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Light in the Darkness [Amber]

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 2:37 am
by Songhue
The dark blue and purple stallion trotted briskly back and forth, his bright mane glinting in the moonlight. He was an enigma if there ever was one, made for the dark shadows of forest and the bright warmth of sun. So it was that he was both unseen and yet easily spotted, his main, tail and markings seeming to float in the dark, woodland air.

He was irritated at the very least, judging by the way his short main trembled from one side of this neck to the other and the hard, uneven beat of his hooves. The canopy overhead was just thin enough to dot his back with dapples of moonlight, a flash catching now and then in his main or markings.

Snorting, he turned sharply away from a shaded fern, eyes suddenly wide and uncertain. It was hardly a dozen paces later that he repeated the back step, a shrill whinny wheezing from this throat. An owl hooted overhead, making him jump, and the dank woodland soil filled his flared nostrils with it's sweet aroma. The air was cooling, but he still glistened with sweat. This was a stallion in a state of near panic.

Eventually he backed himself into a wooded grove filled with long, reaching shadows and at that point temporarily lost all coherent thought. It couldn't have been for too long a time because he was still in the little grove, but there were several damaged logs laying nearby that didn't seem to have fallen due to rot.

Shivering in the cool air, he closed his eyes against the dark and those that he saw in it and hugged a nearby willow. A small stream passed directly beside it's roots and he let the tip of his tail dangle in it. Normally he would enjoy the sensation, but at the moment he could only wish that it was a sunbeam tugging away all his fears.

In truth, he was horribly afraid of the dark and everything that whispered through his mind in the shadows, everything that was In the shadows. And it was very hard to get to sleep when you were really quite terrified.

Trembling, snorting and nickering weakly, he curled against the tree's protection and waited for exhaustion to take him.


PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 9:50 pm
by Kyra

The black mare jogged briskly through the mountain pass and into the valley. Her light blue mane and tail flowed out behind her like banner, rippling slowly as the breeze played with it. Her eyes fleck markings glowing off and on as the moonlight touched it and then the shadows. Her sunshine orbs scanner the valley down below her, her harks perked forward taking in all sounds.

She shook her crown playfully and moved into a prancy trot. It had been forever since she was here; Kyra had been so busy with that think called school and nearly had a break down. She had stayed to help her bonded through the tough time, sure she had Peace and Crash to hang out with and then there was getting to know Dart. She sighed, all that, even though she loved it, kept her away from the one who was most important to her. She hopped that she would find him; she missed the playful stallion terribly. She could picture her love's blue and purple dusk coat with his sun mane, tail and purple dusk eyes.

She shook her head as another image flashed through her mind. She stopped, through back her head and snorted. The image of a statue coloured stallion with blood red eyes looked back at her. "Either." she said in disgusted voice. She had met the twisted stallion one night, she heard what she thought was a serian in trouble. Only to find he had used that to lure her out of the shadows she was playing in. He had freaked her out horrible.

She snorted and shook her crown again, her forelock landing on her right eye. She sighed and pictured Sparkle, tossing a side the horrible memory of that morbid stallion. She longed even more to see that playful stallion of her's. She moved into a good gallop down the hill into the valley. Her sky blue mane and tail flowing out behind her as if it were water, flowing calmly down the stream.

She slowed to a prancey jog as she came into the clearing surrounded my trees. She stopped and took a good look at the area. Her orbs saw no movement and harks heard only her heart beat. Her crown dropped, she had hopped to find her mate. Her bright sun, kind orbs dulled to a sand colour.

That's when she heard it and maybe even sensed it. Her head shot up, harks flicked to the direction and her eyes light up to be yellow, not sun yellow though. She defiantly heard the faintest of nickering, and sensed the sadness coming from the trees shadows. Somewhere out there, some was sad and alone.

The black mare immediately moved off in the direction of the sound and sadness/fear. She weaved in and out of the trees looking for who was in need of her comfort. The mare slowed to a graceful walk, when the sound was much louder. "Hello? It is Amber. I am hear to help if I can." she said in her sweet comforting voice. She had spoken so that who ever was out there would know she was there and hopefully not get scared. She stopped; she did not want to frighten the serian by appearing out the shadows since her coat blended in very well with the dark.

She stood, harks focused on the sound, yellow orbs scanning that area and neck up. The mare was facing where the sound was coming from. Her mane and tail blew ever so slightly as the breeze sifted through the forest.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 5:19 pm
by Songhue
Snorting, the stallion lifted his head at the sound of approaching hooves, his ears swiveling uncertainly. There were things in the dark that he couldn't run from, memories and fears, but there were other things that were all too real as well.

He was just scrambling to his feet when he heard that soft, oh so sweet voice call out to him, speaking that name he so adored.


Trembling slightly, he stood where he was for a moment, unsure of himself. Should he let her see him this way? They were mates, after all, but how would she think of him after this? None other than his bonded knew of his nightly troubles, not even his bond-mate Path. They slept in different quarters, after all.

She is my mate. She deserves to know.

Trembling slightly (and not entirely from the cool winter air) he brought himself out from the protection the old willow offered and stood before her, head hung low in shame as his eyes darted from shadow to shadow and, in his mind at least, face to face.

Could she ever understand?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 12:02 am
by Kyra
Amber watched to her surprise as her beloved emerged from the shadow of the willow tree. Her orbs light up like the sun once again, oh how she longed to see him. Her whole body trembled with joy at the sight of Sparkle. That's when she sensed the fear was coming from him. She noticed that he mate was trembling and looked ashamed of him-self.

She stepped forward, her robs full of concern and worry. She nickered softly to him and stretched out her neck. "Sparkle, are you ok. Is there something that has happened? Is there anything I can do?" she said in her concerned voice. She nuzzled his nose. 'What could be bothering him so much? I hope nothing terrible has happened to him while I have been away.' she thought worriedly.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:38 am
by Songhue
Snorting slightly, Sparkle moved closer and pressed the side of his neck against his Mate's. It was so good to have her here with him. The warmth and reality of her steadied him somewhat and the gentle concern in her voice gave his heart such joy. This was what was real, This was what truly mattered. Not the past, not fears of what might come to be. It was here, in this small grove with his Mate, that he belonged and nowhere else.

Curse everything else. She is what matters, my darling, my Amber. No shadow or fear can stand against her.

Blowing softly through his nose, he stepped back again and couldn't help but glance around at the shadows. Though he had calmed, his eyes were still wide and uncertain, his ears still slightly cocked. It was so hard to tell what was real and what wasn't when shadows lurked everywhere.

"No, actually, I'm not OK. Would you mind staying the night with me? Having you here and talking with you would help, I think. There's a lake not far from here, we could go for a walk... We could walk to the lake and play a game of Truth. Trade secrets that we keep even from ourselves and after each telling try to soak the listener."

And there are no trees in the lake water, no shadows, no memories. Only moonlight. Soft, bright moonlight.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 7:57 pm
by Kyra
Amber looked at Sparkle; she had never seen him like this. She felt a bit better noticing he had stopped trembling. It was now only the scared look in his orbs that worried her.

Her orbs went wide, full of worry and concern for her love at his response. "Yes, I will stay the night. I will do what ever I can to help you." she said still in a worried voice. "Sure, let’s go to the lake and tell secrets. Though... You will have to lead the way. I unfortunately have no clue where the lake is." she said her voice not so worried now. 'I hope I can help him?! I can't stand seeing him so scared and not full of life and play.' she thought, never looking away from his eyes.