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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 6:24 pm
by Keira
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BIC: He smiled and nuzzled her right below the ear. "That would be perfect." He sat and waited for Songhue to come. Suddenly his nerves hit. What if she didn't like him? What if she thought he was crazy for moving so fast? What if............?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:13 pm
by Songhue
Path lifted her head and in a voice that carried called out a very deep word, one that probaly wouldn't make since to him. "Windsong!"

A soft breeze seemed to come out of her, flow around, then up, and then a golden eagle flew low over the land and settled down onto her shoulder. Songhue had arrived.

Now it was up to Pixie. First impressions were important, so he had to be the first to respond. Path hoped he'd be okay.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:22 pm
by Keira
Pixie looked at Songhue amazed at the sight. He bowed to show respect and waited for her to respond before he straightend.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:34 pm
by Songhue
"You have a friend," Songhue noted in a voice like so many leaves in a small, warm breeze.

"I have a mate," Path corrected, and watched as Songhue jumped down to squint at this new male. "You trust him with your heart?" she asked, hardly even whispering. "Yes," Path answered, and swished her tail uncertainly as Songhue fluttered up onto his shoulder.

"Treat her right," Songhue murmured, playing gently with his main, "And you will have my love as well."

"Do her wrong," she continued as she floated down to the ground, shimmering in and out of the dimension of wind, "And you will have a wrong done."

When she stilled there was no longer a golden eagle, but instead a great white dragon spoke to this new male. She was not, however, a typical dragon. Her scales were not so much as plates of armor that scraped unpleasantly when she moved instead of shifting with her as scales would. There was a great crest of spiked horns around her head that trailed down to below her jaw, and she had only four crystal clear teeth in a mouth as pale as moonlight. Her tongue was thin, barbed, and forked, and as she opened her mouth a great yellow-white ball of heat gathered momentarily at the base of her throat. She had no front legs, only wings coming from her shoulders. They seemed to be made entirely of larger versions of the shields that covered her, and rasped harshly whenever she shifted. The sharp spikes at the tip of the joint hinted at some sort of dexterity, and indeed she used her left one to scratch at her dagger plated nose. If she just sniffed too hard, she could impale someone.

Her back claws seemed to be made of the same crystal colored diamonds as her teeth, as well as the spikes located throughout her body. Her neck was not long and graceful as would be expected, but thick and heavy, though it did have length enough for a lethal attack. As she shifted to scratch it could be heard by the sounds that the guard plates were hollow, a fact that explained why there was no break, not even along her stomach. The tail was obviously for nothing more than balance since it was constantly held in the air. The only thing out of place with this magnificent beast was its eyes; Songhue still had her own eyes, almond shaped and soft blue-grey, rimmed by eyebrows of yet more of those clear daggers.

It was because they were clear that the poisons could be seen swirling in them, shifting constantly, being absorbed and extracted from her bloodstream. Every point there was, was a double way to die. Even her tongue had small white tips on its barbs. With an intentional yawn she eyed Path's new mate and turned her head as the mare snorted next to her.

"Songhue, I love him."

"I know," she murmured, her voice having remained the same as well, soft as autumn breezes and rustling as so many leaves. "And you are not one to love easily. Therefore he must know just how great a gift your heart is." She swung her head back around here, eyes flashing coldly as she studied this silent stallion and added with a certain amount of bite in her words, "You do realize the gift you've been given?"

PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2006 3:45 pm
by Keira
Pixie nodded and couldn't keep a smile from his face. "I know." He had to fight the urge to kiss Path again "I promise, I'll do my very best to make her happy and to keep her safe." He didn't know if his promise would be enough. He wished that he could tell Songhue everything in his heart, everything he felt for Path but there were no words. No words to describe the intensity of how he felt everytime he looked at her, the way his heart and soul soared when he kissed her, or the way he wanted to be with her always, and how he wanted to protect her and keep her safe from any harm.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2006 4:31 pm
by Songhue
Songhue snorted in finality, apparently having made a decision of some sort. As she pulled her head back Path stepped forward and gantly nuzzled Pixie, a small sign of how she loved him, and that nothing could change the love she held.

His life force, the sensation he'd given off when he spoke, was strong and pure, telling of honesty and complex, intense emotions behind every word. He meant what he said well enough, but could he keep to it? They would have to see.

Shifting her wings with a hard, screeching rasp, she rested the claw tipped joints on the ground and leaned forward to better see him. She was careful of her nose, not wanting harm only sight. "There is more to a relatioship than happiness and safety."

"Indeed," Path agreed with a hard light entering her eyes. "There is respect and love, as well as sharing and taking of what each call thier own. But, Songhue, Pixie's not someone who'd try to make it something else. He cares for me."

Blowing a faint, white cloud of smoke at the pair, Songhue pulled her head back and shimmered into a white wolf, before trotting over to the pair. She never once took her eyes off of Path. "My kind have a ceremony," she noted with a soft, sad note in her voice. "when we find our mate we place a small cut on our palm and press it against a like one on theirs. It's supposed to symbolize a unity, a joining of souls. Can either of you say that you feel connected on this level?"

"I can. He's hid nothing from me, and I think I know him as well as anyone."

All eyes turned to Pixie here, waiting to see how strongly he felt for this mare, as well as how much he was willing to share with her. Path would give everything; after all, it was the old way. If he understood anything about her, he would realize that.