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Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:20 pm
by Kyra
Amber nickered happily when he nuzzled into her neck and felt her body become even more loose than it was already. She felt like she was melting in his presence.

"Yes, I am Sparkle. The days have been sweet for the most part. The only think that came up was my bonded having to deal with her school stuff, her injury outside of here in her world and an interesting situation which is hard to describe. However, all is well and everything is right as rain."

She sighed, she had missed just chatting with her love. Being around him, his body touching hers. This was the time when the true Amber appeared, not like at home where glimpse were seen of this other side to her other self that his behind storm barriers. Both were here, but she had missed being so loose and being free of the tempests that protected her.

"How have you been my dear Sparkle? Skid told us that path was blessed with a beauty of a colt."

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:43 pm
by Songhue
He smiled as she spoke - smiled just to hear her voice.

"That she has, and Sign as well, though her young colt has gone to live with his father instead. Path named her colt Darroch, and a right oak-hearted fellow he is. It's been eventful, I'll admit that much. I was able to think ahead enough to build a nursery for the girls to use when it was time, both for delivery and for the little ones to stay in for a while. As busy as it's been, it's proven hard to get too distracted."

Snorting, he pulled back enough to nip at her forelock, his eyes smiling warmly as he let his gaze wander over her.

"It never stopped my mind from wandering towards you, though. Whatever this strange event is, if you can find a way to put it to words, I'm willing to listen. I'm glad things are well now, all the same. Have you been very stressed, with everyone pitching in to help your bonded? Is she able to visit your home often? I think my own bonded has taken to living in our homes."

This last was said with an amused smirk, an expression he had learned from his bonded's mate and one he had taken to quite readily. Ah, but the bondeds were such strange creatures. There were times when that look would make his bonded melt, and others where she would laugh and smack her mate for it, or just tackle him and nibble on his cheek.

What was it like for Amber, he wondered, with her bonded? Without thinking he nudged her shoulder, setting a slow moving pace through the swirling snow drifts. He wanted her moving, instinctively, to make sure she didn't get too cold and possibly become ill.

Besides, there were still some tender greens not too far off, shaded from the snow and thriving off the water that pooled around the roots of a great tree.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:06 pm
by Kyra
Amber listened intently as he spoke and smiled at hearing about the foals.

"Please give my congrats to both Sign and Path. The two little ones sound so cute. I bet, the little one must love to play and explore." She said this while picturing two small serian foals as a silhouette, since she did not know what he looked like, running around their mothers and exploring the world they entered.

"Same here, you were the sun and strength in my mind. I will try, the topic is odd and I know that Kyra talked to your bonded and what was exchanged helped a lot and know she is grateful for Songhue's advice. Kyra is way better over that issue, but now she was told flat out by one of the two that is about, that yes, she does use Kyra's home or herself as a way to go visit her significant other. Which she is fine with since it means Kyra and the two all hang and have tones of fun, but she does not like it when she was away either here or her cousins and the one girl phones he and asks where she is."

Amber sighed, Kyra was really unset and confused as what to do or show. " Kyra tell's her and the girl sounds sad afterword. Kyra asks why and the girl replies, well your not at home which means I can't go see her significant other. Kyra asks, why and girl says well I can't say I am hanging with you if you are not at home. Yet other times Kyra covers for her willingly because that way all three can hang. She gets confused and awkward sometimes as too is she being used and if no, that is somehting she never wanted. She been used before and it stung.

Sorry this is long, but that is as best I can explain it. It helps talking to someone outside the family, we all are trying to help her, but it is hard. Stressed a little, but last few weeks Kyra has been glowing so stress is gone, only a bug feeling like their not much I can do for her. As for her knee she is dealing, and is doing extremely well and it no longer bugs here here. She is back to normal here and close to at home. "

She looked over at him and followed at his side. Absentmindedly she moved so that their sides touched as they walked through the snow. A thought flickered through her mind, she was curious to where her love was leading her.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:30 pm
by Songhue
He listened silently, pondering over the strange ways of this land her bonded was from. It was nothing at all like how life was for him, at home.

"Don't apologize, dear, you don't ever need to apologize to me. Ok?" Smiling, he bumped her cheek with his muzzle, trying to tease the hint of a grin from her as they moved as one through the snow.

"All that you can do is to support her. If I was the one feeling used, like a convenient tool when all I wanted was to be with those who had been friends, I know what my bonded would tell me. If they want to hang out with me, for me, as friends, then that is of course welcome. But using me - much less, doing so without first asking if I would mind - to simply see each other, that is not how a friend treats you. Had they asked, if it was a conspiracy we had all been in on together, where I wasn't just an extra tool to their advantage, that could be something of an adventure, although she would still note that it would be best to stand up for what you're sure of. If these two friends are so certain they must be together, that's worth fighting for."

"Still," he nickered, crossing his neck over his mate's as they walked in an absent minded embrace, "infatuated with one another or not, they shouldn't treat your bonded as any less than a friend if they wish to remain friends with her. One day, she may stand up to them and let them know she doesn't like the way things have happened, and she may lose them on that day. If this does come to pass, all you can do is be yourself, my love. Be a true friend, let her know she's not alone in her troubles, and do for her as I'm sure she does for you. A bonded is there to support and care for us, to help us, to give us those things we need most. And we do the same for them, for who else do they have? We're the only ones tied so closely."

He offered her a quick nuzzle, hoping he managed to ease her mind in at least some manner. Sparkle thought that his bonded could have phrased it better - but then, he was not his bonded. He was Sparkle, only Sparkle. Hopefully it would be enough.

The real test on that would come later, he knew that. He had gotten fairly good at figuring out the mind of his strangeling bonded, though he had to admit that her mate had helped quite a bit with this. And by her thoughts, rather his few words were of any help to his love would come when things were truly hard, instead of being pushed back as a small twinge now and again.

For now, he ducked his head under low hanging branches, turning to offer her a welcoming smile as the thick carpet of grasses spread before them. The dew had frozen on the blades and the ground was hard with ice, but there was just enough light that filtered through the snow-covered branches to give this patch life, the large roots of the tree helping to ensure that none of the ice became too thick and crushed the roots of the grass.

"As for right now, let's enjoy a special treat on this cold day. Troubles will always be waiting for you; may as well enjoy now, while you have it."

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 11:32 pm
by Kyra
She smiled at him after he nuzzled her and nuzzled him back. "Thanks dear." She felt a lot better knowing that she could take this information back to Kyra and help her out. It helped to chat to someone about it, she hated that her bonded felt sidelined by these two. "I will tell her this, I know it will help her. "

Amber felt all worry leave her as her mate leaned over her in a embrace as they walked to a unknown destination. She nuzzled him again now seeing where he was leading her. "Yes, unfortunately trouble follows like a shadow, but now that I can help my bonded thanks to you my dear Sparkle, the shadow of my troubles is being reduced to a very thin shade by your light." She looked into his eyes and face, how had she been this lucky to have found him, her soul mate.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:09 am
by Songhue
He blushed a little, a small grin touching his muzzle as he ducked his head to kiss her cheek. Her tongue was just as sweet as the rest of her, always bringing a desire to simply hold her.

"Anything for you, my love."

A small bird landed on the branch above his head as he nuzzled into her neck, making him look up out of curiosity. No sooner had his nose gone skyward than the bird took off again, dropping a massive mound of snow right between his eyes. Snorting out a laugh, he shook himself off and grinned at the swirling sparks of snow, looking at his mare with brightly dancing eyes.

Things seemed to slow down for a moment as he saw her through the slowly churning flurries around his ears, his heartbeat loud in his ears. She held a classic beauty in his eyes, one that was more than innocent; there were times where even the lightest of touches could seem seductive, often leading to many secret nights spent together.

He loved it, he truly did, every second with her. Rather they found themselves in the grasp of lust and passion or simply playing a game of tag, every moment was a true joy for him. They could easily spend days doing nothing but making shapes out of clouds or go through an entire night holding each other.

Smiling slightly, he shook most of the snow out of his mane and stepped beside her, pulling up a bit of grass and offering it to her. The sweet juices inside were more than abundant, having thickened and slowed in the cold air to the point where they couldn't easily drip out.

"If my light has helped then I'll shine even brighter, so that nothing can ever trouble my beloved again."