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Hidden Light [Pixie]

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2006 4:56 pm
by Songhue
Path stood looking down at the dense forest that lay below her hilltop. She had a thing she did, something Sparkle would undoubtedly call a game but something she thought of as a dance. If anyone ever found out about her dancing she'd be miserable, always having to face the questions and knowing that she couldn't bend her rules of propriety and tell them to mind their own business. That's why she chose the most remote areas she could.

Grinning, she trotted down into the humid cover of leaves and stopped just at the edge of the light, the smile on her face enough to stop most male hearts because of its rarity and unique tilt that belied the spark which was her soul. She gathered her legs under herself and lunged forward with a toss of her main, soaring onto the next little patch where the branches were thin enough to allow undergrowth. The ring on her tail glowed softly in the dimness, flickering as she reared back to keep away from the deeper shadows and pranced to the next spot, landing with grace and power. The twists and landings truly did resemble some sort of dance and the throaty laugh that rang from her was the music she moved by as it reverberated off the trees. This was her hidden joy, the secret light of the days when she needed to be away from the rules of society.


PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2006 8:06 pm
by Keira
As he stomped off to get some composure the stallion couldnt help but think "Lothorien can be such a jerk sometimes!" He walked with his straight out and his ears pinned flat to his head. "Hmpf. I'll show him that I can be a jerk to. He had no right calling me the things that he did." Pixie knew he shouldn't think such things but he just couldn't help it.


"I know I can be a little 'stuck up' at times but I dont mean it, I'm just not very open to others that like to make fun of me. Why cant he just leave me alone? Poison Ivy does all she can to make him stop when she's around but he just wont listen. It's like he thinks its some kind of game." His mind was in overdrive but as he payed closer attention to his surroundings he noticed that he had gone much farther than he usually liked to. Today he didn't care, he needed to find someone or something to get his mind off of Thor. Just ahead he saw a hill looming above a forest. As he aproached the bottom of the hill something caught his eye. A sparkle, like a gleam off of something metal. As he approached he could see another serian dancing to her hearts content with the ring on her tail sparkling in the sunlight. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he just stood there, staring, his face expressionless.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 9:39 am
by Songhue
OOC| Wow, you're good with him :)

BIC| It was so good to be free. Path twisted to the next patch of light at the forest's edge, chuckling happily as she danced, throwing her head at the sky and flicking her tail, the light from her ring dancing around her, with her. She loved the sun and its warmth, and she loved to move in it as she dodged the shadows. She could now, solitude being her salvation so she could let out the warm kindness that hid behind formalities.

She paused when she heard the forest still, the last of her laughter resonating off the trees as she looked around, ears laid back in warning. Her soft, sweet smile was gone and she looked ready to kill. With her head held high she looked in all directions, baring her teeth at the unpleasant taste that came when she saw the stallion watching her. He was quite a sight, and she adored the green markings that complemented his earth colors, but he'd seen her dance in the light and he gave her the oddest fluttering in her chest. Path was not a pushover; she did not let others decide what she did or where she went, and she didn't show anything but strength.

Keeping to the rules of society she had been so long to shed just moments before she stepped forward, out of the trees and into his plain field of vision. She flicked her tail again, a nervous habit when she met anyone new, and let her sky-blue main fall forward over her eyes. It didn't give her much cover but she didn't want him to see the way her eyes were so willing to drink him in. He was so...exotic.

"I'm Path," she called, pleased that her strong, deeply throaty voice was as clear as glass. "I thought this was a deserted forest."

It was all she'd give as an explanation, and in reality she probably wouldn't have said even that much if she hadn't been so impressed with him. He looked strong, like her, but perhaps less distant and he probably let everyone know just how he felt. The thought impressed her as well, and she gave herself a mental shake. He probably had his own business, and it certianly didn't involve her. Still, he was a creature she felt could maybe understand her. It all depended on him though, and what he'd come here for. The thought made her want to kick something. Path was not a pushover.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 12:01 am
by Keira
OOC: :) Thanks, I try. I like how you've done Path too.

BIC: Path... that was a cute name, he liked it. Scowling at himself he immediatly thought "Why on earth do I care if its a cute name or not... steady, your gettin' carried away." He softened his expression into a gentle smile that he knew made his eyes twinkle. "Hi Path, I'm Pixie. It's nice to meet you and dont worry about earlier, I think you dance wonderfully." He smiled sincerely. He was enough of a flirt that he could give compiments without blushing but this time... he did blush. There was just something that she did to him that made him just want to stand and stare for forever. He walked up to her and put his face about three inches from hers and asked in a low and gentle voice "So what is a pretty thing like you doin' all by herself?" He still smiled, although now it was gentle, just enough to hopefully let her know that he was interested. Thor's earlier comment came crashing down on him at that moment so he took two steps back as he waited for her response.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 9:39 am
by Songhue
He seemed genuine. That was something, and Path found herself approving. Why she couldn't say, but she had to be honest with herself; she already liked this gently curious stallion.

"I'm sorry, I don't dance for just anyone," she murmured, wincing as her voice came back to her nonetheless. That was the curse of having such a deep, throaty voice; it was nearly impossible to be as quiet as the moment called for at times. "That's actually why I came." The word freedom came to mind agian, but she didn't voice it, not sure he would understand.

Pixie she thought, trying to direct her mind away from the frantic beat her heart had taken when he'd stepped so close. It seems fitting some how. It feels like one's trapped in my chest. So much for directing her thoughts.

"I've never been here before," she admitted, still trying to hide her hungrily wandering eyes. "There's a need for....intensity here. It seems like the world's sleeping or holding its breath." Why are you here? her mind whispered, causing her ears to spring forward. How can you have such an effect on me and not know it? Why do have such an effect on me?

The questions circled, mumuring, but would never be voiced. It was rude to pry, and his business was his own after all. If anything she should feel angry that he could turn her upside down without even trying. What she felt was something that was akin to hope; would he realize, or just go on his way and leave her to destroy a few trees until she felt better? Or at least until she felt like her old self and stopped wanitng him to stand next to her agian.

Stop it, she chided, snorting lightly as she looked around to take her eyes off him. This is ridiculous. You can't possibly think that this Pixie would even give you a second look. Not that it even matters; I'm not interested like that anyway. It was just the surprise. And those eyes. Those sharp green eyes that challenged and defied. Those eyes that she kept glancing at between eying his body and trying not to look at him at all. Ridiculous.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 5:36 pm
by Keira
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