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Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:50 pm
by Kyra
Amber laughed with him, but stopped at his question. She looked at him puzzled, had she heard him right? "Yep it does fall sometimes in the winter months, more so in some places than others. As for packing snow, well it is snow that is cold and a little on the melting side and is easy to manipulate. My bonded makes snowballs and we dodge them. It is fun. Normal fluffy snow does not make snowballs well, they do not hold their shape."

She watched him shake and snow off, "So if it doesn't snow at your home, then it must be warm and sunny all the time then?"

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:57 pm
by Songhue
"Not always warm and sunny," he admitted as he sniffed at the snow diamonds. "It rains at times, and some nights can have a cool wind. Every now and then a large storm comes through and reshapes the land entirely, or at least tries. But it is always like autumn - the fruit is heavy and ready to harvest and the trees have bloomed and every now and then there's one with bright, burning leaves."

Now that he thought of it, he had never traveled all the way to her home. Their circle home, yes, but her own lands, with her bonded? Not once that he could remember.

"That sounds fun, that game you play with your bonded. Are there a lot of games y'all play that depends on the weather?"

He grinned and leaned against her, kicking snow slush off his hoof and watching it clump as it hit the ground.

Packing snow... Huh.

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:23 pm
by Kyra
Amber melted again at his touch and listen as he described his home land. "Wow, sounds like you get very violent storms. Is it dangerous out when one comes through?" She tried to picture what a storm like that would look like and what it would be like to be in it, and could not. "My homeland gets storms and rain from time to time, but none so far have tried to change the geography of the valley. I would say my home land has all four seasons, but it must be nice to have the crisp fall spark in the air all the time and fruit always ripe."

She thought for a minute about what other games they played. "Snowball fights are the only one tethered to winter, but we do play variations of other games that the difficulty of the game may change depending on the season or weather. An example would be hide and go tag; winter- snow leaves footprints, summer-ground is usually good, but may be hard and more sound is produced when galloping over it, not to mention hiding in certain places tracks annoying insects, spring- depends on if it is muddy or nice, mud leaves prints and causes for slippery ground and fall- crunchy leaves."

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:49 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle nickered absently as she talked of the various games and seasons she could play in her home. He couldn't stop touching her, nuzzling into her neck, playing with her mane, nipping at her shoulder and tracing the markings down her side. He went over every inch of her, as if to reaffirm that she was here, that he really had such a remarkable mare for his very own.

He decided they would have to visit each other's homes while she spoke, a firm decision that he tucked away in his mind to mention to her later, before confirming it with his bonded. The little fae creature would have to allow her the ability to walk to their realm, or open a portal for her, but he was sure she would do it. There was nothing she hadn't done so far, if it would make them happy.

"No, no.. I guess I should explain more. You see, I noticed that things change here but not at home and asked about it. The stars get closer and even shift as the seasons come and go, or they seem farther. But not at home. She said that our two suns were two stars whose orbits we shared, burning close enough to give warmth and light. In the realm our world is in, our lands are always at the same distance from the suns, never passing farther or closer, never causing us to be tilted towards or away. So it isn't so much that we only have one 'season' as it is that we don't have seasons. The stars are always bright enough to see the flames burning on them if you really look and use a little magic and the suns are held in place by these stars. They pull at each other, but the stars also pull at them, creating an equal balance that allows us to pass between both the suns in our lands."

He had moved farther down by the time he finished explaining all this, gently toying with the base of her tail. Sparkle had to grin at himself; was he ever one to stand and talk, except for around her? The words came so easily with her, as easily as playing and loving. As easily as touching her every inch.

"So you see, because of the dark-block from the time Before if it wasn't for visiting these lands and others, things such as snow and seasons would be completely unheard of. But then so would you, my love. As for the storms," he added, lifting his head and looking back at her, eying the markings across her hide with obvious appreciation, "they are not actually dangerous. See, the rains are rather gentle and often warm, though they come and come and the ground turns soft. The winds get playful and move and roll everything in sight, often times causing weak-rooted trees to crash or disloging crossing logs. My bonded calls it Nature's way of strengthening the lands, of allowing that which was weak a chance to make space for new life and even feed it as the old body fades. We do need to repair some things... The crossing logs in particular, as the winds love to try to roll them whenever they get light and weak enough, as well as clean up a few favorite places that may have had a couple bushes thrown in or a large, old tree crash through. The work is hard, but worth it with help, and within a few moon turns the lands are even more beautiful than they were before."

Blushing slightly, he suddenly realized he had been rambling. Snorting at himself, Sparkle made one more note before leaving the topic of his own homes to rest. "These are just what happen in my lands; Sign has the same storms roll over her seas and leave debris both above and below the water; Path finds entire patches of grass moved or ripped apart with her open lands, frequently gaining holes in these storms that make the land move so much; holes and hills are not exactly a welcome change, so the repair there is always needed. We have to strengthen the land where it was weak enough to move so much without making it unfriendly to her food. And others, as well; Hybrid, Darroch, Flint, even the lands of other creatures bonded to her called Destyres. The only thing we've found to watch out for, all of us, is that the winds don't trick us or make us fall and that we don't become trapped in the soft, shifting lands."

She had more than likely just gotten far more information than she'd actually wanted, yet it was just so easy to share with her. Everything was easy with her, ridiculously so.

"That must be nice, having these new elements thrown into the games every few moons. That is how long a season lasts, right? Are there other games, tied to other times - something you can only do in Autumn or something?"

He gave a timid smile here, not wanting to sound too ignorant. He hadn't learned all the seasons and placing each one with a name was nearly beyond him. He didn't often wonder about other lands, much less ask about these strange and different things. Although he walked the realms with his bonded it was the same to him as simply strolling through a strange forest; he never thought after them.

"It'd be nice to see; your home that is, and the way the different times look there. Do you have moons? Or is it like here, with the one moon and sun?"

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:47 pm
by Kyra
Amber listened intently to her mate as he described his homeland. She thought how different having one season would be and how amazing that a realm could have two suns. She did like the idea of the fruit always ripe and it always being warm and sunny, but to miss the autumn turn of leaves or snowball fights would make the realm missing a two sparks of play. Her thought trailed off as her body felt so relaxed and loose that she could be close to the equivalent of water, from Sparkle tracing her body.

She knew he could not help it, and Amber never wanted him to stop. This feeling of being cared for so much and just the touch from his lips sent her into a dreamlike state. She really could not describe, all she knew was she loved every minute of it.

Amber looked back at her mate as he played with her tail and smiled. "Your home land sounds amazing. It seems the water element in your world like to challenge you with rain storms and running away with crossing logs." She giggled a little thinking of some creature made of water deliberately carrying the logs away down stream. "Destyres, what type of creatures are they? Have you met one before?" She was curious to what creatures would live in his realm. The only other creatures in her home land where the two dolphin sprites; Pointer and Dove. The pair of tricksters and trouble makers.

She shook her head and snorted as a few of their pranks on her flashed through her mind. Amber would get them back, eventually, that was a promise. "Having the new climates is fun and watching the landscape change colors is beautiful too see. You are right, every few moon the seasons change. As for other games only tied to Autumn, well any tag or hide game you have to watch for the crunching leaves that cover the ground and may give away your position. It is lots of fun to kick leaves and my bond-family, just like with snow. As for only a game linked to Autumn, I would not say there is, it just adds more challenges to the other games. As for the number of moons and suns we have, there is one each and way too many stars to ever guess at." She giggled at her last comment, imagining how to even attempt to count the stars.

At his suggestion she got excited and knew then that she two would love to see him home land. "I love that idea. To see your homeland would be amazing as well as showing you around my world."

Re: Snow Diamonds (Amber & Sparkle)

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:06 am
by Songhue
Sparkle simply beamed at her, resting his head on her back with a contented sigh. A small yawn escaped him as he considered constantly shifting through the seasons, moving from hot to cold and back again. He didn't find the thought that appealing, in all honesty. He wasn't sure what stage she would think of his lands as, though if he was right it might be thought of as early Autumn; where the fruit is heavy and the sun is warm, with temperate winds and a few different shades to leaves that still clung to their trees with a strong grip. Or was that season called Spring? Wait, no, wasn't Spring supposed to be that one time where everything was impossibly hot?

Such a strange concept.

"A Destyre? Oh! Yes, they live in the plains between the foothills of an old volcano. They're strange creatures, in a way, and still pleasant. Order is important to them; who's in charge, who follows whom. They have all kinds of coat patterns, but physically there isn't much difference. Feathered wings and facial horns on cleft-hooved horse-dog bodies, seems to be the best way to describe the basic leaders, the alphas. There's some with no horns and wings, who even get to boss the alphas, and then the ones with no wings and just horns are the betas, who help protect the others. The bottom of the line is a scout, and they don't have any horns or wings at all. They all have the horse-dog type body, and the strangest necks; when they look over their shoulders it looks like their heads are on backwards! And lizard-like tails, as well, ending in a tuft of feathers. Would you like to meet one? They're rather interesting to know, and it wouldn't be hard to visit them while you look around my home."

He smiled at her, only to snort and jerk his head up as some of the freezing packing-snow overburdened a branch and landed directly on his face. Whinnying out a laugh, he shook of and flopped down to roll in the cold powder, looking at the tree with a huge grin as he gained his feet again.

"There! All covered in snow! You can stop now!"

Laughing to himself, he flicked his tail and stepped back, trying to make sure he didn't fling anything in Amber's face as he shook off. He didn't quite get everything, though, and he couldn't help but shiver a bit as clumps stuck to his mane and flank and caked into rough ice on the underside of his tail.

"It'll be lovely to see all the seasons in your home with you. It's neat to see them passing here, but I'm never really in the same area more than once when I visit this place. It makes it hard to really get a good idea."