparkle, led a Circle she felt was perfect for her. She wanted to be a part of this Circle where she knew so many, cared for all of them, counted on each of them. She'd heard tale of the last stallion, the one left single; this Crest. They'd met briefly, once, and he had been... Introverted. She hadn't wished to push at the time; some sadness hung over the stallion, something she felt she had no place intruding upon.

But she hadn't forgotten the tales of him, the bright and bouncy stallion she thought would be such fun on her many journeys. She hadn't forgotten his vibrant sun and silver markings, or the crest of feathers upon his head that indicated his moods. She hadn't forgotten the feel of his secluded sorrow; it had seemed that had someone been close to him, he would have gladly shared that sorrow; allowed them to be there for him. He hadn't given a cold shoulder or tried to turn away from any of them, after all.

In her efforts to keep herself from being depressed herself she'd kept a casual air, treating this interaction as one of the many she found across her journeys. Part of her had hoped it would entice him from his troubles; another part had wondered at his behavior. The subdued stallion with the drooping feather-tipped crest didn't sound at all like the vibrant, energetic one she'd heard of when he first sought to join her bondmate's circle.

Tribe had yet to find the stallion that could drive this hope from her mind. Her bondmates had joined together, entered other Circles, formed a new one of their own, and yet she had abstained. As much as she longed to belong in this manner, she also knew it had to be the right one. In the depths of her heart, she was certain that this was the right one; simply unattainable.

She was tired of wandering on her own. Tonight, she let it get to her; she let herself be depressed, just for a while, before she'd run from it all once again over the vast oceans.

The snow was piling high as she trotted around, watching her surroundings forlornly. She hardly even noticed. Her many years spent swimming almost constantly had built incredible muscle, sleek though it was; her legs were strong, her back sturdy, and her head drooping. That was the unusual part; typically she moved with her head high and curious, taking in everything she possibly could.

Still, she wasn't used to the chill; though she had traveled through freezing waters it had been on rare occassion. She needed shelter of some sort. Even now she was reluctant; as long as she moved this melancholy wouldn't be allowed to fully catch up to her.

But she couldn't spend her whole life running. Wandering, yes; but not running. With another sigh the pale mare lifted her head and raised one golden hoof out of the snow, searching for a likely refuge. Tonight - and only tonight - she would allow herself to curl up and simply cry for a bit. It would be the first time in her memory that tears would have fallen from her eye, yet after so many years it was beyond time.

There; a cave, one with a gently glowing light. Probably phosphorescent moss and utterly abandoned.

With snow clinging to her soft purple legs, Tribe easily mounted the hill and paused in the entrance, letting her eyes adjust to the light. The weight and ache of being so very alone weighed heavy in her heart; until her eyes adjusted enough for her to see another figure already there. Before she could apologize for any unintentional intrusion she recognized a silvery hide and a feather-tipped crest, and her breath caught in her throat.

It was him; the wandering stallion she'd pinned all her hopes on. The only one she didn't have a standing relationship with inside the Circle she felt fit her.

For an instant she was terrified. What would she do if those hopes were dashed completely? If she was fully rejected? How would she cope?

But it lasted for only that one moment, her selfish fears - for in the next she saw the look in the stallion's eye, one of deep ache and loneliness, and she forgot her own troubles.

Tribe was notoriously selfish, by all admissions. She traveled freely, without concern over whatever connections she'd had. It'd been far too long since she and Sparkle had shared any decent moment together; her curiosity overrode such considerations more often than not. She and Path had rarely seen one another for any length of time, as the mare preferred to stay close to home ever since she had foaled Darroch. Tribe may or may not have met Amber and Pixie, she wasn't entirely sure, and she hadn't exactly made a point to do so; she traveled, chatting easily with these Serians that were closest to her whenever she happened to find her way home again. She did visit Sign often, and she did wonder after West - rarely had she ever seen any give their heart so freely and fully. The ache of missing the wandering stallion that her bondmate bore often brought guilt to Tribe herself; she was just as guilty, in her own way. But at least she always came back.

Yet in that moment, as she saw Crest, that selfishness was laid to rest as she at last saw beyond her own curiosity or heartache. She saw someone that was in need of another; and she saw that she was here, seeking her own comfort through travels. It was easy, far too easy, to lay her own worries aside in order to focus on him; she could deal with her pains later. To see him as he was now, drained of all vitality and joy, went against the things she'd heard to such an extent as to be nearly offensive.

It was like seeing an ocean run dry.

I was lookin' ta get out o' the snow, an' it seems ya might use a bit o' company, she murmured, her accent coming out thick from her surprise. Think there might be a bit o' room for me near them odd stones of yorn?

Shared body heat would be just as welcome in the chill, but she'd get to that later. For the moment she merely stood in the cave mouth, shivering sporadically as the snow swirled around her and flashed like glitter in the light from the stones.

Re: Crystal Caves Lonely Hearts

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:31 pm
by Chidory
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BIC/ Crest blinked a couple times to clear his head. In his foggy mist of thoughts, he was sure that someone was speaking to him. But how can that be? He was in a place that had seemed to be devoid of any other soul. His only company, the cold harsh wind and the stones of the cave. It was a few more moments before he realized, that he was indeed being spoken to.

Lonely orbs glanced up towards the cave entrance to see a mare. Her coat seemed to glimmer and shine in the warm glow of this unnatural place. The snow that covered her lean back twinkled in the soft light. It was like she wore the finest diamonds in the world. And it suited her.

He felt like he knew this mare. Her gentle blues and purples striking something familiar in his hollow heart. It was many seasons past since he last saw her. It was at the oasis wasn't it? Though his mind was still jumbled, he was able to see that she looked cold and tired. When she shivered over so lightly he knew that he let her wait long enough in the cold of that inhospitable world.

With a warm smile he raised his head and nodded. "Company would be wonderful on a night like tonight." As he waited for her to enter into the folds of the cave he watched her closely. She had a stillness about her. A strength and fierce pride. He was sure, that if he spoke to her at great length, he would discover many of the intricacies of her heart and mind.

At a time like now, company was welcome.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:19 pm
by Songhue
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BIC| Smiling gratefully, she watched eyes that were the same honey-brown as his mane slowly come into focus as she stepped inside. The stones seemed warm, somehow, but not so drastically warm as to burn her after the freezing air outside. Relieved, Tribe shook herself off just inside the entrance and quickly made her way to curl next to his pile, laying only a breath removed from touching him.

I reckon it would, she said quietly, resting her head by the stones as she gazed up at him, if I'm ta be honest, a bit of comp'ny has been lacking for quite some time now. Not that Ah don' have plenty willin, she said with a sad smile, my bondmates try an' keep me busy with tales of my exploits.

Shrugging, she turned her gaze to the raging storm and murmured None of them go a-wanderin' with me, though. But, she said, looking back to him with a bright smile, I usually manage to find some sort of company, when it's most needed. What about you?

She didn't ask his name, didn't give hers; she wasn't sure he remembered, wasn't sure what had plagued him. She simply hoped that her gentle chatter would somehow soothe him, invite him to confide in her.

She'd hardly even glanced from him since she'd found the cave. Tribe seemed determined to soak in every possible detail about him as he was right now, laying next to her by the odd stones, cozy as they could get on this forbidding night.

She wouldn't be selfish about things this time; this time, she was determined to hold onto the moment as much as she could. This time she'd do more to draw him out of himself, rather than expecting him to come around on his own and match her attitude. Typically she could easily influence others that way - she was often described as infectious. Yet this time she'd do more; she'd actually try to reach him. He'd rarely left her thoughts from their last encounter, and that had been brief and unsatisfactory; this time she wouldn't waste what opportunity she found.

Re: Crystal Caves Lonely Hearts

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:50 pm
by Chidory
Her voice was soft. It was like a warm autumn rain, gentle and fresh, preparing the ground for the cold of winter. Crest smiled, a tender smile, one that felt so unnatural after so long alone. He had to take a moment to think about her question, even though it was so short and so simple.

What about him?

"Company is always nice. West and I used to venture together, but since he fell in love with Sign, our journeys have lacking. Now all he is concerned with, is finding a suitable place where they can settle down. He was always the quiet one, but shes changed him." The young stallion laughed, "In a good way of course. I'm happy he found someone. And that little Keidas? He's big and strong now, a perfect blend of both his parents."

He paused, worried that he said too much. Was he bothering her? He wished he knew, but still he continued, it was nice talking after so long in the darkness.

"I have been all over Sionayra. I never know what I'm looking for or what I'm meant to do. Maybe someday it will find me. "

With a deep sigh he adjusted himself, leaning ever so slightly into the mares side. "What about you tribe? Are you searching for something?"

He glanced at the mare beside him. He would never have forgotten her, even if he tried. Even with her mane damp and hanging, she was beautiful. The sound of her voice brought peace to his heart, like no other did. He was unsure if she remembered him. They first met each other long ago, when he first began to question himself. Ever since he met Ether.

For now, things were ok.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:04 pm
by Songhue
She nodded as he spoke, leaning against him in turn without thinking about it. She felt a pang as he spoke of his travels with West, another when he spoke his falling for Sign, and a third when he finished. And then the question, and her head swam; one answer came instantly, only for two others to slam right on their heels. She took an honest look at herself for what was, perhaps, the first time; it was a question she'd never been asked before.

Taking a breath and allowing his scent to fill her nose she took a chance; the moment was made intimate as her voice softened to barely more than a whisper.

She misses him, ya know, she started, closing her eyes again and resting her head by the stones, Sign. She saw her boy the once and they both vanished; she don't know he loves her. It almost ended her, with as much as she idolizes him.

Sighing, she realized her accent had been coming through thick, ever since she'd first seen him. She was unbalanced - she'd pinned her hopes on him; now he was here, a reality, and she was being drawn outside of her own head simply by talking to him. She was more honest with him; it was hard to say why. He just seemed the most real to her, somehow.

I don't... My gracious, sugar, there's so many things ta look for. I'd thought I was lookin for a Circle; a proper 'tribe', she said in a weak effort at humor, but I was wanderin' long before I thought ta settle. I wanted... no, I still want to see more. There's so much out there. I look for those things that can still make me wonder. And if yer just passin through it keeps others from bein too real, gettin too close. I don' want just anyone gettin close, ya know? she said, and now she began to sound a bit desperate as fear tainted her words, I don' want ta be left behind. I don' want a Circle where Ah don' see th' others, don' know or love 'em as it should be, I don' want to get close only t'be abandoned again. And it happens; not just bondeds, but we do it too. We break hearts, we leave, an' if ain't nobody close t'me then ain't nobody can... But I don' want t'be alone.

Sighing, she felt a tear slide down her cheek as the final reality sank in and whispered passed her lips on a breath, Ah'm lookin fer someone ta trust.

She hadn't known; she honestly hadn't until that moment. She was the traveling mare, nicknamed Gypsy for that very reason. She saw skulls of monsters at the bottoms of seas, knew where to find sunken treasures, watched creatures that few had ever dreamed of playing in the heart of a tempest. She'd seen sunsets make water look like fire, met a creature that had fallen on the back of a shooting star and settled into a new life in their new land, found magic she'd not imagined - once she found seaweed that allowed her to breathe underwater.

She had so many stories, and nobody to tell them to. Nobody she'd allowed herself to honestly hold on to.

I've looked fer a long time, she admitted, And Ah haven't found anyone yet that I thought would always be there for me. But there's so many other things that've been found she sniffed, lifting her head and attempting to put on a brave smile, and when it starts to feel too lonely I go wanderin somewhere that demands my focus just to survive - places like here. Find a new story or another trinket. Don' normally find anyone in those areas; yer a pleasent surprise. Hadn't thought of there bein someone 'round t' help keep me busy instead o' bein busy avoidin dyin'.