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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2008 9:31 pm
by Songhue
She trotted lightly after him, her eyes smiling gently as she gazed towards his bonded and stood flush at his side. They would always smile and glow now, in memory of that bit of time they'd allow to slip by. As more of those moments came and went subtle changes would occur; small things such as her ring constantly giving out a soft, nearly healing light, making direct eye-contact instead of simply looking in others' faces, the ability to smile more often.

Perhaps, one day, foals.

It was a good thing that was happening to her. Pixie was her light in the darkness; being with him in that way gave life to her soul and health to the rest of her. How she had missed him.. But no more. No more of that.

She gave a polite little bow to his bonded, ears flicking around happily as she straightened up. "It's wonderful to see you again. Are you well, M'Lady?"

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:53 pm
by Keira
Ivy smiled, she loved Path just as dearly as she did her own bondeds. Her spirit, her nature, her passion. She knew that Path was the perfect one for her special Pixie. "Path my dear, I'm wonderful . How was your time with Songhue?" She asked smiling as she bent and placed a soft kiss on her muzzle.

Pixie beamed with pride as he watched his bonded and his mate interact with one another. He was glad they could be friends and have that special bond. He loved Path so dearly, she meantthe world to him and he wanted nothing more than to make her happy no matter the cost, the fact that she loved and was loved by Ivy only made it all the sweeter.

He secretly hoped that one day they would have foals to add to the happy family. He knew that Ivy would be thrilled to have little ones running around, now he just need to know his mates take on it.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:49 am
by Songhue
She actually laughed in delight, stepping forward to nuzzle Ivy with a fondness that few ever saw. In some way she didn't quite understand she was bonded to this creature through her mate, a fact that allowed her to drop the false walls and simply be.

"It was interesting, to say the least. She certainly kept me busy, my bonded, though I think that was simply to distract me from missing him so very much."

She smiled slightly, a vague, bittersweet expression that spoke volumes of her love for him. It had been hard, so very hard to be away from him, yet for him and his happiness she would gladly go through such torment again. In the end it wasn't so much all the work she had taken on that had drained her to the point Pixie had found her.. It was the constant knowledge that she wasn't by his side, where she belonged.

"I owe her a lot, come to think of it; it's thanks to her that I lasted as long as I did. And according to Sign, she was and is having a rather hard time of it herself."

And yes, that was Sign; ever the caretaker, ever looking after the one who was supposed to be looking after her. In all honesty, she couldn't imagine how Songhue had gotten by without that mare for so long.

Tossing her main, she swung her graceful head over Ivy's shoulder and crushed her forward in a hug, eyes suddenly moist.

"I thanked her every day for caring for me.. But I have to thank you as well, Ivy. You looked after my mate for me."

Snorting, she stepped back and turned to Pixie, swinging her neck over his shoulder, whispering as she clung.

"And without you I never would have known that moment we shared, my love. I would never be the mother I hope to be, some day."

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:59 am
by Keira
As the girls talked Pixie took a step back and simply enjoyed seeing them together, knowing that from this point forward things would be different. He never intended to leave his mates side again. Seeing her again had reminded him of the purpose in life. Even though things had not gone as well as planned when he was gone and it seemed like the world was falling apart from beneath his hooves once he saw her everything was forgotten.

The love he felt must have called on his elemental powers because as he was standing there smiling to himself a slight, warm breeze picked up and tickled his mane around his face. The sun shone brighter, more intense, warming the earth with its rays. And delicate flower buds began to bloom at his hooves and spread out from him cheering up the ground with their vibrent blues, purples, and golds. Seeming to know just how he was feeling and translating it into the earths renewal proccess.

As Path trotted over to him and swung her neck over his shoulder he could feel the grass beneath him rise up become thicker and the flowers nearly burst fully-grown out of the soil when he heard that she wanted to have his foals. Then it was as if something that had been missing from his consiousness suddenly came to light and in one clarifying moment he realized why his quest to strengthen his skills had gone so poorly. He hadn't had his mate, his soul, his very essence of life. She was the key to understanding this part of him, to control it and know how to use it for good. He would never again be seperated from her. Never.

He snuggled into her emrace, enjoying the feel of her against him. "I cant wait for foals. You inspire the best in me and I cant wait to be a family."

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:17 am
by Songhue
She actually giggled. She had never giggled before, not once, but hearing that actually made her giggle. It was a cingularly remarkable event.

"I have hoped to have your foals for some time now, my darling. I can almost see it, if we have a son.. The two of you standing in the middle of my home, learning together, trying to make the biggest blossom for me."

Speaking of learning, whatever it was he was doing to the earth right then was amazing. She actually found herself pulling away in order to admire it, sniffing a powder blue blossom fondly. She seemed to glow as she stood before him, her heart nearly bursting with joy. She was where she belonged, finally.

"Somehow I only really see you and a colt standing in that field of mine.. If there is a filly, I mostly see her curled at my side in the night."

She tossed her main here, the silk soft hairs brushing against her neck as she let out a deep laugh, a sound that could rival a water fall. It was a lovely dream, though nothing more.. It had been one of the few things to give her peace while her very heart and soul had been missing.

No more of that, though. He promised I could stay with him, beside him, and I trust him. I gave him all that I am.. I cannot trust him any more than that.

"What do you think, Ivy? Can you see us with foals?"

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:47 am
by Keira
Ivy chuckeld low in her throat. "That I can my dear, I can see you with many in fact. You guys will be wonderful parents."

Pixie smiled, everything seemed so perfect at this moment. His flowers were blosseming around him. His mate was by his side possitivly glowing. And his bonded was giving them the encouragment he needed. He had never felt more love or more loved before. He made a decision then that might change everything.

"Ivy, you know how much I love seeing you but I think its time that Path and I were off. We need to be by ourselves for a while." He looked at Path and could only hope that she agreed.