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You complete me (West/Sign)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 12:49 pm
by Chidory
A cold wind sweapt across the desert bringing with is the crisp smell of rain. It was hot out, and dry. The sudden whisp of cold air was greatly appreciated as the sandy green stallion walked steadily with a purpose. Around him, the soft grains of sand stirred and danced with the breeze making the desert appear as though it was studded with billions of tiny diamonds.

With a sigh of content he kept walking until he reached the place he seeked. It was the desert oasis where he and his beloved Sign first went and and got to know each other. He knew he had loved her long before that meeting, but this place had been what they needed to open up about themselves. The little blue mare had made him the happiest stallion in all of happiest male in all of Rhyandrithae.

Stepping into the shade he was assaulted by all of the scents in that wonderful place. Glancing about the area his fuscia coloured eyes stopped at the pool. A smile crossed his lips as the memories flooded his mind. His place would always be with Sign.

Picking aplace by the water he waited for Sign to join him. He had a great many things to discuss with her.


Re: You complete me (West/Sign)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:53 pm
by Songhue
The short trek across the desert wasn't nearly so hard on her this time around. She knew where she was going, knew how far it was, and there was a cold snatch of wind to help ease the searing heat.

To say she was out of her element would be the world's largest understatement.

Still, she reached the oasis with only a few new scrapes on her knees and a light coating of sweat. Much better than the last time, where he knees had nearly been shredded from stumbling so hard. That she was able to sweat at all and have it show, instead of having it evaporate almost instantly, showed how much help that cold wind had been for her.

This was the place alright. That same pond, the same trees, the same scents and sounds. This was where she told him she had to have him as her own.

She hadn't known the exact words then, though she had found some nice ones to substitute. She knew them now, however, and spoke them aloud to the apparently empty space, her eyes passing right over the sandy green mound that was her mate.

"There is no way to let you know that belonging to you, that having you belong to me, completes me. That I hold your soul where mine used to be, before I gave it to you. That I guard your heart where mine once was, before I gave it to you. That I would always love you... You would always have my heart; my soul. But that I would be dead, empty, if you didn't take it and give me your own.

I look at you, watch you sleep, and I feel whole."

Sighing happily, she stepped into the wind-cooled water, moving right passed the camouflaged stallion that had waited for her. Part of her had known that she couldn't speak such words until she returned to this place. Rather he heard them or not didn't seem to matter so much; only that she let them out.

The trees swayed slightly in the chilled wind, the water rippling up over her coat, blurring where she ended and the liquid began. Her tail billowed out behind her, her main falling in rippling waves as the water rose up to greet her. The seashells were still woven throughout, glimmering brightly in the harsh desert light, weighing her mane so it simply swung in the mild currents. She stood there, in this small patch of life in a place that was outside her element, and closed her eyes happily, waiting.


Re: You complete me (West/Sign)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:12 pm
by Chidory
Fuchsia eyes gazed lovingly at the mare after she spoke. In all his life he had loved nobody but himself. Chidory was the only individual he had ever felt affection for and even then it was as a brother. But now as he stood, hidden within the greenery he knew he found his lifes purpose.

[i]Sign, I will forever protect you, love you and cherish you. From now till the end of my days,[/i]he thought as he made a slight movement disturbing the bush.

Ever so slowly he moved away from the trees to where he saw a clear patch with nothing growing. He wanted to surprise her with something small and this was the only thing he would think of. Bending his strong graceful neck he allowed his horn to make drawings in the sand. Soft green hair moved about in the wind playing with the bone in the centre of his head.

Stepping back he looked at his work and smiled. Although he had no talent in drawing he had to admit that it looked good, if not a bit silly. It was and image of Sign in all her beauty, wading into the depth of the small pond. To the side at the bank was an image of him with the same expression he only wore for her. At the top of the image it said, I Love You.

He knew that it looked silly and wasn`t very well drawn, but he hoped that she would see what it meant.

Instead of saying anything he decided to wait for her to notice him. After all, he loved to watch her in her element, truly at peace with herself.

Re: You complete me (West/Sign)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:53 am
by Songhue
A very light scritching noise made her ears flick, though she didn't take much notice of it. It sounded like some small creature stumbling over the hard-packed earth, perhaps the tiny claws of a lizard.

She did take note when it suddenly stopped, however. It didn't move to the edge of the oasis and fade into the shifting sands, it didn't slow or change into the sound of some small lizard climbing a rock to rest. It simply stopped.

Cracking her eyes open did show blurred scratched in the dirt, but she saw no lizard to go along with them. Why would they simply stop like that? For that matter, where was the little creature?

Tossing her main slightly, Sign opened her eyes and looked about, blinking in surprise at the image that waited for her. West, standing beside the scratch marks she'd noted. Marks that showed a rather sweet image facing her.

"You, my dear West, are ever surprising me."

Her eyes danced over his form, a small, sweet grin tugging at her mouth as she studied the image. Ah, but she was the luckiest mare alive, of that she had no doubt.

Stepping lightly, she lifted herself out of the water, flicking a few drops off of her tail as she moved to his side, careful of his artwork. The shells glimmered wetly in her darkened mane, the heavy curtain glimmering in the bright desert sun as she nuzzled into his neck.

"You called me here?"

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:26 am
by Chidory
West nuzzled his mate and breathed a digh of relief. Overhead he knew the fluffy white clowds were drifting, allowing the dark ominous ones to set it. Rain would come, it drifted in the air, the heavy moisteness. Already he could head a rumbling in the distance, before long flashed of light would take over the sky.

"Sign, my love. Ihope your journey to this location wasn't too hard for you."

After a moment of incoherant words and stumbling about the reason he called her there, he stopped and started over.

"We have not known eachother for very long, but I want you to know that from the first moment I saw you I was in love. For this very reason I would like to live with you in your circle lands. I no longer feel at home in the desert, now I crave water like the air that I breath and the feel of the red hot sun on my back. Would you be willing?"

After a moments pause he cpntinued.

"Also Sign...would you like to have a child with me?"

West closed his eyes and waited for her reply. Every second that he waited felt like years.

Re: You complete me (West/Sign)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:57 pm
by Songhue
Ah, he was nervous. He had Path's habit of making his words stiff and formal whenever he had to speak while his heart raced, his mind spun, his throat went dry as the scorching sands that surrounded this small breath of peace in the rolling heat.

Something else she loved about him. Even when it was hard he got done what needed done. Set his mind and gritted his teeth and buried his fears to say what needed saying in as plain a manner as he could.

Even if he did fumble his words a bit.

Her lips twitched into a smile for a moment, though it quickly faded when he mentioned that they hadn't been together for long. It was plenty long enough, as far as she was concerned. He had been the only male she felt even remotely comfortable around while their circle formed, after all, and the main one she longed for during her long absence from these lands.

As ever, she worried for nothing. That he wanted to join her cove in the circle lands more than his desert there was a rather large surprise, yet it was one she welcomed. It was an easy trek between homes in the circle lands, but it was a long one between his own lands and the ones her bonded had built.

Even with how she needed him, how he helped to define her as the desert sands shaped the watery oasis, she had to wonder if he would truly be happy in such lands as she dwelled. She only touched hoof to the sandy banks when she had absolute need of it, being just as happy to graze on seaweed and doze in the rolling waves as to sleep on sun-warmed shores and crop the green grasses.

Ah, and his question.. Well, she had been wondering how she might tell him. This was as good a chance as she could ever hope for.

"Would you honestly wish to stay in that little cove with me, dearest, and be happy? It's but one part of my lands, my circle home, after all."

Sign gave a light snort here, focusing on the quickly churning clouds. The heat was less intense, the air less dry, but it was still a bit of a strain for her. She felt she could gladly stretch out on the burning sands and let the rain carry her away once it started to fall, especially as she already had a light sheen of sweat prickling up to replace the water that had coated her but moments ago.

She could take the heat by the sea, but this dry, dead heat was something she simply couldn't tolerate very well. If not for the approaching storm she would have needed back in the little pond already.

Tossing her heavy mane caused the shells woven throughout to send a light, musical tinkling through the stiff air as she stepped closer, nuzzling down his mane and into his shoulder. She couldn't help but touch him. Couldn't stop touching him, it seemed.

"It wasn't too hard, or not as hard as the last time, any way. But my darling West, you need to realize.. There is more than warm sun and salty seas. The cold spray doesn't effect me, but it might bother you.. The sea rocks and feeds me, but you're used to what the desert gives. And, my darling, I didn't get these scars from stumbling onto shore."

She turned here, reminding him of the old markings on her neck and back end. Wandering too far as a filly had taught her a valuable lesson in the manner of sea-bound predators, a fact that was plain on her flesh for all to see. That her blood had made the tides crimson was a fact she could never forget.

"If you would honestly be happy in my lands then you know I welcome you, my darling. But could you truly know peace? Even if you could watch over me better, beloved, would you be able to grace me with your smile each day?"

Sighing slightly, she shook her head as if answering her own question and nuzzled into his stiff mane once again, nickering softly as she pressed close. Her words barely whispered above the wind for his ears to catch, a timid little note slipping from her muzzle for a scant breath before it was gone on the breeze.

"And West.. I'm pregnant."