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Re: Push Me Under [Hinote...Again]

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:47 am
by Rainer
"Just thinking," Ears perked toward him as she lifted her head, stretching the sore muscles throughout her body. The fall had been rougher then she had expected, but she'll live.

As darkness fell spots of her damp coat were illuminated by the fireflies, as the moony hid it's silver face behind black clouds. On the other side of the horizon, the sun was slipping from view, strands of yellow, red, and orange reaching out from behind the Earth, as if it were trying to pull itself back up.

She smiled without thinking, her eyes now on the retreating sun until finally it was gone, and they were abandoned in the night.

The smile faltered as she came to a realization, glancing back to the friend she was so grateful for, "It's late... We should probably go."

It was becoming apparent that she was trying to follow the example he had set. He had called it growing up, but to her it was more like biting your tongue, and knowing the right thing to say. A sigh was given as she turned away, thinking once more how she didn't want to leave. It felt as if she had only just met him again, but all good things come to an end.

Re: Push Me Under [Hinote...Again]

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:45 pm
by Silverdust
"About what?" he asked, lazily. She could answer if she wanted to, or she could shrug off the question. Funny, he used to think words were useless, talking was an empty waste of time, and here he was asking for a darn conversation. The world was becoming a really strange place to be.

But then again, there were some things that could only be expressed through words, the same way there were things that only action could convey. He learned that watching the new mare, Lock, the crippled one. There needed to be a balance - it was confusing but it was worth it, the way she was looking at the sunset with that smile. She had done that on her own.

It made him feel glad for once, and it the torrent of ache and confusion that lived in him now, that was a good feeling.

But here she was, running again. He couldn't exactly blame her, but he picked up on the regret. Growing up did that, after all, empathy and all that. Gods, how could Avalir stand feeling like this all the time?

"If that's what you want, firebrand," he stated, casually. "Guess you got somewhere to be."

He really didn't, not anymore, at least, nowhere that he wanted to be. But he also knew that he couldn't leave things the way they were, with Brittle, Id, Sanguine, Mirage, Lock...all the things he'd left behind and the new things he had to figure out. There were still pieces he was fitting together, and though he didn't like it, he had to do it. Responsibility, maturity. Ch, adulthood. What a load of crap.

Re: Push Me Under [Hinote...Again]

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 12:34 am
by Rainer
"You," Was stated quite bluntly, and she smirked. Still not afraid to speak her mind, something she never wanted to lose her hold on. Although it had always gotten her into trouble in the past.

Thoughts strayed to her brother, and if he was facing the same kind of obstacles in life. She hadn't seen him since... Lord knows when. She would guess he wouldn't take this growing up bull too lightly either.

Her ruby gaze was settled on Hinote after having wandered the night air on a buzzing ball of light, and frowned. Was this part of growing up too? Having to let go of those you care about... She didn't like it, and refused to conform if that was to come.

"I don't want to watch you walk away again. I'm not sure I could do it a second time."

So here she was, opening herself like some treasure chest. Let him critisize, let him leave, whatever he desired.
As long as he knew the way she was slowly falling for a stranger.

Re: Push Me Under [Hinote...Again]

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:57 pm
by Silverdust
He wished he could say that her admittance surprised him, but it didn't really. He smiled, a tinge rueful, and looked up at the sky. Things would get testy now, strange. He had suspected that it might turn out this way, that she would...attach to the one who had pulled her out of whatever it was she was stuck in. Easy to make this into a story, easy to fall in love with the prince or whatever.

"It isn't good for you, firebrand," he said, looking her square in the eye. "To tie yourself to someone like that. You'll end up right back where you started."

Because truth of the matter was, he would leave. Sanguine wandered, and all who were bonded to her walked the same path. Cutting that connection with her, when he had run the first was hell. And he knew better than to test how far he could seperate their souls. So if the girl left, he left, if she stayed, he stayed...and Sanguine was always running.

"There are somethings in this world that can't be helped. I'll walk away and there's nothing I can do. I need you to be strong enough to live on your own."

He sighed, shook his mane from his eyes. "Or better yet, don't fall at all."

Because he wouldn't know how to deal with it, if he came back and she was gone like this again. Or worse. Some part of him was tied to her; it was the only reason he'd been able to drag her out of that pit. He knew how to recognize his own feelings, learned what came out of denying emotion, of loving too strongly and too much. Mirage had taught him, the desert had taught him, everything he'd been through had taught him that what was happening now...this was a very dangerous place to be.

Falling...they called it falling for a reason.

Re: Push Me Under [Hinote...Again]

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 12:23 am
by Rainer
It was then she realized that she could not change what was not in her control.

A mask was placed over her rising regret. She shouldn't have spoken of such silly matters, she shouldn't have risked whatever had been growing between them. It wasn't love, but understanding. She had been stupid enough to mistake it as affection.

Thats what she would keep telling herself, anyway.

Saphire wouldn't deny that he was probably right, instead she smiled and nodded. "Live on my own? Impossible for someone who looks this good," Attempts to bring back their playful atmosphere, prancing aside with her tail and head raised, sass and attitude leaking from every step she took. The remorse aching in her chest was laced in between her movements, which occasionally became jerky until she drew still once again.

She became serious again, but her smile was warmer then before, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I can stop it," A sigh escaped her as well, closing her eyes as she spoke, "Go and walk then, just know that someone will be waiting for you."

Out of no where, a harsh nip was aimed for his shoulder, as if scolding him for something he hadn't even done, "Unless you want me to give up completely," Her muzzle stopped before she made contact, and backed off.

"Would that make you happy? To see me with someone else?"

There she goes again, assuming that he cares.

Re: Push Me Under [Hinote...Again]

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 2:20 pm
by Silverdust
He laughed at her antics, for once letting go of the fear, the severity that was dripping into their conversation. Still, he could sense it lingering there, in the way she moved. Beautiful, broken girl.

"Not on your own then, firebrand," he teased, smirking. "Wouldn't be surprised though, if all the young stallions are scared away."

It didn't last long, the reprieve. He listened to her spill her heart, her promises, in silence. It wasn't that he didn't realize the value of what he was being given, wasn't touched by her sincerity. It was just that...this was so wrong. He didn't deserve it, didn't deserve to be with her. Because she would need, eventually, someone else. Someone to keep their promises, someone to be there, and hell, he might get jealous the way he did with Mirage. Mirage...she was in this to. sh~t, how much more screwed up could this get, really?

But he also knew that matters of the heart couldn't be ruled, and that he cared for her enough to want her to be happy. He turned his head to the side. "Thanks, then. I won't...forget."

It was instinct that caused him to shy away from her teeth, even though she stopped herself. Again with the questions, again with being the older one in the conversation. Again with dealing with parts of himself he never wanted to come to light.

"It's not what I frickin want, Saphire," he hissed, suddenly tired and exasperated with all of this, with feelings and being an adult and loving and hating and breaking and fixing. "It's what you want. It's what's going to make you happy. That's all that there is to say. I'l deal with what I feel, whatever the hell decision you want to make. Just make it for yourself."

He didn't want her to break again, and the problem was, it was all he seemed able to do. Fracture, destroy.