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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:14 pm
by Songhue
With a grin most unusual to his sweetly innocent features Sparkle eased on the shore after his mate had dashed off. Snorting happily he shook off most of the water and looked after her with a flame in his eye. Finding her would be the interesting part.. The fun part would come After she was found.

Chuckling to himself he lowered his head and tried his best to be quiet and listen for her as he stepped under the tree cover once again. He was good at avoiding the roots and dry twigs on the forest floor, yet he was still Sparkle. No more than seven feet into the trees he saw a squirrel dash passed him and in trying to follow it with his head found himself with a mouthful of dirt.

Coughing it out the best he could while trying to scramble to his feet as quietly as possible he couldn't help but laugh. Well, His cover was blown.. Now how close could he be to that wonderful mare of his..

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:32 pm
by Kyra
Amber moved at a light canter, moving soundlessly through the forest. She was very good at weaving in and out of bushes and trees. The wind was pushing her away from the lake, meaning she was down wind of her mate. Well for now. She knew the wind had its own agenda to where it would blow. She shook her head playfully, and kept moving. She loved playing, especially with her mate.

She stopped after ten minutes after she found two big clumps of willow trees. This will be perfect, she thought happily. She walked into on clump to the centre and leaned against a tree, facing the way she came. This gave her the advantage with the willow’s long branches. They moved every time the wind blew and when something moved through them.

Amber had to old her breath, not to laugh when she faintly heard him coughing and laughing. What did you do now? she thought amused. Well I know at least what direction he is in.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:57 pm
by Songhue
Snorting to himself and shaking off the bits of dirt that wanted to clump in his short main Sparkle started off once again. Before too much time had passed he saw a bush that had been disturbed by the passing of a large critter; there were a few rumpled leaves, leaves he himself brushed against as he waved his way around it.

Most any other Serian could tell you that the brush could have been disturbed by any large creature, but Sparkle of course jumped right to assuming he was on his mate's tail. Suppressing a happy nicker, he picked up his pace to a light trot, his hard hooves nearly soundless on the soft earth.

He barely registered the group of willows off to his left as he trotted along the trail of mildly disturbed plants. The willows were behind him in very short order and not long afterwards he saw a large form through the trees ahead. Ahah!

Lunging forward he collided with whatever it was with a giggling nicker. When their bodies were finally disentangled he had to take a step back from the surprise, though. It was a rather large black bear, only this one was a deep chocolate color instead of black. Hopefully it was also a well tempered bear..

"Uhm.. Sorry about that.."

The bear, however, merely shook it's great head and snorted at the rather rude stallion that had for some reason or other decided she would make a great target. Honestly, of all the rude, careless things to do, he would go running through the woods without bothering to look where he was going..

And so thinking and grumbling to herself the bear ambled off with two small cubs in tow, one that was actually black and the other who was a light cinnamon color. It looked like it was going to be a looong winter for her. She'd already had to get up in order to fetch a wandering cub and now this. Honestly.

Sparkle watched with a very bright blush showing under his fur and a very prominent feeling of being quite foolish. Well, back to square one, he supposed.. Now where could that mare be? Snorting to himself, still blushing bright enough to be seen through layers of fur, he started back the way he came, hoping he could get back on the right trail. He Did note the willow trees this time, but only enough to think that his bonded would adore the little willow grove; then he walked right passed them, a few of the leaves brushing against his back as he trotted deeper into the forest.


PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 6:47 pm
by Kyra
Amber heard her mate make his way to the left of the willows, she moved stealthy to see around the farthest tree, which had a huge bush at its base. She moved like a shadow, no sound came from her graceful movements. She stopped and peered through the bush and looked at her mate, He looks no worse that I am aware of. What ever he had laughed does not show on him, she thought relived, she was not sure what had happened.

Amber held back a laugh when she saw him get all happy and excited as he passed by her hiding place. Sparkle I am not that way, she thought mockingly. Where are you off to in such a happy mood, what are you chasing?

She moved silently back to her original spot when she heard him come back, she shook her tiara. She would have to ask him about all that he chased and bumped into while looking for her. She had the felling they would both get a laugh out of it.

Amber sighed, he mate kept passing by. Now what can I do to get him back this way and yet not give away from position? she thought as she looked around. Amber backed out of the Willow Grove which was nine trees or so back from the middle, here hiding spot and about eighteen trees back from where the grove began. She moved into a light trot, and found a stream on the right side. She jumped into it, making sure to make lots of nose.

After a few minutes she was sure he would have heard her, so she retraced her steps, making sure to use her light blue banner to sweep away her trail. She was sure that Sparkle would come, and hopefully decide to check the Willow Grove. She sighed and hid behind the bush near her hiding tree, her back faced the way that the bear had been. Sparkle, come on. I am giving you a freebee. Check the grove, she thought teasingly.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:26 pm
by Songhue
Well, now that he was deeper in the woods, what was he to do? He wasn't Lost, he knew where to go to get back to the lake or even to get home.. This was a part of him, after all, these woods. But as far as to where his mate may be..

He saw a good few likely places once he stopped trying to follow signs of someone passing by, but each turned up someone else.

Snorting, he paused a moment, trying to see if he could her her giggling. There were no tell tale giggles, which was honestly what he expected; his mate always seemed to be laughing and having a good time, if not a good joke. He did hear splashing though.

Splashing.. Fish? There aren't any fish around now.. Ohh, of course. Just like Amber, she always has to help out. Even if she's helping herself be caught. :D

He actually laughed a little himself with that and then trotted back the way he came, towards the sound of the splashing. Now she was one to help anyone and everyone, but she wouldn't spoil All the fun and simple let him know exactly where she was. Amber was Always fun.

When he finally reached the little stream he paused, listening again for any giggles or shifting brush. Something flashed at him as he tilted his head, making him think it was those adorable markings on his mate's side. It was only droplets of water shining off the leaves and ground in the moonlight, a beautiful sight that made him grin and half close his eyes. Ahh, the play of light.. It was a wonderful thing.

He came back to himself with a toss of his main and a slight snort. Now what was he.. Oh yes, his mate. And his plans for his mate once he caught her.. He could almost feel her now.

He shivered a bit, and not from the cold, and then went back to prancing in place and looking at the water droplets. He couldn't see any signs of where she might be.. But surely it had to be close. But oh, what was this? Extra water droplets off to one side. She'd gotten plenty wet in her little display, it seemed, and dripped a little on her way back to her hiding area.. He took a quick look in the direction they pointed and tore off, being as quiet as possible as he headed for a thicket of trees, a little grove of willows. The perfect hiding spot.

"Ready or not," he whispered with a glint in his eye, "Here I come, my love.."

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 5:10 pm
by Kyra
Amber shook her black crown trying to get her electric blue forelock out of her face; she had gotten it soaked by accident with her little clue. It stuck to her face and it annoyed her. She tossed her crown again this time succeeding in getting it of her face, but it covered her left eye. She sighed, this will do.

She was about to see if he was coming when she realized her forelock had left a small drip trail. It had been dripping and she hadn't noticed, Well I just gave him another freebee , she thought sarcastically. She knew trying to hide her trail would be no good; it would take too much time.

With this she moved to the other side of the tree facing the stream, so now she was behind the tree and bush. Her forelock did not leave a trail this time since it was now only damp. She peered around the tree and through the bush. This should be a good spot to watch for Sparkle. I wonder if you found my clue and lucky you... I gave you another one , she thought teasingly.