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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 12:05 am
by Songhue
Sparkle snorted lightly when she agreed to stay, a wonderful blanket of relief settling over him. He wasn't too fond of leading, wanted her to stay close enough to touch to be honest, but she had a good point. Tossing his main and trying to see everywhere at once, he started forward at an uneven pace. He'd hardly gone a dozen steps though before he saw one of those things in the shadows, one of those faces that he couldn't quite remember in the daylight...

Balking, Sparkle kicked up a fit and started out in a dead run once again. He didn't want to remember, that was the thing, and when he saw them in front of him that way he had no choice.

How could he Not remember? Those faces, all those faces looking in at him, passing him by... That one particular face, the face of his first bonded, oh, she was everywhere, everywhere, he couldn't escape her. Alone, broken, abandoned, so many faces passing, casting him aside, leaving him alone and scared...

He came back to himself when a mouthful of water accompanied his next breath. Coughing up water, gasping for air, he spun around and backed further into the water without being completely aware of what he was doing. Shivering, Sparkle stopped once the cool liquid reached his chest, his over-round eyes searching franticly for Amber.

If I hurt her.. I couldn't live with it. I can't.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:09 pm
by Kyra
The black mare raised her crown and relaxed fully when she watched her mate do the same. She wished she could be the one leading, but a lace she had no clue where she was going. She moved into a quick trot, easily keeping beside her mate. She stayed close to him in hopes that it would cheer him up; she could easily turn her tiara and touch his cheek.

Amber side steeped at Sparkle bucking. "Sparkle! Sparkle! What’s wrong!" she called with worry in her voice. Once again her orbs lost their yellow spark and dimmed to a very low light yellow, consumed with fear for her mate. She could clearly see that the terror raging through his body. 'Could he be remembering his past? That has to be it... We have never talked about it. Being abandoned by our first bonded, but I have blocked out her. Kyra and the rest of my small heard are my family now and so is Sparkle; my belove,' she thought as she chased after him.

Amber too off in hot pursuit after the stallion, she was not letting him out of her sight in this state of mind. She would not let him be alone in his terror, if she had guessed right. She kept two strides off his flank, easily keeping up. Her mane and tail moved like wind created waves before a storm as she moved at one of her top speeds.

The black mare, skipped to a stop before the waters edge. She hoped maybe the water would bring her love back to her and out of the shadows of the past. She stood with her hooves just covered with the blue sparkling liquid. Her orbs had lightened up a bit from being near a lake. She loved the touch of the cool water breathing slowly around her legs. Her mane and tail now blue ever so lightly like the ripples on the water.

She walked slowly towards him, now that he stood still and looked to be free from his demons. She walked until she stood directly in front of him. The mare reached out and nuzzled him on the nose. "Are you ok now, Sparkle?" she asked still concerned, but with warmth of comfort in her voice.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:53 am
by Songhue
Sparkle tossed his main and sighed in his relief. Snorting, he backed farther into the water, his face uncharacteristically grim.

"I'm better now that I know you're alright. Come, my darling; it's time I told you."

With that, and a nervous flick of the tail he'd picked up from Path, he turned and dove into the water, mentally bracing himself to face what he had spent so long running from.

Once he got to the lake's center he heaved in a deep breath and tread water, waiting for his love to reach him. As a small consolation he found himself hoping that this might finally cleanse him, might finally rid these nightly demons from his thoughts.

If only it were so easy.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 7:50 pm
by Kyra
The black mare watched as he backed up and swam out to the middle of the sparking pool. She raised her crown and swam after him. Her mane and tail melting into the cool liquid, and her ebony coat blended a little with the dark water. Her eyes light up a bit more at her loves response. The yellow flecks shown with the light of the moon, looking like small lights amongst her coat and the dark lake.

She reached his side and nuzzled him again. "Ok, Sparkle. I am here, and always will be." she said in her sweet voice. "I hope I can help you with what ever may be troubling you." she said looking him over. She truly hoped she could help her mate; Amber wanted the energetic sun stallion back.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:37 am
by Songhue
Sparkle gave a small smile as she joined him, glad for the touch. Glad for her. She was being very understanding so far, but he knew she was worried. He was worried as well, to be honest. He knew she would always be there, but would she still love him the same..?

Tossing his main slightly, he turned so that they faced. He paused a moment, head bowed, then reached forward and gave her a very deep, very sensual kiss. He was indeed simple, haunted or not, and it was the only way he knew to tell of his love.

"I love you, Amber. Here and now, no matter what has passed before, I Love You." He spoke with his muzzle still touching hers, a gentle tickling sensation running up his lips as they brushed his mate's.

With a soft sigh he pulled his head back and quite suddenly tossed her a rather raunchy wink. He seemed more like himself at that moment, more like Sparkle. With a tender smile that -almost- hid the worry and fear in his eyes he backed away as he spoke, slowly letting himself sink ever so slightly into the lake water.

"Remember, this is a sort of game, sugar. Now I'll go first since I invited you, but be ready to get Wet."

He took a deep breath here, but it wasn't to get ready for the splash. It was for that last bit of strength he'd need to finally face and speak of his demons.

"I'm afraid of the dark. I'm afraid of what I see in it, of what memories force their way to the surface because of those shadows. Because I remember looking out and not knowing and I remember the pain and fear that came with it. I remember when I was broken."

With it finally said he gave out a loud nicker and pulled back, dropping his entire front half in the water and sending a rather large wave towards his mate. As he dove, however, a small smile of relief could be seein on his face; he hadn't told everything, but it was a start at least. And it was good to know that he Could speak of these things, that he could talk to his best friend and mate.

But will she love me the same?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 11:52 am
by Kyra
Her yellow orbs light up like the sun the moment his muzzle touched her. She blushed slightly. "I love you two Sparkle." she said in her sweet voice. A wave of a weird emotion ran over her, she had only ever felt it form Kyra, she knew now what it was.

She watched him back up, noticing he was slowly becoming his energetic sun self. "Yes, I know it is a game, and yes I am ready to get soaked." she said looking at him fondly. "You just better have a good plan to do so."

She swam out after him and nuzzled his cheek. "I am glad you told me. I agree the dark can conceal our fears; we have to just learn to think of a sun memory and believe it will protect us, even if we are alone. I think of you, Kyra, Crash, Peace and Dart, though it is mostly you and Kyra which keep the shadows from coming back." She dropped her head, "I too used to be, but I have learned to freeze the past horrors. Though I was never broken, I... I... I became a loner."

The black mare raised her crown, "May I ask who broke you? That is if you are ready to say. If this helps, I was only able to put the past behind once I talked about it with my bonded."

Amber was not paying attention as she should have been and at the last moment realized the wave heading her way. A smile appeared on her face right before the wall of water hit her. After it passed she playfully shook her tiara and gave a playful nicker. "Nice move." she said in a mocking tone. Her blue forelock was now lying over her right eye from shaking her crown, her orbs shown brightly again. Her Sparkle was back and she loved him so much.