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Hearts Rejoined [Pixie]

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 9:45 pm
by Songhue
Path stood in the middle of the clearing, her head hanging tiredly. So much work.. So much work now. The snows, the rains, those unseen forces that poke and prod things into being worse than they have to be. It was so hard to keep faith. She had no one beside her to help.. Her Bonded helped with the work, took the most of it upon herself, even, but simply living this way was hard.. And it would come every year. The rain and snow and lack of fresh, lush grass was simply hard. Even Sparkle was effected by it, his usual bouncy self now sullen and skittish come dawn.

She'd been headed for home when she reached this field and simply stopped. She stood there now, legs trembling lightly, head hung in what seemed to be defeat, unsure on rather or not she could make it the rest of the way. Songhue was laying nearby in her liger form; she had come as soon as the winds whispered that something was wrong. Path had already refused her help; there was nothing to it but to wait nearby and make sure the dear would be alright.

She works so hard.. So very hard, for so long. And it's already a hard time for her. She's starting her next phase of life, after all. Turning into a true woman.. She's been of age for longer than many can remember, but only recently has she accepted this next stage. How can I take any more from her?

Snorting, Path simply shook her head. She couldn't, that was all there is to it. She couldn't take the help that was offered. Her pride, her honor, refused. And so she stood, trying to gather herself once again to go on, with her Guardian and Guide sitting nearby, watching over her.

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:39 pm
by Keira
Pixie shook his mane with an energy he had not felt in a long time. Something needed to be changed and if he had to be the one to help start it then so be it. Their land had fallen into a waste of sorts. Once full and rich with light and life and viberent colors now seemed a dull dead place where too few dared ventured out to. Too long had the land he loved been vacent, as if everyone had been scared by some invisible force. It was time that it changed, time that love and light came back to his baren land and more than that it was time to embrace life and quit searching for things not wanting to be found. It was time he went back to his love, his mate, his Path.

Even at the best of times stretching hes senses to using his powers of reading the air, the earth, and energy took a toll on his body. These certainly were not the best of times and he was quickly becoming weary. It was taking all of his strength, and some he didnt have, to keep going but his bondeds words rang out clear in his mind "Pixie, never give up, never surrender, they cannot take you or overcome you unless you give them that power. You are stronger than they, you possess knowlege they could never dream of. Use it." He had nearly resigned himself to give up for the day when there it was, written all over the wind. The scent, the undeniable scent of his mate and his love. He found that hidden source of strength within him and took off at a run in the direction that the wind pulled him.

When the scent was strong and he knew that he was near he slowed to a walk to catch his breath. How had he lived without her for so long? Just the scent of her on the wind was enough to drive him crazy. How on earth had he lasted all these eternal months without her? And just when he was about to go crazy with longing he broke out of the trees and stared out into a clearing. And there she stood.

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:52 pm
by Songhue
Path flicked her tail as a gentle breeze caressed her face, flicking her ears in the direction of her watchful bonded. It was a silent encouragement, a tender reminder that she had a guardian. And helped her find just a little more strength.

Tossing her main, Path stepped forward with an effort that was painfully obvious. This land had grown to be so lifeless.. It felt as if there was no longer any light left. Not exactly the best thing to help motivate a creature.

It was only a few paces before she stopped once again though, her legs shaking worse than ever. Her bonded was beside her once again when she halted, a gentle growling purr whispering from her.

"If you won't let me help you, then please.. Let him.."

Path nickered softly, lovingly, but didn't bother to raise her head any higher than was needed to offer a tender nuzzle.

"I'll be alright, Songhue. I'm just.. So drained.."

"Look, dear heart. There is your light, your strength, if you would only look. The darkness can no longer drain you if you'd only turn to your alter, your light."

Sighing, Path did as she was bade. It took more effort than she wanted to admit to lift her head high enough to see, yet once she did it seemed easy. There, standing in the tree cover at the edge of the clearing, was Pixie.

Songhue was gone in an instant on the winds, a soft, fond whisper playing around Pixie's ears before it had fully departed. Epona Bless you, dear Pixie, and care for you as well as you do my Path..

In what seemed the very next moment, Path was beside her mate once again and trying her best to touch him with every inch of her body.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:13 pm
by Keira
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BIC: Pixie's heart raced, his mate was beside him once again. She felt so good to the touch. Every brush against her made his heart race and excitment tingle in every pore, in every molocule of his very being. Now... he thought this is life, this is love. I cant ever be without this again. "Path, my light, my love, I PROMISE, I will never leave you again. Anything I need to do, anywhere i need to go, you will go with me. I cant chance anything ever happening to you. Please say you will stay by my side." He waited in anticipation for her reply savoring her touch and inhaling her scent deep to commit it to memory. How did he live without her all these months?.... Never again he vowed. Never.

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:13 pm
by Songhue
Path barely registered anything that was coming from her mate's mouth she was in such a state of bliss. After so long without him, so long away from the light of her soul, it was surprising she didn't simply jump him.

"You know my answer, dearest. It's the same as it always was, and shall never change. I would rather face anything that comes our way than be away from you. I'll spend my nights waiting up for you if I must, but I would much rather be by your side."

She paused in her desperate caresses long enough to look at him while she spoke, a tender light shining in her eyes once again. That light had gone out while he was gone and there were some moments where she wondered if it'd ever return.

With a nip at his forelock and a flick of her long, silken tail against his flanks, she brushed against him once again. She seemed to want to force her body to meld into his. After so long without him the need to touch and kiss and be with him was simply unbearable.

There was so much to speak of, true, and yet.. Just a few more moments. Just one more kiss to make sure he was really there..

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:47 pm
by Keira
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